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Comments on kaziechameleon's Review

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kaziechameleon Monday, September 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
1 year16 of 17 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
procarbine, auto cockers, spyders, piranas, imps.
Marker Setup: A5, flatline/stock barrel, ACI Sub-Zero 6 Stage Expansion Chamber, smart parts drop forward, and ASA with on off valve, Lapco A-5 Offset Sight Mount, 15mm rifle scope, universal grip t stock, and double trigger. (i strip all the woods ball stuff off for speed ball games and tourneys.)
Pro carbine:tippmann expansion chamber, 21 inch true fligh(i have to take the four inch back off, it doesn't fit under the rifle grip), revy loader/the revy loader was about 6 years old and just broke on me the board got all coroaded and broke.
and expansion chamber is a must, i recommend the one i have, check my marker setup, it is beautiful and works perfectly never has liquid co2 interupted my game, if you play speed ball you'll need a small drop forward so you can play a little tighter, i also recomend a on off valve asa upgrade so that the co2 isn't always putting presure on the internal seals if you leave your tank on for a long day of scenario ball.
Strengths: Amazing durability
Great stock 8 inch barrel
Cyclone feed
Weaknesses: Heavy
Field striping isn't as easy as they say
Needs an expansion chamber
Review: Feel free to skip to the real review

first thing i want to give you guys a little background on my self so you know where i'm comming from and how i am basing my crtisims, and such. i'm a sophmore in college, i've been playing for 7 years, i started out going to promisedland in wisconsin, for those of you who don't know that is a large scenario base park that has big games once a month, where up to 400 people will show up, games are objective based and last from 30-45 minutes, about one third of the players there are recballers or beginers with rentals, i was one of those people for 3 and a half years, i only moved out of that catagory after i got my own procarbine in a raffle, it was this marker that got me started on my way to being obsesed with this sport. once i moved up the ranks to a actually usefull teammember i new i needed more, i started recballing once or twice a week in the summer before i went off to college, in this time i upgraded my procarbine as far as it could go, when i moved onto campus at western michigan i joined the western michigan paintball team, i played most of the year with procarbine, as a front player, i held my own, but i knew i needed something more a month after christmas i got my A5, it was great i took it to a all team practice where tons of the best players in that part of michigan where, and i got wasted, at my frist tourney i was blown away, why, because i was blind, the Co2 cloud was so huge the second i took my first shot i lost sight, this may be because it was about 33 degrees out, but i played procarbine in that weather before geting the A5, and the only difference i could see was the expansion chamber, i got that and my gun screamed it was glorious i finished out the school/competative year with a nice bang, the rest of my team stopped picking on me as much because i was doing more than just holding my own at this point (they all have $600+ setups)

well it was summer and i hadn't scenario balled in over a year, so i got about 20-30 people together and headed out to wisconson for some promisedland, about a weak before leaving i got my gun supped up to the setup it has right now( flatline, ACI Sub-Zero 6 Stage Expansion Chamber, smart parts drop forward, and ASA with on off valve, Lapco A-5 Offset Sight Mount, 15mm rifle scope, universal grip mounting t stock, and remote, double trigger. (i strip all the woods ball stuff off for speed ball games and tourneys.)), this thing looked mean in the woods, well me and my brother being the most experinced guys in our group we lead the way our twenty something man group tor into the opposing team, our team capton would say he needed fifty guys to capture siad objective, and i'd tell him we could do it, our twenty guys many of them actually new, or using rental guns could shred, because that flatline was great, i had just tuned it into perfection, and though it didn't like the park paint alot, i was able to send nice clouds of paint almost a 150 easy to long ball guys, i was commanding from the back and still taking most of the KO's for my self, after the first two rounds i started averaging 10 -20 KO's easy, my group led the way on the field. well on that day i desided that the A5 had to be one of the best scenario ball guns ever. my only competators where either using flatlines, or shooting hot(doesn't that make you mad) the thing lasted all day, almost a good solid 10 hours, and i never broke a single piece of that crappy park paint, and never had a problem with this marker, probably shot over 2000 rounds easy, (don't tell my buds, we did community paint and they'd be angry)

my summer continued i play ed more small scale rec ball, 3 on 3, and the like, school starts up agian, and i reconfigure my gun for speedball, witch takes like a minute, and i'm tearing it up agian, i love this gun, it's been probably little over 8 months and here i am reviewing. so i've tested this thing in the ammature competative speed ball, in scenario ball, and standard outlaw rec ball.

The Actual review

ok, lets talk about this marker,
the markers body is nice and small, not tiny but not large, it has a very nice scenario vibe to it if that is your thing it resembles a mp5hk without the barrel, i like the way that once you get an expansion chamber it can double for a front grip and you can remove the stock grip, this allows fro much tighter play the stock gun is cool but i'm going to review it like you already have a expansion chamber because it is as necessary as a hopper for this marker. you can get 50 round hoppers and the like to further the senario feel, a friend of mine has, but that is up to you. this marker has a very commanding presence on the field when totaly decked out, most paintballers will take you seriously, atleast once your in the woods.

i immediatly got a double trigger for mine, it helps me keep the rate of fire up because the leverage you get at the end of the trigger lowers the trigger pull so i just rest my middle finger on there and let it rip. i can get it up to almos 8 bps, witch is good enough i know the gun is capable of 18 bps with a response, but i have yet to see a tournament legal electric grip frame that can get it that fast. i'm still running stock mech setup though, i like it simple. if the trigger pull is to much you should be fine with a egrip they are really nice, the resposne is cool two, but alot of feilds are banning them. the stock trigger pull will deffinately not be like a auto mag ule, or anything, because of the hammer in this marker you can't aviod the kick or anything, yes this marker kicks, now you can control and manage it easily enough i just thought i should mention this, it isn't a problem for me, but some will deffinately not like it. really it matter though because your rates of fire won't get high enough to make the recoil affect your accuracy majorly.

the gun wieghts a little to much for my speed ball tastes, but it doesn't bother me in woods ball, it's just a real work out preforming a dead sprint for the snake with this thing. i once droped it in a superman dive and this gun didn't even flinch, it weighs alot more than my pro carbine though, but i can make the trade for the rate of fire, and compact size.

i never have, and haven't ever heard of any one out shooting the cyclone feeder, and i don't think it's possible, that thing is great. my whole team has eggs and halo b's and they are always wining, my hoper is down, this and that, while my cyclone has yet to break a ball, or anything, or even break down, i have dumped bad paint in my hopper thought witch made a real mess, and cleaning that out is as easy as running water through the cyclone feed, and hopper then re oiling the gun, takes like 2 mins, then let it dry.

maintinence is optional, your gun will be fine if you don't take it apart and clean it for a whole year if you run water in it, like pour water in the front then let it drain out, pour some oil in the asa(where the tank screws in), screw in your tank let in shoot the oil through, and the water out, maybe ten shots, and your gun is clean, this has worked for me for a whole year, i striped my gun once so i could get to know it after using it for six months, and it was pristine inside. the only reason you might ever want to open it up besides to upgrade something, would be to replace bolt orings, witch thanks to my expansion chamber, i haven't done yet.

the stock barel is great for speed ball, it's about 8 inches long, it is actually fairly accurate, not dead on, but heck it's a stock barel, i've survived this long with it. if you play woods and scenario stuff one of the best after market investments is the Flat line, it hugely increases your flat trajectory, accuracy is okay, it is very heavily dependent on the paint you use i recomend marbalizers if you want pristine accuracy, or premium, for the budget baller, premium is not gonna give you any trouble, decent accuracy, and won't break in the barrel. i got some freadom stings paint that broke every other ball, and cleaning this barel , i mean gettting pure accuracy reaquires water, because the textured surface holds the paint, smothing itself so you loose the flatline benefit. i try to carry a small water bottle for mask and flatline maintinence into any game i can. one more sweat thing is how loud the Flatline is, it can sare the SH!t out of alot of rec/scenario people as they duck not knowing quite where you are, but hereing your intimidating marker, so it works great for withering cover fire. the flatline is only 9 inches total and looks beautiflu on the A5, and is wonderfuly assembled, the houseing resembles a silencer. giveing you a nice tactical looks fro the woods, and is short enough for speed ball, one problem is that you must keep you marker completely level and stationary when firing for any accuracy. if you want a new barel for your A5, don't get anything over 14 inches it will look horendous on the stout body of this marker. for a after market speed ball barrel i recommend a Freak/junior freak kit, or stiffi, both barrels rock my world.

if you want a sight for your marker i highly recomend gettting the lapco offset sight the only problem is zeroing and angeled sight is a little more difficult than you would expect. i recommend a drop forward for the speed ballers who are interested, lets you play tighter, mine is like two inches and works perfectly , if you want a stock i think the universal t stocks they make that mount on the bottom of the grip are the best, you can stabalize, run remote, and play tight, the universal doesn't get in your way, you can tuck it under your arm or what ever, you won't be smaking your mask on it like one of the standard sniper stock thingys.

the lever to cock the gun is in front so that you won't be jamming your gun when you fire lefty like i did with my procarbine, and my borther did with his 98.

efficiency, well this gun is a hog, it guzzels gas, i mean i'd rather it did that than buy need hopper batteries every freakin day. but as i've siad before, get a expansion chamber, or get the LPK, a reg, and comp air, i went CO2 because it was alot cheaper, and honestly this gun doesn't need comp air, now if you went totally speed ball with it i'd recommend a Egrip and LPK with reg and comp air, but that is an extra 600 dollars, or so, i can't tell any one to do that, but the benefits would be a higher rate of fire, probably 14 bps, easy, with half the reciol, better efficiency because the lighter bolt would probably need less air to recock, and the reg would distribute it more evenly.

i think one of my favorite things about this marker is the fact that i could go berzerk and speed ball set it up, if i wanted to, or had the money, or woods/scenario ball orient it, and go dear hunter/rambo on everyones @$$es, yeah if you wanted, and a speed ball pimped A5 is rare beautiful thing, i haven't seen one in forever.

only real problem, and i have managed it, would have to be the frontal profile of this tank, the cyclone feeder can't be tucked when shooting out the right side of a bunker. but i get more hopper shots than cyclone shots, i've gotten one cyclone exclusive elimination shot at this point and that price i'm willing to pay.

one last thought this marker has great resale valure becuase they never break, and if they do it isn't to expensive to fix, as oposed to use auto cockers witch no one should ever buy. in almost one year of use i haven't broken anything, except Co2 canister O rings, what high end marker could ever say that, especially with the use and beating i hand my markers. i highly recommend braving Ebay, or your local paintball store to see what you can get. for more technical stuff read to other reviews, i might come back and update this review, but i don't want to make any promises.
Conclusion: If you like woods or scenario ball, you have to get this marker, if you like speed ball and would like a reliable tough marker, this is the one, it will take what ever you throw at it, don't let electro lovers disuade you, and if you want an electro i still recommend getting one of these with the e grip. i'm giving it a ten because it is probably the bes marker in it's range
10 out of 10Last edited on Monday, September 19th, 2005 at 1:46 pm PST

Review Comments
pb_4_l1f3 Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 | 9:01 am PST
review a little long might want to shorten offense

mcflytron Monday, December 18th, 2006 | 9:10 pm PST
good review, a good review cant be "too" long.

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