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Help & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Paintball

Definition of “wiping” in paintball. Rules of the game, sportsmanship, playing paintball fairly, getting hit.

  Paintball FAQ   

Q: What is "wiping"?
A: There is essentially one major way to cheat in paintball, and that is called "wiping". Wiping, as the name implies, is when a player is hit and marked by a paintball, and he/she attempts to "wipe" or remove the hit, in order to hide it from view allowing them to continue playing. Paintballs are designed to be visible when they make contact, however it is not a perfect system. Sometimes paintballs do not break properly, leaving only a partial mark. Sometimes depending the type of clothing a player is wearing, and the type of paintballs being shot at him, hits may not show up as clearly.

There are many forms of wiping, and not all of them involve the act of wiping itself.

Standard wipe- A player is hit and marked with a paintball. He/she takes his hand or any part of his/her body in order to smudge, smear or remove the wipe.

Dirt rolling, rubbing, or sliding- Player uses dirt to cover or mask their hit(s). More inventive cheaters use this method. They use the field itself to help cover up their hit by applying dirt over it. Players either rub it on over the hit, or more coyly try to naturally slide or fall onto the hit, as not to draw attention to them selves, but at the same time to cover it up.

Clothing removal- The marked player removes the article or surface where they have been hit, hiding it from view. Now I've seen this only once or twice, and it is a relatively hard way to cheat. I was playing a game and I managed to shoot an opposing player on his gloved hand coating it in bright green. He tucked behind his bunker and later emerged with his glove removed and continued playing. After the game finished, I saw him fish his glove out of his pocket dripping with my green paint all over it. Now it's not exactly wiping, but it's the same concept, trying to cover up or hide a mark through deception.

What's so bad about wiping? Well like any other sport or game, there are rules to the game to make it fair. When people stop abiding by those rules, it stops being fair and accordingly, stops being fun. More than anything else, paintball is a sport based on Honor and trust. Because refs are limited, and they don't have enough eyes to be watching every single player on the field during every second of the game, players come on to the field trusting that the people on the opposing side will be honorable and call themselves out when they are eliminated. Wipers take this inherent trust in the goodness of other players, and take advantage of it in order to benefit themselves. Wipers force paintball players to be suspicious of one another, and often create conflict and confrontation on and off the field that wouldn't normally exist.

Author: Magnus55

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