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Comments on RAGEAHOLIC's Review

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RAGEAHOLIC Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
Period of
Field Use:
More than 5 years
Last There: N/A
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Let me see, Venture Paintball Games, Sherwood Forest, Sunol, Midway, WAP, Homewood,
My private property field, SC Village (in the area means in California...right?) Mare Island, and Paintball Sams in Sac, now closed.
Review: Alright, let me start off by saying, the most horrible thing about this field is the way they rip off their customers. How do you justify a $15 bring your own paint surcharge, when you have been in business 13 years, the owner owns his own alternative company, and your one of the ONLY fields that has this policy. If you do not wish to pay the surcharge, you are required to buy their paint at obnoxiously inflated prices. Newsflash guys, nobody is still charging 80+ for a case of paint, even marbalizer. Several times it has been an emergency and I have purchased paint at the field, only to find multiple broken balls ensuring a crummy paintballing experience. Heres a tip to players at the field, take advantage of their paint pass policy. If at the end of the day you walk up to the desk and show them 500+ rounds leftover, they will give you a paintpass exempting you from the surcharge the next time you go there to play.

The best part of their paint pass policy is that any 500 rounds will do, they have no means of differentiating paint bought there from paint bought elsewhere. Oh ya, and go there with friends and have a different person walk up to the desk with the same 500 rnds of paint 3 or 4 times. This way, you just dont have to worry about it anymore. Of course I have no idea why you would want to come back to this field anyway.

Oh ya, about the Hornets. I am a Hornet, but now, I use my old Hornet jersey ($45) as my marker rag for cleaning up paint. You want to become a Hornet; walk up to the desk there and say "I want to become a Hornet." They will give you an "application" that can be filled out by a psychopathic convict in jail and you send it in to the address they provide and a month later, are now a Hornet, a model of good sportsmanship. I have been on the other side, I have played with the Hornets. The strategy, they pin all the non-hornets into one of the bases in the corner so there's no way to run, such as Dave, or Hornet's Nest (dont be fooled by the name, if you get put in Hornet's Nest and are told that all you have to do is defend the base until the end of the game, the Hornets are really outnumbered and need all the help they can get). Here's a tip, dont stay in the base. They want you all clustered together so they can shoot you all easily.

But now on to how the Hornets cheat. Bob splits the Hornets up into three teams, one is told to flank, one is told to head pretty much straight for the opponents, and one is told to make unhittable targets that get the opponents excited and wastes their paint. There is another way of describing this third party, wipe. Hunker down in the bushes, where the refs, all younger Hornets themselves not wanting to piss off any of the senior Hornets, can't clearly see if players got hit or not. "invisible targets" Now the best part is that I quit playing on the Hornets side once i found all this out. I then made it my naive ambition to eliminate Bob. I had witnessed Bob's favorite scam when I played for the Hornets, not thinking too much of it. If eliminated, Bob, always escorted by no less than 3 close experienced players, makes sure that the player eliminating him also gets hit, either by him, claiming that he fired shots before he was eliminated, or by his escort. At this point he will confront the eliminating player and offer him a deal at which he may return to his side on the anti-Nornets team, if he just allow Bob to continue play.

This policy is not made apparent in the pre-game orientation, and I believe goes by the name of cheating. While I played for the Hornets nobody refused the offer, often being too stunned by the fact that they were able to eliminate the infamous "Magic-Carpet-Bob". When I eliminated Bob however, I had made up my mind not to accept his offer, walking off the field after being eliminated by his henchmen with plug in and hand waving just as one should. To my surprise Bob did not accompany me. At the announcement of his offer and my rejection I was surprised to find that still Bob did not wish to join me for the walk back to the staging area and that I was now being labeled by him and his escorts as a poor sport. This is not the end however, after the close of the game Bob confronted me in the staging area and exclaimed that if he ever saw another display of poor sportsmanship like the one he had just witnessed, that I would be kicked off the field without refund and not allowed to return. Isn't it the job of the field owner to make sure eack and every player has an enjoyable time at his field.

One of their favorite tricks however, is to extend the length of the game if the Hornets feel that they are winning, or, depending on the style of the game, shortening it if they feel they are losing.

Unlike American Canyon, if you ever find Venture Paintball Games charging for an O-ring, or time spent helping a player with a difficult gun, I would be shocked. This is not the attitude however at American Canyon. Oh ya, about American Canyon being woods ball, its not. All the trees are in line and the same size, the entire area is flat, and there are no rocks...woodsball, I think not. About the Zulu field, I can dteremine the outcome of any Zulu game within the first 30 seconds of play. The first team to take control of the woodpile inevitably wins the a few games, and you will see. No bunker should hold this much power on any field. The best part is the refs and Hornets refuse to divulge this information to anyone, always taking advantage of the younger and more experienced players.

Do I have a personal grudge against American Canyon, no, its just that everytime I play there I feel like I am being tricked in some way. And heres another tip, do not write a field review if you are new to the sport, or have only played at a limited number of fields, i.e. one, especially if that one is American Canyon. Of course paintball is always fun pretty much no matter what, and I am able to have an alright time if I go with my friends, never go here alone though, you will not be welcomed. Field gets a 4.
Last edited on Wednesday, November 24th, 2004 at 1:26 pm PST

Review Comments
PB_Time Friday, November 26th, 2004 | 1:04 pm PST
Well, well, well...Okay. So you had a bad time. I truly feel for ya...I have not played their much recently b/c I have been I can not attest to what has been happening recently.

But I gotta tell you. Please report facts as they are.

1) You say PBJ charges too much for 500 rounds. compare other parks. They all charge the same or within a couple bucks. I kinda find the policy a little off, but I understand why they do it. So what?

2) You say PBJ charges $80+ for Marbs. Dude. Go to their website and it lists the case price at $65. I think tax makes it $70. If you are foolish enough to pay $80...Well...please report the right info. I buy Evil and it is $70, just like Marbs.

3) It ain't my pocket. If the paint policy manipulation works, go for it!

4) I have been going to PBJ for many years. I have no clue what jersey you bought for $45. Prices are usually marked and the only one that is close to $45 is not allowed during the Hornets game. Hey. Even if the price was what you said, you paid it. Don't blame someone else.

5) I have been a hornet for about 12 years. I have never heard a strategy to sit in the bushes and wipe. If they choose to cheat, that is different. But I have never heard that from the top.

6) I will concede that poor players sometimes wipe. But that goes to both sides...non-hornets too.

7) You whine that Bob is escorted by 3 players? Typically, I like to go in squads, which mean more than one. This is a scam to you?

8) Oh my. You are upset if one of Bob's squad shoots the player that shot him? What should the squad do when Bob is hit, run away?

9) I should give you some kudos on letting people know strategies. Seriously. Thinking of what the other side will do, helps in the competition. Hopefully others read your note on strategy and plan better. This truly helps improve the sport. Awesome!

10) For years, and noted many times in many reviews, Bob (who owns the field) has always had a policy, whether we like it or not, during BeesWax, he can return once by sending back two players from the other side. Nothing new about that? And what do you care? Shoot Bob again and again and again.

11) Is it a trick to shorten the length of a game if you are losing? If a normal game last less than 30 minutes, do you close the game? Shortening the game does not change the outcome b/c the objective is not met - but it can keep players safe from being harmed. Please explain how either benefits the Hornets?

12) Charge for an O-ring? It is their park...actually...the ProShop charges. The same for fixing a gun? I always get charged for taking my car to be fixed from places who did not sell me the car. So I learned to fix on it myself. Problem solved. Kudos to parks who do not charge. If they can afford it, great!

Regardless, stop feeling entiled to freebies. This is not Monster Garage or Pimp My Ride.

13) My gosh, for complaing, you did a great job at advertising a well groomed park. No rocks? Flat ground? Has trees? I missed your point. Bob should put that quote on his may increase traffic.

14) Zulu - dude. It is a shame you think a bunker has so much power. It does not. I have played from both sides....and guess what...I have won and lost on both sides. The field is spread out enough that all you have to do is hold either side of the bunker and the opposite end of the field can have punch through and back door the other team. Holding the bunker so no one breaks through is key. But you can do that from either side of the bunker in a defensive play...and it is a stalemate. The win "should" be on the opposite side of the field.

Now if you are trying to say the players are less experienced and therefore do not know how to work the bunker well. I totally agree! But this is about the player, not the park or a hidden secret in Vice City that only the in crowd know.

15) You say you feel like you are being tricked each time you play. But you seem to have all the assumed tricks figured out....which means you know and there are no more tricks. I think this is a personal grudge.

If you did not have a good time and want to rate a 4, that is fair. But at least state facts and know more about the material.

Regardless, I truly hope you have a much better experience next time. Maybe we can even share a game at PBJ or Midway!

Good luck.

drunkdogsdrink Sunday, December 5th, 2004 | 8:43 pm PST
i dont see why people dont like bob hes a nice guy, hes been playing the game for longer then alot of people who play there have been alive! the place gives you a good place to play. they cant stop it if people you dont like come there. cheating(though sad) does happen. people think it was friendly fire or they just dont want to get out. i know i have done this your lieing or your a saint. i love this field and i feel it is a good field to play but not that newb friendly. the judges there do rate people by guns when your playing there but what are they going to do, give them a test. the price of paint is a little high but i fiel if i have a fun game its fine. just get a paint pass from sf paintball or kapp then your fine.

drunkdogsdrink Monday, December 6th, 2004 | 6:31 pm PST
bob doesnt need people who have been playing for 20 years to come with him. he asks me to. he ask everyone to do there job. one team almost never gets action but they have to do this just in case. i doesnt ask people to shoot for him. he can do that himself. and actualy if we get to the wall its over.the only other place the team can go is back. if you so hate this place then dont play there. i like beeswax even when i wasnt a hornet, ten lucky numbers. and yes ive got about 200 lucky numbers out of that thing so most of them dont cheat.

Outta Control Thursday, December 16th, 2004 | 6:49 am PST
Originally posted by drunkdogsdrink
i dont see why people dont like bob hes a nice guy...

It is not that he's a nice guy to some, but CB has had a long standing reputation in the old school paintball community. And it seems like that reputation still stands. I am not flaming here just stating the facts.

PB_Time Sunday, December 19th, 2004 | 10:12 am PST
Some people like him. Some people do not. Ironically, it seems the memory/reputation is from old school...most of which occured prior to most of the current players even being born, or even being substantiated by only rumor.

Don't you find it funny that the people complaining about a perputuated reputation of a crazed nicknamed "Carpet Bob" comes from a level head nicknamed "Outta Control"?

Focus on the park. CB owns the place, but he has managers running the show. Get to know the managers, state your problem with them and see what happens.

Old dogs are grumpy and have less patience. Does that mean the bark was warranted? Maybe not. But they still bark and we keep playing.
Last edited on Sunday, December 19th, 2004 at 10:12 am PST

Outta Control Sunday, December 19th, 2004 | 7:01 pm PST
Originally posted by PB_Time
Some people like him. Some people do not. Ironically, it seems the memory/reputation is from old school...most of which occured prior to most of the current players even being born, or even being substantiated by only rumor.

Don't you find it funny that the people complaining about a perputuated reputation of a crazed nicknamed "Carpet Bob" comes from a level head nicknamed "Outta Control"?

Focus on the park. CB owns the place, but he has managers running the show. Get to know the managers, state your problem with them and see what happens.

Old dogs are grumpy and have less patience. Does that mean the bark was warranted? Maybe not. But they still bark and we keep playing.

Hey I am just stating the fact as I know it. Old dogs can learn new trick and he might as well have but also old wounds run deep. So this is the dilema that he will have to deal with.

FYI: If you know PB history you should know who the old Team Outta Control was.

heff213 Thursday, December 30th, 2004 | 12:21 am PST
I dont wanna come across as an a**hole but. If you dont like the field, dont play there.
I have ben playing BeesWax every other week for years and have yet to see what you have described. But whatever if you want to rant, more power to ya!

stonedtrooper42 Friday, January 7th, 2005 | 5:30 pm PST

i'll keep this short and easy.

your statments are exactly correct.

i've witnessed every aspect you've described, i've only played there four times. but it was a horrible experience each time. even when i went with two friends that are hornets.

bwillis1089 Tuesday, March 1st, 2005 | 7:37 pm PST
hornets jerseys are not 45 they are 20 just like a regular tshirt. the cases of paint are not 80 they are more lik 60 or 65. do u research before you post a review

Howlin' Mad Thursday, June 2nd, 2005 | 6:45 pm PST
Finally someone who knows the truth about this place. Everything you say is true.Rock on!!!!

Paintball Rob Saturday, December 17th, 2005 | 8:31 pm PST
when Bob does the safty talk he always wears somthing over his eyes because he is always stoned in the mornings!

Broncosboi90 Wednesday, June 28th, 2006 | 9:21 pm PST

i absolutely agree with you. I have personally shot MCB and he did the same thing. He did not however talk with me after the game because i would of personally hit him in the paintball if you are out are out no questions i think this is very poor that he would have to do this.

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