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Comments on Tiger_Army01's Review

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Tiger_Army01 Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
2 years6 of 11 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
'04 Angel Speed, '05 Angel Speed, Fly's, 4Flys, DM4, DM5, one bob long, evil omen and pimp, most of the autocockers, all tippys, most spyders/pirahnas
Marker Setup: Black '04 Angel Speed, stock everything except new regulator and soft tip bolt, eggII zboard, 45/45
new trigger sensor, new eye or different anti-chop system, barrel, regulator and drop forward, grips, clamp feed neck
Strengths: It doesnt cost much (thats the only strength)
Weaknesses: speed, trigger, eyes, barrels, LCD, customer service, leaky reg out of box! sucky drop forward
Review: ok, so i've had to try and fix about five of these now, and honestly, each time i about feel like throwing them off of a large cliff. TES is so terrible. it says you can get 20bps out of the box. thats the biggest bs ive ever heard. i couldnt get that thing going 8bps, and i can walk angels at 30bps no sweat. barrel is very innacurate. eye doesnt sense dark paint, and even when you have light color of paint, it only sees about one out of every five balls. every TES that ive seen has leaked when the person bought them (all been bought new). the reg isnt even that good, it fluxates constantly. absolutely a mess. drop forward wont let you use nitro, looks ugly, and is a pain to take off. the customer service is ridiculous. just for fun you should try calling up Dragun, and seeing how long it takes you to find someone who first speaks english, then knows what a paintball gun is, and then can actually help you. its nearly impossible. also, the manual is terrible, almost as bad as the customer service. also, its an lcd screen, yet it really serves no purpose, as you cant change anything, your semi-auto only, even thought theres a full-auto function, all it can do is show you how many shots you have shot...

walking is next to impossible on this gun, as the trigger sensor is so unsensitive, i found a replacement one for my neighbors gun, and that helped to get it going about 10-12bps, which still isnt that good. but, after replacing the regulator and drop forward (cant replace one without the other), then it became much more gas-friendly, and wasnt fluxating as badly. then we got him a new barrel, and its accuracy nearly tripled. then we got him some new grips so it didnt slide around as badly in his hand (plastic grips suck!), then we got him a new feedneck so he could put on an apache hopper. also tends to blow o-rings constantly, always carry a 10 pack on you.

so with the gun, the trig sensor, reg, drop forward, barrel, grips, feedneck, and many O-rings, the TES cost him $200 + 40 + 70 + 60 + 75 + 25 + 20 + 10= $500+taxes.

and his gun only goes about 10bps...sad, isnt it?

honestly, for $500, you can get SO MUCH BETTER!!!! even for $200 you can get tons better. i got my '03 vf autococker for $200, and i could rock it up to 10bps. then i got an eblade (for $300), and can now roll in the upper 10's lower 20's. of course i bumped up to the '04 angel speed, and can now throw paint out at upper 20's, lower 30's. seriously people, you can find so much better!!! people usually dont start out on this gun, so i would suggest you stick with your tippmanns/spyders/pirahnas for a couple more months, save up your paychecks, and then get you an autococker! WGP autocockers are some of the best paintball guns out there for around $200-700. seriously, save your money and get one! or if your smart, just evade them all together, and go straight to an Angel.

i guess if would rather be fixing your gun 24/7 instead of paintballing, then get this gun. otherwise, stay as far away as you can, and laugh at those who have TES's!!!

by the way, HOW IN THE CRAP DID THIS GUN GET A 8.9/10 RATING???? HAVE ANY OF YOU EVEN USED THIS GUN???? HAVE YOU TRIED TO FIX IT, ADJUST IT, OR EVEN SHOT IT???? HONESTLY!!!! IF YOU HAD TRIED THIS GUN OUT, YOU WOULDNT GIVE IT ABOVE A 3!!!!! idiots these day....why do they have to ruin such a cool site...
Conclusion: I know this gun looks attractive, because it costs at or under $200. but honestly, i wouldnt spend $75 on it. i'd take a spyder victor or brass eagle talon over this gun. save your money and time, and get you an autococker. it wont ever break on you (unless if you throw your gun at people(which is kinda fun)). so stay away from this gun, and enjoy not having to fix your gun after every other shot....
1 out of 10

Review Comments
Airborne07 Sunday, January 2nd, 2005 | 6:03 pm PST
You shouldn't compare low end electros to high end electros because they just aren't going to match up. If you do compare the TES to any other gun that cost 150 to 175 you will see why it gets a 8.9 rating. The lcd screen is at about a 4th grade level, and if you are having trouble walking the trigger get a 50 gram switch for 5 bucks and switch the gun to auto 20, and you will be able to easily get in the mid teens. and there are no grip upgrades for a TES as you stated in your review, and if there are please let us know. Almost all problems on the gun are easily fixed with alittle teflon tape and proper maintnance. Since this this is your first day registered I will forgive this post, but in the future you should only compare similar products i.e. low end to low end or high end to high end.

tweek1957 Friday, February 11th, 2005 | 10:35 am PST
i agree with him. Don't compare a viper with neon. And if u can hit high 20's on an angel, how come u can't hit mid teen's on a T.E.S., I just started playin a year ago and can hit 14 easily with my t.e.s. and yes, i can walk my trigger with ease. I do agree that the customer service ain't worth a sh.t and the reg sux but those can easily be fixed without much $$$. I've got a palmer's stablizer and it works fine. By the way, who spends 40 dollars on a micro-switch. I got mine for $3 at radioshack and it works fine. "idiots these day....why do they have to ruin such a cool site..." that's what i was saying.
Last edited on Monday, February 14th, 2005 at 9:09 am PST

dragunboy608 Sunday, February 13th, 2005 | 10:30 am PST
so you got a bad gun and you probably don't take care of it maybe you should get rid of it & GO BACK TO UR fancy angels & such, I have a Spyder Rodeo with a rocking trigger and a t-board w/eyes and easily shoot 25+ bps and it cost under $400 to do so dont say that cheap guns are bad I'll beat u with it anyday

mynameisgeorgel Wednesday, May 4th, 2005 | 3:56 pm PST
im sorry, idoubt your hitting 25 with your spyder

iammarypoppins Tuesday, May 31st, 2005 | 4:20 pm PST
How did you hit 30 bps with an 04 speed Only 05s can go 31

generalcorndogy Tuesday, August 9th, 2005 | 11:21 am PST
1st off no one can shoot 30 bps without ramping or bounce. Andthere is NO way a spyder will reach 25 bps. Spyders are blowback and can't past 20 bps it's inpossible. The only way you can make a spyder past 20 bps is to convert it to electropenumatic.

I'm_Addicted Friday, December 9th, 2005 | 11:02 am PST
Originally posted by generalcorndogy
1st off no one can shoot 30 bps without ramping or bounce. Andthere is NO way a spyder will reach 25 bps. Spyders are blowback and can't past 20 bps it's inpossible. The only way you can make a spyder past 20 bps is to convert it to electropenumatic.

that is only half right. Not a single person on this planet can hit 30 bps. BUT blowbacks can cycle at 40 cps, If someone was to make a hopper that could feed that fast(besides PR modded Halos) It would be slinging paint at 40 bps...... Good try though

DMC U LATER Friday, April 14th, 2006 | 5:13 am PST
Ne 1 who disagrees with Tiger Army is mistaken. His review is 100% accurate. I can back it up because unlike all of u I've had not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4!!!!! T.E.S's and all of them sucked worse than its predecessor. Do yourself a favor and go buy a pirahna evo send me ur TES's i'll do u all a favor and throw them off a cliff.

Walnuts312 Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 | 11:59 pm PST
DMC- A Piranha EVO over a TES? Seriously!?! Evo's are just as bad. If you want a descent blow back, then get a Pilot ACS 05 or an Electra with the rocking trigger. But they will still be a blowback.

Tiger Army 01- U cant compare this marker to much that u have used. Once you have used an electo-pneumatic then all else is crap in comparison. As far as this gun is concerned, at least a 7 is appropriate. It is not a timmy or angel. It is a spyder clone.
PS. Angels aren't that great. My Matrix is more accurate than any Angel I've used and is fast enough for anyone to be happy. Angels are faster, but 22bps with the Trix is plenty. Quality over Quantity.

HobHayward Wednesday, June 14th, 2006 | 2:29 pm PST
Too much bias around here.

I highly doubt anyone here could pull past 20 without some electronic help. Spyders can go just as fast as most other markers, angels are far superior to spyders, but I doubt this guy owns an angel at all, and if he really does, hes a noob.

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