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Comments on aznheadshot's Review

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aznheadshot Friday, December 29th, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
Just once
Date There: December 28th, 2006
Less than a month
Other Fields
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first time
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It was really hard, but if you exit from the 60 freeway, look for river ave, which you should find after passing 1-2 bridges, which depends on which direction you go, and after you get on the road go STRAIGHT even if you seem lost, because eventually on the way you will find a sign that leads to S.C. Village. Follow the arrows and you will get there soon. After you learn the way it will seem really easy to you. The greatest obstacles you will face are the army of cows along side the road, it wasn't that bad tho, as I got used to it after 5 min. Before that tho...
Review: Ok, time for the review. Today I went with 2 friends and my bro, all of us were new to this, so
maybe my review will be different from the pros, and another note
This week and next week there is a discount of a full day pass for only 15 dollars, and today there were about 200 people here, and I heard there could be around 1000 people per day so again, might not help.

Safety- Really good, as their number 1 rule is DON'T TAKE YOUR MASK OFF, and they really do enforce that rule, because today I got hit in the mask part where I breath, and I ate paint and it tasted bad. I walked out of the field and when I thought I was far enough I took off my mask to clean it, but then a ref appeared out of nowhere and told me I was not allowed into the next game, but because I didn't talk back and probably he saw I was carrying their rental gun, which indicates I am bad, about 5 min later when the game was over and I was chatting with my friends that same ref came up to me and said I could play in the next game if I don't do that again. I was like heck yea and was really happy :D today there were only 2 refs per game but I guess it is because today there were less people than the usual thousands. Because we were all beginners we had to watch this video about paintball basics, and it was really good, only 5 min long tops, and teaches you not to do drugs and shoot refs (not to). The barrel plug rule is great also, but many of the new people left the safety off after their games and you see their plugs flying into the ground and stuff but pretty funny. (Whoa wat WAUGH ur plug iz missing)
Rating- 10/10

Fields- Hm, so many to go to, but I have to admit I haven't played paintball long enough to really rate them but they were all great and fun. Didn't try speed ball arena. They should probably clean their fields though as in some areas there were billions of not broken paintballs, and when i walk and crawl around, I hear pop pop pop. They probably clean weekly like weekends, and I played on a Thursday, so maybe that's it.
and in some of the fields with the big rocks there are sometimes little chunks, and if your not careful you can slam your feet into it and it hurts a lot. You get to play around 10 games each day, and each game is 15 min long with a 7 min break between each. I read a lot of the comments and they said that it takes forever to walk to each of the fields, actually they are really close together, close enough when they announced 3 minutes till game starts and we were eating and we still made it to the field on the other side of the park.
Rating- 8/10 clean the fields and ill give you a 10

Hours of operation- Mondays to Fridays usually closed but there is a special going on this week and next week, 15 dollar entry and opened from 10a-4p try to get there earlier at like 9:30
weekends I think is from 7:30-4:00

prices- Admission is usually 25 dollars whole day and 20 dollars half, but this week was a special so it was only 15 dollars the whole day.

For a group of four, me and my friends rented everything we needed and split a 2000 count box between us, cos ted around 60 dollars each person, which is pretty cheap. Food is really great, as it is 4.75 for 2 hot dogs, chips, and a soda or 5 for same thing cept 1 hamburger not hot dogs. Keep in mind the food stands only open for about 1 and a half hours around lunchtime, so eat, don't wait till ur hungry and its closed. Free water near the food place, tastes good, cold, so if your thirsty just come here. They have free lockers here but you need your own lock, so BRING YOUR OWN you can buy one at the dollar store for a DOLLAR they sell locks for 7 bucks, so my friend bought one.

Tips on making your day cheaper-
If you go with friends and some of them just like hanging back and support with cover fire, don't rent the pod holder with pods, just rent it for your friend and share with each other on the field. brings that 61 to 56 bucks.

Then I think you can choose not to buy the all day air pass and save another 10 dollars, as I only shot 500 rounds that day and didn't even need one refill so that would bump the price even lower for everything you need 51 bucks includes the 5 dollars for food

After that I suggest buying your own paint, as their paint is RPS Rampage, which was pretty bad when I used it, and i didn't like it. Go out and buy another kind of paint, around 40 bucks for a 2000 count high quality one, and save 14 dollars off the price of paint there, which is 54 dollars for a 2000 count of rampage paint.
54/4 = 13.75 per person based on a four person group
40/3 = 10 per person
13.75-10 = 3.75 saved so
it brings the total price down to around 47 dollars.

Their gun rental fee is 13 dollars, which rents a Tippecanoe 98 and sometimes the hopper is so worn out that it pops out easily, just ask for another one. when i used it it would swerve the paint around so either the gun is worn out from use or bad paint.
I was aiming at a guy with half his body sticking out from a truck tire, and he didn't notice me so I was like, easy shot. I was about 15 feet away too. I aimed, shot, and the ball swerved and hit the tire. He didn't even notice my bad shot, so I just unloaded about 10 shots at him after that , and I hit his mask and arm.
I suggest you bring your own gun.

Rating- 8/10 for great price but bad rental or bad paint, cant tell

The staff was really friendly great for newbies, cept the rental lady didn't even know the name of the gun, and it was printed on the MARKER in big white letters, kinda weird, but i guess she isn't a paintball fan. Refs were cool, players today was awesome
my gun jammed during the game so i took off the barrel, checked, fine no paint checked the nitro, pretty full, and checked the safety, it was off, so I was like what
I asked the people hiding near me how to fix it and some guy just came over, took my gun, pulled a bolt on the side of the Telemann and cocked it back and a paintball rolled out. after that it worked fine, depends on who you play with though.
In the North Vietnam scenario we were the ones with the house bunkers and while I was in the middle of the map, these 2 guys hiding behind a rock told me to find cover from our own team. I asked why, then I was shot by 3 paintballs. FROM MY ALLIES. turns out the new people just spray and pray into the field, and don't know about drop from the shots at this range.

Rating of staff- 10/10

The restrooms- I read in most of the reviews before I went that the restrooms were really bad and makes you don't want to go but yea they seem to have installed real restrooms, and new too, really great as they listened to other people's complaints.
Thumbs up for that.
Rating- 10/10

Locker rentals- Really nice except I don't like how they place the lockers furthest away from the fields, its a pain if you have to get something out of your locker before the next game starts like extra paintballs, and its all messy inside the lockers too, all this paint and paintballs lying around but they are dried anyway so it didn't matter.

Rating- 7/10 for being placed so far from the fields

Conclusion, you get what you pay for, great fields, great food, cooked right there so it is fresh, great staff, already planning to come again next week. :D If your gonna go tell me maybe we live close or something and can hitch rides from the other guy Rowland Heights 91748 my zip code.BTW they are selling annual memberships now for 300 dollars, posted so when you go pee there this flier glued to the wall, which im gonna get after I save up for my marker, and if anyone from S.C. is reading this POST SIGNS NEAR GAS STATIONS OR ROADS to point a direction to your place, or get a real address because yours is not real, so map quest could only take me so far. Just email the guys over at map quest and tell them there is actually a great paintball park over there, not that cow rodeo building near your park. Tip, first timers to this park come at least an hour and 30 min early because it takes time to find this place, but after that its really easy. don't forget to bring chips or something to eat if your hungry and the food stand is closed. Keep your mask on, your barrel plug on, and if I ever get the chance I would probably work here.

Most memorable moments of today - During the North Vietnam scenario, I was standing in the back for the beginning and there was this little kid with his dad, about 10 I think and he had a brass eagle striker, really bad gun I heard., was standing in the open, and shooting like crazy at the other side. Because he was so far back I guess
the other team just got rained on. Tell you the truth, I was actually gonna buy a brass eagle as a back up because I noticed while he was shooting it was accurate for a cheap gun until he accidentally shot at a tree about 3 feet away and the paintball bounced off. yes, for real, 3 feet. the ball almost hit the kid too.

Next was I think at Bosnia and there was this guy, he was strapped with so much tubes for his Phantom (wow) pump gun and they were filled with pink paint. I thought that was pretty funny because when I see someone on the other side get eliminated by him they gotta walk off with a gigantic pink blob on their mask, very insulting, glad I was on his team... Near the beginning his gun jammed and he started cursing and tried cleaning it but nothing worked, so finally he just told us where the enemy was when he popped his head out. cause of him I got 2 people out, but then after he told me there were about 5 people behind this large van to the left and retreated, I knew I was gonna get out. I pop my head out and got hit with a spray of paint to my face.
Funny tho after I walked off some guy on our team heard the pump dude and just popped out and sprayed into the huge mass of people hiding behind the van. I think he took all five out with that spray.

Come here with friends, make it more memorable, bring a towel to wipe ur hits AFTER the game because i don't think they provide their own, Play with honor and dignity, don't throw paintballs at littler kids because their guns are worse than yours ( these guys were doing that at the locker area, and they were laughing too and the kid looked all sad, worse he was with his dad and he looked like he was about to unload all his paint on those bad people >:D, but they were both beginners and played fair so they walked away )
Apart from all the bad players it will make your day, better than a day at Six Flags and about the same price, if not cheaper.
Really, I mean it.
And before you come, do some exercised because on the fields your gonna be doing Lot of running, crouch running, and now my legs feel like jelly Caz im so outta shape from taking band instead of pe at school. Name is Josh, and hope this has proved useful to all those who come to this great paintball site. Now go and buy me a Phantom for reading this. save up on money, just for this. I swear. worth every penny. I don't know what im writing now. Its midnight. o yea if you have glasses the rentals fit fine, because i wear them.
did i miss anything... O yea go on less crowded days that might make your day better because shorter lines to food, when in games its not like a super horrifying shooting random people paintball fest 90v90 style, but just around 30v30 with teamwork.

If some things sounds weird it is because the spell checker would not let me type the name of some things, even the name of the marker I was using. You will kinda figure it out though. Tippecanoe 98. Go figure

Review Comments
tamadko Monday, January 1st, 2007 | 11:24 pm PST
its a tippmann 98. just so you know. but i'm glad you had fun

s11pkn07 Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 | 9:01 pm PST
seems fun. i think i should go to. only problem is im on the other side of the world.

MrOrange Sunday, January 28th, 2007 | 8:20 pm PST
High five for band for PE! [trumpet at LQHS]

anyways, very thorough and detailed review, but i must ask, what brand of paint do they sell?

xonelastsalute Sunday, March 11th, 2007 | 2:04 pm PST
it wont let you spell tippmann?? haha, i shoot a tippecanoe e-pro with a flatline (sexy)

aznheadshot Sunday, February 10th, 2008 | 9:54 am PST
Hm I don't remember what kind of paint they sell
I just remember that it hurts :D

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