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Comments on stevore's Review

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stevore Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
Period of
Product Use:
3 months6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

More than 5 years
Products Used:
Marker Setup: Tiberius T9.1 Ranger
Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID
HPA Tank
Tiberius Dot Sight (Stock) / Tiberius Tiberius 4 x 32 Scope
Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID by Lapco. Nothing else compares with these rounds.
Strengths: -Accurate
-"Effective" Range increase.
Weaknesses: -Price
-Marker Specific.
-Magazine Fed
Review: It is hard to write a review specific to this product since it is really designed to go hand in hand with a Tiberius Marker and the "Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID".

Key Srenghts: Accuracy and improved effective range.

If you are like me, then the first time you played painball you were all excited to fire your first marker and wehn you pulled the trigger that first time you might have been dissapointed. I know I was. Paintballs just were not as accurate as i had envisioned and teh most effective way to hit players always seems to come down to throwing 4 or 5 shots at a time to hit them. For my last 6 years of playing i found this frustrating and always wanted more.
Enter the first strike round: These things are accurate. As an experienced player these balls blew my mind when i first shot them and in fact i sailed the first few rounds over players heads expecting them to drop off like a normal paintball but they did not.

They tent to fly in a straight trajectory and only slowly begin to fall. This greatly increases accuracy at your effective range. The effective range itself is also increased by at least 50% but i my experience these balls do NOT have twice the range as a normal paintball. It is true that you can effectively engage players from farther than with a normal paintball but it is NOT double.

Using these paintballs in a traditional smooth bore barrel produces results that are quite astounding and i found myself able to easily take headshots from 100 meters with NO MISSES. Beyond this distance i tended to miss my targets on occasion.

That beign said I acheived the same level of accuracy within 150-200 meters using the Tiberius "T9.1 Rifled Barrel 13 inch .683 ID". With this barrel and even a simple dot sight zeroed in I am able to hit a target the size of a quarter very consistently from distances of 100 meters or less. And as mentioned above if I accurately asses the distance of a player I can still acheive very consistent headshots from even 200 meters assuming there are no major wind gusts. I know many readers are probably skeptical of this but I have been using the product for over 3 months and the shots i can pull off with this marker setup always draws attention. No one beleives that you can hit a quarter from 100 meters away, and i have won many bets so far from skeptics. Hell i'll bet you right now and post it on Youtube!

From distances 100-200 meters you must know the range of the player or at least have some idea since you are required to arch your shot. All paintball players are accustomed to doing this already and i do not consider this a weakeness of the round especially since even at 200 plus meters I have found that all of my shots are still confined to an area of about 4-5 CM left to right. The height of the shot depends completely on my ability to guage the distance but the First Strike rounds fly outrageously straight keeping in a tight line of no more than 5 CM wide. Every time i missed a shot with these rounds it was 100% my fault. (aside from one windy day when it seemed that every gust of mother nature was against me. though i must note that the wind affects these paintballs far less especually ar ranges of 100 M or less)

As far as having 2 times the range, I think it is more like a 50% increase in effective range since i consider the effective range the range at which I can hit my target consistently with only one shot fired.

Key Weaknesses: Pricey and Marker Specific, Magazine Fed

I have listed the fact that the Paintballs are marker specific as a weakness but I think that this is up for debate. This product is designed specifically to function with Tiberius Arms Markers. And it performs that job admirably. I dont think this should be taken into consideration really when reviewing the product. Think about it; would you rate Evil Paintballs lower because they are the only manufacturer of the product? Is an Angel Marker not as good because Tippman doesnt' make their own version? Or becuase the Angel Barrles will not fit in my AutoCocker does that make the barrel not as good? Obviously that would be silly and I see no difference.

The next weakness is the price. At 0.60$CAD per round (if you buy the 100 count) these rounds are much more expensive than any competitor. (59.99$CAD per case)

As a direct comparison Evil paintballs at 80.00$CAD per case each ball is only 0.04$.

In my experience using conventional paintballs i would shoot on average 2-4 balls to take out a player. I'm sure some of you out there are saying "I only need one shot man." and others are probably thinking "I hit em' with 15 or more if i can!" well i can only draw from my won experiences and play style. Anyway on average it takes me 2-4 shots to take out a player. Meaning I spend about 16 cents canadian to take out a player with conventional balls. With First Strike I spend 60 cents per elimination. Meaning I pay 73.4% more per elimination while using first strike rounds. Ouch. But if you ask me it's worth it when every time you pull the trigger you eliminate someone.

This leads directly into the next weakness. These rounds must be magazine fed/Breach loaded if you don't have a Tiberius. This means they are definetely not for everyone. And using these rounds requires you to greatly modify your playing style. You must consider the fact that you either have 7 or 14 rounds per magazine depending on your model of Tiberius so you can't exactly lay down cover fire. You effectively become a ranger or a sniper depending on your setup. This also means that if you are using FSR you probably require a side arm as backup if you run out. Also it does warrant mentioning that magazines compatible with the FSRs are very pricy at about 39.99CAD for the 7 round mag, though they are durable and constructed from aircraft aluminum.

I have one more observation which might be best reserved for a review of the Tiberius Marker system but I will include it anyway;

If you wish to switch from FSRs to traditional paint on the fly with the T9.1 ranger and other Tiberius riffles you can. Swaping is very fast, all you do is pop the magazine out slightly, depress the barrel and twist it 45 degrees, push the magazine back in and you are firing regular paint. You can switch back just as easily in about 1-2 seconds. NOTE: when switching from FSR back to regular paint it is easy to chop a ball unless you invert the marker while you twist the barrel. Also in order to swap on the fly like this you have can choose to either run the stock barrel which will mean that your FSR are not as accurate and to be perfectly honest i found the stock barrel is absolute 100% garbage at shooting traditional paint. I was slinging shots left and right and ended up using my Tippmann instead. If you go the other route and use the Tiberius T9.1 Rifled Barrel you will find that most traditional paint chops farely easilty. Meaning if you really want to get the greatest performance out of the marker you either need to pick what you will be playing with. I found that if you try to swap between on the fly, you don't get top performance out of either ball type.
Conclusion: Do they have twice the range? Not quite but they are definetely 25 times more accurate. I woudl say that is a conservative estimate based on my play time. In fact within 50 Meters i can pick which finger i want to hit on a players exposed hand. Enough said.

This paintball is designed to work in conjunction with the Tiberius brand of and markers and is bred to be the most accurate paintball round on the market. I woudl say they nailed it. Especially if you are using the 13" Riffled barrel by Lapco.

These rounds are not for everyone and they definetely require adjusting to a new play style.
If you are interested in the first strike rounds maybe you are like me and get the biggest thrill from one shot take-outs. If that is what you are after then this is the round for you. And if this is the round for you then sorry to say but you need to buy yourself a Tiberius marker. If you already have one then what the hell are you waiting for?! Go out and get the Tiberius T9.1 13" Rifled Barrel and start your one shot kill streak.

I've fired over 1000 of these rounds over the course of this summer and i have actually switched over 100% to these paintballs (except in my pistol) and I will never look back.
10 out of 10

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