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Comments on disgruntled's Review

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disgruntled Friday, August 6th, 2004
Period of
Field Use:
Less than a month
Last There: N/A
4 years
Other Fields
in the Area: (Nimitz)
Review: Well me and some friends went to this field and paid for a day of paintball. What we got instead was treatment like second class citizens. The first thing I noticed was that all us other paying customers that weren't affiliated with the field teams or knew the people there was to mainly push us on the farthest of the fields away from the staging area. This would have been ok if the fields were fun to play and had supair, but they were not. These were mainly orange pallets with tire bunkers and a few tubes lying around. At least nimitz lets you rotate on all the fields and you get a fair chance to play on the air field.

The field is not organizes as well as nimitz is. There was no one announcing games.
The fields are laid out for the sit in your bunkers and spray paint type. You can be on the opposing sides 40 yard line and not shoot out the back castles.

The fields do have grass BUT the grass also hides a bunch of dips or small holes on the field. I think a team by the name of the DAWGZ had a player mess up his ankle because of him falling down.

The so called air ball field is only about 16 bunkers inter-spaced with tire bunkers and plywood bunkers. (Hey they advertise an air ball field. We thought it would be like nimitz with 40 plus full size air ball bunkers well that was out BIG mistake to assume.)

The reffing was ok over all. They were kids but kids will be kids. Some bad calls here and there, but everyone is human.

There entry fee is $15 which is allright. Although at nimitz you can bring in 5 cans of food and pay $10! They raised the prices last month.

The all day air for $15 is a rip!! It is such a hassle because you have to take your tank off your gun be so that they can fill the tank. Then you have to leave the tank on a rack and WAIT for them to fill the tank. It's not that bad of a problem if they are not doing anything, but if they are selling paint or they are busy doing other things then you will have to wait. Then to add insult to injury the tanks are filled to under 3000 psi so you have to fill up after every game and waste more time. At nimitz you can get all day air for $10 and get a full 4500 fill whenever YOU want. You don't have to take off the tank to get a fill and wait for someone else to do it for you and then only get 2700 psi fills. The last fill is before the last game and no more after that. At nimitz you get a full 4000 psi fill before you go home. Did the sign say all day air ONLY while playing here for $10?? Hey If I paid $10 for ALL day air, why can't I fill one last time?? Pumpitup said that the owners will have 4500 fills soon. Its been almost 6 months later and they don't have on yet. I think they tell everyone that so they can string you along. Come on now if your telling guys 6 months ago that the 4500 fills are coming (look down some posts), I thought they would have by now.

We went to Kanehoe based on previous reviews. We all read the posts and said why not give it a try. It seems that the first review done by fuji808 is biased because he is the head ref there (check their website out.) We are also skeptical of the review by 1bigboto (again check their website out) because it seems that he is on a field sponsored team.

PB REVIEWS policy is " If you are associated with this field in any way, including, but not limited to, owner, employee, ref, or a member of a field sponsored team, then you are not allowed to post a review on this field. " I think that some of the posts are a little biased which should not be allowed

All in all my friends and I will not be going back there at all. For a better time with more competition we will go back to the field we love and know. Now we know how good we have it at

Last edited on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005 at 2:51 pm PST

Review Comments
whinersgohome Monday, August 9th, 2004 | 4:39 pm PST
just a quick remark.
Allstar players should not put this field down because I feel they are losing business and have to resort to this kind of unimaginative post to gather business.
Allstar=business=flame on other fields to scare em.

take your attutide back to all star and leave my ohana for the rest of us.

Fuji808 Monday, August 9th, 2004 | 5:29 pm PST
First off learn your information before making unwarranted and untrue assumptions. Yes I WAS the head ref there, but if you look at the dates my review was written in November of '03, I did not become the head ref until late February of '04 (I know because in early February I had a motorcycle accident and had to quit my job at Home Depot which took up all of my time. So since no more job I offered to volunteer my time for Roland and he eventually named me head ref).

About the grass hiding holes, that is true. But back when i first started playing and went to All Star I did not complain about how my ankles and knees were messed up due to the rocks and the dirt. Those types of injuries ARE PART OF THE GAME.

The air fills are 10 bucks a day for all day air. and it is clearly stated in the morning briefing that the last air fill is the last game before the day. Why? Because the field has not been around as long as All Star it does not have the capital of All Star (yet) so we are still running off scuba's and do not have a booster, yet. So to ensure that everyone, and not just one person, has enough air to play, sometimes the tanks arent filed to a full 3k.

Also it is clearly stated that if anyone has any problems to bring it up to the Head Ref or Roland (the field owner) in the morning briefing. If you dont feel your getting your fair share of time on a field then let him know. I'm willing to bet you didnt tell anyone. And this is suspicious because when I was the head ref (until i went off to boot camp) i made SURE to rotate the fields. and i know that when i left the guys did the same thing since they just followed my rotation schedule. As for the games not being announced. well, thats a first. we usually shout it out at least 3 times that theres 5-10 minutes left, and then a last call. some people dont seem to listen and then complain about how they got left behind. if we announce it 4 times i think thats enough.

Although, I am happy that you enjoy playing at All Star. Brandon has an excellent field and has done a heck of a job promoting the sport in Hawaii. If you had a bad experience at our field then I apologize and merely ask that if you should find yourself at our field in the future and have any complaints to please bring them up to the Head Ref of Roland so that we may address them.

disgruntled Tuesday, August 10th, 2004 | 12:20 pm PST
Whiner how did I put your field down, by stating facts and the truth from a non-biased view?? In what way did I flame your field?? I don't think having 100+ players every Sunday is losing business. Plus your partner, Bandana kid30 confirms this by posting " field is playing 20/30 vs 20/30 " and that is on ONE field out of 3THREE!!!! You must be one of the reffs at PBH because you take the negatives so seriously and start acting so defensively. I am posting my review about the field based on what happened the time I PAID to play at paintballhawaii you moron. It seems like all you are doing is posting your irrelevant comments on anyone that has had a negative time at YOUR field. If you can't contribute anything but your whining, you should go throw your self over the pali lookout. Hey I like competition and if that is where the best players go, I will tell everyone to go to hawaiiallstarpb If I just want to relax and play around, I will go play renegade and not be treated like a second class citizen.

Fuji- How would I know when you started as head reff?? Am I supposed to know all this when I see your tagline as "Paintball Hawaii Head Reff" on the website and then I believe your review on how great the field is? I trusted your post and paid to play there. When my experience was totally different and I find that you are the head reff there and you post a positive review, what am I supposed to think? That is why pbreview has a policy of not posting if you are a reff. The correct thing to do was either 1. edit your post to reflect that you are a reff there or 2. delete your review since you are now a reff there and it is a CONFLICT of interest. Wouldn't that be the right thing to do?

Quote from fuji "About the grass hiding holes, that is true." I just stated facts in my review of what it was like. If you don't like the fact like there are holes hidden in the grass then go and FIX it since you are the head reff! Don't bang on my review and say that when you went to allstar, you didn't say anything negative about the rocks. I am not giving a review on hawaiiallstar, here I am reviewing the field where YOU are the head reff of.

If you guys are scared of running out of air for everyone that paid, my business instincts would be to 1. get more tanks or 2. sell less all day air fills so I will not limit the PAYING customer It's like roadrunner taking on more customers without upgrading their system and causing the bandwith to be smaller with every new subscriber. Wouldn't that suck if that happened to you?? Back to my point, If you are worried about running out of air for the games, why was it such a problem when I played the last game and wanted air AFTER everyone played their last game? Your excuse for why I did not get a fill AFTER the last games doesn't make sense. If you are holding air back to not run out, after the last game is done what's the big deal with filling up my tank? According to your explanation, there should be no problem right?

Hey I did voice my opinion about the air and was told to bad, it was announced at the briefing. BTW I did not come till after the briefing cause I did not get one. When I paid the sign did say all day air. Like I said earlier, did the sign say all day air only while playing here? I doubt the reffs followed your schedule while you were gone. If that is the case, why did we only go on the air/tire field twice and played 4 or 5 times on the farther fields?? If that is how you scheduled it, it seems the tourney guys with affiliation get more games there. I was there and experienced it with my friends so you are calling my friends and I liars fuji. Nice customer service on your part. That is why I stated that my first visit will be my last visit, because you and paintballhawaii share the same attitude. It seems like any criticism is taken as a direct attack on yourself and it couldn't have happened. Hey fuji get your head out of the sand cause I am not the only that had the same experience.

I don't mind constructive comments like fuji posted, but whinersgohome should stop with his childish whining. All he does is make the field that he is associated with look like a bunch of whining vindictive kids play and reff there. Paintballhawaii should find out who whiner is and pay him to play somewhere else because he is doing you more HARM then good!

Hey I have been on here for a while and and come to pbreview to read about the pros and cons about the fields in hawaii. Hey I do call hawaiiallstarpb home. I went to paintballhawaii and posted what my experience was like. I am not childish like these guys that call paintballhawaii home and start banging on the person that gives it a negative review. And then these guys from paintballhawii go and starts banging on the guys review about Did I flame anyone that had a negative comment about hawaiiallstarpb? Nope I just read their review. Then when I post a review of my experience at paintballhawaii, I get all this childish crap from these guys that call paintball hawaii home. Now I know why real men and players goto (Nimitz)
Paintballhawaii needs to distance itself from all this childish stuff that is taking hold on their players and "reffs or other associates."
Last edited on Tuesday, August 10th, 2004 at 1:36 pm PST

Fuji808 Tuesday, August 10th, 2004 | 4:28 pm PST

To be perfectly honest i didnt think my review mattered. it was out of date and i had not even visited this site for the longest time, even while i was the head ref, and i will admit that i did not see a conflict of interest since my review was written well before i was named head ref. although if the people who run this website wish me to delete it i will.

The air situation is one we are working to solve. its not easy and Brandon's field has been around a while longer than ours, has a higher volume of players, and therefore has more capital to use to improve his field. Brandon didn't even get a booster until relatively recently. So that just shows that it does take time for these things to happen. When you were there it could be that the scuba's were running low, there were a lot of people who used compressed air, and my explanation is just one of the things that could have happened. And my explanation was about why you didnt get a full 3k fill while you were playing, not after the last game. if you will notice i addressed both of those concerns seperately.

I apologize if my words were harsher than intended. It is frustrating to see people saying this happened and that happened when it almost never does. i wont say it never does because im not there every day so it is possible. but whenever i am there it doesnt happen. also when people write these reviews without even saying anything to the field owner, or even bothering to post their concerns on our forums. something we have repeatedly asked people to do. we are always trying to make the field a better place but it is tough when people decide that the only way to express their problems and concerns is in this environment as opposed to at the field where it can be addressed right away.

Again to you or anyone who does happen to come to the field. If you have any problems or concerns feel free to approach the head ref or Roland about them. I gaurantee that if you do the problem will be solved.

hc4810 Wednesday, August 11th, 2004 | 8:01 pm PST
Sorry that your expectations fell short for what the field has to offer. Opinions are like eyeballs, everyone has one and they have the right to believe what they wish. Kids will be kids, but I'm sure that you and Fuji808 both wish for paintball to flurish in Hawaii. For that reason, lets bury this animosity in a coconut and bury it deep in the pacific and continure to promote both the sport and both fields. I' ve been to both and both have their positive and negative side. As long as the games are played safely and both staffs do their best to provide all customers with the best paintball experience each and every time they visit, and the sport evolves, isnt that what really matters?. Brandon(Allstar) and Roland(PBH) have worked their behinds to bring paintball to this island and have it grow. Lets not destroy their hard work but help them.

my 2cents. (walks off soap-box)

wyman69 Friday, February 24th, 2006 | 2:16 pm PST
hc4810 has a good point. If it weren't for Roland and Freddie I would probably have not been as enthusiastic about the sport and continued to play. They showed me that this is an awsome sport to be a part of. I've only been playing for a short time and I did this alone without any support (Except the wife). Roland and Freddie have taught me a lot more than I could have asked for and I know if it wasn't for them and the rest of their staffs help and guidance I wouldn't have continued playing.

Keep on Ballin' guys.


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