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Comments on ViperM1x's Review

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ViperM1x Friday, December 29th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion below.
Period of
Product Use:
6 months24 of 42 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
JT Protium
Brass Eagle Stingray(cmon this was 1996)
Some pump I cannot remember but was sooo accurate I wish I never leant it out.
Marker Setup: Ok, MR2, Halo B Hopper, Atomic Elbow, Bob Long detents, Red dot site, 18" opsgear fluted sniper barrel, 16" J&J ceramic and stock barrel using 4500 68ci HP air. Modified stock plus custom made plug for when stock is removed.
New Marker
Strengths: Looks cool, easy access to select fire switches, adjustable trigger, enclosed cocking bolt.
Weaknesses: Extremely heavy
Review: Strap yourselves in this won't be pretty. I understand some of you may have not had anything go wrong with your markers and that is fine, but this is my experience so just deal with it and maybe learn something from it.

I was stoked to see a new, exotic looking milsim out of the box type of marker coming from spyder which is a well known company that has been providing the sport of paintball with equipment before some of you were even born.
I wanted to finally get a milsim marker that I could use full-auto with and had that black, built in weaver rail and cool looking kind of marker so I went with the MR2

Out of th box I immediately noticed it is a heavy marker, even before adding a hopper or paint or even an air tank it is a brick.

Air-ed up and with some decent field paint I started out with a VL Revvy 12volt with the x-board which according to spyder should be able to handle the 13bps in full auto. Simply not the case, between the double feeding and dry firing I was chopping balls due to the fact that the balls just weren't dropping fast enough into the breech and breaking.-UPGRADED BOB LONG BALL DETENTS AND A HALO B HOPPER.

Finally got the double feeding stopped with the new detents(even though mine came with the stock black ones which were suppose to be better than the initial orange ones)

Newer hopper with adjustable ball rate was finally able to dial in the feed rate to match the full auto, but allot of paint and breaks inbetween. As far as the acs goes, I just don't see the advantage to it, although a few dry fires in the beginning may have been the result of the acs not chopping but for the most part I just didn't see a huge benefit.

While charging my battery using the provided charger that came with the gun, my grip started to puff out small bits of white smoke(given this is the 2nd time i recharged it), so after investigating, I found that the main power diode had smoke checked itself. But the marker still works fine electrically and that diode is mainly used to prevent reverse voltages during charging. Still this is a new marker and this shouldn't be something that's occuring.

The stock is worthless as is. Either cut away the top portion of the stock or never ever think you will be able to look down even the stock raised rail with a mask on. Just isn't going to happen. With the halo b hooper, there is zero clearance for any type of site with the raised rail that comes on the gun, I had to take mine off just so I could mount a red dot scope. Afterall I bought this marker to get that milsim look and get it with adding scopes etc. Yeah I could put a different hopper on and be able to use different scopes, but you cannot get the full rate of fire in auto mode and this was the major reason for purchasing this marker. I played without the stock on and custom made my own "butt-plug" to cover the hole that is left behind that exposes your bolt to dirt and debris that us woodsball players know so well. Another bad design on spyder's behalf.

Also, this marker is hot out of the box and can be very picky when you try to dial it down. I tried some different springs and suddenly had ten more things wrong with the way it was feeding and breaking more paint. so went back to the original springs and just had to give them more time to break in and relax a bit.

There is no regulator on this gun, the thing in the front grip is not a regulator, if you think it is, just disassemble the whole gun and you will see what I'm talking about. All it is a two-piece milled adapter that might have some room for expansion but don't count on much. At the chrono, this thing is up and down on the FPS and this is with high pressure air, not CO2. I don't even want to know if anyone out there is even trying to use CO2 on this and using full auto at the same time, your just going to make frosties!

The MR2 has allot of bolt on parts that just are not necessary but make up the look of the MR2. The shroud can come off(more barrel options), the side shields can come off and the front grip can be removed and a real regulator put in its place and would make a much smaller marker and reduce quite a bit of weight.

After my last 24 hr scenario and using this marker I have to say I am ready to sell it to some poor sucker on Ebay and get something different. I'll probably just take it for it's parts like the egrip and make a new frame for one of my more reliable semi's.

Overall I wanted a milsim marker that I could customize, add scopes to, add m4 site rails and barrel guards and make a really cool m4 like grandpas in the photos, but I notice he doesn't show the hopper he uses and if he did it probably wouldn't handle the full auto mode. Some of you may be content with that and that is cool, but I was not....I wanted to show up those guys that all seem to own A-5's and show them up with my full auto against the rat-a-tat-tat of their warp fed markers. Needless to say that did not happen. Oh and the Tournament lockout shorting clip came off in the middle of a battle and I couldn't get to it to fix it until I was off the field or access full auto or burst fire because of it. Later found it floating in the handle, maybe super glue it into position?
Anyway, I'm not happy with it, too many quirks to work out to get it to work at its full potential. Some people might only care about semi(then you won't have too many issues with this marker), but if i'm driving a porshe, I'm gonna go fast not take it around the block to the grocery store.
Conclusion: Not impressed personally, but this my conclusion after owning and using this marker.
3 out of 10

Review Comments
PBOverlord Friday, December 29th, 2006 | 10:54 pm PST
If I may suggest, get an SP-8. It has the features you're looking for. You can buy a stock, and the stock you can buy is awesome. It has several modes of fire, including full-auto, semi, and ramping. My brother has one and I must say it's a great marker for scenario play. He does a lot of these 24 hour scenarios and the SP-8 has never let him down.

ViperM1x Saturday, December 30th, 2006 | 11:46 am PST
PBOverlord, yeah, I have been looking at the ion or the dressed up ion-AKA Sp-8 for a replacement for the MR2.

A few things I did not mention in my review was that the marker has a big kick even for all the weight you would think cancel the kick, but again it's a blowback stacked tube design so there is just more internals and inertia to counteract. Also this thing is LOUD. I prefer stealth over the realizm factor and you get every enemies attention your way when you start firing it.

I would have to say for all those guys that don't care for the full-auto to go the route of the MR1 and for those that want a spyder with full auto and stay with the milsim look to see and try out a MR3 since it has eyes and may clean up some of the feeding problems this marker has.

I'm looking into the ion family, it's lighter and electro pneumatic, less moving parts, less kick which will improve accuracy and I would imagine is easier on air since it's not using the blowback method or reloading. the SP-8 does look sweet, but I'm definately going to try it out before I buy one. Big mistake I made with the MR2 was not actually tring it out first. Just didn't do what i thought it was going to do, at least not easily. To me a new gun should perform out of the box without 10 different issues.
Last edited on Sunday, December 31st, 2006 at 10:37 am PST

PBOverlord Saturday, December 30th, 2006 | 8:05 pm PST
On the note of the above issues, I might add that (this is from shooting my brother's SP-8, which is quite often) the SP-8 has what seems to be absolutely no kick, and is silenced to an extreme degree. I couldn't believe the feel the first time I shot's only a small noise, no kick, and very, very accurate. If you're looking into the Ion family and are a woodsball/scenario type of player, there is no marker better than the SP-8 for you.

The only problem that I can pinpoint at all with the SP-8 is that it's a pain to maintain as far as bolt and such goes. Then again, it's the same maintenance as an Ion just with an outer shell, so that doesn't make a huge difference between the two.

funkypaintball Monday, February 5th, 2007 | 8:16 pm PST
This is a really good review, you followed all the guidlines of a good review and weren't afraid to express your opinion. Awsome, but...the exact same thing happened with my MR1, and yes i know this is a MR2 review but this is exactly how i was feeling when my MR1 just started having all of these problems. And no i never tampered with it, nor touched the velocity. It just started double feeding and a whole bunch of other things but this isnt a review for the MR1 so i'll save it for my review.

paintballer9876 Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 | 6:27 pm PST
Good review better than most, my mr2 is awsome and due to the problems my friends have been having with there ions im going to stay away from the ion family. But i put a short cp reg on the mr2 with the plastic fore grip still on all i had to do was trim the bottom about 1/4 of an inch and the fps difference is much less and oddly the kick went down to. The hopper problem i fixed by picking up a ricochet apache hopper my drop test feed 19bps which is plenty fast for full auto the ball detent problem i havent ran into at this point. For christmas i got a proto rail which is awsome out preforms any ion, any spyder, put simply any gun, and it comes in dust black, olive, blue or red and it has nxl full auto and with the bps at a tops of 30bps thats fast, pair it with a halo b with v35 board and the guys that have 15bps full auto guns and are bragging about them would be cowering behind there bunkers when you start shooting

murdoc niccolz Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 | 2:42 pm PST
I do not think that this review is accurate with the product at all. I've used this marker many times as a backup for my a5 and have NEVER had any of the problems described in this review. I do not know if the author bought a used marker that had not been maintained or the author did not maintain the marker. The other reviews don't describe these problems and other reviews on other sites don't describe these problems. This review misrepresents this product in too many ways to be accurate.

Thank you,

mineral laker Sunday, January 31st, 2010 | 10:52 pm PST
can you put a rocking trigger on the mr1 or the mr2? i cant on my electra so i am trying to figure out which one i should buy

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