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Comments on michael_d_brown's Review

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michael_d_brown Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month67 of 71 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
None. I have done extensive research on other models though.
Marker Setup: Tippman 98 w/ Fatline Barrel system, remote line.
Spyder Imagine Select w/ custom Barrel.
Spyder Compact Deluxe w/ remote line, custom barrel.
PT Extreme JR w/ Holster
Holster, Modify magazine(s) as described below. Possibly exchange stock spring with a modified Spyder spring (PENDING).
Strengths: Compact, Does not leak like predecessor, comfortable to fire.
Weaknesses: Upgradeability and customizability.
Review: About my purchase:

This is the first paintball pistol I have purchased and tested. This marker is not yet available in any online retailer's inventory. I purchased it new, sealed in box on EBAY for 109 dollars w/ shipping. It also came with a rubber squeegee, 3 12 gram C02 cartridges, and 4 10 round stock tubes for reloading. Information is available on about this product.

About this marker:

This marker is a direct descendant of the PT Extreme, which according to this site's reviews, was plagued with leakage and parts issues. Though this is a junior model, it is only about 2 inches shorter in overall length. This new design is significantly more advanced than its father model, and I for see this pistol becoming an excellent mainstream sidearm.

About the Chassis and parts:

This marker utilizes a design very similar to Spyder models, with the obvious exception of the gas system detailed below. This gun features a field strippable design, a very nice feature. The removal of the bolt, spring, striker and striker buffer is very easy, making the gun easy to maintain over time (a necessity for pistols to maintain accuracy), and to maintain on the fly in combat. The spring and striker buffer appear to be interchangeable with Spyder parts, however I have yet to test this. I have confirmed that the velocity spring is interchangeable with Spyder springs. The striker buffer is not. The bolt is a work of art, just over one inch in length. The barrel of the pistol is about 8 inches in length. *********I will post the exact length here.* The barrel is integrated to the chassis, and cannot be removed or extended. The trigger guard is removable, not for customization purposes, but for the purpose of removing the trigger assembly from the frame. However, someone with the desire to leave the trigger guard off of the pistol can do so without adversely affecting the performance or durability of the pistol.

About the gas system:

In a successful attempt to prevent gas chamber leakage, the PT Junior has an internal chamber as opposed to the open quick change apparatus seen on the PT Extreme. This means that even if the cartridge is not punctured or seated correctly, the chamber is sealed and will maintain gas pressure. In my testing so far, I have not heard any leakage. Make sure you cock the pistol before inserting a cartridge to prevent a complete discharge of gas through the pistol. The chamber screw is equipped with an O-ring to prevent chamber leakage. I was able to fire the pistol w/o paint approx. 30 times before it was empty. (I'm sorry I didn't count, I was too amazed at how awesome this pistol is.) I will give an accurate count firing at 280 fps at a later time. This is about standard gas efficiency with a pistol powered by 12 gram C02. Due to the internal gas chamber design, the neck shape (and how it seats on the puncture pin) of C02 cartridges is no longer a factor regarding leakage. DO NOT use "Game Face" brand Co2 cartridges with this pistol. The cartridge neck shape has trouble setaing on the puncture pin properly.

I under no circumstances advocate attaching a constant air tank to this gun. This will add weight, size, and complexity to a marker designed to to be small, light, and simple. However, for those who wish to add one, this pistol does NOT require a constant air adapter. The screw on the bottom of the pistol frame can be removed, and a standard 7/16" gas fitting can be installed, meaning a standard braided hose or a remote line can be readily attached to the gun.

About Firing:

The gun is supplied ammunition by a 10 round spring-loaded magazine. The magazine is not the easiest thing in the world to remove, especially under combat conditions. For this reason, and the fact an additional magazine costs around $30, I would not suggest purchasing additional magazines. I would recommend one of the following two options regarding the paint feed system on this gun, starting with the option I exercise.

1) MODIFY THE MAGAZINE - The magazine can be reloaded by removing the black plastic ball guide on the rear. For those with big hands, gripping the finger grip and removing the guide can be difficult. Drill a hole in the finger grip and insert a key ring. This will allow you to slip a finger into the key ring and yank off the guide quickly. Use a plastic 10 round stock tube to reload the magazine, replace the guide, and continue to fire. The pistol I bought came with 4 10 round stock tubes. Therefore, at any given time on the field, I have access to 51 (By topping off initial magazine load) rounds of ammunition and can reload the 10 round magazine in less than 20 seconds. This modification will cost you a minimal amount of cash for purchasing a key ring and the plastic stock tubes.

2) PURCHASE A VERTICAL FEED ADAPTER - You can purchase a vertical feed adapter to make a standard hopper compatible with this gun. Personally, I feel this goes against the purpose of using this gun as an ultra compact primary or secondary, and would not exercise this option myself. HOWEVER, I do recognize that a 40 round hopper would not add a great deal of size or weight to the marker, and therefore fell it would be a decent solution to the ammo capacity problem faced by all paintball pistols. This method will cost you a decent sum for the feed adapter and a negligible amount for the hopper.

The ball detent on this model has been greatly improved upon since the PT extreme. I shook the pistol and held it in every conceivable angle without having a ball fall out of the barrel.

I took the gun out for a field test without a chronograph. I fired approximately 100 rounds through the gun. First and foremost, This gun is very accurate. I would place it on par with a full size low end semi-auto marker like a Spyder compact deluxe. The effective range seems to be about 20 - 23 yards, with an absolute maximum of 25 yards. Through the first 100 rounds, there were no misfeeds, no double feeds, and no breaks. I was able to fire all 100 rounds on three 12 gram cartridges, so the average efficiency is about 25-30 rounds per cartridge. Very good initial results, I'd say.

As mentioned above, I did not have a chronograph to test velocity. However, I can say from experience that with the velocity screw at its max, the pistol fired at a solid 280 +/- 10 feet/second for the first 15 rounds. The second 15 rounds per cartridge fired at about 250 +/- 10 fps. I will have access to chronograpgh on Sunday, and I will provide more reliable information then. It may be necessary to exchange the stock spring with a cut down Spyder spring.

***************POST FPS DATA HERE**************

About Maintenance: The field stripping feature of this gun makes maintenance incredibly easy. All of the moving parts can be easily accesses, cleaned or replaced. The trigger assembly removes with three screws, and can also be clean and lubricated easily. This pistol is as easy to maintain as Spyder models.

If you have any questions about this pistol you would like to ask, I will respond to comments posted on this review.
Conclusion: Excellent backup marker, average primary marker. I would play with this marker as your primary only if you intend to play forward in speedball or if you intend to be very stealthy in woodsball.
10 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, June 29th, 2004 at 11:05 pm PST

Review Comments
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cali141 Sunday, June 13th, 2004 | 4:15 pm PST
The other day, a guy came to my field with a pt extreme jr. Later, i saw him talking to somebody over how the co2 cartridge chamber cover had been sent to him cross-threaded, which just completely screwed up the threads. He wasnt able to get the cover off. Did you have a similar problem? I was considering buying either this or an armotech zeus g2.

michael_d_brown Monday, June 14th, 2004 | 7:57 am PST
I did not have this problem. My chamber plug worked perfectly when I fired the pistol during a gas test. If anything like that occurs, I'll be sure to document it in my review.

Last edited on Monday, June 14th, 2004 at 1:34 pm PST

Eklipse113 Tuesday, June 15th, 2004 | 1:14 pm PST
Hey the review was real helpful... I've been wanting a pistol for paintball (2, really) for a while, and I liked the PT Xtreme the most-- but i heard about all the dang problems with it and decided to put it off. Then came this review! lol

im very glad you put this up-- when can i expect it to be updated with other results?
Do you know how I would be able to get a hold of one? (i dont get how you could find one on ebay so soon lol)

michael_d_brown Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 | 9:59 am PST

I plan to play on Friday for the first time with this gun. Expect news sometime this weekend. I also plan to get 100 balls at a walmart or something and testing for ball chopping wednesday night, so there might be more info coming in the next couple of days.

As for buying one, I purchased mine from "nightarcher8". I would call 32 degrees order line, and try to place an order with them. If that does not work, try contacting the ebayer I bought it from for purchasing information. He may be able to sell you one.

Thanks for responding to my review. I will try to get some info to you soon.

wolfhawk Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 | 2:51 pm PST
Do you know if they fixed the ball detent? It was garbage on the old Extreme, if so you mentioned that it appears spyder like, does it look like a spyder detent would work?

Eklipse113 Wednesday, June 16th, 2004 | 5:56 pm PST
i also forgot to ask you what holster goes well with the gun... i want to get two when they come out if it turns out to be a good gun, so hopefully itll be ambidextrous and such.

michael_d_brown Thursday, June 17th, 2004 | 7:52 am PST
The ball detent is VERY similar to the one on my spyder compact deluxe. I will provide information on ball breakage, detent effectiveness, rate of fire, gas efficiency, and other firing related stats after I test it. I would do it in my backyard but I don't have a chronograph. I'll have to it at the chrono range at the field I play at. News to come this weekend.

I bought a Ronin Gear holster online from I and I sports ( for $27 after shipping. This is the best price I have seen anywhere from a reputable seller. The pistol fits the holster fairly well with the magazine attached, and extremely well with the magazine detached. There is a pouch for the magazine to be held separately if you want to holster w/o the magazine attached. The holster is easy to adjust and fits comfortably, therefore I recommend this holster. This holster is available for the left or right hand, so you could get one of each.

Also, I was on ebay yesterday and found three PT extreme JR's available at a "buy it now" price of $110 + $14 shipping (USPS priority mail). They are available from the same seller I purchased mine from (highly recommended) in a black finish. The seller has recently changed his id from "nightarcher8" to "axisrecreation".

Thanks for responding to my review!
-Michael Brown
Last edited on Monday, June 21st, 2004 at 9:13 am PST

wolfhawk Monday, June 21st, 2004 | 5:57 pm PST
Still waiting anxiously for the final review!! Maybe it's not that good after all?

eljefe Monday, June 21st, 2004 | 8:33 pm PST
Originally posted by wolfhawk
Still waiting anxiously for the final review!! Maybe it's not that good after all?


michael_d_brown Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004 | 6:35 am PST
I haven't had time to put the pistol in action yet. I will be posting firing information soon. I tested the pistol with some Dusk paintballs I bought at a store.

Sorry it has taken so long, but I do have other things I am responsible for.


bradkoll09 Thursday, June 24th, 2004 | 5:32 pm PST
Should I buy a pt extreme, pt extreme jr., delta 68, or a sheridan pgp?

michael_d_brown Friday, June 25th, 2004 | 8:21 am PST
The PT extreme has been plagued with gas problems and internal functionality problems. From what I have heard, buying a PT Extreme is hit or miss. (This is all available in the reviews for that product.)

It appears the the PT Jr. is a improved model of the original PT Extreme design, that makes great strides in solving these problems. I would not buy a PT extreme, just because the PT JR. is a newer "model" of the original Exteme.

As for the delta, it is made by the same company as the PT JR, so it probably shares a lot of the internals. It is bigger than the PT JR, and heavier. I can't imagine the other differences are that drastic though.

As for the PGP, it is a pump, and it is cheaper. I would look for a PGP II if you want a pump pistol. I have to say that unless you play with a primary that is a pump, using a pump secondary would be awkward.

Therefore I would buy a Delta or a PT JR based on your own preference and price. Buy the one with the design you like better, or buy the one you can get a better price on.

Last edited on Friday, June 25th, 2004 at 8:23 am PST

bradkoll09 Friday, June 25th, 2004 | 10:01 am PST
I have a 98c and think that I'm gonna get the pgp since it is cheapest and gets good reviews. But thanks anyways.

NChomsky3D Friday, June 25th, 2004 | 2:13 pm PST
Originally posted by cali141
The other day, a guy came to my field with a pt extreme jr. Later, i saw him talking to somebody over how the co2 cartridge chamber cover had been sent to him cross-threaded, which just completely screwed up the threads. He wasnt able to get the cover off. Did you have a similar problem? I was considering buying either this or an armotech zeus g2.

Haha, I think that was me. At Fox4?. Turns out it wasn't crossthreaded, the oring was just a piece of junk that got torn up, and needed to be replaced. Now it works like a charm

michael_d_brown Friday, June 25th, 2004 | 2:47 pm PST
I ran into a similar situation. My gas chamber plug got stuck and I found out that the O-ring that seals the neck of the 12 gram cartridge was off centered. If you have this gun make sure you watch for the tiny O-ring inside the gas chamber.

mjlhebert Monday, June 28th, 2004 | 11:29 pm PST
I play with a cci phantom, so you think that a pgp would be better to use rather then the pt jr.

michael_d_brown Tuesday, June 29th, 2004 | 5:25 am PST
Not necessarily.

For someone who is used to using a semi auto marker, it would be awkward to use a pistol that is a pump. I don't think it would be too awkward for someone using a pump to use a semi auto pistol.


PIPES_ENORMOUS Monday, July 12th, 2004 | 3:12 pm PST
I just played yesterday (7/11/04) with the PT jr. I have a larger marker, and was originally assuming that I was going to use the Jr. as a secondary. I hadn't used it due to the fact that I purchased it just the day before I played. After running out of CO2 in my 20oz on my full size marker I drew my sidearm. I found that it was an excellent gun, and carried my butt out of a tight situation with a considerable performance. All games that I played afterward I used the Jr. as my primary weapon, and completely owned a good amount of people who couldn't move as fast as I could with some good semi-autos. the one problem i did encounter was the o-ring on the CO2 cap, but I replaced it, and it worked beautifully. I would recommend you carry some tubes designed for 10 balls only with you , cuz reloading it without them was pretty time consuming.

PIPES_ENORMOUS Monday, July 12th, 2004 | 4:13 pm PST
By the Way Here are some things I found that people might like to know.

-When I had the Velocity screw all the way up it was shooting at about 220 with a fresh 12 gram, the velocity tended to drop a small amount when you neared the end of your 12 gram.
-I used Copperhead brand 12 grams, and they functioned very well with the Jr.
-The Magazine on top had the tendency when i drew it out of my holster to get locked back into the reloading position. If you are using it with a holster (I made mine out of some material form an old backpack) check to make sure that the slide is not locked back after you draw it, even if it wasn't before you put it into your holster. Otherwise you'll find your self only shooting air after the first few shots, and I'm sure nobody wants to do that.
-I shot a few hundred rounds with it, and didn't break a single ball. Not sure of the brand, but I think it was PMI
Last edited on Monday, July 12th, 2004 at 4:16 pm PST

fountainhead Tuesday, July 20th, 2004 | 1:29 pm PST
I was just wondering where i could buy a PT Extreme Jr. I looked all over the internet and i couldnt find one. Could you help me out?
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