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Comments on Xadion's Review

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Xadion Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion below.
Period of
Product Use:
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2 years
Products Used:
Only other rifeled barrell I have used is a CMI Tru-Flight- other normal barrells include freaks empire kit dye boomsticks and an array of stock barrels
Marker Setup: Ken C catapult number 3 of 10 Gun Metal Grey 1 of 1- Nexus Ram with QEV's STO LPR STO Ergo HPR Empire Kit barrel system and Hammerhead barrell system Eblade w/ black noid and black samuri trigger
As sudgested from the manufacturer high quality paint only, PMI Prem or above
Strengths: Read Review
Weaknesses: Read Review
Review: First off let me state this will be a growing and changeing review as my testing gets completed.

Before I get into the barrell I must state that this is the same barrell and same backs as the normal "hammerhead" barrell just the outside looks different yet the marterials, porting and all other things are exactly the same, thus they are the same barrell with differing outside looks.

First impression: I have never seen such a smooth, shiny, clean and well done inside of a barrel- not from stiffi's or boomsticks or anything- looking down the barrel alone will amaze alone do it no justice, you must see it to understand.

The "fins" or barrell backs are very nice- and alot higher quality and exacting bore than my empire kit. I got alittle guage to help size my paintballs, it is steel and does the job, lets me match my paint w/o haveing to have all my tips out.

The one thing you will notice, as I did right off the bat is its is noticeably heavyer than my empire kit and stock...I would say its the same as my origonal dye boomstick.

tests: Updated 12-7-04

SHORT RANGE TEST #1: Autococker: Hammerhead vs Empire

Paint: PMI Premium
Gun: 2004 Lightning Autococker w/ E-Blade Jackal Back Block and Bolt – EggII.
Bore: Empire .684 Hammerhead .683
Results: I would rate them about the same; I only got to shoot about 50 rounds per barrel. The rifling was doing something with the paint, even at shot range. I could feel a difference and this is promising, and could result in its advertised change in range at long range.

MID RANGE TEST #1: Autococker: Hammerhead vs Empire

Paint: PMI Premium
Gun: 2000 RF WGP Autococker w/Q-Loader
Bore: Empire .684 Hammerhead .683
Results: I did about 100 rounds per barrel this time at about 20 more feet than before, for the speedballers this would be a back man covering mid. Both barrels produced a nice pattern I did shoot the hammerhead faster, do not know why it I think I was trying to jinx it yet it performed well. The paint was about the same patter, but if you shoot ball on ball the paint splatter will mound and look like the same pattern as shooting around a target, with that I am going to derive a dual target that will show ball impact and then paint hit.

SHORT RANGE TEST #2: Autococker: Hammerhead vs Empire

Paint: PMI Premium
Gun: 2000 RF WGP Autococker w/Q-Loader
Bore: Empire .684 Hammerhead .683
Results: I was playing around in my back yard, doing quick 2-4 round bursts, I was amazed at the ball on ball I was doing, I am really looking forward to getting into a game with this barrel and also testing out its long range ability.

LONG RANGE TEST #1: Autococker: Hammerhead vs Empire

Paint: PMI Premium
Gun: 2000 RF WGP Autococker w/Q-Loader
Bore: Empire .684 Hammerhead .683
Results: Before a skirmish at our practice feild I did some testing of the two barrels at a longer range. I still have yet to see if the Hammerhead will make the actual paintball fly "farther" than a standard barrel BUT I can say that the useable range is farther. Let me explain my concept of 'useable range' - most paint guns shoot the same distance in terms of when the paintball hits the ground. After you get to know your marker, and get to know how it fires under play circumstances you will beable to guage weather someone is 'out of range' or not. The Hammerhead IS more accurate, thus the paintball will stay on its intended cource for a longer time before it starts to wonder to the left or right- thus its useable range IS farther than a standard barrel.

GAME / SKIRMISH TEST #1: Autococker: Hammerhead vs Empire

Paint: PMI Premium
Gun: 2000 RF WGP Autococker Q-Loader
Bore: Empire .684 Hammerhead .683
Results: During a practice I finaly got to use my Hammerhead barrels in action, I was not dissapointed in their proformance. Once I get my mQ Valve in and my Catapult Cocker is running I will be going to Hi-Tech Paintball for a day of fun...there I will not only unleash the fury of the best auto cocker made with the best loading system but now the best barrel that I have used so far...will it pass the test of a full day of woodsball and speedball??

Conclusion: Rateing this 9, its the same as the other hammerhead barrell on the inside (what counts)
9 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 at 1:21 pm PST

Review Comments
mgregg85 Sunday, December 26th, 2004 | 10:27 pm PST
does this thing actually have twist rifling such as that found in a real rifle? if so then that is hilarious. The thought of using rifling for a round projectile like a paintball is funny, putting a spin on a round projectile will only destablize it and make it curve(think of a curveball in baseball). If it isnt actually rifled then I apologize but I always find it funny when newby types whip out their rifled barrels and attach a 3x-9x scope to their marker with some pitifiul hope to become a sniper.

ITO TTSOM Thursday, January 27th, 2005 | 11:29 am PST
Yes it does have a "twist rifling" and no it does not make the balls curve. I have heard this theory of how making a round ball spin will make it curve often in reviews, and in practice it just does not happen. There are whole reviews written around the physics and theories and “expert opinion” about how this should not work, but the plain and simple tested reality is the Hammer Head is very accurate.

Silentshot Saturday, January 29th, 2005 | 10:48 pm PST
"We found we could get approximately 20 more feet of ball travel from the rifled barrels with reverse porting and counter-boring"
- quote Robert Judson Hammerhead Marketing

So according to his exact words, shooting good quality, barrel matched paint at 280 fps, you get 20 more feet of range exactly with this barrel. I have only one question. True or not? Because I don't believe it for a second.

ZWCoolkid Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005 | 6:48 pm PST
If you read all the crap they did research on in APG it wouldn't surprise me if they were telling the truth; they did their research before they began making barrels.

Tom37 Friday, March 4th, 2005 | 8:14 am PST
Great review Xadion
-mgregg- the only rifle i've ever shot is the SA80 and the rifling on firearms is completly different to that on the hammerhead. the rifling on the hammerhead is about 1.5mm and only very gently turning. Firearm rifling is much more severe and there are not nearly asmany "rifling grooves". BUY THE BARREL- GOOD REVIEW

Tom37 Tuesday, June 7th, 2005 | 1:51 pm PST
someone suggested putting a freak back together with the hammerhead front... your thoughts? (would it work, take a lot of machiening, or just be horribly wrong...)

Snipeo101 Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 | 9:56 pm PST
its just the same as a bb gun- that puts a spin on the ball dose it curve like a basball?
no-unless u have a daise ha ha ha

Thra1l Saturday, May 20th, 2006 | 7:26 am PST
Rifling wokrs awsome for round projectiles. Back in the civil there where two types of guns, smooth-bore muskets and rifle. THe smooth-bore was like a paintball gun, it would be accurate at very shoort ranges then curves off unpredictably, not to mention thier range was about the same as a paintball gun. BUt the rifles, who where handed to "sharpshooters" had over three times the range of a smooth-bore musket and where infantely more accurate! Even though paintballs are liquid filled i believe it depends on your paint. As you may have noticed higher quality paints (marbs, evils, etc.) have very thik fill, but cheaper paints seem to be colored water. When you would shoot a cheap paint trough a rifled barrel the outer sheel would most likely spin but the internal (which most of it's mass it located) would most liekyl receive little or no effects of that rifling. BUt with a thick fill the whole ball will most likely spin, hence better accuracy. Now you coudn't accuractely test rifled barrels with say reballs becuase of thier solid structure, which would make it basically a civil war era pneamtic gun therefore not comparable to a real pb-gun. There isn't so much spin applied that the ball would curve everywhere, if you notice there may bee one or even a half turn of rifling per inch and not just random curves in the barrel. And even if the balls curved slightly i belive it would be in a predictable way. Even though i haven't tested these ideas myself i've read testamony on how these barrels work and the ballistic of paintballs.

Ace-o-Spades Wednesday, August 30th, 2006 | 4:41 pm PST
Originally posted by Tom37
someone suggested putting a freak back together with the hammerhead front... your thoughts? (would it work, take a lot of machiening, or just be horribly wrong...)
nah it works you just have to find the freak barrel insert threads they sell them at hammerheads website

napalm42 Thursday, August 30th, 2007 | 11:28 am PST
First off i would like to point out that in your testing the hammerhead barrel kit had a slightly smaller bore then the empires kit and this could have resulted in a difference in accuracy, also... i would like to put that the honing difference between the companies is vast. The hammerhead is honed better which means the bore you used was more likely the true size of it, but the empire kit is much less quality hone which means that if you had stepped the bore down one the results might have been the same between both barrels

in order to do the test properly you would need to compare two barrel kits with the exact same bore size and same craftsmanship of honing

but other than that nice job for a review on a great kit

Ace-o-Spades Saturday, July 19th, 2008 | 7:48 pm PST
Originally posted by napalm42

in order to do the test properly you would need to compare two barrel kits with the exact same bore size and same craftsmanship of honing

i agree with you on the bore size but your bit on the same craftsmanship of honing is incorrect.
the difference is the fact that xadion could have asked for the same bore size, whereas he couldn't have asked for hammerhead to give the barrel a worse hone job or empire to hone it better. thus, the barrel should not be babied because of the manufacturer's own faults in craftsmanship.

Vertigo_07 Friday, November 27th, 2009 | 11:22 pm PST
Great review, Xadion, especially as I'm about to throw down money on one of these beauties.

Thra1l is right- bear in mind that rifling was used on firearms long before the idea of a modern pointed, cased "bullet" was invented. power to hammerhead for looking to the past and seeing that musket balls flew out of rifled barrels that much more accurately than out of smoothbore ones.

However, I feel compelled to say power to you for getting a Q-loader to work- that's one piece of kit I could never get to function properly.
Last edited on Friday, November 27th, 2009 at 11:58 pm PST

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