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Comments on Lopez17's Review

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Lopez17 Friday, February 1st, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month51 of 52 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Ripper 1, Ripper 2, Ripper 3, Ripper 2.5, GZ, Classic, 2K2, Lasoya, and TX Storm Intimidators. I've used the entire "suite" of the Intimidator product line and currently own 10 other Intimidators. None of the previous intimidators really match up well with the Vice. The 4C Eye system, better gripframe and body design and upgrades to the valve, ram sleeve, bolt and solenoid make this a far superior marker. The fact that it comes with a Tadao board stock, puts it into it's own league. The maintenance is reduced and what little there is to do is easy and straight forward.
Marker Setup: I shoot a 2K5'd GZ, Excalibur, FL Viking, Texas Storm, Ripper, Ripper 2 and Ripper 3 Intimidators. I run a Halo or an Empire Reloader B (and now a Pulse) with a PMI Pure Energy or Crossfire Tank.
Due to the redesign from the Gen4 platform, there are very few upgrades recommended out of the box. Most are a matter of personal preference and have minimal effects on the performance of the marker. If you feel compelled to put upgrades in, here's what I'd no particular order.

1. Trigger. The stock trigger is very solid, however the spring and pull wasn't to my liking out of the box. Incubus is a friend of mine and was kind enough to let me "test" two of his POWER triggers ... his Kodachi and Sabre styles. I liked the curve in the Saber and put it on my marker. It has a nice smooth pull and the concave design under the trigger reduces weight and enables a snappy, light return with minimal bounce. I've been running mine without the spring. At present only the stock trigger and POWER triggers will work. Another option would be the AcidCustom trigger line but I'm not 100% sure they work with this gripframe.

2. Tadao Yakuza OLED Board. The Vice comes with a stock M8 Tadao Ryujin Board that's really top of the line. It utilizes the 4C eye techonology and can handle 2 or 4 eyes with the marker. The Yakuza is $170 and a steep price for some, however the ease of functionality, crisp code and the fact that it really aligns itself well with the upgraded capabilities of the marker almost dictate a purchase. Either way you go (Tadao LED or OLED) you're not going to go wrong!

3. Barrel. Everyone swaps this out. Pick your favorite and put it on. It comes stock with the Bob Long Pro Player barrel which is darn nice!

4. Rail/ASA. Same as a barrel. I prefer the CP's but get whichever you prefer. The marker came stock with a Bob Long direct mount ASA which is fine for my purposes, eventually I'll add a CP but pretty nice stock ASA out of the gate.

5. HPR. I recommend that if you're going to get rid of the stock reg (which frankly is amazing compared to the older Torpedo's) I'd go with the only one that's significantly better and that's the AKA 2-Liter.

6. Feedneck. The stock feedneck is a clamping feedneck that's neither too bulky or tall. It fits my Halo and Pulse quite well and it's the first Intimidator I can think of that doesn't require an upgrade upon purchasing it. If you feel compelled, go for a CCM, Redz or other popular clamping neck.

7. The only real upgrade that I can think of to really improve the marker would be the 4C eye system. The new eyes enable you to take full advantage of the Tadao code and dynamically track the movement of paint to optimize cycle time. The paint really rips in tight, consistent strings/ropes of paint in Semi mode. It's incredible how well it shoots.

8. LPR gauge. BLAST sells LPR gauge/tools on their site for around $26. If you plan to tinker you'll need this to reset your LPR.
Strengths: Fast, Consistent, Accurate, Light, Cheap, Small and did I mention FAST?!
Weaknesses: None that I've enountered so far...this is top of the line!
Review: I've been an Intimidator fan for quite some time now. I was very impressed when I shot the Protege at World Cup. That enthusiasm didn't even compare to the first hopper full of paint I shot through the marker today. I bought the Vice and had it shipped with the 4C eye system. I also added in a Tadao Yakuza board with an RF Chip and Sync'd the marker to my Pulse. The result is the fastest marker I have ever shot. The consistency of the strings of paint in semi only mode with no bounce was simply astounding. I've shot hundreds of markers but nothing even close to being in the league of the Vice.

Bob totally redesigned the Gen4 platform to give you the Vice. The valve system is completely different though it utilizes some of the same design characteristics as the Gen4's but without the maintenance issues. The result is a kick/recoil free marker that's light and stable to shoot. The marq style gripframe enables them to strategically place the solnoid in a mounted configuration. The internals are better aligned and subsequently require less maintenance. The redesign of the gripframe to the body also enables easier access to the valve and internals when you do have to maintain it.

These markers come with the Marq style reg. This is fundamentally different from Alias/Gen4 torpedos as it utilizes a shim stack with a piston which in turn leads to tighter readings over a chrono. I was hitting +/-5 right out of the box. I've never had that consistency with the other 10 or so NIB Intimidators I've had.

The marker also comes with an ASA and top of the line Feedneck which are significant improvements from past models. The stock barrel is also amazing. The ram area/sleeve are/is shorter and the marker runs on a 6ms dwell...about 40% faster than previous versions with no hint of shootdown, even when I had it in uncapped, full auto (NXL) ramp. Bob carried over the Marq style eye covers with integrated detents so users don't need to swap out rubber nubs anymore. The eyes are easy to change out and are locked down with a phillips head screw.

Phillips head screws also hold down the Tadao M8 Ryujin board on the inside of the frame. The battery connects straight to the frame, so no more harnesses to worry about. The OLED functionality on the Yakuza I put in was simply amazing. When coupled with the 4C eye functionality I had a paintball machine gun in my hands. The ram is easy to lube as are the pistons for the regs.

The overall milling and contours are more aligned on the Vice than any other intimidator. I'm impressed with the flow and feel of the marker. Some people reported early machining problems as well as anodizing issues on the Black markers, but mine is gloss black and any previous issues now seem to be corrected.

One downside is that there's a limited selection of triggers, but I'm honestly quite happy with the POWER Sabre trigger I have in there. It clearly helps me establish a nice rhythm. The stock spring was adding too much tension so I took it out. The Vice also has a "plate" that is screwed in place as a back buffer near the switch for the trigger spring.

Ironically the most amazing part of the marker is yet to be mentioned. I'm getting roughly 2100 shots off of a full 68/4500 fill. The marker itself is highly efficient and really maximizes this. The size is comparable to an 08 Ego. I put it on top of the ego in my local store and the ego was a bit longer while the Marq was a bit taller. The weight and width were nearly identical. The real coup is that the Vice is nearly $400-500 cheaper.

All said and done there are very few negatives to associate with the Vice. Most of them are more a matter of personal preference other than functionality or capability.
Conclusion: A top notch marker that fully exceeds anything else in this price range. It comes stock with the best board (manufacturer) on the market with performance unsurpassed by anything out there. A must have for any serious tournament baller. Bob really outdid himself and elevated his marker design.
10 out of 10

Review Comments
msonic Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 | 7:26 am PST
wow, great detail. Thanks for a great addition to the review list.

I really should pick one of these up.

darq 7 balla Saturday, February 9th, 2008 | 10:40 am PST
best review EVER! I love how you hit every part of the marker and told how it compared to past intimidators. I am very eager to get my hands on one of these. I will most likley get one when the RAGE vice comes out.

Lamborghinievog Friday, February 22nd, 2008 | 1:33 pm PST
Excellent review. I'm really gonna look into it.

Attorney99 Monday, July 21st, 2008 | 7:46 pm PST
Excellent Review! Very thorough and detail oriented. What upgrades have you completed to your Vice, if you don't mind me asking?

(12)cockermasta Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 | 12:41 pm PST
Great review but you mention upgrading the stock feeding in recommended upgrades. Why would you upgrade the lowest profile, strongest, best feedneck in paintball?

Lopez17 Thursday, October 9th, 2008 | 11:54 am PST
Originally posted by (12)cockermasta
Great review but you mention upgrading the stock feeding in recommended upgrades. Why would you upgrade the lowest profile, strongest, best feedneck in paintball?

For a couple of reasons. It's actually not the lowest profile feedneck out there. The lever on it isn't as adjustable as some other feednecks I've used. This inhibits your ability to clamp down on the loader without breaking the shell. One issue I've had with the stock BL feedneck is that it either clamps down too hard or too soft allowing play in the loader. It's a great feedneck ,don't get me wrong but it is an option to upgrade. I've personally kept mine on.

To the poster above, I've put a POWER trigger on mine (Sabre style), a Yakuza in the board and upgraded to a CP direct mount on/off and 4C eyes. That's about it. I've put 65+ cases through it in 9 months and it's still mowing people down.

Attorney99 Thursday, December 25th, 2008 | 1:09 am PST
To the poster above, I've put a POWER trigger on mine (Sabre style), a Yakuza in the board and upgraded to a CP direct mount on/off and 4C eyes. That's about it. I've put 65+ cases through it in 9 months and it's still mowing people down.

I bought a BLACK VICE and have a few upgrades (4C eyes, BL Cam Drive On/Off, Dye UL barrel, Magnet Trigger Kit and plan to add the Yakuza OLED Board when prices come down a little bit more.) I also have the Low Pressure Poppet, but not installed yet. But it sure does mow people down in a hurry! One of the best markers EVER made!
Lopez17, do you know if anything is coming out for 2009 from Bob Long besides that Mil Sim Marker?
I'd love to see the Gen 6 Vice, but probably not until at least 2010, do you agree?

pblwespbl Sunday, January 4th, 2009 | 5:09 pm PST
Excellent Review

Attorney99 Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 | 5:20 pm PST
Hey Lopez17,
I was hoping that you would review the Bob Long Victory. Have you shot it/own one yet?

Lopez17 Monday, January 4th, 2010 | 5:56 pm PST
I have shot it but it was a tweaked out model that's not the current design that the general public gets. I'll likely be getting a Victory in the next few weeks and will post a review when it arrives. I'll PM you when that happens.

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