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Comments on outflankem's Review

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outflankem Friday, July 7th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion below.
Period of
Field Use:
Just once
Date There: June 3rd, 2006
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Pirate Paintball - Great
Foxx Paintball - OKay
Utis - Okay
Paintball central - Great
Review: Pros:
Great fields, well thought out, great construction
Great Price

Pre Game Time Limit
Game Time Limit
Playing Area
Field Sergeants

At New Kent the fields with the bunker construction, trenches, and gaming area are great. All new folks are given a pre-game safety talk where the rules are discussed. Goggle safety is a big concern at New Kent.

Getting a game started at New Kent is like pulling teeth. The staff is slow getting the game started, some times you may wait for 1 hour between games. Then the game is scheduled for way to long. One game played lasted for 1 hour, while all others lasted for ½ hour. When you have teenagers sitting around idle, with loaded paintball guns, that is not a good combination.

The biggest down side to New Kent is SAFTEY. The organization and gaming policies at New Kent set the stage for UNSAFE play. The biggest safety problem at New Kent is BUNKERING. Players are shooting other players at POINT BLANK range. I have read all the reviews, but folks, there is no safe play in paintball at point blank range, period. There are no referees standing around to govern the safety of the game. Any complaints about HOT GUNS has to be made after the fact. I spoke to a lot of players while waiting for games to get started, and everyone who has played at New Kent has been bunkered. If you are waiting for more than two weeks for a paintball mark to heal, that is because you have been bunkered or you have been shot with a hot gun at close range. Safe paintball hits heal in about 1 week.

Another safety concern at New Kent is the rejuvenation of players. The players return back to a semi-safe zone to rejuvenate, only to be ambushed as soon as they return back to the game. Or rejuvenated players, out flank existing players, and surprise them from different angles. This creates a chaotic state of game play. I personally witnessed a player being shot ten’s of times while trying to get out of the play area. He finally had to run for all he was worth to get out of gun range.

Field Sergeants are players, not referees. They are players that are only concerned with playing the game. Most of the sergeants are off as “Lone Wolfs” sitting and waiting for ambush opportunities. Not monitoring the game, nor ensuring the safety of the players.

Another safety concern is the Honor System. This works fine for honorable players, but is a haven for cheaters. I know that some of the players at New Kent where wipers, this included the Sergeants. I heard enough players complaining that they had put out a Sergeant, only to have that sergeant back in the game in a few minutes, no way could he have rejuvenated that quickly. Without referees to ensure that the game is played properly can the honor system work.

The playing area is quite a few acres. This makes it almost impossible to monitor all the activities involved with play at New Kent. This is probably why the current practices and policies are in place. I suggest that the play area be downsized into a manageable size where players can enter and exit the game safely.

I have played for enough years to understand that there is a degree of risk involved with playing paintball, but safety policies and practices are put into place to minimize that risk. With the owner being ex-military, he should be fully aware of the need to develop safety policies and put safe procedures in place to ensure the safety of the players. A safety policy is not in force after the injury has been sustained, but used as a preventative measure.

So if you like to play wearing full body armor, or you don’t mind bleeding from paintball hits, or you don’t nor haven’t put a lot of thought into your own safe play, then New Kent may be to your liking.

Otherwise, If you like to play and enjoy a good safe game for you and your kids, then I suggest that you play elsewhere until New Kent cleans up its safety policy.

Review Comments
nkpgballer15 Friday, July 7th, 2006 | 7:20 pm PST
OK Buddy Lets go through this whole entire review.

Yes getting a game started is a little frustrating sometimes. I have to agree. However because everyone shows up late or when they want to this is the main reason for this.

Safety: Bunkering- Yes there is bunkering at new kent. It happens all the time at new kent. Keep in mind bunkering at new kent is 10x different than any other field. Remember that the bunkers have portholes to look out of. this is not one of those infltable ones where you can look around the side. Hot guns again this all depends on the range, where you are at, and clothes and the other fields you play at. At new kent getting shot at not knowing where it came from can make it hurt because of the fact you dont know where it came from. Remember just because you see one guy on a hill doesnt mean he is the one that shot you. The field is all woods so you have to look for the person to be sure.

Remember agrresiveness at this field is WAY different from at the other fields. The only one way to be sucsessful at this field is to sometimes make those daring moves and as you say to bunker someone. Its like that at any field that i know of. Sometimes to make a hard punch or get the motivation needed is to make one of those daring moves.

Rejuvination: OK i dont know about you but when I get shot out because i make a mistake, i like the fact of being able to go back and try to do better all in the same game. all the other fields where you get shot out once is in my opinion the biggest pain in the you know what. Yes sometimes when you are trying to rejuvinate the other team does get behind you. Why? Because its a smart strategy. Instead of going to that same spot keep your hand on your head and find a safe heaven. Chances are when you see the other team behind you when you are trying to rejuvinate maybe something might tell you to go to a different spot.

Field Sergeants... Ok lets talk. Now this field is so big that referees would NEVER work. The field sgts. job is to play, watch players for safety and watch the field to. Lone wolf part is true to some degree. Why? becuase some people dont listen for a hoot. When you have the know it alls and dont want to listen to you what are we going to do. We lead people all the time. But when you or anybody doesnt want to listen then its not our fault. One parent actually complimented me when i saw his son take off his mask off I stopped playing took him aside and got him to keep his mask on and gave him a warning. The field seargents do this all the time. Also the owner plays and is a supervisor so he sees everything that goes on.

Cheaters: Yes I'll agree there are cheaters. I guess they're only at this field. I dont think so the cheaters are 10 x worse at other fields then they are at this field. Again the field is in thick woods so what you think might be a hit, may really not be. Everyone including me, sgts., players, and owner has had this has happend to. Its even happended to you. If you have a problem tell one of the field sgts. one of the mistakes people make is they think that field sgts. only worry about their game and thats it. We are told that if a player wants a paint check on a person to stop, go find the player and look him over. Again we are not magic people you have to tell us if you want a paint check on us or any other players or the field sgts.

Field size: Mr. Avery Kirby set this field apart from the other fields and wanted to be able to use miltary tactics on the field. For instance you need a big field to flank and sneak behind someone. Why? because on a small field the other people will find you. Thats why the field set up is big. This is not a paintball field. This is more of a thinking strategic field.

I understand your biggest problem is the safety policy. But I think if you actually asked players at new kent who have played at other fields, they will tell you that this is the safest field they have ever played at. Mr Avery takes safety VERY SERIOUSLLY. And that is why the crowds that we get are bigger and bigger. Why? The fun that new kent brings with its so called "bunkering" and because the other players find it safe. I mean when we are done with the day and having fathers, and even mothers, and older players complimenting Mr. Avery about how safe the field is, I'm not sure how it can get much better than that.

I have played at other fields and what your saying about hot guns or bunkering is FAR less than accurate. I have been bunkered at new kent and had to wait 2 weeks for a hit to heal, and have played at other fields and, Guees what? The same thing happend it took 2 weeks to heal. No offense but something tells me you have never been bunkered before.

No offense, but there are 21 posititve reviews so maybe this is a new experience for you.

Again I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. THIS IS NOT A NORMAL PAINTBALL FIELD. ITS DIFFERENT AND THATS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE IT. If you fell really strong about the field go ahead and call the owner and talk to him about how you fell.
Last edited on Sunday, July 9th, 2006 at 7:00 pm PST

specopsballer Monday, July 10th, 2006 | 6:27 pm PST
yes there is a long between game duration but it is there for people to cool off from the before. this is no 5 minute games at this field so speedballers beware. this is a real paintballers the saying goes if you cant stand the heat get out the kitchen.yes there is close quaters combat but that is the only way to win a game ecspecially if you are taking back the fire base. and if you play speedball your at close quaters combat a good part of the game. the saftey is highly stressed at this field so i have know idea where this person has a saftey issue.and yes some field sargents which are few and far between are lone wolfs but they keep the heat on enemy while off alone the rest of the field sgts are there with everybody duking it out and giving help. yes there are cheaters but thats at every field. yes the are big and hard for the field sgts to cover but its better than having refs spread so far out they cant cover every battle but with the field sgts they are normally at the battles because they are leading the troops.
Last edited on Monday, July 10th, 2006 at 6:37 pm PST

RollingThunder Tuesday, July 11th, 2006 | 7:16 am PST
First off, I believe that every opinion matters. One can see that you didn’t have a good day of playing, if fact it sounds like your experience was down right awful.

Many things are never brought to the owner or staff’s attention. Yet players often remark about issues , but never advise the staff.

HOT GUNS…..I know for a fact, if you can pick out the marker that you believe is shooting hot , that marker and player will be escorted to the chorno area during play and the player must shoot 3 shots under 300 FPS of the chronograph. If after a game is played you can point out the player, again player will be escorted to the chorno area and the player must shoot 3 shots under 300 FPS of the chronograph. Saw it happen on July 1st.
And yes, you can be shot with a marker that is set at 280 FPS and have it leave a nasty welt and bruise that take weeks to heal, no matter what distance you are at. In fact, saw a player get hit in the side of the neck and bleed like he was a “stuck pig”. Marker chrono’d at 284 FPS and player was shot at over 30 feet.
In the woods you have to dress the part, it you wear thin clothes or shorts or tee shirts, then yes you risk some nasty welts, but that is the fault of the player not the field.

SLOW GAME TURN AROUND…..though some of the slow turn around time can be blamed on the field and staff, typically it is the all the players that cause lengthy delays. Mostly from dragging their feet getting in, reloading and filling gas. Also, on hot days a slow turn around allows for players to cool down. So placing the blame squarely on the field only is not a fair observation.

GAME LENGTH & REJUVENATION…..the hour long a game as described in your critique was a Fire Base game. For those reading this that have not played at New Kent you have to attach, capture and hold a base. The base is in the open and encompasses roughly a 100 yards long by 50 yards wide area. It takes time to maneuver and assault the base. Yes, I’ve seen the base fall as fast as 20 minutes, but as long as 50 minutes. The idea to allow the defending force to retake the base if it falls….it’s called a “Concept game”. Time is required that this all to take place.
Yes, since the games are 30 minutes long, rejuvenation is the only way to go. It gives the players maximum playing time verses straight up elimination, where a player could literally sit for 29 minutes waiting for the game to end.

BUNKERING & SAFETY…..New Kent is actually one of the safest fields in the area to play on and yes, safe play is a priority. But, they can only do so much to make the field the safest it can be all players must take responsibility for themselves. Basically, players must police other player if they see something unsafe.
Bunkering in classic sense (i.e. speedball) happens very rarely because most players either see it coming or expect a little close quarters fighting, since you’re in the woods after all!!!! Yes, New Kent has a 10 foot rule where a player should/can offer an player the ability to surrender, but it is my 16+ years of experience the player often don’t surrender when it is offered. And in the trenches of the Fire Base, I can honestly say neither attacker of defender has ever offer my a surrender.

LONE WOLFS & AMBUSHES…..You’re in the woods, ambushing can be a helpful tool. And yes, the idea of ambushing a reentering squad by a few players can keep a team off balance…’s called strategy, thought you might of heard of it with your forum name. Bad assumption on my part.
As someone has already commented that Field Sergeant Lone Wolfing occurs because the players refuse to follow direction or be lead and do their own thing. I’ve seen player refuse to move on positions or sit in stagnant gun battles that achieved no goal other than wasting paint. So instead of dragging the team and forcing them to move (which I’ve seen to the point of a Field Sergeant’s ultimate frustration) they go rouge and cause problems to the other team and attempt to open the door for the rest of the team.

FIELD SERGEANTS… in the classic sense they are not refs, but in a woods field such as NKPG it is the only thing that works and since they are typically spread all other the field with other player they can keep and eye on things. If you didn’t see one I guess the group you were with was off doing your own thing.

HONOR SYSTEM….as they say no system is perfect, it relies on all players to be honest, but cheaters are in every sport. It also relies on team to police themselves. I find it humorous the people even think of cheating here, since you get 10X more play time than other places. I’ve personally been hit and never knew it and I don’t know a player that has been playing for any length of time that can’t say the same.
As far as Field Sergeant cheating, your comment sounds more like hearsay then actual experience, so it could just be a sore player(s). So by putting this in your critique is unfair. Secondly, as far as quick rejuvenation, time goes by much quick than you think sometimes when you’re playing so what seemed like a minute or two was actually 5-10.
My one question is this; did you or they go to the owner??? The answer is most like no as with the hot guns.

In my simple opinion, your whole review is riddled with unsupported comments and hearsay that have very little substantiated fact as its basis, yet you have brought it forth as the truth. But, I did e-mail your review to the owner and he said he would ensure that all your comments were address.
Last edited on Tuesday, July 11th, 2006 at 8:00 am PST

KillDByNSP-8 Monday, July 24th, 2006 | 11:55 am PST
Dude you are full of crap. I have been coming to this field for a while and i really disagree with what you said. I know that some people get pretty bad welts, but most of the time it because they run into an area where an awesome firefight is going on!
Like i said you're full of crap dude.

westward Monday, August 7th, 2006 | 9:58 am PST
I played at New Kent a couple of times and I agree that bunkering is kinda dangerous. I mean like, the dude that gave out instructions prior to the start of the day said if your gonna bunker someone you need to holler out, SURRENDER, but I saw a lot of players get shot up real close and not one person not even a sargent called out surrender. That justs makes players mad, but what can you do when your already bleeding?

Dudes, make the rules and stick by them, leave rambo in the movies!

nkpgballer15 Sunday, September 10th, 2006 | 4:59 pm PST
OK the <dude> your reffering to is the owner, and you should a little more respect and not just call him dude.

Bunkering I'm not sure what yalls problem is with this subject. I'm not sure if your a backyard player or a sit in the back of the field all day long. Ive gone to different fields and watched tv and movies and seen incidents where the winning team is usually the one who is aggresive and bunkers people. Being aggresive is how you take control of the game and finish with the win. So guess what we do the same thing. Guess what i went to a field in hopewell yesterday and the bunkering was there to. Its there at every field so you need to get your information right before you go posting it.

Surrendering: most of the time you will only hear a surrender in the firebase. And if you were actually listening to the safety briefing, you would have heard him say that the surrender thing goes out the window in the firebase.Because every one has there adrenaline pumping and nobody really wants to surrender. I'm a sgt. myself and i have have asked for a surrender and have gotten one and so have other sgts. Then on the flip side i have asked for one and the players have turned around and got shot on their own terms................. Now lets use some common sense here if your standing face to face with someone and your on the other end of the bunker and you know that they saw you. Do you really think your going to hear a surrender? NO............. because their first instinct is that you saw them and their expecting to get shot at.

Ok This is the oldest and longest running field in Virginia so the rules that have been made have kept them in buisnnes for 17 years. When you see parents coming up to the owner and telling him that he has got a really safe field, and the older crowd of players staying because the field is so safe. I'm not sure where they are going wrong.

Bottom line: you dont know enough about paintball to leave a comment and you defintely dont know enough about this field. So play a lot more and then let me know when you actually know what paintball and this field is.

TheInstructor Sunday, December 17th, 2006 | 6:31 pm PST
Well, there a a lot of good and bad comments here and according to my experience they should be disputed. First off, calling a field unsafe is a serious claim and one that you need to back up. Things that can make paintball unsafe are the lack of mask safety, guns being hot, or the environtment being unsafe. newkent and its people does what it thinks is best to make sure these are covered. The only issue I would bring up is the way they address chrono'ing guns. First off they don't chrono before you go on the field. Their policy is that if someone accuses you of a hot gun you will be chrono'd on the spot. Then if you are hot you fix it...if you are accused a second time they force you no questions asked to use a rental. now anyone that is a paintballer and doesn't only play at newkent knows that this is not the way to fix or prevent issues. I think the first flaw with this is, they are giving anyone an easy way to manipulate a player they don't like or have beef with. Also I saw many a noob comment being made about guns that shot fast as in bps being accused of being hot..fps...=[ also there is a reason comments have been made about the staff not knowing how to use a chrono...because they don't They don't know how it works, how to reset it, where the gun needs to be put, how to adjust any gun other than their own...I saw 2 sgts. that had no idea how to adjust an a5-the feilds rental gun.

as far as bunkering...I can't wait for idiots to stop crying about it. It is part of paintball and it is perfectly safe. I can't beleive he made comments about body armor and bleeding, stop being a girl. if us speedballers can take being bunkered with guns that shoot 15+bps at 300fps all weekend then woodsballers should be able to take a ball or two from a gun set to 280...because thats how a 10 bunker in woodsball usualy ends up.

TheInstructor Sunday, December 17th, 2006 | 7:31 pm PST
I enjoyed my day at newkent and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great field in southern va. I would tell you to keep these things in mind though because going to this field is different from any other field I have been to, and if you have played paintball any other place you might be surprised. and a surprise when you are expecting one thing...esp. if you are paying for it can be upsetting. I will also say that I feel there is a reason that every other field in america has the set regulations and ways of running things that they do for a reason.

My first warning are the game lengths. Each game is 40-60 minutes long. Like the other reviews say you have a re spawn point. you get hit and you walk a mile to the re spawn point and then you come back into the game...oh yeah and you are supposed to count to 100 too. ok this leads to so many problems I probably will miss all of them. First off players don't wipe their old hits off. The game doesn't end and you gon't get a winner. the speed of the game suffers because you have so many players walking around you hesitate before shooting people. there are a few trenches and bases with 360 degree cover and sometimes roofs that are within a few feet of the re spawn, meaning attacking and taking it requires wasting ungodly amounts of paint, because the people inside get reinforced every time you kill someone. And the comments made about hating to have to wait to play...Um everyone knows that, you pay to play. That's why on every other field you play 10 minute even if you manage to get shot in the first 30 seconds the longest you wait to play is 9 minutes. Trust me it works.

now the field Sgt's , there is a reason others have made comments about them. and there is a reason that other fields don't use them. I want the readers of this to keep this in mind, I am not suggesting a change, because I know it won't happen, I am trying to inform those that want to know as much about the truth about the field before they get there and what they should expect. The field judges first off cannot make the calls that refs do. When you have a paintball gun in your hand you a player first and foremost, you do not make the same calls, and you do not have the same view of the field. Refs are refs because they are unbiased and they can move around the field without hiding or worrying about being shot at. I have worked at fields where the refs were allowed to play during the day and they were not a ref when they played, if newkent is worried about their refs not getting play time, do that. The other argument I read was the the field is so big the refs would NEVER work, give me a break, I'm not going to even try and argue about that. Take a look at some of the big fields in the US, waynes world in florida for example, or any field that does big games of 1000's of players...they use refs...because they need them. Another issue with the sgt's, they don't know paintball enough to make the calls needed, and they can't react the way they need to. One of the ones on this page made the comment that he got thanked by a parent for "walking over to a kid that took his mask of and talked him into putting it back on" I sure hope that you acted differently about this. As a ref I have had to scream at people and literally tackle them for their safety. with the number of sgt's on the field, a kid could walk around the field for 5 minutes before anyone even knew he didn't have a mask on. Its pretty hard to know whats going on, when you are worried about hiding, shooting and moving around your opponent. The only paintcheck I saw all day was when I watched a sgt get hit multiple times, then was hit by me a few times, and only after I changed saying you are ok I paint checked are out...did he leave the field.

Just a few random things to mention about the sgts that weren't the most fun to deal with. They scream at the players to do what they want as if they are in the military, they don't lead and suggest, they yell as if you don't have a choice.

I was told that I needed to check if I needed to reload my gun...which as an experienced speedballer, carrying 7 pods I couldn't help but snicker at his attempt to help me with my playing.

I was told I needed to hide behind something, when my style of playing kept me alive until the last 5 minutes of the 60 minute game.

I was told I needed to check my fps because of my bps.

I was told "i don't think you understand how dangerous this can be" when I offered to help by filling my gun. I wanted to laugh and say, "i don't think you understand that at every national tournament I have been to with the PSP and the NPPL they let us do it ourselves'. I totally understand them wanting to control that...but there isn't a need to talk down to someone when they are just trying to make things run smoother in the field house.

Over all I loved my time at newkent, and I have to say that it was one of the best built woodsball fields I have ever been too. I also must mention that I have never felt more welcome at a woodsball field, as an obvious speedballer. The lack of prejudice was refreshing. The friends I brought with me that had never played before loved their day. I will just say that I enjoyed it, because I accepted the differences of this field, I bit my tongue a few times, and I decided to just do things their way for a day so I could get a chance to shoot some faces in an area where we don't have many fields to pick from. Overall I don't want to upset anyone, I tried to stick to facts, and my opinions were based on either fact, or popular paintball opinion. And like I said at first, I had a good day playing at newkent

1st SFOD-D Friday, January 26th, 2007 | 9:27 pm PST
SAFTEY IS STRESSED HERE did you bring up your worries to the owner. Mr. Kirby has saftey in mind when running this feild. The style and intensity of these games require more than the 5 min rest time. I do myself wish the game turnarounds were quicker but its not entirley their fault. When feild sargents call for all the players to asseble to start a game there is some footdragging here as well. I dont see alot of evidence or specific insident that back up your claims. Bunkering? INTENSE ACTION WILL BE SEEN AT THIS FEILD. The intense atmosphere makes for the best game . You will be shot at ALOT youve got to know how to play resonable well. This feild is different the sgts. make it happen when theres just stalemant. Ambushing thats being tacticlly smart. Being off balance intense action not knowing where it came form that make for good non repiticious type of action thats the best. And paintballs wont lightly hit you if your 10 feet away. There are 50 somthin guys out there playing and consantly come back to play and they hack the pain cant u?

dhamilton Friday, November 12th, 2010 | 2:41 pm PST
This review is inaccurate, because of the description of unsafe play. I have never played at a field that has restricted bunkering, or shots at point blank range. Also, safety is a huge concern at new kent. You will be taken off the field for unsafe conduct. Another point, is that if you have played paintball a few times, you should know that close-range shots are a part of the game.

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