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Comments on Glacier5's Review

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Glacier5 Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
Period of
Field Use:
Less than a month
Last There: N/A
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Skirmish, Capt Carls. Outlaw, Alpha Paintball...........ALL light years ahead.
Review: This field is TERRIBLE!!!!! Been there twice. Fool me once shame on you.Fool me twice shame on me!!!!!!!!!!

First of all the thought of having to be robbed of $100 dollars for that crappy paint is painful. Prices are supposed to give a fair profit for the owner, not make him Midas. And don't even think about getting your own pizza. You have to have them order it for you and then pay twice the price they pay. And the Gatoraid is marked up too.....$3.00 for a bottle that goes for $1.30 or so at Turkey Hill or Wawa.....UUUGGHHHH!!!!

I also don't like the fact that they serve food but have no where to wash your hands after a trip to the Porta Potty. Thats gross!! Do the employees have to wash up before they handle food????? Maybe the board of health should be notified.

The fields are rocky to the point of danger.There is no where the rocks aren't a hazzard. The larger ones do provide good cover but you can sprain and ankle or twist a knee there. Try to dive for cover and it's a concussion for sure. Is anyone there First Aid Certified?

The owner is terrible too. While we were there waiting to check in and ask a question he had his ref's in a meeting and while they stood there he was dropping the F bomb left and right to them. Does anyone deserve to be spoken to like their animals? And the woman in the snack bar ( the wife I guess) is just as bad. She is rude to kids and speaks poorly to workers as well. I don't know what they pay the guys there but it not worth the treatment you receive. Note to the the labor board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only plus for the field is the safety. They are nuts about it. But then again if you screw up as a worker you can bet on getting a few more F bombs tossed at you.

Don't go there if you have kids or church groups. When we were there the second time they had a group from the city and the language was awful. There were kids in the groups we were playing with and the parents were disgusted. But no one (even the owner) said boo about it. There was even a guy who shot one of the refs numerous times at point blank range and he had blood on his neck. He only sat for one game and it almost started a brawl. Lemme see.....10 refs and 4 workers vs. 60 BIG guys from the hood. Who wins??? But i guess thats OK as long as the money was paid. Why back the ref? Just one question???? Does anyone there have the clearance's to work with kids? I know I don't want my children to be around pediphiles or felons.

Closing thoughts. DON'T GO!!!!! The conditions they have there with regards to the clientel makes it unsafe for kids. Don't waste your money on an owner who thinks he's God and can treat workers like he owns them.There is a reason the guy is always hiring workers. Don't spend money on items marked up 2X the original price.

Remember it's your money not theirs. Your money would be better spent ( and more appreciated ) elsewhere.


Review Comments
brickinpa Thursday, October 28th, 2004 | 7:11 pm PST
There are other negative reviews of Poco I’ve let slide because they seem to be honest opinions, but when someone blatantly lies I feel compelled to bite my tongue. When they have a multitude of lies and slander – then I act.

This person has an agenda and is a liar. If I read into his total narrative, he is a near-fundamentalist rabble-rouser, which means that he lives by a book of myths written hundreds of years ago by control-freaks and sensationalists. People like this communicate by spreading false rumors and trying to strike fear through ignorance. A tremendous L I A R.

Let’s break it down per what IceBoy5 said:

$100 dollars for paint – Skirmish does not charge any less. Most fields don’t. But as a member of Poco Loco I get a generous per-case discount. Fantastic!
But Icy, do you have any idea what Poco pays for liability insurance or property taxes? No, of course not. You still live in your parent’s basement so how could you?

Pizza’s are $12. DELIVERED. Seems like a fair price to me, AND, it’s good pizza!

Gatorade’s are $2.50. Icy: bring your own. Ever go to a sports arena? A high school sports event? The movies? Those prices are high but have you written complaints about those places?

I wear glasses because I’m near blind. Still, I easily see the large barrels of fresh water in plain site for all to use as they need. I bring those single-use disinfection wipes to use as well. See Icy, I plan ahead. Still, clean water is available.

There is only ONE employee that handles the food and her hands are ALWAYS immaculate. As a former employee of the NJ State Department of Health… you’re not doing well here, Icy. She is also one of the nicest, gentlest, and most patient people I have EWER met.

Oohhhh, rocks in a woodsball field. Scary. Next thing you’ll cite speeders on the highways. Several of the refs ARE first aid certified and several members like myself are first aid certified AND either current or former EMTs or medics or nurses, etc. HOWEVER, in my three years there I’ve seen maybe two injuries that required someone having to seek immediate medical attention and they both actually tripped where there where no rocks – imagine that.
Also however, I just completed attending soccer games for both the boys and girls high school teams and there were injuries almost every game on that nice flat grass, twice necessitating the Med-Evac choppers. Sounds dangerous, more dangerous than paintball which was just rated the SAFEST sport of its type (out football, baseball, soccer, etc) by a FAR margin (results were too small too report – ha! Less than 1%!).

Jeff the owner? Terrible? Foul-mouthed? Oh my god do you lie! He does NOT tolerate cursing. His refs are instructed not to tolerate cursing! Two kids had their bands pulled for two games last week and they’re both members (no special treatment)!! I am a consumer and I want to spend my money in a place where I am appreciated, respected, and get value for my money. Poco is one of the few places nowadays where people say, “Thank you,” to me when I spend my money as opposed to places that merely say, “Have a nice day.” <- notice the lack of a, “Thank you.” Please, you should be ashamed of this blatant lying.
Hmmm. If it had been a youth group of 50 white kids, would you have opened your mouth? I doubt it, so I will. Two CHURCH youth groups were there over the summer, both from Havertown. They were foulmouthed, F-this, F-that, NORMAL teenagers. So they cursed - big deal.

Now here’s the good part – I know the group from the city you’re talking about and you are a racist pig! That is an African American BICYCLE group and they are exuberant about paintball, but have people from all walks but seem to be mostly educated, hard-working men! How dare you! They’re there twice a year and love the game!! And yeah, a ref got shot and the guy sat for it. That happens almost every week and the “culprits” are white, black, Asian, young, and old. And since this sport is predominantly white, guess who does it more often?

“Does anyone there have the clearance's to work with kids?” - Why, think we should ask a priest?

“I know I don't want my children to be around pediphiles or felons.” - Then keep them away from your family reunions. And learn to spell – pedophiles, Latin for “priest.“

Let’s combine the words of the “vocation” I refer to vs their deeds and the organization that sought to cover it up. I’ll take foul-mouthed kids and refs from the hood or anywhere else over your ilk any day of the week.

Icy, you have issues, that’s obvious and please, don’t come back. Your attitude does not strike me as the kind of person I want to play paintball with. On second thought, do show and let me know who you are so I can play against you.

Poco’s prices range from average to decent (as in a fair bargain) and the owner CARES, otherwise I’d be the first to go elsewhere.

A good buddy of mine plays semi-pro and many years ago he had a few negative experiences at Poco and swore them off. At my request he joined me and mine for paintball and he is thrilled with how the place currently operates. AND HE PLAYS INTERNATIONALLY. He found the prices fair, the refs courteous and yes, obsessed with safety, and he has been and will be back!

Oh, and as for turnover, as I mentioned I’ve been there for three years and I’d guess that 90% of the refs are the same.

Poco ain’t perfect; but what is? I’m proud and happy to be a member there and I think they not only do a wonderful job, but also try damn hard each and every time. But Glacier, this is important: anyone is entitled to an opinion and entitled to voice it. But to lie the way you did? Run for a government office; you’re out of touch with reality more than enough to qualify.

Wing Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 | 6:31 pm PST
In many less words, i agree with brick

Hubbert15 Monday, September 5th, 2005 | 9:36 am PST
Yea dude, Jeff is so cool, he doesnt tolerate cursing, he says like hell and stuff but who cares about that. I was there and one of the kids yell, IM HIT U F***ERS, and he had 2 sit out a game, dude wtf r u taking about. And for the food. its a little expensive, but its gooooooooood. like this dude is saying, how much do u buy a hotdog for at a baseball game, like 3 bucks, yea, and they have water jugs they put out to wqash ur hands and get a nice drink out of. Thats where u can clean ur mask off, get a drink wash ur hands. If your nice 2 the refs and people, they r nice 2 u. Barry, one of the refs, he's extremely nice, and he tells u what 2 do in the beginning of the game. He's pretty funny to. During speedball one time, i was gettting bunkered by 2 guys, 1 with a 98Custom response trigger, and the other with a shocker. Barry is laughing histarically at me while im getting bombarded by paint, splatter all ova me. luckily the timer ran out before i could be hit. But that lady working the cash register is mean, i mean the younger one. I thought she overpriced me on a paint grenade and she almost punched me in the face. (But she did make a mistake with the register) Yea Glacier i respect ur opinion, maybe the people were having a bad day, but u just straight out was lying about almost everything u said. Its not a perfect place, buts its nice. And the lady who serves food is extremely nice, she makes good bologna and cheese sandwhiches
Last edited on Monday, September 5th, 2005 at 9:54 am PST

ItVVazntM3 Sunday, November 6th, 2005 | 4:54 pm PST
Yea yea I agree with brick too.

Glacier5 Friday, November 17th, 2006 | 10:30 pm PST
Duh, at least I can spell EVER, not EWER. And unlike you I'm not anti-catholic. And as far as being a liar, I don't think so. As a parent that was there with and witnessed what went on I would say I have more of the facts then you. Unless you are an employee that wants to try to keep the truth from coming out I suggest you find out the facts first. I also stood there while these things happened, you didn't. You were probably reading your latest version of Mien Kampf or Communist Manifesto. I would also stack my townhouse against your outhouse any day. Morons that don't know what happened should keep their traps shut.

Nightwing38 Friday, November 17th, 2006 | 11:56 pm PST
Just so everyone knows.......brickinpa is one of the employees of the place. His job is to refute any bad comments about this place. Jeff has him looking for bad posts and has him bad mouth them so nobody finds out what a terrible place this is. Nice try but we see through you brick....or should we call you cement head?

theharpofodes Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 | 8:48 pm PST
Hey man, I'm sorry but I have never had one bad day at Poco Loco, and I have been there about half a dozen times.
In fact, I have held birthday celebrations there for the past three years, and even with a gaggle of 20 or so teenagers, they were always totally cool and in control.
See, at Poco Loco, they know when rules are rules and when rules are guidelines.
Hence, they are in tune with the meaning and the spirit of rules rather than some other, perverted deviation.
This makes them extremely intelligent and wise when conducting their operations, and I have never, ever, seen a problem occur that was not dealt with in the most respectable and amiacable of solutions.

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