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Comments on pbN00B's Review

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pbN00B Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
Period of
Product Use:
3 months121 of 143 people found this review helpful.

2 years
Products Used:
None that are electro
Marker Setup: 2002 Imp with vision i installed, Tapeworm, 20oz, Remote, ND Ram, Pin, Hammer. Evil Pipe barrel kit. Soon to be Air America N2.
Depends what you are playing. Want to upgrade a stock just hunt around for impulse aftermarket internals. Some people say vision, if you have the additional 150 get it already with the marker, if you dont like me, you can get it later, just get the upgrade board and follow directions. Make sure you have a decent Hex Key set before, actually get a Hex Key set if your getting this marker anyway, it will save you a headache and if you ever need to add or replace anything your set. Plus its only like $10. I would also suggest an LPR of some type. Either the SP one or the New Designz LPR kit. Will give you a good amount more shots per fill. Will also allow you to operate at a super low pressure, like 90-110 (this may vary from marker to marker) with improved distance/accuracy. Now, i would highly recommend you get a Tape Worm($20), or LPR like the ones above so you dont get bolt stick, which is when you fire without a ball in the chamber and the bolt sticks forward, very annoying. And a delrin bolt($35), New Desginz has good ones, will make a big difference in performance and allows you to lower dwell which in turn helps the marker, plus no lube. Those are the only two "musts" you would need that i would suggest. However even those two things are a pushing it, but if you dont mind spending a little more, just get those two things, will help your marker and you alot.
Strengths: Awesome out of the box gun great reg, great barrel, solid build.
Weaknesses: Weight heavy to newbies Barrel short for longer ranges but good for everything else.
Review: You want a review about what you get for your money here it is. Im not going to tell you how awesome my marker is because i put another 300 dollars after market parts into it. Im going to tell you my impressions on it out the box. First, its nice milling, low profile which i personally like. People complain about this gun being ugly, well to that i say, who cares? Just cause i didnt spend 800-1000 for a Timmy, Angel, or Cocker and didnt get that wicked awesome eye catching look doesnt mean this marker cant defeat all. Personally if i had one of those guns, high end cocker, Timmy, Angel, i would freak if it was hit with a paintball, especially around the LCD display. With this, you can shoot it all you want and i woudlnt even think about it. Honostly what do looks do for paintball guns any way except jack the price up and get you some comments before or after play when its during play the marker really needs to show its beauty. And that my friends is where impulses really shine. On to other things. Weight, It was not really heavy to me, before i had been using piranhas and a couple tippmans so, it was about that weight. Normal i guess. People complain about the barrel, and yes i did go out and buy a 150dollar barrel kit for mine, but that doesnt mean the stock is bad. Hey some people go out and spend $20-$40 for a progressive right, and SP gave it stock. Better than a true peice of junk like on $200 semi and electro guns and some higher end ones like stock cockers. Regulator, while bulky, does an awesome job, I get amazing consistancy of +/- 2 or 3(from co2 this is amazing). Again, that alone is not a cheap peice of equipment and SP put it in there stock. Unlike Bushmasters where all the reviews say "must upgrade regulator", here you do not, and should not ever. Grips are prickily and do feel like hard plastic, but i assure you they are rubber and i dont mind, i wear gloves so what do i care. But if it matters, another 15-20 and you got some new grips. Gun is EXTREMELY SIMPLE TO OPPERATE i cannot stress that enough. It was my first electro and i was totally blown away at how many moving parts this actually had; like 5. I never had a problem with first shot drop off, as others may say, and the only reason i upgraded the interals was for a different weight balance and personal preference. If your really scared about the FSDO problem, research has found that on all impulses experiancing the problem, proper lubing of the hammer fixed the problem EVERY time. Permanently. Take out the hammer internals, clean, relube, replace, no more FSDO even after waiting an hour and firing. The last thing i want to go over is ROF. This marker, especially with a blade trigger, can shoot very fast (fast as you can pull the trigger average is like 7-9BPS), it is semi only and that is all you will need. People who own electro's with a ROF selection mode i think waste money if they put it any higher than the first burst setting. Timmy owners and the company bob long, for example, brag about how their gun can fire 22BPS. I laugh at how stupid you are for this, you paid a thousand dollars for a marker that can empty a 200 round hopper in 9 seconds. Wow your cool. For starters most tournies and rec places dont let you use full auto. Second people who use full auto are jerks for trying to hit someone more than once and i would say its pretty equil to purpously shooting hot during play. And third this defeats the purpous of aiming when you fire that fast. Paintballs are not cheap as well so emptying a hopper that fast cant be appealing to anyone. To make it clear im not bashing Timmy owners or Bob Long, you guys have quality kick ass markers, but so do I and i spent half of what you did. If you really want to make your imp into a no talent machine gun you can get a new board with fire selection for your imp which takes about 3-5 minutes to install. Go to for info on that. You would want a Genesis board, goes for $110, if you want full auto.
Conclusion: Anyway, your reading these reviews because your comparing this to another gun, most likly a Bushmaster, or Cocker, Automag, Matrix, Timmy, or even an Angel. Let me tell you, impulses are in a world of there own. Pro's use them every day. They dont break. Its got minimal moving parts. And its price, while steep for some, will give you alot. This is not an autococker or Bushmaster in anyway shape or form because you do NOT have to upgrade this gun with $100+ worth of parts to get it working as good as the hype. As far as the more expensive markers go, if you have a large budget go for em but i guaranty you will be paying alot more for basically the same as what this gives you for $300-600 less. It really kicks a$$ stock. Other reviews for different electros put this marker down, but take a look at them closely. Using B2K2 as an example, like 2/4 reviews say that a b2k is better than an impulse but yet its $50 more stock, then according to their own reviews you need a new barrel and a new reg right off the bat. Thats another 150 for the same quality you get for an impulse. Not to mention quite a few of the ICD BK model reviews have people who no longer own their guns, or are trying to sell them. I dont see that in any of these reviews, or any of the aftermarket impulse reviews. Dont trust this review? 300+ people on here agree with me, and there is a site donated to just the impulse,, check it out.
9 out of 10Last edited on Monday, July 14th, 2003 at 3:48 pm PST

Review Comments
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scaty Saturday, July 12th, 2003 | 1:06 pm PST
yo man i want to thank you for telling me all about the impulse, i just ordered mine the other day and i found this review very helpfull on what i want to do with my gun. you also make a very good point about the high end markers, thanks again and keep shooting

Worr03 Thursday, July 24th, 2003 | 7:37 am PST
first off let me say very nice review. But one thing i noticed in there that was wrong, I guess this is just a fyi.... "For starters most tournies and rec places dont let you use full auto." They dont use full auto. They use both of there fingers and alternate them on the trigger pull. Watch and you might see what I mean. If the trigger is just right they can hit 14-18 bps it sounds very cool

pbN00B Thursday, July 24th, 2003 | 8:32 am PST
i think your getting the wrong idea, was just saying that, lets say you had a spyder amg right, has a full auto mode, and you turn that on during play and start to spray, they will ask you to not use it or leave. thats all.

sonnemann Friday, October 17th, 2003 | 9:14 pm PST
arrgh man to experience the full effects of the Imulse (or any other gun) you should invest in an HPA tank. 47ci start at $70, and you'll really see an improvement in consistency. No offense, it just seems a shame to use CO2 on a relatively high-end marker. Nice, in-depth review.

PntbllnPsycho Thursday, October 30th, 2003 | 9:12 am PST
If sonnemann did his homework, he would know that all Smart Parts guns (with the exception of the evolution cocker) were designed to opperate on anti-siphon CO2 tanks. Thats why they have created the best reg ever and called it the Maxflo. Oh, and good review too.

jdolla Thursday, October 30th, 2003 | 1:00 pm PST
just fyi, Worr03 is right. Most timmys, (that I've heard of w/o the WAS board) don't even have full-auto capability. And when they get going, they can shoot even faster than 14-18 bps.
Last edited on Tuesday, December 9th, 2003 at 1:49 pm PST

Mr. Needels Wednesday, November 19th, 2003 | 7:16 pm PST
um dude, you act like pepole cant shoot fast walking( and yes for all those newbs, walking the trigger is when alternate your fingers) the trigger. i personally know people who can empty a hopper in 9 seconds. if you can walk a trigger 22 bps, that is talent. and, spraying paintballs increases your chances of getting more people out, which in turn, wins you more games. timmys rock and are much better than imps. and plus, can you please send me a pic of you holding youre imp with youre remote? HAHAHAHAHA
(what a newb)

tobers2313 Monday, November 24th, 2003 | 7:28 pm PST
i have owned a impy vision and i think it's a awesome gun for the money, but its not as good as a timmy. both guns you get what you pay for, and i would say that my timmy is twice as good as the impy(although the impy is sick). ripping 15 bps is nothing for a timmy (and yes my ironmen with WAS board can go thru any firing modes including fully auto). but ripping that with an impy is almost impossible stock. Wicked air sports (WAS) is coming out with the board for the impy. I would get that if i was looking to upgrade. But for the price range (the low end of the high end) i would definitely get the smart parts over the indian creek. the feel of the bushy is nice but there's just so much more in an impy that you don't realize. it's so easily upgraded and smokes out of the box. the bushy's reg is basically a throw away. There is no replacement for an extremely accurate gun that can put out as much paint as the loader can feed and thats what a timmy is about. get an impy if its in your price range and yes the max flo is so awesome and so is smart parts even though they are money hungry.... and don't diss newb's there are plenty that would smoke anyone out there and we were all newb's once

impyshmimpy Wednesday, December 31st, 2003 | 8:29 am PST
dude, you hit the impy right on, and proved a point to the people who dislike impys for such stupid reasons, such as, weight and look. if you complain about either of these they should take your paintballing privelages away from you.

power to the impy users!!!!!!!!!!

Payntbawl_Pimp Saturday, January 3rd, 2004 | 1:24 am PST
::pulls out his new green impy w/ new nitro & delrin bolt:::

::shoots Mr.Needels in the balls 22 times in LESS than a second w/ impy::

this trigger is for walkin, and thats just what it will do,
one day this old trigger, is gonna walk all over you

Six Feet Under Friday, January 16th, 2004 | 2:24 pm PST
Jeeze people calm down... It's just a review. Personally, I like the looks of the Impulse for some strange reason, but I don't like the older Shockers. In a way the actual marker body kind of looks the same but the Impulse is a little bit smaller. I think, anyways.

pokinatcha Friday, January 16th, 2004 | 9:03 pm PST
Mr needles if you came up with an idea you thought was good wouldnt you want to make all the money off of it you could? yeah thats what i thought!!!

pokinatcha Friday, January 16th, 2004 | 9:03 pm PST
Mr needles if you came up with an idea you thought was good wouldnt you want to make all the money off of it you could? yeah thats what i thought!!!

Hazard Man Tuesday, January 27th, 2004 | 11:56 am PST
Damn, alot of you have no idea to wat ur talking about, forget all of these, impys versus timmys, spyder versus tippmann etc, i mean seriously, it takes a real man to go in a game with a semi, against all electros, my gun has a response trigger and shoots a hell of alot faster than a lot of electros, and it doesnt use anything but air!!!!!!! but anyways, who cares about it, just enjoy the greatest game and sport in the world, PAINTBALL!
Last edited on Tuesday, January 27th, 2004 at 11:57 am PST

tippmann_nick27 Friday, February 20th, 2004 | 2:42 pm PST
yo i really need to know what is better to have a on gun reg or vertical reg on the impulse and i am going to use a air tank, not co2?
Last edited on Friday, February 20th, 2004 at 2:44 pm PST

kevimp Tuesday, March 16th, 2004 | 1:17 pm PST
does the impulse shoot real far? im a back player and i want to know if this will get the job done

RspctMyAthority Monday, March 29th, 2004 | 7:25 pm PST
7-9bps wtf?

Paintballkiddd Tuesday, March 30th, 2004 | 8:09 am PST
Hi nice review, but when people right down the upgrades for the b2k there refuring to upgrades that will make the gun better. I know that the impulse has a whole list of upgrades that would make it better.

kgk7502 Wednesday, April 7th, 2004 | 3:56 pm PST
wat kinda tank should i get for the impy, high or low pressure?

tippmann_nick27 Wednesday, April 7th, 2004 | 3:57 pm PST
doesnt matter
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