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Comments on Dark Doberman's Review

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Dark Doberman Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month131 of 140 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
BT-16 tactical - 6/10 the bt4 assault has several imrovements that make it a
all round better gun - if you have the choice go BT4 assault
I also own/have owned these markers but they are not in the same category as the BT4 as the BT4 assault is a milsim-woodsball marker in my opinion so i will not compare them to it.
tippmann 98c
tippman A5
32 degrees Icon x - and E
smart parts ion
Marker Setup: BT4 - Assault
Empire Reloader hopper
Konas Red Dot sight
12oz c02
Tactical sling
Sound activated hopper (like the reloader)
12oz c02 bottle , because the guns not that light ,
or a remote line idealy.
A quick change 12 gram c02 adapter and some powerlets
Strengths: Looks great !
well built
Weaknesses: Quite heavy
gas hog
Review: Right , lets get started -
Looks - This marker looks HOT , right out the box its beautiful to look at , it scares the hell out of people at the site i play at , and the woods we hold our own matches in. People want to know straight away "what it is ?" - well its designed by Ben tippman - i belive is the son of the Tippman firm that bought you the awsome 98c and a5`s - it uses many of the same parts - but with improvements in places making it a better rounded gun in my opinion , some internal and some external like the weaver 7/8 scope mounts for more secure mounting of sights. They also ask " Does it perform as good as it looks ? " - well i think it does , and i have owned a few markers, now OUT OF THE BOX is how i am comparing them as you can make an A5 or 98 custom look and behave the same with mods and upgrades - but as we are reviewing the markers as brand new out the box to keep it fair and informed reviews. SO .. peformance - This marker does what it should no doubt , it shoots Hard and straight - the accuracy is impressive - anyone will be able to hit a 3 inch target at 50 feet at a good rate - i know cos people are ALWAYS wanting a fire of it , and we have a target section at our site and at 50 feet there is a tennis ball on a string , and i have not seen anyone - even newbs who havent played atall - not hit it at least 5 out of 10 balls - i myself can get 6 inch groups at 80 and 100 feet with only 1 or 2 rogue balls missing completely out of 20.
Now i play mainly Woosball , so 80 - 100 feet is the most distance i am ever going to have a clean shot at someone without branches and stuff in the way , so this peformance at these sorts of ranges is perfect for me , and i have played with this gun around 30 games so far - and i can tell you , i have "gogged" more people with this gun than any gun i have had before , the red dot sight is set at 75 feet and where i play it is the perfect range - you may play at different places , with different surrounding , but like i say - out the box - its accuracy is very good to 100 feet - so tune it to your specs on the sight and power and you will be very pleased with the results - of that i have no doubt.

While i am on the subject of sights - the BT4 by the way comes with a very good set of iron sights , on the barrel - and on the m16 style carry handle , the rear sights on the carry handle are a 2 millimeter ring , that you can flip forwards and it offers up a smaller 1 millimeter ring for precision targeting , these are FULLY ADJUSTABLE both side to side and up and down , using "click" wheels - i only added the red dot cos i already had it , if i didnt - i wouldnt have got it especially , as these iron sights are VERY GOOD ,and VERY sturdy. May i also add that the hopper is off-center -to the right and not in vision.

The fire rate of the marker is pure woodsball , i wouldnt like to think of the trigger mods and other things you would need to do for real speed-ball , i can get about 6 balls per second in bursts at a push , but i am not "finger trained" for speed ball , and certainly not on this trigger as it is very stiff, my friend plays speed , and couldnt get more than i did , he agrees that even a speed-ball player would have difficulty getting double figure bps. But in retrospect , for woodsball - it is perfect , the stiff trigger means it would be hard to accidentaly fire off a round while trying to stalk through foliage.
So - whats left - The built quality is good , metal construction wherever possible , good qualtiy ABS plasic where not , the stock is VERY strong , i belive there are 5 positions of stock length - the barrel shroud is a little flimsy i think , but it is easy to take off if you need to , and i have never had it come apart on me and i fell out of a tree with it 2 days ago and landed face down with the marker beneath me - and incase you were wondering - - i am 6ft 7 and 15 stone, so i wouldnt have liked to be the gun right then - infact i was sure the hopper would have snapped off the gun - its a sliding hopper feed on the BT4 for easy cleaning - but no - not a mark on it - i also tripped up in brambles , and lurched forwards shoving the gun into a tree barrel 1st - again - sounded bad- but not a mark.
Next up is the gas issue = Well theres no dispute from me here - it does seem to use more than its fair share of gas
- If use a 12oz tank - i get around 350 balls from one 12oz - but i snipe with mine - so i dont find it a problem .. anyway after each game i just change my tank - i have
2 - 12oz tanks
1 - 20oz tank
2 - 10oz tanks
1 - 8 0z tank
1 Quick change C02 adapter to use 12gram powerlets
Sounds like alot of tanks - but iv been playing for 10 years and i have just collected them as times gone by - people sell them cheap often - i got the 2 x 12 oz tanks and the 8 oz tank for £10 ($17 U.S) and the quick change adapter and 50 powerlets for around £25 ($40) from maxes sport germany. The 20oz was new , and so were the 10`s , all in all the lot cost me around £70 ($125) over several years - but i find these good investments as you have a world of choice when its playtime :)

So i have plenty of gas to choose from - and different options depending what position i play - i always carry the my Quick change adapter and 5 powerlets in my tac vest for unexpected fire-fights - that way you can drop off your heavy bottle at will - and 2 turns screws in these great , and very light co2 powerlets - i get around 20 - 25 shots from this option but it is great when you want to move fast and take your opposition by suprise - cos if they think youve got the BT4 assault and a 20 oz bottle on - they sure dont expect you to come dashing through the trees and diving into cover , rolling accross the ground - with the stock collapsed - and a 12 gram co2 plugged in - the BT4 is very manouverable indeed - and lighter than an ion with a 20oz bottle in my opinion. It also adds a realism to your play - laying down fire with your first 15 shots of the powerlet - moving up fast laying down a few more cover shots - and unleashing the last few while your in cover , then dropping out the empty powerlet and swapping it (only takes about 10 seconds) - ready to go again :) :) - makes you use your team members more - communicate more and make use of your shots better :) !

If im playing sniper - i go with the 12oz - lasts me 2 - 3 games on a heavy use day - 5 - 6 on a light day when its quiet or easy targets :)

If im playing up front i use the 8 or 10 oz and my quick changeadapter -as described previously.

If im on flag guard i use the biggest tank i can find and set up defence - trust me me my mates got the BT16 assault - and with both of us on flag defence with big co2 tanks NO-BODY has got near the flag yet :) and belive me when i say this - the people on the other team DO NOT want to get tagged by that pair - they fight over who has to run in cos they know how accurate and powerful these things are - they tell me so every-time :)
and i have seen 1st hand the results of a double ambush from the BT4 asslt and the BT16 asslt at 30 feet - the welts and bruises on the guy who got tagged were savage. even through his padded jacket and jumper :) one shot knocked his baseball cap clean off his head :) :)

For mid-field i use whatever i feel is best on the day - from how many players on the teams etc - usually i take a 12oz and a 8oz in my tac vest as a spare .With a 12oz tank on i find the markers weight managable and a usefull tool in most situatutions and the best all round - wieght / balls option - but if nothing else get another 8 , 10 or 12oz tank as a spare - and i cant recommend these quick change 12gram co2 powerlet adapters enought - and thats for any paintball marker- they are great ! :)

Well - i have been as honest as i can be about the BT4 - Assault - the rest is up to you , i will add and problems i have to this post - as - and if - they arise.
My post may be long , but i have found this site so usefull to me in the past that i thought i would give a little back - I live in the UK and people seem too lazy to bother posting reviews about paintball gear here - keep it up everyone - great job !!
Conclusion: In conclusion - If you are looking at buying this marker - and you have got this far - then im quite sure your not a speed-ball player anyway - but if you are - This is not for you.
If however - you play Rec/Woodsball - or mil-sim games - i can not reccomend this gun enough - It looks the part - Its intimidating -It performs very well - its well built - and most of all ITS FUN !! - - at the end of the day thats what is all about :)
So for you Rating monkeys out there this is what i give it -
9/10 for rec/woodsball and mil/sim
I give it this rating because as i said before - im sure you can upgrade other guns to look and perform as well or maybe even better - but this comes like it in the box.. and as ready to use - military style markers go - this is VERY VERY good - i rate it a 9 because im sure there are $350 - $800 mil/sim and tactical markers that look even more like the real thing - and MAYBE and i say only maybe , perform better - but for the money the BT-4 assault costs i dont think you will get a better gun of this style.


Good luck finding your next marker people - and above all HAVE FUN !!

9 out of 10Last edited on Thursday, February 2nd, 2006 at 4:40 am PST

Review Comments
ccmu Wednesday, February 1st, 2006 | 2:24 pm PST
It's important to note that Ben Tippmann, while being related to the Tippmann family, is not in any way connected to Tippmann Pneumatics, nor are his markers made by Tippmann and modified by him. Tippmann recently pulled all of their items from being distributed by NPS and switched to Procaps because of a lawsuit they filed against BT over patent infringement.

Dark Doberman Wednesday, February 1st, 2006 | 4:35 pm PST
Thankyou for clearing that up for everyone - i like some others was wondering the in`s and outs of the back-ground to the Ben Tippmann/ Tippmann story .
Well , either -way its a good marker :)
Also you may notice i have another weapon in my armourment :)
I am also capable of Talking people into submission - i have used it in the woods many times now - i would go into detail but i dont want to scare children with the horrific details :S - put it this way -- one guy tried to block out my voice by filling his ears with 200 paintballs !! As you may guess i was most upset - they were rps marbalizers and i would have happily used them and saved myself a few dollars :) :)
Bye Bye

Fragmasta_Fong Saturday, April 8th, 2006 | 8:03 pm PST
Hey, Ive been looking all over the net trying to find out the barrel threads on this thing, and you seem to know a fair bit about paintball gear... I know they have that Selecta-Barrel thread adapter, I was just wondering what thread the stock one has (I had thought it may of been either BT's own thread(???) or Tippmann A5 etc, but with Tippmann distancing themselves from BT a little as written by 'ccmu' I just dont know anymore.) If you could help that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Fragmasta_Fong Wednesday, April 12th, 2006 | 2:56 am PST
Just found out thru this months APG, the standard thread is A5/FA/ProCarbine. Its all good.

samurai2828 Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 | 8:08 am PST
I was in the market a little while ago, looking for a reliable gun! I came across BT products, and was immediately amazed! I saw the BT-16Assault with the ApexBarrel, and wanted it right away. Then I kept looking and researching, as I always do, and came across the good old Tippmann A5, a gun in which I had the privelage to fight against last year. And wow, it scared me! And im not easily scared out there. Anyway, I did some more research, and came to the conclusion that BT Tippmann is newer, and not perfected yet. The A5 is, and still going! So I decided to go with the A5 as a gentleman at said it would be a better bet.

When we are talking about price, I think BT is the way to go, but Im not sure as to the upgrades that are available yet? The A5 is costly, especially if you are planning for performance and cosmetic upgrades! But it is reliable, and known, and warrented! As the BT might be, but is unknown as it is brand new. For that reason alone, I went with the A5. And now it looks a lot more intimidating then the BT16. Although, my wallet is suffering.

If you dont mind, keep us posted as to the performance and reliability of your gun, as I am curious! I wish to know if my decision was good, or bad.

elite pballer Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 | 12:30 pm PST
Originally posted by samurai2828
I saw the BT-16Assault with the ApexBarrel, and wanted it right away.

GAH!!!!!! there isnt any thing as the BT16 Assault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeez i c so many ppl say it and its annoying HERE IS THE COMPLETE LIST OF BT MARKERS AS OF 8/16/06!!

BT-16 Tactial (this is the one always confused as BT16 Assault)
BT-16 Field
BT-16 Elite
*note-the BT-16 series is not made in large numbers anyomore, as it is the first series and was phased out in 2004

BT-4 Assault
BT-4 Combat
BT-4 Iron Horse
BT-4 Banshee
all of the BT-4's are being made now

Those are all the markers made by Ben Tippmann

elite pballer Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 | 12:37 pm PST
and the BT4 Assault, out of the box, is about 100 dollars cheaper then a 98 with the same upgrades and anywhere 150-200 less than an A-5. read my review of this gun for more.

rottendrew Thursday, August 9th, 2007 | 12:01 pm PST
Am i the only person who found the barrel flaw in the gun ? I put it into detail in my review its in the newest section if anyone is interested. I would like to add a better barrel that is able to accept the M16 style grip and front sight. I don't want a 1913 , flat line, or a apex it will change the look of the gun. I just want a better barrel without butchering the look. Any suggestions?

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