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Comments on diver's Review

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diver Sunday, May 4th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
2 years738 of 753 people found this review helpful.

3 years
Products Used:
Spiders, piranha, tippmann m98 have used bigshot, jj ceramic, and stock barrels on all the before mentioned.
A freak barrel on the spiders
Marker Setup: A-5 tippmann with a flatline barrel and an e-grip on pure energy HPA
tippmann m98 with a JJ ceramic barrel on Pure energy HPA
Marbs. (good)
evils (better)
big ball (the best) I'll explain below
Strengths: Distance, accuracy, does not break balls, flies real flat
Weaknesses: You have to have the right paint to barrel match and the speed set right.
Review: First off let me start by saying I have read a lot of reviews about this barrel and would like to put an end to some myths. The reviews go from real good to real bad. Most people who dislike this barrel have not given it a chance or do not own one just borrowed it for a game or witnessed someone shooting one. So here we go

Myth one. The barrel floats the shoots out to the target making the balls move slower. One person on a review I read even stated that the balls move so slow that he could “swat them out of the air” so when my gun/barrel showed up I when to my local range to test this out. I set my speed to 275 fps (deviation of 5 fps up and down) measured at the end of the barrel. I then backed off 30 yards (90 feet) and shot again speed average was 265 at 55 yards (165 feet) I was still going 250 fps and at 75 yards (225 feet) now I do not know about you but I would love to see a player try to swat a ball from the air at 225 fps I am not saying it can’t be done (I have seen people catch arrows at that distance) I would just like to see it. For comparison I did the same with my jj ceramic barrel the numbers are 275 at the barrel, 30 yards was 260 fps, 55 yards 240 fps, 75 yards 200 fps. Some of the reason that the jj was so much slower could have been the arc path it was following as it when over the radar gun.

Myth two. This is an inaccurate barrel. When my barrel showed up I tried shooting a five-gallon bucket end on from about 15 yards and sent 2 out of ten in the bucket. This bothered me. At the range I found out what was happening the gun was set to 200 fps as I increased the speed I was able to hit 5 out of 10 at 250 fps at 25 yards. Then at 275 fps I was able to send all ten into the bucket. At 285 fps I was able to hit a standard CD at 30 yards 10 out of 10 times, with the right paint. At 300 fps I could not hit the bucket at all. The speed that you set a flatline to is very important. So go to the range and find out what speed your gun likes the most and keep it there.
Paint is everything. I started with marbs. They were ok. I read that evil worked well, they did. All in all I tried 27 different paints from super swirls, and dusk (Wal-Mart), venom, inferno, maxim (1 and 2), nelson, etc. to platinum, evil, marbs. The one that worked the best in my barrel was big ball (lucky for me $45 a case at the local sporting goods store). Big ball placed 7 out of 10 hits on a police issue man size silhouette target at 75 yard (225 feet!!!!!!) my jj hit 2 out of 250 rounds. Note: my friends gun, an identical setup to mine, does not like the big ball at all. His setup liked the evils. So try them all and find which on works for you.

Myth three this barrel is an air hog. My jj ceramic gets 550 shot out of my pure energy 48 cu HPA set to a speed of 275 fps my flatline get 540 shots set at 275 fps. Is that an air hog I do not think so. Ten shots out of 550 has not won or lost a game for me yet.

Myth four. This barrel and the a-5 hopper are a “paint blender” in the effort to find the right paint I shot over 27 different paints from 14 sellers and 6000 round. Any ball bigger then platinum will come out the end of the barrel as a squirt of liquid. The old test of placing the paint in the barrel and looking for two half moons around the ball has never been better then here. Big diameter paint will come out of your barrel in a stream of liquid paint. The second it hits the top of the arc in your barrel it will explode. With that said. I have shot Marbs, Evils and big ball over 2000 rounds with out one break in the barrel. Even when set to full auto and 18 rounds a second.

Myth five the barrel is hard to get off incase of a break in the field. Well let’s get a little creative here folks. I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade. If you do not like something then change it. You customize every other part of your gun why not this one. Could it be because there is not a kit you can buy? I went down to my local nuts and bolts store and bought three thumbscrews (cadmium coated they are black to match the gun and will not rust when they come in contact with aluminum or water) that match the three bolts on the front of my A-5. All I have to do is use my hand to twist the screws two turns each turn the barrel one quarter turn and remove. Clean barrel and reinstall in reverse order. I have raced my friends, which have spiders, m98s and auto cockers. Only the 98 beat me the big threads on the 98s take a lot less turns to get off. The total mod cost me a dollar fifty.

Myth six this barrel does not like the wind. I was out playing in a mesa canyon with a 10 mile per hour wind and did not notice any difference between the wind affect on my flatline and ceramic barrels. With one exception when you shoot directly into the wind. The flatline tends to rise a little (one foot over 55 yards). But my ceramic was not even getting to the 55 yard mark so in trade the rise did not bother me that much.

Myth seven you can shoot around corners with this barrel. Not exactly but if you turn it on its side you can get it to throw on very useful curve ball. Just like in base ball the curve ball does not turn 90 degrees all at once. But it does let you hit a player that is behind a barricade or wall before they can get a clean shot off at you. The arc is about two feet at 30 yards. I can compare this to using the wind with my ceramic barrel to arc a shot around a barricade and hit someone. The only difference is I do not have to rely on wind to be there. Also for those shots in the wind where you need your ball to fly straight but the wind is making it arc. You can with a little practice tilt the flatline and compensate for the wind allowing you to get a straight shot.

I hope this helps some of you who are on the fence about this barrel/gun combination. Please do not believe the things you read out there about this barrel/gun combination go out and try one yourself, And not just for one game ether. Play with the speed setting and the ball combinations. if you put a little time into your set up you will not find a more accurate, flat shooting gun that will reach out and touch someone at 75 yards.

January 29 2004
I am adding a section because of questions I have received about the screw replacement.
The number one question I have received is where do you find the thumbscrews that replace the ones on the front of the a-5 so you can remove the barrel fast. The link is as follows: then in the top left corner type in thumbscrew and do a search. You will come up with a page that has all the choices. I liked the knurled head shouldered screw with in Stainless Stee, part number xxxxxxxx in 10-32 with a 1 inch long thread. You can choose anyone you would like they even have plastic covered large headed t-handles.
I have been sent e-mails telling me that the screw part number are not right. so please give me some time to recheck my part numbers and get back to you on the right part numbers.
Conclusion: I recommend this barrel. Those of you that play in a small area will like this barrel those of you like myself that play in large area like the woods, mesa, or town scenarios will love this barrel. Snipers and back players will love the distance and front players will love the short length, flat shooting (great for those tight shots thru trees and bushes) and fast shooting ability of this barrel. Put an e-grip on this thing and you will have a very fast (18+ round a second) long reaching (75 yards) gun.
10 out of 10Last edited on Wednesday, March 30th, 2005 at 5:33 pm PST

Review Comments
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Tippmann ace Sunday, July 10th, 2005 | 1:06 am PST
thanx, umm after reading this i think ill go and pick one up, it will work nice with my scope and stuff. i live in canada so in canadian money i think this barrel might be like over 250 and the gun cost me only 300, but ohh wel ill buy it any way lol

V2005Silent983 Thursday, September 8th, 2005 | 9:39 pm PST
um could you explain how u got thoes screws a lil more thourghly because i could not quite figure it out if you can help me a little bit email me at thanks so much, and also there are 3 screws you have to loosen to get it to work so um what is the size of the big one i beleive you told us what the size of the two front ones

italnstalln48 Friday, October 7th, 2005 | 5:31 pm PST
Great Review but one thing I noticed wasn't addressed was the tendency for bounces. The Flatline system has great range and good accuracy but what good are these things if you can't get the ball to break on your opponent? There've been plenty of times i've played with people with their flatlines and they're always bragging about their range. And rightfully they should be. But I can't even count how many times i've gotten hit by someone with a flatline just to have it bounce off. The backspin put on the ball causes the ball to bounce unless it hits something completely solid like a gun or mask.......

xtremepantbaler Monday, December 26th, 2005 | 12:40 pm PST
Great review!! if only the companys took this amount of time and effort.

chilegod Friday, January 6th, 2006 | 7:01 pm PST
this barrel sounds like a jet taking off right next to you, everyone will know where you are, unless your bright pink spandex doesnt alert them first. It also is like 5 inches around.

LAMB_OF_GOD Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 | 2:39 pm PST
Originally posted by chilegod
this barrel sounds like a jet taking off right next to you, everyone will know where you are, unless your bright pink spandex doesnt alert them first. It also is like 5 inches around.

lol i have a 98c with a flatline and it is a little loud which gives you a way but heres the funny part.people know where you are but theres nothing they can do about it!!!!! there balls wont even reach you.i proved this against a freakin noob with an ion who was (big suprise) wiping.i think after the tenth shot to the mask he gave up. he never hit me. if your good and know your gun you can arch it to reach flatline distance but most people dont know how .anyways his balls were landing like 10 feet away and rolling into my shoe

Vraptor Saturday, February 11th, 2006 | 10:20 am PST
This guy knows what he is talking about 2 THUMBS UP!!!!!!! Very accurate review and quite helpful

TheAngryPirate Sunday, April 30th, 2006 | 4:09 pm PST
Hey man, i just got my tippman a-5 and its very impressive. I was wondering what your opinion is on if i should get either a flatline barrel or maybe a 16-20 inch barrel, or something to impove the accuracy. I would like to know your opinion on which would improve the accuracy more. please get back to me

watpainttouse Thursday, May 18th, 2006 | 7:09 pm PST
hey man, i would like to say thank you for this review, it helped me out cause i was lookin for a good paintball to use in my flatline, ive searched EVERY where for a good paint that wont cost me an arm and a leg(marbs) adn big ball is actaully decent on price stll costs me 88bucks for 2000 of em... but thats cause i live in canada.. but ya its great stuff here... i was using paint that i always used for my old gun(genocis surge) and i figured it would work good..b ut then it went EVERYWHERE and ive seen flatlines shoot amazingly... and the results i was getttin with that paint was terrible. also i jsut came back frum a local paintball feild and got my gun's velocity tuned to 275ish. becasue i have aremoteline adn i run it off co2 it wasnt consistan so i got some shots frum 265-285... but owell it still shot amazingly when i put the big ball paint in.. thank you verymuch for ur review!! u helped me out alot... peace man have a great day man...

otter9060 Wednesday, June 14th, 2006 | 1:59 pm PST
If you guys want the long shot and be very accurate with it you should not go with a flatline system. The flatline system shots the distance sometimes, but it does not shot straight. What everybody needs a barrel kit. Which gives you the accuracy, and distance that you want out of your paintball gun. Yea you might have to arc your gun, but you get that straight shot every time. The flatline in my days of trying the flatline it was not good. But with a barrel kit it is more accurate this flatline system. I try more than 1 flatline system, they where horrible.

otter9060 Wednesday, June 14th, 2006 | 2:01 pm PST
Originally posted by TheAngryPirate
Hey man, i just got my tippman a-5 and its very impressive. I was wondering what your opinion is on if i should get either a flatline barrel or maybe a 16-20 inch barrel, or something to impove the accuracy. I would like to know your opinion on which would improve the accuracy more. please get back to me

you should get a barrel kit. they are more accurate man.

woodsballmaniac Thursday, June 29th, 2006 | 4:55 pm PST
if i cant afford the best paint should i still get the barel? write to me at

RickLiebespach Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 | 11:23 pm PST
Thank you for a most incredible review!!!

Coffinstuffer Thursday, February 8th, 2007 | 4:42 pm PST
Excellent review - dissappointing product.

I recently visited Area51 paintball with some friends; one of which had invested in a Flatline system merely the morning before. On the long and arduous journey there, my team and I were generously treated to a seemingly perpetual gush of boasts regarding the 'pinpoint accuracy' of his new barrel. Nodding patiently, I refrained from commenting and decided instead to let him have his fun - it'd be over soon enough. The first match began not ten minutes after we arrived; Our ten-man group was split evenly in half, and before long the whistle was blown and the first shots were fired. Both sides, shamefully 'trained' by the SpecOps tactics manual, 'strongsided' right. When the pointmen spied the opposing force on their respective flanks (It's a fairly small field; indoor), the firefight began and the gloriously mobile sport of paintball stagnated into a Western-style shootout. Eager to break the stalemate, I cut back and looped far left, accompanied by an uncharacteristically bold walk-on. Midway to our destination on the enemy force's rear, a single ball landed itself on my shoulder. Grunting, I dove for cover and inspected the wound - No break. My walk-on buddy asked me to check his arse, claiming he had been struck twice - Again; neither splattered. Now, I may not be the most cautious player, but I certainly wasn't reckless enough to press my luck and hope for more bounces, either. Peering from my covered position behind a muddy pipe revealed two enemy players making their way around our side, markers at the ready. A snap-fired doubletap dispatched one opponent, while the other scrambled for refuge. My walk-on teammate was already moving in for a flank on this pinned enemy, but was met midway by a barrage of semiautomatic fire. Once more; out of around 8-9 loosed during the volley, only two breaks were dealt - a hopper and a rib shot, respectively. After putting two and two together, I took advantage of our virtually defenceless friend's predicament and drew my Tiberius-8 sidearm, slinging my BT-4 Combat over my shoulder. As a ref once told me during my speedball days, 'Pain is temporary - Victory is forever.' With those words in mind, I ran the gauntlet to bunker the fanboy.

And well, to make a short just that much shorter, I closed the 60 foot gap with long strides and led with my pistol, discharging three rounds into my friend's mask vents as he stood up to meet me with another useless barrage of flatline rounds. I counted two hits about two-thirds of the way there (perhaps 35 feet) - one under each arm - And surprise, surprise - neither broke, even at that range. After eliminating him, it was a simple matter of following the arc of cover strewn throughout the field before arriving behind the remaining three enemy players, all huddled in a 'teepee'. I dispatched one with a nasty close-range headshot and barked for the other two to surrender. (Being the backup vocalist for a garage death metal band -really- helps your mercy tallies soar.) After his flatline's dismal defeat at the hands of my pistol, I was once again the patient audience to a long, drawn out whinefest regarding how the paint was bad, or how the gun wasn't properly tuned, or this, or that, and on and on, while all the while, I just sat, nodded, and smiled.

Game set and match, I believe. I must confess; the range of this barrel is quite impressive, and the accuracy is likewise admirable, but -BUT- as always, there must be a but, the accuracy and range of the flatline are rivalled by a good paint-to-bore match (which is easy to find if you invest in a multibarrel/barrel kit system such as a Freak, which can be found for only $20-40 more than the flatline) and on top of that, as italnnstalnn mentioned, what good are the flatline's accuracy and range if not a break is to be found? If you insist on playing with a flatline, you're basically telling your enemies to simply guard their Achillies Hoppers and masks and they'll be okay. Get a barrel kit, ignore the hype, get some kills.

BISKEYJ Thursday, September 20th, 2007 | 2:30 pm PST
I am definetely getting a flatline now, whenever I play with my cousin he hides in a bunker made of stacked up logs with a machine gun, and you can't hit him because there is a piece of wood hanging over the hole where his gun sticks out so you can't arch the shot in. Also it's very hard to flank due to the very long run and little cover on the sides, now the flatline will improve my accuracy and range. Also when I bought my gun it turned out to be broken, so I sent it back to the States to get it fixed and they replaced the E-grip, charged me for the shipment back, (which they weren't supposed to do) and It came back broken, I believe the armature pin is to short and isn't hitting the sear. Any idea of what else might be wrong or where or how I should fix it? At the moment im thinking of just sending it in to Area51 to get it fixed which would be cheaper like maybe $30. I'm also getting a harness that holds a tank from my friend for free, and I'm going to go all out on this gun buying a hose, flatline barrel, PCS stock, red dot scope, and the new SAW Shroud for the gun and I've already got the E-grip. O ya Coffinstuffer I also play at Area51 in the winter, but not the summer because you have to buy their paint which costs $190 for 2000 paintballs, try Vaughn Extreme Paintball in the summer, its outdoor, speedball and scenario field, barely anyone uses the scenario, paint can cost from 20-60$ admission is $15 if you buy their paint and $25 if you bring your own.

BISKEYJ Thursday, September 20th, 2007 | 6:10 pm PST
ha, nvm I take back the bad things about the Tippmann repair, except it still cost $60 to ship down there, they did replace it and tryed it and it worked, it just so happened when it came back down here, they might've left the grip on too long which may've worn out the battery, so I replaced the same night i posted both comments and its all good
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