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Comments on lastvideogamer's Review

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lastvideogamer Saturday, May 27th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion below.
Period of
Field Use:
Just once
Date There: May 27th, 2006
6 months
Other Fields
in the Area:
Paintball Country: Diehard is better but only because of the pro shop
Houston Woods: People are better, only one field
Cabin Creek: Much better
Vineyard: better, but not public
Review: Alright, I just got back from diehard today and let me tell you that I was a little disappointed. They did have many good things, yet I think the bad outweighed the good. I would also like to state that unlike many of the reviews of this field I am not just some guy saying "this field is awesome" struggling to make the 50 words. If you're really looking for an honest opinion on diehard here you go.

First of all I emailed the field a week in advance and I still have never gotten a response. I asked about the rules via email trying to figure things out. I also asked if they did HPA fills. Basically their website is in dire need of updating and information in general. BTW fix your pictures so we can see the field in advance!!!

Safety: While I was there we had a few issues with safety which in my opinion is inexcusable. First of all we went there and signed the wavier yet there were no rules posted anywhere or online, and also we were never given the safety talk that most fields require. Keeping that in mind kids were shooting paintballs all the time in and out of game which ended up getting splatter all over my gear before the game started and the refs could care less. On top of that there is no "bunkering" rule (no firing at less than 10 feet) there or excessive fire. My little cousin was with me and got shot 3 times point blank in the back and that's ok there. The refs said that the kid was within the rules, yet the other players said it was overkill. The kid was then chronoed in at 350 with nitrogen.... and we all know hpa doesn't increase 70 fps over the field limit by some magical force. So they sat him out a few games. Also their webbing of the field is falling apart, basically this is not a safe place. He did get free hotdogs though, so I guess all is not lost.

Fields: They had five fields, yet they only used three. There was airball, spools, hyperball, plastic x, and woodsfield. I don't like speedball so I didn't touch airball but there were people playing there constantly. We mainly played on the plastic X which is a bunch of like plastic somethings on an area which seriously need to be cleaned. The woodsfield was nice, but it was pretty small. The other two fields nobody used at all. The biggest problem with the fields is we only played elimination. I suggested to the ref we play capture the flag, city assault or some scenario and he replied "we don't do that here"

Hours of Operation: Pretty standard 11-5 but you can only play til 4 after that they kick you out, but whatever.

Prices: Pretty fair, everything in their pro shop is fairly prices and they are willing to cut some slack and deal with you if you're willing to talk to them. Paint is normal price, but mainly draxxus.

Rules: Lack of rules, explained in safety above. The rules are not posted ANYWHERE and there is no rules briefing, or at least we were not offered one. At the beginning we played a game with No ramping and people were def ramping. Also I don't know how big the paint has to be but I shot people and it was pretty obvious but they were told to play on. If you're a regular here, you are immune to most lucky shots. One of the guys I was playing with was clearly shot in the neck he asked for a paint check and the ref told him to play on.

Services: This is one of the best fields for services around not only did they have more than one filling station but they also offered air fill deals and season passes. More fields should do stuff like this. They also have FOUR chrono stations.

Proshop: Their pro shop is better than half the pro shops I've been to. They have tons of stuff on site ready to buy. They also have pretty sweet deals on some of the stuff. Too.

Staff: Refs suck, they pretend to paintcheck but I didn't see them call a single person out a single game. The guy in the proshop however was extremely nice, someone give him a raise! He was very helpful and all that jazz. There was a guy there that seemed to be a manager or owner or something along those lines but all in all they were very unorganized. There were countless times where we were sitting around waiting to play and no refs were in sight.

Players: There were a few jerks, cheater, and nice guys but basically your standard paintball crew. There are a lot of Pro wannabe's here too so watch out for that if you're not into the whole 2000 paintballs in ten minutes thing.

Facilities: Pretty nice indoor bathroom, stocked snack area as I mentioned before their pro shop is pretty sweet.

Food: they have it, its pretty fair priced. No ice for injured players... ha ha

So all in all I think I would have to give diehard paintball a 6/10 it would be much lower but they did provide outstanding service and their proshop is out of this world. So if your into speedball and you think your a pro check this place out. If you like an occasional scenario game STAY AWAY!

Edit: Two weeks later and still have heard nothing back from the email I sent, they probably ignored it.

Edit: I was back a second time, still disapointed in the players.

Edit: I came back and read some of the new reviews for die hard and it looks like they have upgraded their safety and fixed some of the problems I have brought up which is good. Yet there is still one problem with die hard that cannot be fixed. At most other fields the "few bad apples" are forced away by people not playing with them, or simply being asked to leave. Yet at die hard the negative behavior is ok. So until this is fixed I will still recomend people away from this field.
Last edited on Sunday, March 18th, 2007 at 4:12 pm PST

Review Comments
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rfay00 Sunday, June 4th, 2006 | 8:28 pm PST
i have some complaints about this apparent Cabin Creek representative
1. their site is down cause they switched servers, and it takes a while to move all your info, you could of called the store also the number is on the site
2. Diehard always gives a orientation to all players at the beginning of the day, and if your not there you can always ask the head ref to give the orientation to you, just ask the worst they can say is no, and i guaranteed they wont say no
3. For special games on the woods ball fields (capture the flag, city assault) maybe if you could of got a group of people that knew how to play them special games, but for the newer players you cant make teem adapt to a new game, Diehard also keeps it easy on the players so they don't have to use any special rules to confuse you, its suppose to be a good time not a confusing time
4. Quote from the reviewer " Pretty standard 11-5 but you can only play til 4 after that they kick you out, but whatever." --- Umm lets think about this if you can only play till 4 then the times are NOT 11-5, and since i have been to diehard 50+ times i know the times are 11-4
5. For this one i know why you complained about ramping in a non ramping game, and if you have ever shot a high end gun you can shoot them as fast on semi as you do on the ramping modes if you practice, so you should of complimented the players who work on their speed with their fingers, and not accuse them of ramping
6. Refs aren't perfect and if they make one bad call deal with and move on and don't dwell over it like you are, i have got worst calls that made a difference between making the final, and not making the finals, and i believe your story does not compete to mine since you were competing for nothing
7. Actually 6 chrono stations, and 2 handheld stations to be exact!!!!
8. Guess what i know all them refs and if they aint doing their job, TELL THEM so they do it better, and i know at diehard i never sit and wait the head ref who you call unorganized keeps games moving all throughout the day all 50+ times i have been there

I have answered all your incorrect complaints, so now you know why i didn't write a huge review, i just was waiting for people like you to come around and make up crap about a field, and i correct the false statements

i think if you would give diehard another try you would enjoy it, actually i guaranteed it, and i bet diehard is so nice they will even help you out on price to prove to you how good of a field it is (i am not promising you anything just it might happen cause Tim is cool like that)

EDIT: you noticed that most positive reviews people have been tehre more than once, but most negative reviews were a one time thing
Last edited on Sunday, June 4th, 2006 at 8:32 pm PST

lastvideogamer Monday, June 5th, 2006 | 8:19 am PST
Ha, me a cabin creek representative? Did you read my review for them? I've played there twice and I went back because their field was awesome I gave both of these fields the same critical review, the only difference is that I did have a fun time when I went to cabin creek so I went back there again, why waste money at the same place twice if I didn't like it? Maybe later down the line I'll go back to die hard but in all honesty my first experience was enough to keep me away.

This is an outstanding website and people like you who obviously do have something to gain by supporting a certain field ruin it. If you really truly think die hard is an awesome field why didn't you spend more time reviewing it and giving fair information. But since I do respect this website I will take the time to explain my apparent "lies"

1. I said their pictures are down, but still I emailed asked for information on the field and alas I still TO THIS DAY have not received a reply, so the Internet is not something they are worrying about.

2. Ok, so the day starts there at 11, and we get there at 12 it doesn't help that a pre-game orientation was given at 11, since the rules are not posted its important to tell them to everyone. They should be more ORGANIZED and have people get briefed right as they join for the day.

3. Diehard makes it easy on the players by not playing capture the flag? Maybe you have some elaborate idea of what the game is but allow me to explain. There is a "flag" in the middle of the field and you just get it and bring it back to your starting area. There were players who wanted to play these games and the fact of the matter is that the staff there did not want to deal with it that's just lazy... which goes back to points 1 and 2.

4. Their website and front door say 11-5, if that's separate hours for the proshop and the field why don't they have them posted? Laziness maybe?

5. We cant really dispute this if we both weren't there but anyone who has played for even a few weeks can determine the difference between semi-auto and ramping mostly by the sound. Maybe he was just slowly getting faster, but that sounds like ramping to me. Especially when they were playing in all the ramping allowed games prior and magically had ramping.

6. If your story is so much more impressive than mine why didn't you post it on YOUR review to let others know? Anyone reading this site knows that fields have their up and down days but the fact of the matter is that I was playing from 12-4 and I did not see or hear the refs call a single person out the entire day. They stood on one corner of the field and WALKED OVER for paintchecks. I mentioned it to the refs but lets be honest I was a guest at the field and they arn't going to change their reffing style in the middle of the day.

7. I wrote what I saw, and when they went to chrono people they took them to the chrono area so I never saw the handheld units. Also in the chrono station there were 4 chronos one of which was on the ground.

8. Check reply six first. I don't know exactly what your trying to say in 8. It sounds like your saying you never wait for the head ref, but he is not unorganized anyway. Well this is what I know at two times in the day there were no refs in the staging area or the playing areas and we had 20+ players ready to play the game. The head ref told us to hold our horses and we could wait a few minutes for a ref to get out there. 5 minutes later they came back. Maybe it would make more sense for the refs to take separate 30 minute breaks so the playing isn't all stopped at once.

My complaints are not incorrect, you disagree with them. As to why you didn't write a huge review? Its because you probably get some type of monetary gain from the field whether it be your a ref, player, or owner.

The fact that most of the people who wrote a short review say nothing more than "I liked this field and you will too" shows that they are not being objective. Even my favorite field Paintball Junkeez has its downsides, but I wrote about those in my review there. For you to say this field is 100% perfect for all players gives you zero credibility. So maybe you should stop and think, and wonder that if your real goal is to promote this field maybe you should do it more seriously?

Red Scourge Monday, June 5th, 2006 | 9:13 am PST

You say you answered all the incorrect complaints but there is one area you didn't answer and seem to confirm: Safety. Of the regional fields, Diehard seems to be the only one that allows firing at point blank ranges - with no warning or surrender call required. You also did not dispute that people at Diehard are basically spraying the field - either in the walkways or in the arenas waiting for a game to start. After players leave the prep area, the barrel plugs/bags are off and players are walking around live firing at will. I suspect this will get their insurance pulled if they don't clean it up.

Last point from me, I'm a newb. In several of the games I've played I've heard people claim to hear ramping and the accused says "I have really quick fingers." The purpose of a 'no ramping' rule is to limit the rate of fire. In some places, they explicitly state a maximum rate of fire. Where there is a no rampling rule, there should be a parallel, rate of fire rule. The rules should state the ref's are required to "Know it when they hear it." This way whether someone is getting an excessive rate of fire from electronics, a fancy trigger or bionic finger, it doesn't matter. The player is expected to limit their rate and if they don't they sit out a game.

As for a lot a lot of the other items, they strike me as falling under the YMMV category.(Your mileage may vary.)

rfay00 Monday, June 5th, 2006 | 2:28 pm PST
lastvideogamer - your hopeless all i am going to say is give it a try agian, you just sitck to your story about a bad time, so whatever i know diehard is one of the best around, and i will continue to defend them

redscourge - that line that you pass where you can start shooting your gun also is another type of line, its a line that makes you keep your goggles down so in my opinion if your googles are down then yo can shoot

about your crappy ramping story you wrote, everytime i hear a ramping complaint the
refs check the guns so qft

P.S - bunkering is part of the game, if you cant take the pain dont play at all, cause its part of the game

EDIT --- i take that back your not hopeless, your just not willing to give it another try with a positive attitude
Last edited on Monday, June 5th, 2006 at 7:09 pm PST

lastvideogamer Monday, June 5th, 2006 | 3:37 pm PST
rfay00 if you look at one of the very first things I said is that I probably will go sometime again in the future, but keeping that in mind why would I quickly rush back to have a bad time again? Its actually funny that you accuse me of not listening to both sides of the story as I have said both positive and negative things about the field and you have only told me how I'm wrong. If you want me to make it more clear for you, please stop pretending to be all mighty and please stop being hypocritical. If you want to make it seem like you are trying to be helpful you should try answering all comments like this...

"I agree that people should not be ramping in non ramping games, most of the times I've seen people complain about this they have been checked! It stinks that you got unlucky and caught the refs on a bad day but on all the occasions I've been to die hard this has been taken care of right away."

Then people might actually be able to think your older than 10 and that your trying to help not just blindly defend a field with no real logic or examples.

As for redscorge I agree players should not be shooting until the game begins, it causes people to get splatter all over their gear before they play and we all know how much it sucks to have paint grease on your goggles and plainly people that shoot before the game lack the respect for other players, their own weapons, and the game in general. Offering a player the option to surrender is a sign of integrity no one likes to get shot at point blank and if you cant hold your shot off long enough to give them the option to surrender then you should really sit down and consider how you play.

But in the end thank you for proving another point of mine. To all the people thinking about playing at die hard remember you can play with people like rfay00!! They don't care about you or your equipment, and they also magically go 70 FPS over the field chrono limit using HPA. But hey if your into that kind of thing, be my guest!

rfay00 Monday, June 5th, 2006 | 7:14 pm PST
why are you telling me how to answer you, i am a kid and i can answer you how ever i want to, you arent my parents and you dont tell me how to do anything, i defend my fields i enjoy (diehard, crossfire, and unlimited)

"But in the end thank you for proving another point of mine. To all the people thinking about playing at die hard remember you can play with people like rfay00!! They don't care about you or your equipment, and they also magically go 70 FPS over the field chrono limit using HPA. But hey if your into that kind of thing, be my guest!"---your right nobody does care about their opponents equipment, and they never will because of the intesity of a game, and when that opportunity comes they will blast you with whatever you have visible and keep going

I am done with you, and all i am going to say is cya on the field

T.E. Monday, June 5th, 2006 | 7:39 pm PST
lastvideogamer- I have played at diehard before and i gotta say its a great field. i got a couple things to say

1. as for the 70 fps thing, guns DO TEND TO increase in the number of fps when it is hot out and the guns are being shot alot

2. as for people shooting before games, i don't know how in the world you got grease and splatter on your mask cuz im sure people aren't shooting that close too you. i've only seen people shoot before the game out of the way from everyone. maybe you just wiped paint on your mask or something

lastvideogamer Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 | 8:23 am PST
T.E. - I said HPA not CO2

It is chemically impossible for HPA 70fps in ohio because its hot outside. The temperature inside the tank is already around the mid 80's so unless it was 200+ outside the HPA would not increase speed that greatly.

As for me getting splatter on my mask, its because people were shooting the ground right at their feet, and bunkers right at the starting areas. I know it doesn't seem reasonable that people would do this, but that's why I was so displeased with the field to many things like this happened!

pbghost Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 | 3:44 pm PST
Alright, first off, i was there that day when all of this happend so i am first hand experiance of exatly what happend. (i was the guy in the blue proto stuff, one game i was in the same bunker as your son *wearing black shirt and protus II* and he was a nice kid, i think i only played on your team once or twice maybee)

Anyway- i was littlraly 4 feet away when your other son, i think it was you son, either way you were at the same table so i asume he was somehow affiliated with you. i saw the whole thing. what happened was it was the end of the game, the kid game up, and reached around and shot 2, maybee 3 times, i would have said 2, because only 2 broke and at that distance.

the Bunkering rule states if you asked a ref or looked at the availble sheet, on clipboard on one of the front tables, that anything more than three shots when bunkering is unacceptable and the player will be handeled accordingly.

I belive that what the kid did was slightly wrong only because your son didnt have time to turn around and didnt look like he was. *im gonna give him props, ive seen much bigger people cry after stuff like that* but what the player did was infract the "grey zone" just like is abortion constitutional, technechaly by rule he did nothing wrong, but he could have been nicer.

In no way would i blame that on the staff at diehard for that incident. and the refs check that guys gun for bounce, ramping, *witch are legal* and he wasnt shooting hot either.

Safty: if you were there at 11 there is always a safty demonstration, i've been yelled at before for trying to skip it. its very through and i am always satisfyed by that

Feilds: i tottaly agree they need a new one, The Hyperball feild is for small games if you are there early you play on there. the other Airball field isnt up now because some of the bunkers have leaks. they dont play CTF because durring most games it just ends up at the one team is dead and the other now has to run back and forth, and then you dont have incidents with overshooting the suicide flag carrier.

Staff- i am what you would call a regular i suppose i have a season pass and all that jazz and i would fit into that catigorie of "pro wannabee" but there is nothing wrong with that, i go through on average a hopper and pod a game, there is nothing wrong with that, its how i and others play, and what will really surprize you is some of the guys that you think are "wannabees" really are pro! as for playing on and stuff i rarely see that, the refs in general are never good but if you ask to check someone and they hear you they will check them.

I can put and argument about everything you said about that, most of it is just misinformation,

My guess is you just came on a bad day, i remember it was hot, but i would really encourage you to come agian,

If you wanna talk to me about the rules or anything like feel free to drop me an Email

really i would llike you to email me, just because i think you need to give them another chance, perhaps even meet up there agian

Last edited on Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 at 4:04 pm PST

lastvideogamer Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 | 4:23 pm PST

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my review. First of all let me state it wasn't my son, it was my little cousin you probably think I'm my uncle but that's besides the point. I personally was watching this game as I was sitting out fixing my cyclone feed system, but I still saw it happen. I don't know how many shots were fired but I do know that my cousin had 3 bruises on his back. Now according to the rules the kid TECHNICALLY did nothing wrong, I cant disagree with that. However as a fellow paintball player I have no respect for what he did. I've played many games where I have come up against a similar situation and I have never fired more than one shot at someones back. A majority of the time I give the player the option to surrender and they take it because I want the people I play with to have fun and not get hurt.

When I run into a situation I quickly asses the age and equipment of a player. If I run up against a 20 year old with a thousand dollar gun I'm quicker to pull the trigger than a 10 year old using a tippmann 98 and wearing jeans. But that's me personally. Then again that's why I wrote what I did about the PLAYERS at die hard. For the record the refs went and chrono'ed the kid and he was shooting hot. I went over to check and he was at 350 fps on two of the four shots I saw above 300 on all four, I was told the field limit was 280 . Nevertheless what I said is that I feel that this field is not a very safe one and when you add in the ramping, bunkering, itchy trigger fingers, and lack of safety brief this is one of the least safe fields I've been too. If a younger paintballer played their first time here I would say they have a fairly large chance of not wanting to play again.

Regardless the staff however could have informed us of the rules as they were not posted anywhere I could find so I assumed the standard rules, personally I don't care if I get shot from two feet away but I'm double his age and have more experience. I do blame the staff for not giving a safety brief as it was our first time there and the rules were not posted on the waiver sheet. They should take the time to give separate briefs to each new party who enters. They risk losing their insurance if they do not comply with this requirement.

As for the fields, I could see how CTF would just end in elimination but the fact of the matter is it brings a different strategy and feeling to the game. It causes players to focus towards a certain goal which creates much deeper strategy and game play than just saying "alright shoot each other". There area also attack and defend games which could work quite nicely in the woods there.

While a regular there might call my experience and opinions "misinformation" the fact of the matter is that I am writing what happened to me, on the day I was there, during the time I was there. It would be unfair for the people who depend on this site for information (like I do) if I wrote anything but that. I tend to go back and look at my reviews each time that I play at a field to make sure they are fair. If anything my die hard review is to nice, but I really like their pro shop! Thanks again for taking the time to comment on my review, maybe I'll hear back from you later?

pbghost Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 | 1:24 pm PST
I never recal him shooting hot, I've played a bit with the ref that chrono'd him, he didnt say he was shooting hot, or ramping,

But you must remember the person who bunkered him was 12... and it would lead me to belive it was one of his first days with the ion, he'd been shooting at the wrong times, accadently pulling the trigger, still not used to the 54g pull. Like i said before and a bunch of people there said it to, he didnt do anything wrong, but he was far from right, i mean he could have shot him in the shoe or butt.

If you get to the feild early they always go through orrientation, did you get there late? and the head ref is always in the stageing area and he gives players who just got there the orrientation, He might not have done this to you because he asumed you knew the rules.

The website- its never right, i'm gonna talk to tim tomarow when i go down there about it to. that week the website was down, a week before that it didnt even say that domain was working, so i forget if they had rules on it before.

Your right, i really already have a bias oppinion, because i go there all the time, but i started going there when i was very new to the sport and i do remember some of the ref's giveing me crap. i dont like all the refs, im not gonna make them sound like angels, half the refs are there because they are on the BlackHearts, (i really dont like the) and the other half are people who volonteer. but most of the older refs are really cool. somtimes they worry about haveing too much fun themselves rather than refing.

If you really think you hit someone just yell and tell the ref they're hit. the ref's are pretty leaniant there, i mean its open play, if somthing looks like splatter they give the player the benifit of the doubt. its kinda nice for you, takeing it the other way is quite frusterateing. (ok i'm bringing this up because i remember in the last game of the day i belive you shot me, but it bounced off my mask, i remember you asking for a check. were you shooting an A-5 with Car stock and a flatline?)

I really urg you to give it another shot, it is mainly speedball, but you should try playing ariball with the people and if you really feel like it ask the ref's for a begginers game or a mech only game. they do that if you ask.

rfay00 Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 | 2:34 pm PST
so a newb bunkered him...interesting and that might explain the bonus balls, actually it does explain them, i have watched a newb bunker my teamates sister and that pissed me and my team off who were there to watch her, but all i did was give the kid a hard time and next time i play him i will bonus ball the hell out of him

and pbghost the kid who shot my friends sister wore a blue proto jersey and shot a ion with a black to gold body is that you
Last edited on Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 at 2:40 pm PST

lastvideogamer Thursday, June 8th, 2006 | 1:07 pm PST

that was me with the tippmann a-5, flatline, car stock combo. Your memory is very impressive I must compliment you on that. That last game was rather annoying I was under the impression that we were going to play another so I decided to surrender rather then use my last two pods, I don't recall asking for a check that game but I wouldn't put it past me. Now that I think about it I do remember giving someone a pod of all-stars who was wearing a blue jersey in the last game, was that you?

As for giving diehard another shot the biggest reason why I would have to turn the offer down is the fact that they don't really have scenario games there and I'd like to call myself a scenario player and currently the field has little to offer in that realm. To be honest on a larger scenario field I could care less about all that full auto / electro marker business most scenario games I barley use 100 rounds and still get 4/5 kills. Despite the lack of scenario play I could see myself heading back to the pro-shop as its one of the best in the area without a doubt.

I think that I gave die hard a very fair review based on my one time there (which it states at the beginning) All in all I think my final statement gives an honest recommendation to anyone willing to check out the field.

"So if your into speedball and you think your a pro check this place out. If you like an occasional scenario game STAY AWAY!"


pbghost Friday, June 9th, 2006 | 9:19 am PST

Nope, thank god, I have a all black Ion, you didnt happen to have a dye jersey? either that or a 98c with flatline,

I remember that last game i had 6 paintballs at the beggining of the game and i had 1 at the end! i was wondering why you guys gave up, there was a minute left in the game too!, i dont think you gave me the all-star's, but i dont recal anyone else being there in a blue proto jesrsey either. idk if you called the check but the ref was looking at my mask for a while.

Yea, not the best woodsball feild, BUT, on occasion they have a really big game, last time it was a easter egg hunt with some sort of twist, i didnt get to go unfortunantly,

If you like woodsball/ senario paintball try "Paintball Junkiees" its in Mt Healthy's first baptist chruch, its a really great place 3 woods and 1 speed, (maybee 2?)

But i cant agree more with the pro-shop, if your gun every breaks take it there they'll work on it for cheap if anything!

IronMan187 Monday, June 12th, 2006 | 9:57 am PST
Ok bout this whle diehard thing. I was there the same day as you, that is if you were wearing the USAF bdu's. you say there were cheaters so your speaking bout yourself. was on same side as you on a woodsball game and the refs were calling you out on a hit, but ya kept shooting. You also stated no rules yet you loved the pro shop well maybe ya should have paid more attention in the proshop cuz its right on the wall. I also saw ya in staging area dry firing your gun and got pissed one somebody told ya not to. Them as you put it wannabe pros playing all day on the cage(airball) and other fields if thats the style the wanna play with spray and pray then who are you to talk sh*t. Now the deal with the website and all that when i looked at it last it was under construction, so im guessing the were working on it and all that . well thats all I have to say. I will play at diehard great place lots of fun.

lastvideogamer Monday, June 12th, 2006 | 12:46 pm PST

Let me start off by saying welcome to as you joined today and have not reviewed anything, posted on the forums, or anything else except for come right here and make a comment. Now I'm pretty bad at writing but I would suggest you re-read stuff before you post it as I'm having a bit of trouble understanding some of the things you wrote. Anyways if your talking about what I think you are then you should have paid more attention to the game and what went on afterwords.

There was two kids one of which was wearing a white shirt got shot in the chest two times and the other got shot in the mask they were both in the bunker about 2'o Clock to me. They kept playing I nailed the one with the white shirt again and they both kept playing. I asked the ref to paint check them and he looked in their direction and said they're clean. Laughing at this I kept playing but being pissed I got nailed by I think pbghost (a guy in blue with a tipp 98 and flatline) and ignored the fact that it busted on my hopper hoping the ref who was right in front of me would notice the huge yellow bust on the front of my gun. About 5 minutes later he did and called me out to which I replied "where did I get hit" and after he showed me I left. The fact that I didn't go out when I was pretty sure I got hit was dishonorable but I figured when in rome.

After the game I went up to the guy who shot me, and the two guys in his vicinity and apologized to all of them letting them know that I felt bad about what I did. Especially the guy who shot me I let him know it was a good shot and that the reason I stopped firing at him was because he essentially got me out. Your right to accuse me of being a bad sport but I got to the point that day (this is after my cousin got bunkered hardcore, and I shot two kids twice in one game) where I just was fed up with everything. This goes along with me "dry firing" my gun as well, twenty people did it before me so I figured it was ok especially since I had a barrel bag on and took about twenty paces over the rope AWAY from the staging area. Then the head ref who sits around doing nothing all day yells at me for doing it? I believe the exact words out of my mouth was "Really bud? Don't yell at me for doing something all the guys around you are" When I'm watching him talking to guys de-gassing their guns I believe I could have been more harsh.

I would like to see a picture of these rules, because they might have been printed on an 8.5x11 and posted behind the counter. And do you mean their Store or proshop? Because they had a little outside garage for C02 fills but I didn't have to go in there as I use HPA and didn't get a rental.

Here is where I get confused I'm assuming you meant.
"Then as you put it the wannabee pros playing all day on the airball and other fields can play spray and pray and you cant say anything because that's what they want to do"

Really I don't know how to respond to this cause I'm confused of the relevance. Saturday when I played at paintball junkeez I used 200 paintballs, versus 1000+ at diehard. I'd rather play a game with more emphasis on movement and objectives rather than my BPS. I don't see how this can be argued as its personal preference. I like to play a certain style and it was not offered at die hard, that's all I said.

They need to fix their website, ok well than do it. I don't remember seeing any "under construction" signs. However the fact that their website was down did not stop me from going to the field. I like to read and learn about stuff before I jump into it and they didn't have that available to me at the time. Since that matters to me I tried to contact them via email and to this day have not received any type of response. As a business they should spend at least 30 minutes a day to sit around and check email, they probably don't get that much anyways. I suggest they write up a few basic responses and copy and paste, that should answer a majority of their email in seconds.

In closing I never asked you not to play at die hard, unless your a scenario player in which cause I'm just letting you know there are other fields where you can have more fun. I know TONS of people that love diehard but they are also speedballers. Also please spend the time to share your opinions and views of the fields you play and the equipment you own, it would be a shame to see you only come to this site to attack others views and not share your own!

lastvideogamer Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 | 10:41 am PST
Originally posted by IronMan187
you call your games as having movement, then i guess players like myself that play speed ball dont have any movement. your a hack.

Ha ha, jeeze man I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. But the fact of the matter is most scenario games have more of an emphasis on movement and most speedball games have a larger emphasis on BPS. Now think about this from an analytical standpoint...

A typical day of scenario play - 200 paintballs if that (3 hours) 3 games

A typical day of speedball - 1500 paintballs and I have to use my pods in the game (3 hours) 9 games

Scenario = 66.6 approx. average per game
Speedball = 166.6 approx average per game

So you cant argue that I just use more paintballs because I play more games. If I get in a corner in speedball and hold my ground I have a very good chance of doing well. In a scenario game I have a pretty good chance of not seeing any action or getting ambushed by 4 people. And if I move 4 times a max during a speedball game that takes 3 seconds I'm moving for 45 minutes in a scenario game, so as you can see there is much more emphasis on movement then a speedball game.

The most important thing you missed and might be confused about up to this point is I never said there is no movement in a speedball game. I said

"I'd rather play a game with more emphasis on movement and objectives rather than my BPS. I don't see how this can be argued as its personal preference. I like to play a certain style and it was not offered at die hard. "

But you called me a hack? Now while there are many problems with that statement however the biggest would have to be that I don't have a desire to play speedball. But hey man, whatever makes you feel better. I honestly don't mind having my ideas assaulted but if your going to attack something I said try to make sure... its something I said.

I would double check my first comment too " Also please spend the time to share your opinions and views of the fields you play and the equipment you own, it would be a shame to see you only come to this site to attack others views and not share your own! "


rfay00 Friday, June 16th, 2006 | 1:05 pm PST
go ironman, so i believe its 4 against 1 here lets bring in more people to argue this guy

pbghost Thursday, July 6th, 2006 | 4:24 pm PST
Rfay00- No, thats pointless.... and dumb... So far he's makeing you guys look like the idots!

There are rules posted up in the proshop/store, and the garage looking thing, Actualy your supposed to get your fills in the garage area, they have HPA and CO2 in there.

The rules, as i belive i stated above, are laid out on the picnic tables, And asking any ref they would have showed you (they were on a clipboard)

I didnt shoot you, i had an Ion... but there are cheaters there, i'm not gonna say anything about that, some people there take rec-play WAY too serious, what really ticked me off was a few days ago open play, (wednessday night, ususlay the teams show up so its alittle more intence, but friendly open play none the less) and one of the guys who works there (well i guess voulenteers) an older guy, experianced, not head ref but you see him in the store some times, starts playing in the hyperball feild, its fine, but than he's the only one left, and bunkers me, but as he shoots me i got him twice in the hopper and once on the hand. He continues playing with completly odvias hits, he ran around and eventualy shot everyone, after a short shouting match, he tells the ref they're old hits, and the guy practicaly works there, the ref has to go with him! he claims it was splatter!

Its things like that, that piss me off, But other times you'll see experianced guys like that bunker a kid or a player there level, but just make them surrender, some of the things i've heard are "i dont feel like shooting you, call yourself" or "I'm not gonna shoot if you dont," witch i never saw that at other feilds.

Now back to the Woodsball/ senarioball VS Speedball/ Tournyball-

You dont have to use that much paint, infact this weekend Diehard is hosting a LIMITED PAINT tourny! one hopper, thats it,

Movement is a very much key factor, its just more difficult to move because your being pressed, the team that moves the most, ususaly wins. the more ground you win, the better angle's you have and more people get out ect. ect. ect.

There website has never been great, its better, some of there pictures dont work any more unfortunantly, but the website is much more improved, no saftey rules on the site howerver....

O-G Saturday, July 29th, 2006 | 8:55 pm PST
i know im probably just reviving an old topic and wont get any responses to this comment, here goes :D

Last, while i beleive you have VERY valid points about Diehard and it's workings, but I've been there very recently and they've made some seemingly big changes, I'm a total newb to the sport, ive only been playing for a few months and at the orientation the guy mentioned "Ramping" and i wasnt sure about it, so i asked him, and i had 3 different people explain it to me at once

and also, at my last trip to Diehard, during the very last game of the day, i was bunkered in the back and ended up having 6 new welts on my left shoulder, after the guy had hit me, he apologised for being at such a close proximity and he just reacted to seeing some dude crouching behind a bunker as he did a run through, and i knew exactly what he meant by "impulsive" because i had done a run through earlier that day and bunkered someone out of instinct when i ran around the corner of the feild, ended up it was one of my best friends lol

And also, remember that pretty much ALL the people that work there dont get paid other than the refs get paid in paint...i think, its all voluntary, so the service isnt going to be a nice as the guys who get payed a hourly wage
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