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Comments on Longball_1's Review

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Longball_1 Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion below.
Period of
Field Use:
1 year
Last There: November 16th, 2005
4 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Carolina Paintabll Park, Extremist, Predator(Salisbury), Golddiggers
Review: Overall, this is a GREAT field physically, run by a good group of people; but before you pack up your newbies and head there, I would have some EXTREME reservations first.

One: The field: As you’ve read, this field is AWESOME as a woodsball playing/ secenario field. The online info on their website doesn’t do it justice, and all of the facilities are in great shape. And it’s size is great (50 acres +/-). But again, that size has its negatives. The days we’ve been there, their have been between 16-40 guys playing a huge area, and only two refs to cover tremendous grounds. The Refs that were onsite were fair and did a good job, but there is just too much acreage for two guys too cover. The result is some pretty heated battles without supervision; and because the level of combat is pretty intense, we saw a lot of “local” players up there sacrificing fair play for the sake of winning, and using some pretty harsh language towards the opposing players. From a setting standpoint, the terrain can be pretty challenging to maneuver all day long. Bring plenty of water, and carry all your support gear. You’ll be playing a long walk from your ride.
There is a speedball field or three that looked decent, but as I’m not a speedballer I don’t feel qualified to comment.

In reference to Game play itself, this field IS FULL AUTO. Again, nothing wrong with that for us adults, but you WILL take a lot of paint. Here lies my primary warning for newbies and/or young players on this field. My nephew , who’s 12 and really wanted to try playing, took 7 shots to the back after yelling “hit” and throwing his hands up from about 30 feet. It’s seriously affected his desire to ever play again.

Their resident team, Gray ODA, is almost always onsite, and I can guarantee that it’s older members will be helpful outside of game play. But just don’t expect them to take it easy on little Sally just because she wants to learn to play. Interestingly, most of the folks who post as members of their in house team on their forum have also posted reviews of CDP on this website, so take those reviews with a grain or two of salt.

They have a good store as well, with decent paint prices, CO2 and HPA fills, and misc. parts, as well as a chrono station. Chrono rules, however, are only enforced from the standpoint of getting “caught” shooting hot, and many of the “locals” seemed to go from car to field without giving the chrono station a passing glance. With only two ref’s in play and 50 acres to hide; why not? Too me, this attitude seems to be not only poor sportsmanship but incredibly stupid and dangerous behavior on a full auto field.

So to sum it up, I would call it an awesome field FOR MORE EXPERIENCED PLAYERS who don’t mind a little rough language and some heavy shooting; but I would let your newbie friends get their first paint experience somewhere else. The great bunkers , awesome forts, and size of the field most ( but not quite) make up for the overshooting and lack of chrono enforcement.

Review Comments
Longball_1 Wednesday, February 1st, 2006 | 4:57 pm PST
..Note.....I think I got my last day of play wrong, but it was the First or second Saturday in November, :)

oldschoolballa Friday, February 3rd, 2006 | 2:50 pm PST
The person who has posted this is trying to hurt the field. Myself and others feel that he dose not know what he is talking about. 1st off full auto does not make a difference in this day of paintball because most guns shoot as fast or faster in semi than they do in full auto. Also, Over shooting is a rare occurence ( 2 balls+ ). I have been out to the field quite a few times and have only seen it once. It was not with a full auto gun when it occured and was only shot 3 times. When newer players come to the field they are usually seperated from more experienced players, so that they can have more fun and an overall better paintballing experience and the newer players only play with more experienced players if they want to. This is why I am disputing his thread.

splattmaster Friday, February 3rd, 2006 | 7:02 pm PST
I have to agree with longball. I was just at the field last week and saw a few kids quit after their first game, i don't know if their father pulled them out or if they just quit. I myself was overshot but with 15 balls in the air in one sec. at least 5-8 hit. No problem i can take it but new kids would say no way dude. Over all it is a great field. Now before every one from the field reads this I would love to play again so please don't shun me out or catch me on the field and light me up. THIS IS A GREAT FIELD.....

JesterTLS Saturday, February 4th, 2006 | 9:54 pm PST
A few CDP facts:
CDP always seperates newbies and birthday group. Just today they had 4 groups running and they were all kept seperate. The only time CDP has problems with newer players getting into the mix is when they choose to "move up," and that is generally discouraged unless they have good, experienced players sheperding them.

chronoing- CDP has a policy set into stone. It is explained in the safety brief that everyone must chony, and if we have large groups a ref supervises the chony stand. In my experience, the chony is an honor system anyway, just because someone chonys, it means nothing if they turn the velocity back up afterwards. They send a handheld chony out with the refs as a check.

Cheating- the ODA is aggressive, and good. I guess that means they cheat, right? The refs are trained to be unbiased, and even favor newcomers verses regulars out of hospitallity.

Refs- CDP has trained refs. some are better than others, but they are none the less trained to observe safety issues and facilitate game play. They do not, and are not expected to, watch every firefight that occurs on the field. Supposedly the honor system takes care of that.

Full auto- CDP has a 15 bps limit- whether they use speedball guns or e-grips (which generally cannot achieve higher than 11-12 bps anyway). Our refs pull people for overshooting. Regularly.

Command Decisions Paintball a family field. When foul language is used (and it is used on every paintball field throughout the country) our refs ask the committer to cease, and if it presents a continued problem, they call the store for a staff member to deal with it further. Like being sent to the principal's office.

If anyone has any issues, tell the ref, or take it to the personnel in the store. Trust me, they will deal with it. If you see something going on, you dont think is right, tell someone. The problem cant get fixed if no one knows about it.

And to be perfectly honest, CDP is the reason I am still playing paintball. We were fortunate that we found CDP when we decided to get back in after a few years of not playing. We probally would have given it back up again, but we ended up making alot of friends there. Everyone was very friendly, and extremely helpfull to us. This is the best group of players I could have ever wanted to meet. And I take personal offense at the comment that the regulars cheat.

Splat, if you have any issues with over shooting, on you or anyone else, let someone know. You know you are welcome at the field. I will hopefully see you at the scenario in March.
Last edited on Sunday, February 5th, 2006 at 12:37 am PST

Longball_1 Monday, February 6th, 2006 | 6:46 am PST
I'm glad you guys come to the defense of your home field so readily, but please READ MY ENTIRE review before disputing/posting comments. My intention was not to intentionally "hurt" this field in any way ( Are you kidding me?? Im an adult, have a life, and zero stake in the reputation of CDP), but to post my comments on MY experience there, and mine alone. Interestingly, Ive met several players who have had similar experiences.
Also, let me say that the refs that were in play did a GREAT job, and I had no issue with them; its simply that there weren't enough IMO for a field that size. Im talking woodsball here, not speedball.....and in the 3-4 times I've played there; it's been the reg's VS the newbies/ walk ons. Again, nothing wrong with that......just not a good experience for a newbie in many cases.
Based on the attitudes of the Ref's/ management of the field, Im sure that they would do whatever they could to ensure fair play and correct any wrongdoings; but the size of the place and relatively few ref's almost guarrentees cheating if you are the kind of person who would do that.
AGAIN, AS I SAID< this is a pretty good field; Great managment, refs, and terrain, but people should be aware of what they are signing up for before the pack up the kiddies and head over to play.
Isnt this the whole point of UNBIASED reviews ( ie, NOT posted by members of field sponsored teams)

Longball_1 Monday, February 6th, 2006 | 7:01 am PST
ONe, other thing that I wanted to clarify; to Jester specifically,

It was not my intention to say that " The regulars cheat". Maybe I wasn't clear, but the vast majority of players up there as a whole were good guys. Particularly, the members of the Gray ODA that I played against were good people as a whole and helpfull. Unfortunatly, since I dont KNOW anybody up there, the only way I can mention the players who were overshooting and/or playing hyper aggressivly against new players, is too identify them by a group as "locals" which is how they were identified to me. Im sure that the vast majority of the regulars are good guys who would not cheat. In any field I've ever played, there is always one or two players who push the line and overshoot/wipe/ etc.... Its just that once again the sheer SIZE of CDP gives them more room to get away with it.

BK kidz baller Saturday, March 25th, 2006 | 4:16 pm PST
ah, this field is descent.. i have played here about 3 times
FIRST OFF: if you want to play speed ball or wallball go to a different field, this field is pretty much all woods, the people running it seem like they don't care about the speedball really.
SECOND: The prices are great, i'll give them that.
THIRD: The people there who run it do a pretty good job from what i saw. They always help you or your marker if something is wrong.
FOURTH: The ref's here do a good job. they try to get games started really quick sometimes to quick, but i was playing in the woods one day and there was one ref reffing a group of like 30-40 people. they did not send him any help, so one of the guys out there playing put down his stuff and helped the kid ref. So i won't be coming back to this field because of that. I mean if there is one ref reffing that many people for the whole day then thats stupid and they shouldn't do that.

Also this field has alot of overshooting in the woods. I was there and saw a little kid about 7 or 8 years old getting shot about 10 times. Also i know about this because i was too overshot. oh and they didn't't do nothing about the guy overshooting also..

But overall i'd give this field a 5 out of 10. but if your looking for fun safe place. go some were else..

merv13 Monday, September 11th, 2006 | 8:35 pm PST
I think the word overshooting is over used by people who don't quite understand it. Ive seen people stand up during heavy action where there near other players on their team and cry about overshooting. Someone gets the jump on you and opens up from 20 feet behind you sure that over shooting but in the woods with low light and mask fogging and leaves hiding people your going to get shoot when your out sometimes. I've "overshoot" people but not on purpose.
I've played there lots of times sometimes there's 10 people sometimes 50 do you think they should pay 6 or 8 refs to be on call just in case you and your friends show up? did you call an let them know you were coming?(i'm not affiliated with them)
There is more aggressive play there I will agree that's why me and my team go there. I will say their refs seem to get better each time.
Maybe when you give a review if your going to give your opinion about something like the job the refs did which has many extenuating circumstances you should base it on more than one limited experience.(by the way you ever notice its always I saw someone get over shoot not I overshoot someone)

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