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Comments on IgotAtimmy's Review

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IgotAtimmy Thursday, July 20th, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
6 months
Last There: July 16th, 2006
2 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
to the Field:
Palm Bay!
Review: Well, I had to erase my other review on this place so I could put up a new one. Again, it took to long to play games 30 to 45 min inbetween each game is killing me...I said I would not go back but all my friends drug me there because it was closer to there houses.

Anyway, The game time sucked and the Co2 bit is getting a little out of control it cost me over $15.00 for Co2 that day, my timmy was broke down so I had to use my old spyder for the day and I left my HPA air bottle at my house so Co2 was my only gas choise for the day. I was saying something to one of the ref's about it and all he could say was I should stop being so cheap!

The DraXxus tourney that was coming up has been cancelled, I hear because the city is considering pulling sas out as the managers of the park or something and DraXxus does not want to be in the middle of it. ( What does that say about the group running it) I hope someone else gets the park!!! or if not just let it dry up and go away! No park in palm bay is better than this one! It was better before all the so called hot shots started running it, and Chester had proplems and issiues as well, just not as bad!!! We need new blood from a company that knows what they are doing!!!

My friend went into the sas store the other day and aked for a timmy ram cap, and the dude did not know what he was talking about, so my friend said you know a ram cap the thing on the back that adjust how far the bolt is from the breach! and the dude said go over to the wall and point to it!!!!!!?????!!!!!??????!!!!! ... I think thses guys are possers and should go back to just being players and leave paintball to compaines that know what they are doing. My bud went to combat zone and asked for the same ram cap....and t he dude there pulled out a parts box from behind there tech station and had it it my friends hand before he could tell him the sas story.

That's the only thing I am going to say nice about CZ right now, becuase if I am to nice sas will freak out and yell at this review!!! If you are board go to CZ reviews and read the stuff for yourself... ""EDIT ADDITION:21-Jul-06 AFTER 1 DAY SAS HAD TO COMMENT BACK ABOUT MY USE OF CO2...I OWN A GOOD OLE SPYDER TOO!

So in closing, Huricane / Fury either needs to close up for good, or a new managemt team needs to go in....but sas needs to go and do something there good at and it's not pb.

Well I'm out, like a stream of paint coming out of my Timmy!!!


Last edited on Friday, July 21st, 2006 at 11:05 am PST

Review Comments
paintballax Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 | 8:42 pm PST
Little should just stop trying to fight with everyone. If you dont like the park then its easy, go somewhere else you do like. SAS is cool and they have a lot of great teams and they have always done a great job.

IgotAtimmy Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 | 10:55 am PST
Hey I think you took what I said wrong, I did not say you, (and when I say you I guess that I am speking to the owner of sas) said anything about cz. I said that several of you empolyees and team players have said things about them. I think it is cool that you want to make paintball fun and all. I just think everyone needs to calm down a bit. You also said vendors have told you stuff, that sounds out of place to me...if a vendor sells you both a product and he talks smack about one or the other then he risks not being able to do business with the one he is passing rummors about. Also, if they are telling you things then how do yo know the vendor is not saying things about your company to other stores. (((Again it would not benefit the vendor at all to do it either way))) I think someone is trying to light you up and you are falling for the bait. If you did not hear it out of the horses mouth, then it probably came out of someones A$$. Come on everyone lets grow up and share the candy.

I too have been to cz many time and also been treated with respect and that is why I go there so much and it is closer to my house then your park. I really have not heard cz talk trash about you guys. Did you ever stop to think that if like you said " you can't control what your team guys and customers say" neither can cz! I understand loyality and all and sometimes emotions run high when sports are inivolved. (Hell my dad used to get so mad when I was a kid playing baseball that he would embarass me every time I played) I learned to get over it...maybe you and the owner of cz should both realize you can not control your customers, player, team people, etc and realize that proably everything that is being said in both camps is coming from people neither one of you has any control over.

Does it not say something to you that when cz found out you guys were still intrested in running the park that they changed there minds about even trying? and they went on there myspace and posted it as a blog so the whole world could read it, and even mentioned the fact the you were offering a reward for the return if you equipment. Those things don't sound like a company that has a problem with you. I have heard colonel say that before you guys opened sas that Chris was one of his best customers and that outcast was always coming up to play and have a good time and that he always did his best to make there experence as good as he could. Again these do not sound like something that a bad person would do. Why would he openly say them if he did not mean them? You also mentioned that your were not in it for the profit, that's cool for you but what about the stores and fields that are? I have heard from everyone that the owner of sas is like some kind on millionaire or somethig and he just started sas & fury so he could play more paintball. But again I ask, what about the people that are in it for the profit?? Profit is not a bad word! my family is very wealthy and my grandfather & father have worked very hard to make sure that our family was taken care of. So I understand that a business has to make a profit in order to benefit everyone. So you had said that it was important to you to see the industry grow and benefit the industry and players. But I ask you this, if your company with it's wealth and it's ability to continue to survive even though you do not care about profit is going to make the industry better how? If you don't care about it being a business and it is just your hobbie then in my mind that will take away from those who are trying to make it there living. If it is just your hobbie then why did you sart your own store??? to get discounts? if that was even in your reasoning then you should consider going back to being just a player and let the companies that are in it for work and not pleasure run things. They will make the sport better by not having to compete with a guy who is only in it for pleasure. Can you not understand that? If you were just in it for the pleasure and you did not have a store then you would be spending your deep money on products from a store that is in it for the profit. They would then inturn invest in there corporate future as to make the industry better and in turn ALL of the players benefit because the little guy becomes bigger and by that means better.

Those who make it there living are putting in long hours and doing it because they have a need to. This benefits the industry by causing the owners to continue to make everyone happy by providing a better service and condition in which to play. This forces other fields and stores to do that say same. There by making the industry better. But when one side only has to inprove only when they feel like it then that does not result in better....only different! and different we already have plenty of in this industry.

You know when Ross Perot ran for office back in the early 90's he divided the countrys vote so bad that an idiot like Clinton got elected and then we spent the next 8 years putting up with his bad descisions, including taking away from our military, our gun rights & other issiues. Well in my opinion in this indusrty stores like yours and IRP that have stated that they are not in it for the profit make it harder on the guys that are and I feel like that hurts the industry not helps it.

I have heard colonel say that cz is his only job, he does not have deep pockets like sas does but cz is how his family lives! I can honestly say I like that fact that he works so hard at what he does and it makes me and lot of other people go back. My grandfather always said to support the local "little" business man. That is how my family came into it wealth and power. If you are thinking I am some little rich spoiled kid, I am not I am in my early 20's and live a very nice life style, thanks to my family. I work in the family business and I am proud of what we have become. My father and grandfather spent many hours building our corproation and believed that it would pay off for them. We travel all over the world and have dinned for senators, congressmen, and heads of state. But my family has always kept it's feet on the ground and not let it go there heads. We are very basic people and do not flaunt our wealth!

So if you are the owner of sas, and if you are not then have him read this,....I like your company better now that we are communicating, but I still feel you have a long way to go. I have never heard you! say anything bad about your competitors as to the same that I have never heard them say anything about you!.....It is probably people that neither one of you can control. So that means you should both or all **(I don't know if IRP is in this conversation or not)** just get on with your business.

On that note, why don't you call CZ & IRP and ask them directly and not just assume what trickles in to you bother you so much. I have only met the IRP owner once and he seemed like an alright guy to me. ( He is also not into paintball for money) and the owner of CZ, I have talked to him on many occasions and he seems like and honorable man, with a good business that he enjoys doing...For a Profit! (I hate how poeple act like that is a dirty word) You know he told me one time when we were discussing the whole name calling thing that you are both Marines??? If that is true then should you not at least try to get along better? Aren't Marines supposed to be tight or something?

Look, Sorry this was so long but I have some time on my hands and I was on the debate team in college. Spelling is my weak point and no spell check on PB Review.
So please think about what I said. Maybe I will try Fury again when everyone calms down!


Last edited on Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 at 11:15 am PST

paintballax Saturday, August 12th, 2006 | 7:20 pm PST
Go get him SAS, your shouldnt have to take this shtt from this stupid moran. Let me at him! He is probably stupid enough to think that he is helping CZ, tomorrow I am going to go talk to the owner about IGotATimmyhelpmeIamamoranloser.

Combat Zone PB Sunday, August 13th, 2006 | 8:24 am PST
Attention All Readers:

Combat Zone has only set up this account to inform our loyal customers that we have a problem. One of our patrons is attempting to incite a war between SAS Paintball & Combat Zone Paintball. We do not know why, but it has gotten out of hand and it must stop!

Combat Zone Paintball is asking politely for the screen name, IGOTATIMMY to stop posting any and all reviews about Hurricane, Fury, & Combat Zone Paintball. Yes, I ask you to stop posting even about CZ. I appreciate your loyalty to our company but I can not condone you attacks against our competitor. It is out of control and I do not appreciate it.

Some of there loyal customers are now starting to attack Combat Zone and that offends me. Not because they are attacking, but because they are attacking because of IGOTATIMMY.

So, Please if you like Combat Zone, and you love playing here and being cool with us then I am asking you to delete you comments from pbreview and leave everyone at SAS alone. If you do not and we find out who you are we will be forced to ban you from Combat Zone.

We will give you just a few days to delete these comments from the site. If you do not I will be forced to ask pbreview to delete Combat Zones Account all together. This will detract from doing any good for my business but it will show the world we are serious about keeping our integrity.

Again, thank you for your loyalty to our company, but please cease and desist all actions.

Thank You,

Derek M. Walls, USMC
CEO / President
Walls Enterprises inc. D.B.A.
Combat Zone Paintball
(321) 454-2374

IgotAtimmy Monday, August 14th, 2006 | 1:29 pm PST
Ok, I erased everythinig but a couple of my reviews "REVIEWS" not beat up sessions!!!

and it looks like pbreview erased some as well and then I took even more off. So I hope you are happy.

I am done!


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