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Comments on kaziechameleon's Review

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kaziechameleon Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
Period of
Product Use:
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More than 5 years
Products Used:
ION's, autocockers, Tippmans(A5,98, procarbine), impulses, omens.
Marker Setup: A5, flatline/stock barrel, ACI Sub-Zero 6 Stage Expansion Chamber, smart parts drop forward, and ASA with on off valve, Lapco A-5 Offset Sight Mount, 15mm rifle scope, universal grip t stock, and double trigger. (i strip all the woods ball stuff off for speed ball games and tourneys.)
Pro carbine:tippmann expansion chamber, 21 inch true fligh(i have to take the four inch back off, it doesn't fit under the rifle grip), revy loader/the revy loader was about 6 years old and just broke on me the board got all coroaded and broke.

AutoMag ULE Custom, blue, with Ygrip, 2 inch drop forward, stock gas through grip, 98 autococker barrel(for now the switch kit is in the mail) macro line. and soon to arrive is a EVO II
Electric hopper, Compressed air is required, not an upgrade, and a good barrel.
Strengths: No recoil
adjustable rate of fire
level 10
Weaknesses: If you need weaknesses:
mistaken identity.
the stock sight is useless.
gas hog,
Review: OK , i just recieved mine in the mail two days ago, these are my first impressions. I ordered this marker on a wednesday evening, and it arrived on a friday morning, wow, and shipping was only 5 dollars. ok, i soon realized upon opening the box that i had the wrong body, and after checking the reciept i saw that in my haste i had indead selected the warp feed left body, nuts. i call AGD, and they say send it back it's not a problem, so i do, and while it's there i have them throw the intelli grip on for good messure. a week later i reappers on my door step. now i can test it out, so i throw a air tank on there and take a few shots, firstly i must say that the three first things to hit me were the fact that the trigger pull is phenomenally small, especially for a mech marker, and the reciol is practically none, and the marker, with a unported stainless steel barrel was still very quite. this marker has such little recoil, i must say is fires as smooth as a autococker(when the autococker is working fine). wow, and people say that open bolt markers have too much kick. the trigger pull is like that of a magnetic return electric trigger, it is very crisp, but light, once you initiate the trigger pull, it practically pulls its self, and it recocs it's self like a response, not with enough umph to allow the same automatic fire, but enough that if your finger is in the way the marker won't missfire. now for technical stuff

ok so how does this marker work, it is a open bolt, meaning that when cocked the bolt chamber, or breach, or what ever you want to call it is open, and when you fire the bolt moves forward cealing teh breach, and pushing the paintball into the back of the barrel, then the compressed air makes it's way through the bolt to hit the paintball and propel it out the barrel. there are a number of fundemental differences between this open bolt marker and the rest of them, firstly the bolt it's self is not spring propelled, it is instead air propelled, and instead of pneumatic recocing, the spring (yes there is a spring)pushes the bolt back. so this marker is always charged, nice so if you missfire the bolt doesn't not recoc, a down side, basically the only bad thing i can think of that isn't good about this design is that if your tank gets low, about 1000 psi(opperating pressure is 850) the bolt won't always completely fire, it instead stalls and only moves forward half way, at this point you either disconect and reatach the air , or you remove the hopper and reach a finger down the feed neck to push the bolt back, but even then you might go only ten shots before it happens agian, all told, this is not really a problem to me because alot of guns go funky when the loose pressure, the only anoying thing is that this marker does it prematurely because it's a gass hog, example on the same tank my A5 works to about 600 psi, at wich point it gives me trouble. ok, so how does this marker fire, when you pull the trigger you are activating the valve, directly, rather than indirectly. on a normal open bolt marker there is a hammer, a heavy piece of stainless steal that is held at bay by the sear, when you fire you retract the sear allowing the spring propelled hammer to slide forward and hit the valve pin, releasing the CO2 the CO2 blows out the front and the back of the valve what blows out the front propells the paint ball, and what blows out the back pushes the hammer back to re catch on the sear. the AutoMag has no hammer, on a regular open bolt the recoil is mainly the hammer, and by eliminating the hammer pretty much any recoil is removed. so when you fire you turn the valve witch releases compressed air into the back of the bolt the bolt moves forward until it seals the breach at witch time the gas is the relayed through check valve the gass then hits to ball and propels it out the barrel, the sring then pushes the bolt back into the cocked posision, while the valve represurises, when it is doing this it is pushing the trigger forward, kind of like the gas chamber on a response trigger. yes it will work like a response trigger, but you won't shoot any faster than you would firing it semi so don't bother.this marker can be adjusted though to fire automaticaly and with d bounce in a mechanical fashion by adjusting the operating pressure, the bolt sprins, and the ult(ultra light trigger)kit. i don't know how to specifically but i've read/been told that is is possible by friends and strangers. so if you want a cheater marker for Xball this is the only mech one available. as for chopping balls, the level ten stops that, i mean every marker, yes every marker will chop some time, and this one will to, but the mechanical anti chop system prevents short stroing/missfire chops, and it also prevents chops from missfeads, so yes you could shake and shoot, but that is just such a waste with this marker. this marker is adjustable twards your play style, if you want to really be able to rip on the trigger of this thing you can up the operating pressure, and the trigger becomes much more responsive on top of that it also stabalizes the shot to shot consistency when you are just laying paint. it you are more conservative the lower operating pressure of 750 will allow perfect shot to shot consistency when snap shooting, but you'll suffer some drop off, or velocity inconsistencies during a long string of paint, you could also just leave it in the middle, at 800 psi, and play a little of both. this marker field strips easily only one screw needs to come off and it is a easily worked thumb screw, push forward on the vavle to make the unscrewing easier, loosen the air tank to let off pressure, and release the macro line, and the markers guts come right out, this is basically two parts the x valve, and the level ten, those two then break down into smaller simpler parts(spring, washer...) but that is esentially all you need. this marker is autococker threaded, takes angel feed necks, and ball detents.

alot of people will mistake this for a goofy looking ion or shocker, those two markers are a smart parts attempt at steeling the AGD glory and are successful because the consumer doesn't know any better. i'm starting to think smart parts is a curse on the paintball industry pantenting others ideas, and making crap, but o well. the ion is a nice gun(except i met two different guys in one day that had experienced their celenoid melting through their grip frames) but is essentially a less reliable electric auto mag, the ion is about an inch shorter, and 2 pounds lighter, one thing i like about the automag ULE is the costumobility the Y grip i have on mine( i bought it after market because i didn't know it was so nice) allows for some of the tightest play ever, and is really comfortable i have it almost to the way i want it, it's just missing a reverse drop forward(this puts the bottle back by about 1.5 inches, and angles it up at 45 degrees so the bottom of the tank rests on your sholder so you can fire with one hand eiser and fill simotaneously, and at the same time it makes the maker shorter vertically and length wise. but on the same marker you can throw the standard intelli grip, witch i must say is extremely nice also(it came on mine) the intelli take dye grips, as a matter of fact it comes with die grips stock and is very comfortable, you have your choice of blade or double trigger on the intelli frame, as well as on the y frame, you can rig your intelli, or y frame to a revolution loader so the loader spins every trigger pull. there is also no real nead for a reg on this marker, if you really want one you could go that route but the benefit will be marginal, the stock gas through grip is very nice, and you can(with a little inventive thinking)move the grip up down and all around, something alot of people wicomplain about is the hose that comes out of the valve and attaches to the ASA, well it isn't a big problem and doesn't look any worse than autococker pneumatics. you can send that gas line to the gas through grip(stock is just a big coil of stainless steel braided hose that adds to the wait of the gun) but yeah i recommend macro line because you can field strip easier. this marker is the only walkable mechanical marker in production right now, and the stock setup comes fully functional, unlike autocockers wich still don't have antichop bolts stock. i would just like to say that i think this marker is a ideal mid, or front player marker, it is extremely reliable, can play extremely tight, is very light and just a small marker. also if you like tippmann, and want similar reliability, simplicity, but better preformance this is your marker, it is the tippmann of speedball markers. they say that the valve is good for 25 bps, but a video on the level ten disc that comes with the marker shows how this thing rips at 30 bps, of course dry firing, no hoper can match, if you like the premiss, and want it electro there is a emag, check it out. the mech trigger limits the rate of fire though, i can get about 12-15 bps, but i've hear of achieveing 17 with it, if that is too slow, which it shouldn't be, because many tourney limit rof to 17-15 bps, go emag and you can rip up to 30.
i'll update my review soon, hope this is enough for now.

edit/update(ok i've played two full days with this marker and i have some things to say, firstly i love it, secondly i hate bad paint. the first day i got to use it was the grand valley invite for ncpa, it was fun, and my marker never let me down, i was having paint troubles though, my first bag of paint was fine using a die ultralite i was achieving ball on ball accuraccy, but they i switched to my second bag of pmi premium and the barrel started breaking balls, i examined the paint a little closer to realize that atleast every other ball was dented, or swollen, i still didn't chop in the chamber though, i streamed about a thousand rounds through it that day, the following day i went to team practice, at practice i used a mix of four different kinds of premium, stuff i bought this summer, stuff i bought three weeks ago stuff i bought at a scenario game in wisconsin, and stuff leftover from the tourney the day before. every one of these paints was giving me trouble, the stuff from wisconsin was barrel breaking every shot, the stuff from three weeks ago choped every shot and every thing else was wackily inaccurate, i was using a 98 all american. luckily the marker strips and cleans really easy once you learn how two it is such a simple quik process, release the macro and unscrew a thumb screw(assuming the tank isn't on) fire the marker, and then twist the valve to the left a smidge and the whole guts slide out, you can they squigy the internals nice and easy and clean of the bolt. i was altimately frustrated with the paint though and called it a day. i must say though that this marker is so light for a mech and so smooth in its firing motion that snap shooting is made tons easier, also the lighter trigger pull and lack of recoil make running and gunning so simple, i was playing mid/front it was glorious i could just spray a target if need be or snap shoot him. this marker has improved my play vastly even though the paint is holdingme back i had a good number of eliminations with it. i also got giddy and proved the anti chop system to some friends first testing with a squeege then i stuck my finger in ther, yep it works. when i had my A5, i never felt like i could compete on an even playing field, my snap shooting was slower, i couldn't lane, or suppress as well, but this marker as fixed all that. i can play twice as aggressive, lay twice the paint, snap shoot so much better, and run alot faster thanks to the ule tech. i also thought i could shot this thing fast till i met some one at the tourney who wanted to try my marker, he was automag fan, he got a hold of my marker, and out shot the guy next to us who was using his ion, it was glorious, i am no were near to achieving his rof, i think he got 17 bps easy, and he maintained it for a hole hopper i can only reach 14 bps briefly i have yet to master this marker. i am recieving my stiffi switch kit today and well see what happens i'll update this review agian soon.)

update:i have learned alot about my mag, firstly i was breaking good paint for no reason(fresh marbalizers) i call AGD, the say, switch the spring, silly me. i do and still chop a little, i find this was being caused by two consequtive missfires, i would usually do this when i would walk the trigger, i'm not quite as good at walking as i thought i was. so i can still get this thing to stream just not with both fingers. but any way it works wonderfully now, this marker is so accurate, i can lay ball on ball with any decent barrel, i also must coment on the fact that this thing seems to only hog gas when dry fired, if you shoot paint through it, it seems to be much more efficient for some reason. i must also say that the intelli grip trigger pull is less than a e-grip on a tippmann. my brother was gonna go e grip then he opted not to after realizing this fact. today i was in a two on one battle, me versus a high end impulse and a dm5, i won, i love this gun. if you win with mech marker agianst 800-1200 dollar markers you get braging rights, because by the logic of my anti mech teammates a mech marker player shouldn't even be able to shoot them. i have had one major problem with this marker though, i tend to out shoot my hopper quite often and this is very annoying when you stream paint then miss like three shots, i am using a evo II, so i don't know how i manage this but it happens.
Conclusion: if you like mech guns, and have the money get it, if you play speed ball, and need a backup gun get it, if you want a infinitaley relieable marker get it. this is the best mech marker for speed ball, and with the tac one, or longbow setup, or q bow(check special opps. com) it is probably the best woods ball marker two, only challenge being the A5(for woods) it won't beat a timmy, but wait i play agianst timmy and dm crazy people and as i remember i shoot them about as often as they shoot me, so it won't hinder you either. i love this gun.
10 out of 10Last edited on Sunday, November 20th, 2005 at 1:58 pm PST

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nathanjones008 Thursday, December 28th, 2006 | 3:17 pm PST
good review. you covered much. i learned alot

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