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Comments on pbghost's Review

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pbghost Thursday, July 6th, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
2 years
Last There: June 29th, 2006
4 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Hueston woods- Nice field, could be bigger for a woods feild. Small proshop.
Cabin Creek- Not many people, Great airball, Mediocore woodsball (not true woodsball small feilds) too much walking
Unlimited- Just speedball, FPO, Small, No Cleats, Uncleaned turn, Not greatest, but they need to clean there turf!
to the Field:
Go to river bend, cross the river, right next to the big factory with smoke pouring out of it.
Review: As a regular season holder and tournament attender of this feild my oppinion is always goning to be slightly bias towards the feild, because i consider it my "home" feild, That being said, take it into consideration durring the reading of this review.

I've been going to diehard for that past two years,

first impression- My first day i had a 98c hadnt but 1 year of speedball experiance under my belt, i was nervous going to a feild with so many experianced people there. I was treated with respect by everyone even though I had a tippmann. The only problem i had ever going there with my tippmann is when a leak occured and i was new to HPA, i asked a person standing near who looked like he'd been reffing and working here, "do you know why its leaking?" he replyed in a sarcastic "because you have a crossfire on a tippmann" This guy i still have trouble with he's there occasionly, not gonna name names or point fingers.... other than that it was great! i even one a prize in one of the raffel drawings!

How the feild is now-

Wednesday open play-
Wednesdays are always fun and more relaxed in the stageing area, on the feild, its a whole diffrent game, it's generaly more intence, meaning you shoot more, but its still friendly and your more apted to be asked to surrender or shot once in the pack, and not be shot 5 times in the back of the neck. Down side- the cage and the airball feilds are not up, this allows for the use of the Hyperball feild witch is only good for <4-4,
Generaly there are only 4 woods games, even though rarely are the woodsball type people there on wednessdays, but we still enjoy sneaking (or trying) in our bright jersesy's.
Wednesday's are, for me, day's to get better and scrimage local teams.

Saturday Open Play-
Saturdays are always good turnouts, generaly there are 25+ people there and games are on none stop, with some small breaks for the ref's but trust me you'll need the breaks! This play is slightly more heated just because there are more people and you dont connect as much in the stageing area, and the majority of wiping and overshooting happends on saturdays, where as wednesday's your more likely to see playing on. That is to be expected when there are more people, cheating really is to no avail, because people shoot you more, there is a sort of code of honor about it, i'll explain that in the "atmosphere section"
Overall saturdays are a bundle of fun and remind me of tyger's FPS series, just beacause generaly you'll here someone yelling nice shot in the middle of the game, or people in general haveing fun.

EDIT- Went there on a saturday agian and MAN have they steped up the safty, Everyone Must be at orrientation to get your armband marked so nobody can dodge the orientation and have the "i didnt know" exsuse.

Tournamen Play-
I like diehards tournemnts, while not all are flawless, they are alwasy enjoyable, the prizes are fair and so is the paint and entry price. The Chanlenge series is for new teams and really helps young players get into the tourny scence, sandbagging is strickly forbiden. My only problem is sometimes ref's make calls for the thrill of makeing calls, i always ask where i'm hit before i go out, just so the ref double checks....

Saftey- Top priority here, there is a very thurough (and notoriously boreing) orrientation at 11:00 sharp. The rules are found in the proshop, in the head ref's hand, on some tabels, and in the fill station. there is a line where its GOGLES ON no matter what, if there is a 5 inch spider in your mask you still must have your goggles on. They give you one warning than sit you. (see atmosphere for why this rarely happens) Barrel plugs are not alowed for any gun with a batterie, mech's can get away with it, and "goggles on" line means barrel plugs on there too.

EDIT- Safty is bumped up another level, No ramping alowed, Strict 3 balls for bunkering (unfortuatly the ref's really cant inforce that unless the head ref saw it...) Everyone must be at orrientation.

X-ball- Great when inflated, they do it either PSP style with the fingers, OR a modify'ed NPPL format, meaning there is a major center bunker and another smaller 50 w/ a PSP style snake, but Dorito side like NPPL. They always change the format however so this is generaly how they have it but "results may verry"

Air-ball- An ok feild for small 6-8 people games (3vs3, 4vs4) but the bunkers are not in best condition so its rarely put up and is usualy muddy, hower it is notorious for snake battels, and players at the 50.

Plastic X- a favorite amongst everyone there. its as i call them, plastic doll houses that make bunkers. They are slightly more difficult to play than a airbunker or tree, because they provide protection in a diffrent manner. This feild is known for action on the stageing area side, Run through's, End game bunkerings, And the imfomase "pit" on the far side that always has the worst smelling mud, watch out for that!

Hyperball- Always a great feild, incorperates visual distractions and cuts down angles, this feild alows you to "get your stealth on" without camo, if you use the "ghosting" technice or "visual obstuctions" rarely do people get out off the break because the bunkers cut off the lanes. this game rarely ends in bunkerings, while its not impossible, its difficult, however a mad dash run through is no an odd occurance.

Woods- The end game feild. This is baiscly an airball feild that cant be poped and with a Ton more bunkers, its not true woodsball in the sence that i used to play, because my ghillie suit wounlt not come in handy here. Camo isnt very effective in plain sight here like it is in the woods, but still can be used in the tall grass. this game is always long and bring alot of paint, and dont shoot off the break it's impossible to hit the other team they're far enough away.

Rules- They use standard rules genraly, Ramping is sometimes alowed, not if there are inexperianced players however, to see the full rules ask the head ref.

Refs- 95% of them are great and will have fun with you, they're leaniant, they know that everyone just wants to play, so if its qestionable such as "is this more than a quarter?" or "its old" or a bit of shell on your hair, they'll let you play. the other 5% is a rarity weather its they dont wanna be there or they just wanna mess with the other refs...

Atmosphere- The Atmosphere of DiehardPaintball is what i think makes this feild so Unique. Almost anyone there will have a conversation with you about a question, or a problem, almost everyone will let you borrow a barrel, or a glove, and once a whole gun and air-tank. This place is very safe now, it used to have some crime with some stolen items, now they have people who watch your stuff while you play. Everyone sorta gains trust to one another and its comon place to swap markers with another person and think nothing of it. Its amazing how people want to help fellow ballers. If a newer person, or person new to the feild lift's his mask another player tell him to put them down, and explains that the ref's will sit him, and save him from missing a game. The great part of this attitude is that nobody is unsafe, and nobody get's too hot headed, if ever there is a shouting match, or disputed call, someone's always there to remind you its just open play and that you'r late for the next game! Cheaters are not taken to lightly, and if somone openly cheats and gets caught generaly they are not overshot, but are more than likely the target to be laned, or someone who might get two on the back, instead of the pack.
Another great thing is Tim will come out and play, you may think "oh the owners gonna grab the best gun he has and tottaly oblitorate everyone" WRONG he grabs a rental tippmann and rental mask and dishe's it with shorts, and everyone's always looking for the bragging right's to say you shot tim!
The flip side of this is that inbetween games take longer because everyones talking about the last game or trying to remember if 1's stay or walk.... Alot of laughting occurs durring and after the game.

Occomidations- The proshop is second to none. Shop not internet prices but you get some good deals on closeout and promotions. Food- best freaking food at paintball place ever! Restrooms- FREE! you have to go there to get that one! Website- mediocore, not enough info and is regularly going down and pics arnt up of feild and no saftey posted.


If you've read this far i congradulate you! This paintball feild is one of the few left that offer a balence of servise, friendly, fast and polite. If you ever get the chance to play here treasure it and dont just think of the bad stuff, because that happends everywhere, Cheating wounlt occure more here than there, this feild represents a dieing breed of paintballers from the midwest, the hardcore paintballers of the Midwest, Its not just about the glory or going to be pro, on any given saturday its all about fun and up to 6 hours of getting to shoot your friends and forgeting about the world, forgeting about your work, forgeting about the war in Iraq and plaing paintball haveing fun with the best group of guys in the region.

Diehard gets a 9, while nothing is perfect and everything has a downside Diehard is a place that you can truly connect to if you go there regularly, everyone who works there voulenteers and doesnt get paid anything, they might get a few perks every now and then but every there is there because they love the sport and wanna help people out.

EDIT- Everything has been steped up at Diehard, Safty is now 110%, everyone has to be at orrientation, 3 refs on every feild, No ramping, Alot more rules Most of them good, some could argue that "no ramping" is bad, but i like it, its just open play!
Last edited on Monday, July 10th, 2006 at 2:59 pm PST

Review Comments
rfay00 Sunday, July 9th, 2006 | 3:23 pm PST
i have shot tim...hahahahaha

and pbghost do you play for the renegades team

pbghost Monday, July 10th, 2006 | 2:55 pm PST
I bounced one off tim, Havent gotten a break!..... YET!

Yep, I am the Captian of Team Renegade

EDIT- played there this weekend, i'm changing alot of my review!
Last edited on Monday, July 10th, 2006 at 2:55 pm PST

rfay00 Monday, July 10th, 2006 | 3:29 pm PST
yeah you know who i am...are you the one who has the ion with the cool grips or the one with the richochet hopper

pbghost Thursday, July 13th, 2006 | 7:44 pm PST
Hybrid Grips, All proto stuff, Stffi/ Dye UL barrel,

So i guess that would be cool grips,

Who are you?

rfay00 Friday, July 14th, 2006 | 4:30 pm PST
the gangster that plays on team overdose...tall kid ion with the trinity body, i ref alot,

lastvideogamer Monday, July 31st, 2006 | 11:40 am PST

What is this? Time spent reviewing a field don't see that too often.

First of all I can't comment on many things as they really don't apply to me however without trying to be to mundane and discuss things already beaten to death in my review I will post a few disputes...

1. Not everyone has to be at the 11:00 safety brief... what if you show up at 11:30? You can't really attend something your not there for.

2. This field is missing a ton of stuff for scenario / woods players try to keep in mind that they are a big part of the paintball world and thus giving a field a 9/10 for speedball should be fair, but not overall.

3. As for the atmosphere both the times I've been there I felt like if you were a regular you were cool but if you were the new guy, well you were just there. I'm all up for having to prove yourself as a paintballer but diehard seems to be more of a "wannabe pro's" paintballers versus the casual types.

While I could sit here and pick apart more things of the review there is no reason to do that. I will say that you should probably go back and proof read your review as there are numerous spelling errors that take away from its value. Field is not spelled "Feild" but hey, keep up the good work!

IronMan187 Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 | 12:16 pm PST
lastvideogamer theres them words again wannabe pro's. the scenario style just isnt for us, yet trying to get that together takes time. as for rfay if tahts ryan you suck ha ha ha. i personly love playing at diehard. i dont see why ppl knock the shop and field. if ya dont like it then should jsut shut your mouth and suck it up. i have had many of good times down there. and will continue to spend my money there. and i have shot tim, howard, and some other people from there.

pbghost Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 | 7:01 pm PST

Cant argue with number 2, The woodsball feild isnt the best, but the way the property is set up they can only taylor to speedball. I'm sure they could get some off site property.

#3- Not everyone is that intense there is alot of top of the line equipment being flashed around, but not every game is 100% intence,

#1- They changed this, now to enter the feild a ref checks your armband, when you go there you must be "breifed" and you get your armband marked. This efectively changed anyone going without orientation.

rfay00 Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 | 5:22 pm PST
hahahaha funny ironman i now know who you are...its on next time

as for lastvideogamer lets just burn his house down or something...or i think he should just build his own scenario field and play all by himself behind it cause to him diehard isnt good enough, but it must be somewhat good cause amok practices on that field and they got 2nd in the woodsball division at IAO it must do the job

IronMan187 Friday, August 4th, 2006 | 9:35 am PST
ha ha ha keep that on the dl fay or i will kick your ass

rfay00 Friday, August 4th, 2006 | 9:41 pm PST
lol whatever

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