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Comments on TheInstructor's Review

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TheInstructor Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
The accuracy of this review is disputed. Please see discussion below.
Period of
Field Use:
Just once
Date There: December 16th, 2006
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Action town- woodsball vs woodsball- newkent beats them hands down
to the Field:
Their site has easy directions...its a few miles off the westpoint exit off of 64, it is easy to find.
Review: I enjoyed my day at newkent and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great field in southern va. I would tell you to keep these things in mind though because going to this field is different from any other field I have been to, and if you have played paintball any other place you might be surprised. and a surprise when you are expecting one thing...esp. if you are paying for it can be upsetting. I will also say that I feel there is a reason that every other field in america has the set regulations and ways of running things that they do for a reason.

My first warning are the game lengths. Each game is 40-60 minutes long. Like the other reviews say you have a re spawn point. you get hit and you walk a mile to the re spawn point and then you come back into the game...oh yeah and you are supposed to count to 100 too. ok this leads to so many problems I probably will miss all of them. First off players don't wipe their old hits off. The game doesn't end and you gon't get a winner. the speed of the game suffers because you have so many players walking around you hesitate before shooting people. there are a few trenches and bases with 360 degree cover and sometimes roofs that are within a few feet of the re spawn, meaning attacking and taking it requires wasting ungodly amounts of paint, because the people inside get reinforced every time you kill someone. And the comments made about hating to have to wait to play...Um everyone knows that, you pay to play. That's why on every other field you play 10 minute even if you manage to get shot in the first 30 seconds the longest you wait to play is 9 minutes. Trust me it works.

now the field Sgt's , there is a reason others have made comments about them. and there is a reason that other fields don't use them. I want the readers of this to keep this in mind, I am not suggesting a change, because I know it won't happen, I am trying to inform those that want to know as much about the truth about the field before they get there and what they should expect. The field judges first off cannot make the calls that refs do. When you have a paintball gun in your hand you a player first and foremost, you do not make the same calls, and you do not have the same view of the field. Refs are refs because they are unbiased and they can move around the field without hiding or worrying about being shot at. I have worked at fields where the refs were allowed to play during the day and they were not a ref when they played, if newkent is worried about their refs not getting play time, do that. The other argument I read was the the field is so big the refs would NEVER work, give me a break, I'm not going to even try and argue about that. Take a look at some of the big fields in the US, waynes world in florida for example, or any field that does big games of 1000's of players...they use refs...because they need them. Another issue with the sgt's, they don't know paintball enough to make the calls needed, and they can't react the way they need to. One of the ones on this page made the comment that he got thanked by a parent for "walking over to a kid that took his mask of and talked him into putting it back on" I sure hope that you acted differently about this. As a ref I have had to scream at people and literally tackle them for their safety. with the number of sgt's on the field, a kid could walk around the field for 5 minutes before anyone even knew he didn't have a mask on. Its pretty hard to know whats going on, when you are worried about hiding, shooting and moving around your opponent. The only paintcheck I saw all day was when I watched a sgt get hit multiple times, then was hit by me a few times, and only after I changed saying you are ok I paint checked are out...did he leave the field.

Just a few random things to mention about the sgts that weren't the most fun to deal with. They scream at the players to do what they want as if they are in the military, they don't lead and suggest, they yell as if you don't have a choice.

I was told that I needed to check if I needed to reload my gun...which as an experienced speedballer, carrying 7 pods I couldn't help but snicker at his attempt to help me with my playing.

I was told I needed to hide behind something, when my style of playing kept me alive until the last 5 minutes of the 60 minute game.

I was told I needed to check my fps because of my bps.

I was told "i don't think you understand how dangerous this can be" when I offered to help by filling my gun. I wanted to laugh and say, "i don't think you understand that at every national tournament I have been to with the PSP and the NPPL they let us do it ourselves'. I totally understand them wanting to control that...but there isn't a need to talk down to someone when they are just trying to make things run smoother in the field house.

Over all I loved my time at newkent, and I have to say that it was one of the best built woodsball fields I have ever been too. I also must mention that I have never felt more welcome at a woodsball field, as an obvious speedballer. The lack of prejudice was refreshing. The friends I brought with me that had never played before loved their day. I will just say that I enjoyed it, because I accepted the differences of this field, I bit my tongue a few times, and I decided to just do things their way for a day so I could get a chance to shoot some faces in an area where we don't have many fields to pick from. Overall I don't want to upset anyone, I tried to stick to facts, and my opinions were based on either fact, or popular paintball opinion. And like I said at first, I had a good day playing at newkent

Review Comments
nkpgballer15 Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 | 4:38 pm PST
As a worker for New Kent I have to agree with some but not all of your points.

1.Game Lengths: Yes the games are 40 to 60 mintue long games. However the game you are refering to is the center flag game which is only 30 minutes long. So this is wrong information to input. You are right in the fact that the center flag game sometimes does not have a winner. However since you only came here once putting this in your review is unfair. As there are winners depending on the group and day. Overall this is a issue you did not have enough info to post about.

2. Field Sgts.: Yes you are right when you comment that when you have a gun in your hand you are a player first and foremost. I 100% agree with you. And no your right this policy will probably never change. And your right that we cannot make the same calls that the refs do. However we do the best we can and for many its the best system they have ever seen. This field aslo relies on a honor system. I was the one who made the comment about the issue with the kid having his mask taken off. You posted this information wrong as when you read it says I made him put his mask back on and gave him a warning. So what you posted about me TALKING him into putting his mask back on is incorrect.

Yes we have a couple of Sgts. who do yell at people which has included me a few times. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you have just taken a valuable piece of real estate on a field such as a bunker or the like wouldnt you want the rest of your team to hold this bunker as you proceed throught the rest of the field. I know I'm not perfect so please correct me if I'm wrong.

With being asked if you needed to reload I wasnt there so it would be wrong of me to make a comment on that.

Now this is my time to snicker: when you say your style of play kept you alive kept you alive for the last 5 minutes of a 60 minute game. When you were on our team you stayed in the backfield and did nothing but waste paint the whole enitre game. Now because you were not aggresive in your style of play anyone could see why you stayed alive for this long.

With regards to checking your feet per second<fps> because of your balls per second>. The issue with this is; we have had players who walk the line as far as the chrono. Were they might chrono their gun and have it read 285 289 291 or such. The set field measuring for the chrono with their guns is underneath 290. When your gun ramps the pressure inside your regulator kicks up which in turn rises your velocity. Therfore would cause an issue if you were walking the line per say. Now I'm not saying you were shooting hot because I was not there.

Yes the fact that every national tournament lets you fill your own tank is true. However is it going to kill you to wait just two minutes to let us fill it when all we are trying to do is be safe. Yes the fact that with a push button fill station there are limited risks. But as the saying goes better safe than sorry. Also we do not know you from Adam as you may be someone who says they know how to fill it, but in truth may really not know. Which would cause a serious accicedent. Having the workers be the only one who fills them give us the extra security that we can stay a paintball field. Also because of the fact you do not know the insurance policy that has been set forth this a serious issue. So please do not critisize other fields for the way they do things. Especially when it involves others safety.

At the top of your review you have mentioned that this field is different. We have tons of people that post reviews that agree with the fact that this field is different. I guess because we are so different that our crowds usually average around 50 or 60 were a lot other fields are lucky if they get 10. Again I'm not really sure where we are going wrong.

Also popular paintball opinion If we listened to this we would have speedball fields here and obviouslly this is a woodsball field. So your popular paintball opinion is not the same as a woodsballer's paintball opinions might be.

You were polite in all of your review so in turn it would be the right thing for me to be polite to you.

I'm glad you had a good time at New Kent and I'm really glad your friends had a good time. This is what we are all about. This is why we have the numbers we have. If in the area please come by and see us again.

1st SFOD-D Friday, January 26th, 2007 | 9:07 pm PST
Your first warning were game lengths. The lenghts of the games are long on some games due to the type of feild and game which is played. Trust me when you start to play a game like fire base rarley can you capture that base in 30 min if the defenders are of average skill. The walk back is long but to my knowledge isnt a mile.
THe counting to 100 is a problem if people cheat in doing so. Look at it like this paintball is a game of honesty often in the heat of battle you wont see if a person wipes a hit and keeps going. The majority of people that ive seen in my 2 and half yrs. playing here know how to count to a hundred realisticly and it poses no problem .
THe few feet responing thing yes it happens it requires the attackers to THINK in a different approach to taking the objective. As has been stated this feild make you think and manuver,flank e.t.c to give you an exsperiance like no other.
THe feild sargents yes some are lone wolfs but they can do more than two things at once. Yes they wont have the same efectivness as a ref. not playing but they still enforce the rules because these guys are often at the action where controversy arises. Trust me if a feild sargent saw a player take off their mask watch how quickly they would deal with that issue its like they werent playing at all and become totally focused on implementing the safte rules of NewKent.
THe screaming refs. Trust me ive seen these guys take valuble grounds alone while everyone else jsut watches and it is frustrationg when you do all that and dont get backed up. Mr. Kirby exsplains in his SAFTEY SPEECH that if you dont want to do what their doing its fine thats his words so right there hes the owner saying that the absolute athority at NewKent saying that you dont have to play as a feild sargent says respective of youo respecting the rules of course.
And him telling you to relod your gun...tryin to be helpful dont see a problem there. Often the exsperiance have more knowledge than judgment.
Yes national tournaments do let u fill but wrongly filled tanks can burst and KILL people and that brings down heavy repurcussions on the owner. 5min for saftey isnt much at all. I applaude your respectful review and hope you will come back

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