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Comments on Keither's Review

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Keither Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion below.
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Product Use:
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More than 5 years
Products Used:
None... all i own are barrels that give other players a chance....
Marker Setup: A5 with Adapter and with an OPSGEAR 18" Fluted Sniper Barrel and a Flatline with a coiled remote, and a folding aluminium combat stock / M16 solid stock

(also bought the 18" air cooled machine gun shroud with it... also looks bad to the bone.)
none... this thing shouldnt banned from the sport
Strengths: Helps players that would otherwise suck actually get kills
Weaknesses: Knocks out the poor shlepps that are playing fair
Review: I used a friends APEX for some $hits and giggles when we were playing woodsball..... Ive never been more turned off to something in my life... with a little practice it was able to nail people that you normally wouldnt be able to get with a flatline or regular straight barrel.... this thing is retarded...

Not only have i been playing paintball since 1994, but Im also a gun owner... and the last time I checked my M1911A1 didnt shoot .45 rounds like curve balls... neither did my 8MM M48 Mauser.

A normal barrel has a downward arc... but thats because of gravity.. this barrel is made to go around corners and such on purpose... its cheating for godsake!!!

What ever happened to "hey theres a guy behind that bunker... you get his left flank ill get his right and you, harry... go up behind em." You know.. a certain thing that paintball was originally based around... something called TACTICS!!!!!

In history there have been a few attempts to make a bullet go around a corner straight from the gun by putting an angled attachment on the barrel.. but nothing like this.. this takes the cake as far as being unrealistic goes..

Now, dont get me wrong, Im not trying to offend anyone... but if I am its because you know what im saying is true...

this product is about as much of a cheap shot to paintball as the electronic marker was... theres no need for a gun that fires 20 rounds a second... not even an M60 can fire that fast... hell even those stupid little UZIs can pull that one off...

I hate to say it guys but anyone that has any talent in the game of paintball shouldnt need barrels that shoot around corners and guns that sound like bumble bees when they fire... if you actually have any skill whatsoever... you should be able to take a pump gun onto a field of NORMAL mechanical semis and still kick some A$$,,, not try to compensate for the fact that you suck by going out and spending thousands on some high tech gun that fires a million rounds a second or a barrel that shoots around corners... its called practice... vasily zaitsev didnt have a gun that sounded like a bee's wings when fired... he had a bolt action mosin nagant rifle and a scope... and if you know anything about snipers you know that you cant just look thru a scope and hit something ur aiming at... theres a lot more to it... and if he didnt land that one shot he was probably dead in his tracks...

the phrase one shot one kill is just that... not one pound of paint one kill... if you have any talent or skill whatsoever you shouldnt need all these fancy gadgets to make u look good....

what looks better?

a 5 guys walking off a field shaking their heads with no splatter on any of them and one shot in the center of each of their chests?
one guy walking off the field covered from head to toe in enough paint to coat a house?

do the math

to all of you morons thinking im a sore loser thats probably been tagged 1000 times by one of these things, you're wrong... ive never actually been hit by a ball coming from one.. however... my entire team was nearly wiped out by 4 players using them... we had 2 guys on our team that were using them til they saw that and then switched back to their stock barrels just to prove a point. we still kicked their A$$es
Originally constant air systems were banned from field play because the "founding fathers" of the national paintball association or whatever the hell its called now a'days didnt want the sport to revolve around the gun... they wanted it to remain based on tactics.. not high tech gizmos... they would have cows if they saw this

You know, if you're gonna nail someone do it with dignity by flanking them or something tactical... not by camping in one spot with some cheap shot barrel
Conclusion: products like the APEX are ruining the sport... theyre every bit as bad as the player that wipes a direct hit off of his clothing and continues playing... what do the two have in common? cheating and poor sportsmanship!!!

Im giving this product a 1 because there are no options for negative numbers
1 out of 10Last edited on Tuesday, July 25th, 2006 at 2:40 am PST

Review Comments
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dude1680 Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 | 12:36 am PST
thanks to you ijust bought an apex.

ur saying that when a guy with an ak is shooting u in iraq, ur not going to call in an a-10 to kill him? u must b calling greg hastings a big fat cheater, btw he was in the navy, in a sub that had the capibility to sink a ship undetected... is the sub cheating? greg btw has an eclipse ego, hows that for military

Scooter309 Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 | 10:18 pm PST
I just got this barrel in
its awesome yeah i will admit its kinda cheap shootin around corners but the person has to be like five feet behind the cover
most people hug right up on the cover
Me being a gun owner myself, how the heck do you compare anything paintball to real war? you shoot thru a friggin bush with a real gun it aint gonna blow up its goin straight thru ANY ONE WHO READS THIS DO NOT LET HIM DISCOURAGE YOU FROM THIS AWESOME BARREL

brett1986 Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 | 2:53 pm PST
This review is accepting that the barrel works GREAT and should get a 10, but the author of the review thinks it is a cheating barrel and does not like people using it against him. The review number 1-10 is how well the product works, how accurate the manufacturers description is and if it is actually worth buying, and it is FOR SURE.

brian dyas Sunday, March 29th, 2009 | 8:41 am PST
i would like to know how innovation equals was greek fire cheating? was the tank cheating? hows about the interruptor gear?innovation in warfare equals victory.there are tactical advantages to an apex that are not cheating. 40 yards away,there are 3 men in a tower that is two stories high, 8ft by 16 ft. you are also two stories high, and undetected. you hook a burst left, then a burst right. its pysch warfare,making the enemy think there are more attackers than there really is!!!!!!!!!!go back to your stone age where you belong, and dont forget to load your musket

zombienettre Sunday, April 26th, 2009 | 3:29 pm PST
Sure the apex barrel curves the ball and that may be "unfair", but you're forgetting that real bullets go THROUGH objects... how's that for "unfair". When you're being shot by real bullets you don't take cover behind a tree because you'll shortly find yourself behind that same tree in pieces.

The apex barrel just makes you consider cover more, as you would if you had been in a real firefight where most things, including concrete walls will not make you invincible.

For someone who is "a gunowner" you don't consider the overall picture of how both weapons operate.

RADIOACTIVEBUNY Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 | 10:11 am PST
I just use mine for some extra range. I hate the curvey shots. The only time i did that was at my house when i first got it. And I can't think that fast to adjust it enough like that. So I only use mine as a cheap flatline (it's actually better, as i can use it with my m82 shroud) All I have is a Tippmann A5 with a response trigger (i only use that when my "life" depends on it) and the apex. It's a great barrel for extra range, especially when there's trees that prevent you from longballing.

Lord Caliber Saturday, September 12th, 2009 | 9:58 am PST
Settle down... this ain't the army. paintball is not real war. it is the player that cheats, not the barrel. it is up to the player if he/she wants to use hook shoots or not.

Lord Caliber Monday, September 14th, 2009 | 7:15 pm PST
Originally posted by brett1986
This review is accepting that the barrel works GREAT and should get a 10, but the author of the review thinks it is a cheating barrel and does not like people using it against him. The review number 1-10 is how well the product works, how accurate the manufacturers description is and if it is actually worth buying, and it is FOR SURE.

Exactly right.

thepaintedone Friday, October 30th, 2009 | 1:03 pm PST
This has got to be without a doubt one of the most ignorant posts in history. First, you know when someone prefaces their comments around they are a gun owner and major paintball player you are in for a weird post. So we need to get a few things straight.

First, there are weapons used in the military that use a curved design or "drop" effect. Two examples are the rounds for the M203 grenade launcher that are designed to explode downward to hit bunkered targets. You simply dial in their distance, fire over their heads and boom...downward shrapnel. The second is the "duckbill" attachment for the 12 gauge shotgun. Designed for close quarters, house-to-house combat the attachment is designed to shoot at a 90 degree angle around doors and hallways to protect the shooter and eliminate the target.

Also, since the creation of firearms the goal has been for weapon advancement. What can you do to get the advantage over the other guy. By your standards we would still be shooting black powder rifles and marching straight onward in a lined formation.

True combat is about tactical advantages. Yes, movements and communication are important, but you ALWAYS want better firepower than the other guy. We didn't call into Iraq and inform them that we needed a list of the types of weapons they were using and telling them which ones they could or couldn't use. You plan each mission with the intel you have and you and insert a plan for worst case scenarios. If you know before the game starts that someone is using an Apex then you Mister Tactics man need to plan accordingly. Duh! Weapons advantages can be defused with great field tactics plain and simple.

Like the military, paintball is simply taking another step in the evolution of fighting. Guns have been improved and will continue to improve. If you want to see who the best is, then EVERBODY needs the same marker, paint, etc. Then and only then are you a purist who is basing the game on "tactics". I'm sure your personal setup was geared towards getting a quality marker that would improve your play. This is no different it just offends your sense of whatever.

So get over yourself, shut up, and if a piece of equipment is a great performer it is a 10/10.
Last edited on Friday, October 30th, 2009 at 1:10 pm PST

Where'sMeShoota Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 | 2:00 am PST
What a bunch of whiners. It's not cheating; it's innovation. You want a real life comparison, Kiether? They're already doing it in the military. The Excaliber Artillery Shell is a gps guided munition; essentially, a very large bullet that can change it's own flight path to hit a target. Who could've imagined that even being possible 15 years ago? And as technology advances, I'd wager that it's only a matter of time before this technology eventually starts showing up in small arms like sniper and assault rifles.

But in the end, I really don't care if paintball guns accurately simulate real guns or not. I do think the Apex is an awesome idea, and I hope it works as well as some of you guys are crying about, because I'm definitely getting one now. Thanks a bunch, and keep fighting the good fight :-P

Coozman Saturday, March 20th, 2010 | 7:54 pm PST
What alot of people fail to realize is that the Apex DOES NOT shoot around corners. It adds a really nice arc to the ball but the drop is not as sharp as some think. Played with mine for the first time today and got three kille with trick shots. Two hooks and a dive. It wasn't easy and I went thru alot of paint playing with it. The range is awesome and IF (and I mean IF!) you can find the sweet spot for the paint you are using, the range increase is tremendous when the ball chronas just right. With a quiet gun like my SP1 it's hard for the targets to know where the paint is coming from so you can get a little more time to dial in. I don't think that I am "cheating" when you have people wiping and shooting hot. Ramping could be considered cheating too but hey it's part of the game. Like it or not, Apex is here.

Bosley17 Sunday, March 21st, 2010 | 4:59 pm PST
I understand your argument; the ability to hit people behind cover seems very unfair. However, to hit someone behind cover using the Apex's curve features require a great deal of marksmanship. To effectively use this barrel, one must practice with it and familiarize with its trajectories, or else you'll just be shooting around your opponent rather than at them.

And unfortunately in this day and age, the honest people with pumps and semi-auto guns (without firing modes) are hard to come by; when people buy paint ball guns, they want to get bang for their buck, and what better way to do so than get a gun with an unnecessarily high rate of fire to compensate for poor accuracy. I believe that the Apex barrel levels the playing field (metaphorically, of course) by giving the people with semi-auto guns an advantage over the high-end guns of their opponents.

ICBM09 Monday, September 6th, 2010 | 4:08 pm PST
Wooooow. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. He acts like the barrel gives the paintball a tracking device and the paintball can hit you even if it has to travel through the freakin Labyrinth to get to you. WRONG! Honestly, maybe, just maybe, you could curve a ball around a tree in order to hit someone. He acts like it can turn 90 degree angles and hit the target. NO!

This was honestly the most near-sighted and ignorant post I've ever seen. Get over it!! I guarantee you this guy is so mad because he sat behind a tree in the corner the entire time crying and someone was actually able to get him because of the APEX! Get over yourself.

Also, this guys acts like only rich kids go out and buy this barrel because it's so "expensive".... HAHA. It's only 35 dollars! This isn't some expensive piece of equipment
that only rich kids with no skill can afford. Almost everyone can afford this!

Haha. I also loved when he tried to give his review some legitimacy by claiming that he is a gun owner.... FAIL. JUST FAIL.

Stupid, stupid review. This barrel deserves a 10. Because it can get rid of big babies *cough* while they hide behind a tree. GROW UP!

EmeryZ Sunday, February 27th, 2011 | 9:08 pm PST
lol unrealistic... if paintball were realistic then we wouldn't need curving balls, we could just shoot through all these bunkers etc. Sounds like you're butt hurt.
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