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Comments on Valaska's Review

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Valaska Monday, April 14th, 2008
Period of
Product Use:
Less than a month36 of 39 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Ion, SP-8(Same internals lol), Epiphany, Shocker, Nerve, Impulse.
Marker Setup: SP-8
Orange Nano Unicorn Bolt
14" .689 Stiffi Barrel
Adjustable Stock
Laser+ Tac Rails
Aimpoint RedDot Scope
Remote Line
360 QEV
Barrel, FireBolt, Select fire(Free), Air through T.Stock or, 98c Stock. FLASHLIGHT lol kidding.
Strengths: Light
Fore Grip
Weaknesses: Vertical Feed blocks chance of using a sight without .45 or offset.
Review: Ok! I just got this thing I've shot it a few times last week and I JUST had a game with it.. Usually I (literally) wait a year, or more, to review something but this gun.. I have to review now, the SP-1 is culling me to review lol.

First of all, I might be biased due to the amount of, pardon me for this, kickass baddasery the gun magically imbued on me for the day.. But hell this is ONE HECK of a gun and gosh darn it I am going to slap anyone with a fish and a half if they say other wise!

Ok, strengths in depth;

****** Body******

This things body is tough nuggets, it took a few tumbles and trips with me and lasted fine, so did my SP-8 and apparently some people say the body is weak lol, but this thing is solid solid, feels like a glock almost, and the body and internals are VERY light!
I like how it looks when you paint it up camo, and it looks spiffy, turns some heads towards it, some away, it's personal tastes so it can't be worked into a reviews score lol, but I mention it because this is the SP-1 review, not vibe lol.

The body has quite a few rails, this leads to.. So very many possibilities you can literally put 9 lasers on this thing with a couple .45 degree's lol. Unfortunately you have to get a .45 to put a site on it though, or mount it directly side ways, which the more and more you tip a red dot, the more difficult it is to set for omni ranges. Thats the only complaint I have, other than that the vertical feed is really solid, a long with the rest of the gun.
And there's also a flash light mount, when I bought the gun I got the Mag Light mini with it, so I figured to put it in the slot, it holds it strong and it looks pretty neat lol. I actually used it to signal people a few times.

And it's compact too! Small and can fit places, and if you want you can get 98c stocks, or this one Trinity makes special for the SP-1 now, or air through stocks on the bottom, or an Air through T-Stock like I got. I kind of want a folding stock on this but it's nice either way.

****** Maintenance******

This thing is bloody easy to maintain, 3 Allan head screws, and the bolt is out.. And thats that, you lube up the bolt, and you're good.. It's basically fine to lube it after every time you play its so easy. I don't understand how to take the body apart yet (in 2 halves) and the manual online doesn't say much, but usually you don't have to touch a board period for maintenance so this doesn't count for anything heh.
The regulator has a lot of pieces to it, but it vents off which I'll cover later. This thing simply gets props for maintenance! No springs etc, and god.. Springs are effing annoying.

****** Efficiency******

Ok this thing is great on HPA, I have a 48/3000 tank and it lasted me 5 hours of play, and I still have 1000 PSI left in the tank lol, it's real great, I probably shot off about, oh, 200 shots, but I started off at about 2600 PSI seeing as HPA tanks cool down and loose PSI after filling, plus I checked the reg lol. Might be because I have the SP Firebolt, but honestly the fire bolt isn't that much of an improvement over stock, it came with it because I bought mine off a friend.

On CO2 it's a monster, it's efficient, you can freeze it and it barely looses velocity. It actually went hot for my friend and it was 4 degree's Celsius after freezing the tank and gun over lol.

****** Noise******

It's silent! Very quiet! It's not as quiet as my SP-8, but with the Stiffi barrel it matches the SP-8 in sound, not the stealth barrel shroud of course.. That thing with a stiffy is ridiculous you can actually hear balls dropping louder than your output sound lol.

****** Accuracy******

The stock barrel is good, it's pretty accurate but I have a Progressive 16" on it, and just with an upgraded barrel this thing is damn accurate and my 14" Stiffi.. Oh gosh it is barely just below the SP-8 in accuracy, and thats because I have a better bolt in my SP-8 than my SP-1, so this thing can be very accurate upgraded barrel, but with the stock, unless you get good paint match, it's gonna be oh about.. Above average slightly. The stock barrel is good, but its bore is a little on the large side.

****** Price******

A HUNDRED AND FIDDY, not fifty, FIDDY. This thing out performs, and I am gonna get disputed or flamed for this, clearly, and obviously out performed every A5 and 98c (2 A5's and 1 98c on the field today) that was there, and those markers are a good bit more than 150, FIDDY. You, just can't beat this as an entry marker.. And it might become my main marker.. From back up to main, not too shabby huh?


This is hard for me to say anything, so I am trying VERY hard to squeeze out some weaknesses.. Here's what I came up with.

****** Body******

Vertical Feedneck. This thing is a HORRIBLE idea for milsim/woodsball I mean hell you can't use the rails behind or in front of the feed neck for a red dot, you need a .45 degree offset or a direct flat offset from JCS.. I don't buy from JCS after I seen their ebay listing for "Chink Stocks"..

****** Umm******

Um... Oh, not many upgrades.. Yet, well you can use a few of the Ion made bolts from other companies.. There aren't any boards yet, but they are already making the blackheart.. And it's an entry marker for now so standard board is just fine, people will want to upgrade them later anyways.. Well it JUST came out lol, so this isn't really a weakness it's common sense, scratch that.


Ok, keep in mind the SP-1 I have is used, it's been in the CSPO, SPPL, and it's so it's not brand new it does have a lot of use! And this thing was amazing, let me tell you bout the game I had with it;

The first game was Semi's VS pumps 6v6, I snuck up a long the left of the woods in a ditch, 2 very experienced pump players caught wind of me, all I had for cover was the lip of the ditch (I was in it keep in mind) and some little shrubs that exploded any paintball trying to get through them, I was covered in splatter, but as soon one moved to flank me to my right I quickly flicked over and took him out in 2 shots and then stood up and pegged the next guy right in the chest, I squeazed up in behind 2 more guys eventually, down further in, I took both out 1 shot each and this is without a sight. Finally it was 1 on 1 and I was shooting at the guy for awhile we got into a fight, he took me out eventually but man it was one heck of a fight lasted about 10 minutes between the two of us, I bounced a couple of them off him, and I took a big tumble with it getting caught on a root lol, the SP-1 took some beating when it did too lol.
With this gun I got 14 kills the entire day by shooting.. 5 barrel tags but 4 of them was when I had no battery lol, my fault for not changing the battery.. It was the same one I used on my SP-8 for about a week lol.
Conclusion: Buy it, hands down, buy it... It will surprise you, I might make it my main marker but I just don't want to give up my SP-8.. Been using that gun for 2 years lol, loyalty issues. It's great, it's tough there's nothing wrong with it, it out performs your standers 200 dollar 98c (at least in the store here but they charge 170 for the SP-1 here too), out do an A5, the only problem I can see you would have is just no front shroud yet.. Big whoop lol. Honestly with the light plug area and the rails, it's going to have a shroud eventually.

This gun is the only entry marker anyone should purchase from now on, I've used basically everything else, it out performs mid range, etc.. This deserves a 10, they market it as an entry, and its performance is stellar. 10 it is.
10 out of 10

Review Comments
woodsball754 Monday, April 21st, 2008 | 1:21 pm PST
Alright i have a question....i need a new gun...most of my friends use 98 customs and there is 1 a-5.....the rest are spyders....what gun should i get?

Valaska Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 | 1:12 am PST
Originally posted by woodsball754
Alright i have a question....i need a new gun...most of my friends use 98 customs and there is 1 a-5.....the rest are spyders....what gun should i get?

I suggest you get an SP-1, the composite body is tough just as much as an A5 and composite is a lot harder to dent and such compared to metal, course if it ever does break it will be a snap but.. If you've ever used a glock or been in the military you will know how tough it can be, it's much like the same make up and feel.
Also it's a very silent marker, and stock it's bolt and barrel afford an excellent accuracy right off the bat. Plus there are upgradeable bolts for it already out there you just have to make sure it is SP-1 compatible, one piece bolts work for sure, and TechT has their L7 bolt upgrade for SP-1's too hehe.

Also it's compact, so in CQB this thing is great, and you can put a stock any 98c Stock, or uni-air through of course, I use an air through T-Stock.

This marker brings durability, simplicity, performance, and smart parts customer service and at a very low price! You can't go wrong with the SP-1 it's only 10 bucks more expensive than the Vibe, and if you liek the SP-1's looks more, it's a steal, if you don't you can get a Vibe.. I am planning on getting a vibe and turning it into a FAMAS lol.

Oh and there are upgrade boards coming soon for the SP-1, the black heart.

sledgehammer Monday, June 2nd, 2008 | 3:22 pm PST
Yaaa man for sure get the Sp1 i picked one up two weeks ago and it absolutley smokes eny tippmann in gas use and size and weight. and i picked up mine for 150 cash thats right!!! 150 cash for a select fire sp1 yeeeee haaaaa, Dont get me wrong tippmanns are great guns, but you have to remember blow back gun technoligy is 25 years old, its time to move over and let the new guns in!! LONG LIVE SMARTPARTS!!!!

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