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Comments on veedoubleugee's Review

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veedoubleugee Friday, May 28th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
2 years7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
gold cup- not an option
aci- synthetic but not as good as kc
dow- not good for bolts and 55 will swell orings. they use lithium soap as a thickener and this is not synthetic. ive also read from various sources that they use clay as a thickener. it can cause sludge.
akalmp extreme synthetic lubricant- cleaner the kc
superlube w/ teflon- the best lubricant i can find. they have spec data so you know exactly whats in the lubricant. the only other manufacturer that has that is dow. and after reading dows spec, i believe super lube is a better synthetic that can operate at a wider temperature range. it also rates higher on the 4 ball load test. which is a test for wear resistance.
Other Toys: FS7(backup),(2)Zenitram Venom Bushmasters & Lasoya Promaster
Strengths: No sludge, non toxic, great when clean.
Weaknesses: Oil separating from additive or dirty oil...its one or the other.
Review: When I say that this is the best, I mean that this is so good it deserves a 10+. Iíve been using this oil for a year now (2 bottles) and I will never use a lesser oil again. Kc oil keeps my guns clean and my o rings in new condition. I changed all my rings before I used the oil and I havenít changed them for a year now. Whatís great about this oil is that it will never become sludge. Since I donít play more then 2 times a month I donít change my oil as often as a tournament player. Using my KC lube I have yet to see my oil evaporate and turn to sludge. Sludge is that oil that evaporated and turned black. When oil evaporates any deposits left in your oil will become more concentrated. These dirt particles are what make sludge and I hate sludge. Sludge causes wear and will make your marker perform that much less. Now many people may say ďI clean my gun enough not to worry about sludgeĒ but my question is how often do you clean your regulators (some companies donít even want you to open the regulator). And what about all you electro users, how often to you clean your solenoids (probably never). This oil is great I use it in all my markers. In fact this oil is the only lube I use. There is nothing better. I thought it was so good that I made the request for paintball review to add this to their review forum (they did it pretty quick).

Oh yeah and I use it to oil my master locks and its great for lubing up your mountain bike. Great great stuff.

Added 09/06/04: I now use SYNCO SUPER LUBE W/ PTFE. I received a few bottles of Kc lube and they had pink powdered debris floating on the bottom. Something seemed to be separating from the oil. If I shook the bottle it would disappear but it would settle to the bottom within 1 hour. This was not in one bottle but both of the bottles I received. I never used those bottles on my gun but I use them to oil my locks and doors. I emailed Kc asking why there was so much debris in the oil but I never got a response. Im sure the dirty oil was an isolated incident but I no longer use Kc lubricant.

i use super lube as my main lubricant. kc and super lube are both great for co2 and hpa. i just think that superlube has better quality control. it also comes in many forms. super lube has a ptfe based oil. which is thicker then basic paintball oil. almost like a gel. i like this b/c it holds some properties of grease. which is that it wont blow off your seals. if you dont like the thicker formula they have oil without teflon. this will flow like standard oil. kind of like 3-in-1. they also have 2 types of grease. one with teflon and a high wear version with even more teflon. i prefer the high wear version b/c it will last longer. and since grease is harder to clean off of parts, this is an advantage. the only down side of the high wear version is that you get a considerable amount less but you dont have to change it as often. i also think i will perform a little better. and in paintball every bit of performance means loads.
oh yeah and it is also non-toxic and synthetic. its also way cheaper then kc and you get 4 times more. you can find the oil specifications and msds on the website. this way you know exactly whats going in your marker. kc does not provide you with this information nor do 99% of paintball oil manufacturers.
Conclusion: Good oil when it was clean and clear. In total ive purchased 4 bottles of Kc lubricant. The first 2 were great and lasted me a year. The last 2 had debris floating on the bottom. So that leaves me at 50/50. I rate it a 7 b/c when I had it and it was clean, it was good. But then the 2 bad apples came along and were unsuitable for my marker. Great oil when I first got it but oil I cannot use no longer b/c of quality control. its still great on door locks and hinges but super lube seems to be a better choice for mechanical needs.
7 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, February 18th, 2007 at 4:36 pm PST

Review Comments
Spike_S. Friday, May 28th, 2004 | 3:48 pm PST
Wow never thought a review for gun oil could be this extensive. Great job!

veedoubleugee Tuesday, June 1st, 2004 | 8:17 pm PST
thanks spike, i just think a good product deserves a good review.

Kracus Friday, April 29th, 2005 | 4:20 am PST
where did you get the aka lube?

veedoubleugee Saturday, April 30th, 2005 | 12:20 am PST

Bunkerking1337 Wednesday, March 29th, 2006 | 7:32 pm PST
You know Your not suppose to use oil in an electronic solniod. Most gun techs reccomend cleaning you noid once a year. The ONLY thing you ever want to put into a solnoid is a very thin amount Dow 33 grease. If you put a liquid oil in the solnoid it would probably screw everything up. I don't know about some people but I would never put a liquid oil into my Intimidator solnoid.
Last edited on Friday, April 14th, 2006 at 6:44 pm PST

veedoubleugee Thursday, March 30th, 2006 | 1:14 am PST
its true oil can mess up a noid if used incorectly but so can any lubricant. ive been using oil in all my electropneumatic markers. to this day i have no problems. there is also quite a few paintball companies that want their guns to be used excusively with oil for example akalmp with their viking/excal and icd with their freestyle. they are both guns that use humphry solenoids like your timmy. ive also had a custom bko setup that used a timmy solenoid and a custom ram (so it can be a 4way setup). i used oil in this marker b/c its what ive always used and my regs were supposed to use oil as a lubricant(sidewinder, micro rock). i have never had any problems after 20+ cases of use. so if used correctly, oil is very safe. if you feed it to your gun like its thirsty then you will have problems.

veedoubleugee Thursday, March 30th, 2006 | 1:21 am PST
oh and i dont know of any manufacturers that wants you to open up your noid. i am sure that will void your warranty. a noid is a complex and delicate piece. if one part is damaged, your noid is shot. if pieces are installed incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging your noid. since you state that most manufacturers recomend cleaning your noid once a year, can you name five for me? i highly doubt you will be able to name them. if you do i will call them to comfirm this and if you are right i will post it here and stand corrected. but for everyone else, dont open your noid unless your 100% sure of what you are doing. dont be foolish.
Last edited on Thursday, March 30th, 2006 at 1:23 am PST

Bunkerking1337 Friday, March 31st, 2006 | 11:02 am PST
No company reccomends it but its still something that has to be done to keep the noid running. If you look around on the internet you'll see that Timmy techs never reccomend putting anything other then Dow33 into the noid. Hell even the smallest fibers of a paper towl can ruin a noid (which is why you use a rag). I think its foolish to put anything other then Dow33 into a solnoid. As for not opening the noid unless you know what your doing well unforunatly because most companies don't want you to open the noid they don't give you directions on how to take the solnoid apart. If you can find a site that does tell you how to take it apart then great (like if not then theres only one way to find out....take it apart yourself and learn how to maintain a solnoid yourself. I don't know about other solnoids but the Intimidator solnoid is pretty easy. Its not much harder then taking any other part of the gun apart. Yes I used IOG as a guide but I think I could have figured out how to take am Intimidator solnoid apart even if I didn't have the directions from IOG. Its pretty straight forwards. For me personally I'm an experimenter. I'm willing to take stuff apart and fix it even if I'm not 100% sure how it works. If I break it then O well I break it but thats a risk I'm willing to take. I look forward to the challege of trying to figure out how different things work in a paintball gun even if I'm not sure how to put it back together.

For the record I have done that a million times with different guns and I have never broken anything at all.

veedoubleugee Thursday, April 13th, 2006 | 1:23 am PST
Well, you say manufacturers recommend cleaning a solenoid and then you say nobody recommends cleaning a solenoid. Your contradicting yourself with this statement alone.

You think its foolish to put anything but dow33 into a solenoid then your a fool yourself. Dow is in fact inferior to many lubricants. Many manufacturers including wdp, wgp, icd, and akalmp use humphrey solenoids just like your timmy. They also recommend using oil in their markers. Sorry the world is not based around timmys. Never was, never will be.

As for you opening up your solenoid, that's all preference. Ive opened up a few and it is in fact very simple. I have even polished and ported one to lower my lpr pressure. This isn't something new to me. But it is still a very delicate piece that easily voids your warranty. It should only be open as a last resort on a marker with no warranty.

Bunkerking1337 Friday, April 14th, 2006 | 6:52 pm PST
Ugh what I meant was most gun techs reccomend cleaning your noid once a year. As it was already said manufacters don't because it voids your warrenty.

For the lube thing I don't really care I hate dow33. I only use Slick Honey and Hater Sauce in my gun. I only use Dow 33 on the noid. Ah I'm not sure where the whole "Sorry the world is not based around timmys. Never was, never will be." statement came from. Its sounds like a dumb Intimidator hater to me.

I still take stuff apart myself. I still think its foolish to put liquid oil into the solnoid. If you don't like it to bad get over it.

veedoubleugee Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 | 7:37 am PST
What you mean to say and what you do say are two different things.

if you use slick honey in your gun, where do you think its headed? It headed towards your noid. Lubricants of any kind will eventually pass through all parts of your marker. But i guess you knew that already.....

The whole "Sorry the world is not based around timmys. Never was, never will be." statement came from a person who is tired of people making biased comments based on information from one forum. When you have owned as many markers as i have, you begin to realize the many aspects of maintaining each marker. your basing everything on timmy techs....Sounds like IDIOT IMMATURE CHILD who has never owned a gun other then a timmy. I also owned a naughty dawg timmy for a year and it was a beautiful marker.

Oh and its MY if you don't like it YOU GET OVER IT.
Last edited on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 at 7:38 am PST

Bunkerking1337 Wednesday, April 26th, 2006 | 8:16 am PST
Your an idiot...thats all I can say. We're not talking about where the GREASE lube goes after it goes onto the ram and other areas. We're talking about opening the solnoid and putting liquid oil into it. Buddy I've probably owned a hell of alot more guns then you have. I've owned everything from M98's to Impulses, Intimidators and everything in between. I've talked to different gun techs all over and I asked them about putting oil into the solnoid of a gun. They all said it was a bad idea because it could mess up the solnoid. They know what they're talking about thier guns techs. I'm going to believe them over some idiot on a paintball forum like you.

veedoubleugee Monday, May 1st, 2006 | 12:00 pm PST
you obviously do not understand the concept of anything. the grease your putting in your gun will end up in your noid also. read what i write. if you don't understand it over and over.

If all the gun techs you have spoken with told you not to use oil as a lubricant then you obviously have not spoken to many techs at all. ICD, AKA, WDP, WGP...etc recommend using OIL. Maybe you forgot about some of the biggest names in paintball.
It is true, oil can mess up your noid. but only if you over oil your marker.
Grease can also mess up your noid. But only if you over grease your marker.
Both are great lubricants when used properly but to say one can be used and the other cant is just stupid. You don't even realize half the thing you write in here. But its okay. im not trying to convince you or anybody at that to use oil. you would probably use it wrong anyway. This review if for people that have markers that recommend oil. Yes believe it or not they do exist.

Im not going to respond to your comments anymore b/c your obviously immature and biased. You could write whatever you want so you can feel good about yourself. Do some more research and a little more growing up. Then maybe for once in your life you will fully understand something.

Goodbye & Good Luck.


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