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Comments on shockerairmail's Review

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shockerairmail Sunday, November 11th, 2007
Period of
Field Use:
Just once
Date There: October 10th, 2007
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Big Pearl, Splatter Mt, Red River
to the Field:
It wasn't very easy to find, small sign, the the people were nice when I called.
Review: OK I played in the MXS scenario Village of the Damned. I don't have time to write everything down in detail, but let me give a brief description of my experience.

-The first night we were kept up until 2am with people swearing, drinking alcohol and blowing paintball through there barrels into our tent. One of the people drinking was an under aged ref! Saturday when we started playing there was not enough refs and a lot of people were whipping paint. Keep in mind there was 400 people at this event, but they still did a very poor job with the refs they had. I didn't see anyone's volocity checked on Saturday. I also noticed a lot of refs just standing around away from the action. On Sunday it got a lot better, there were more refs on the field, I assume bc enough people complained.

-They do not play on 92 acres, that's a flat out lie. The park is just not as big as advertized. They have maybe 20 acres that we played on. There speedball was shut down, so that might at another 4-5 acres.

+The woodsball field they have is not bad. They have lots of buildings & some trenches. Parts of the woods in the back need more barricades, but overal it was a pretty good field.

+Chronograph area was really nice. They have live 5 chrono's set up with netting all around and targets to shoot at. Very nice.

-Some of the local guys definatly abused the rules. One of them shot his friends car up in the middle of the tents. Nothing happened to him, someone from Splat Bros should have been policing the tents, then that wouldn't have happened.

-The night paintball looked cool, but it sucked. I did not play in the night bc w/o night vision you were just a walking target. Also I observed people clearly cheating by whipping paint and bounce balling other players.

-The paint was $80 per case, $50 entry fee. That's a little high for me.

+There was some awesome vehicles there. Teams come from all over the place to play at this event, that was pretty cool meeting people from Florida that came up.

-My team was on the humans side, we dominated the field both days. On several occations we took the other teams base. There were several times when the refs should have called for a HOT insert. Instead they let the aliens insert right behind some of our players, and I do mean right behind.

+I liked how they reinserted people every 15 minutes. I also liked that it was a continuous game. That made the field seem a little less jammed with people.

+It was a very target rich environment. There were all kinds of people that had no idea what they were doing.

+Most of the people were very honest, but people were more honest when there was a ref in the vacinity.

+&-I also liked the idea of the medics, but some people abused it. They'd get shot yell for a medic then keep playing once nobody was paying attention to them. I know bc I shot several of them that did that.

-There was some guy nick named "Trips" at the event. He talked like he was a paintball icon, but nobody ever heard of him. On Sunday when we were all waiting to hear who won he gave us a speech about how "Paintball should be fun", it sucked!

+The food was really good and reasonably priced considering it was right at the field.

=I would assume that for a normal event things are not so crazy, but I would not go back to an MXS event at this field. Also if you do go, get a hotel, unless you like staying up all night drinking.


Review Comments
topfun2001 Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 | 9:03 am PST
Thanks for your honest review however I would like to address a few points that I disagree with. As one of the owners I am exceptionally displeased to hear of the drinking and carrying on that went on at night. Especially since there was at least a dozen or more policemen, MP's, and other folks of similar authority in the camping area. I am somewhat amazed that no one spoke up to any of us in management. I will assure you that SplatBrothers® will make every effort to see that this does not occur again.

The park is actually 92 acres and I pay every dollar in tax that is required by Prince George County and everyone will tell you that I will NOT pay for something I do not owe. Just to give you a reference the staging area, parking lot, and camping area is over 11 acres. SplatBrothers® is a lot of things but publishing untruthful information about such things as space that is easily verified just ain't happening - sorry dude but you are wrong.

I am glad that you liked the idea of night play especially with night vision but I am miffed as to why you would diss the game play since you admitted you didn't play. Maybe I have misunderstood your point.

As for policing the area I know that I personally was in the tenting area several times after dark and stopped at every tent to bs with the players that were there. However, I didn't stop at any tents that were unoccupied some maybe these are the moments you are referring to that were unruly.

I am disappointed that you had to witness any misconduct and wish to publically apologize for any troubles this may have caused you or your team. If you will do SplatBrothers® a HUGE favor next time please let us know before the end of the event or while it is happening so that we can take the steps necessary to correct any infraction of the rules immediately...

Thanks again for your very important input.


shockerairmail Friday, December 28th, 2007 | 6:57 pm PST
I had fun at this scenario, but I was disappointed. I don’t like being negative, but I still believe my original view to be accurate.

I don’t recall seeing any police or MP’s, but maybe they were undercover, I honestly wasn’t looking for them.

I’m sure Splat Bros pays taxes for 92 acres, that’s irrelevant. What is relevant is how many acres make up the playing field. I would like to know exactly how many acres are reserved for woodsball? The website gives the impression that 92 acres is reserved for the Village of the Damned scenario. The website says “play the entire 92 acre park”.

One thing Splat Bros could do is ban all alcohol, and then enforce that rule. At least then if people are drinking they would have to keep it inside their tent and they would be more likely to go to bed a little earlier.

Let me end by trying to be positive. The layout of the field, tents, chronograph were great. There were lots of port-a-pottys, and they all in very nice condition. A lot of time was spent on the land near the chronograph area, there is plenty of barricades to hind behind. Even with a tone of people you could still move of the field.

wallride2 Friday, January 4th, 2008 | 8:26 pm PST
I was also witness to the LOUD MOUTH RULE BREAKERS. now i know you cant go around and tell a 30 year old man that he has to go night night so that part i just had to deal with (i guess when you sit in the back of the field the whole event you dont need to rest).I dont know if drinking is allowed there but i did wittness 2 of the members of staff(1 being quite young) go over and talk with the "drunk dudes" and just laugh one man said " oh im glad it was just you i thought we had done got caught" (yes thats exactly how he said it cause it made me laugh) so obvisly that staff member didnt care they even offered the young man a drink saying "we dont check ID's", i wittnessed a man whom i was under the impresion was on the staff shoot a car in the stageing area! mabey he wasnt but he was talking to all the reffs and the owner like they wer best friends, he stood up on the deck of the pro shop while the scenarios wer being read he had a red stocker with a half naked woman on the grips, i just cant remember his name, but ya i was reay dissapointed in his behavior. the field was great but deffinently not 92 acres of playing field ,like the web and village of the damed flyer said, but again was still pritty nice. the staging area was also very nice im not gunna name all the nice stuff it was just very nice.

The first day the reffs SUCKED!!!! im sorry thats the trueth. with as much as i and many others payed there should have been ALLOT more reffs, oh and gilly suites just need to be banned or a reff needs to fallow them around beacuse on sever ocations i sot or wittnessed someone shooting a player with a guilly suit and they just never came out, every hit counts with a guilly suite but the rule wasn't enforced. the second day the reffs were better but still not quite up to par.

on a lighter note it was hillarious that the team that one MVT on the alien side got it.
they were quite possibly the worst team on the other side, has anyone seen the you tube videos, all they did was sit in the back or bring up the rear of a charge, but i guess thats what you get when the alien general was there team captian, that team should not have ben ellageable for MVT, might wanna think about that next time splaybros.
there were many more desirveing teams on th alien side, i was on the human team so im not complaining that my team didnt get it cause we were fighting them. Oh and one time the humans had compleat controle of the field all the way up the the alien base and they DIDNT call a hot insert insted the reffs made us back up out of the base (the spool field) and let them re insert STUPID!

spudcrazy Friday, February 8th, 2008 | 9:38 pm PST
I know this is kinda late, but I will post it anyway...

I've played Splatbrothers several times. And yes, the night camping leaves ALOT to be desired with all the unruly behavior (I'm old and I need my sleep). However, I don't understand what the firstplayer was saying about the lack of field size. I would have to guess he didn't venture to far off the beaten path. I have played and walked the tapeline and I can tell you, it is every bit the 80+ playable acres (not including the parking and staging area as Twister had posted). There's tons of acreage all around the towers, behind cheeseburger hill and all the way back to the maze. You can easily get lost. My team uses a lot of those unused acres as sneak points to crawl up on the enemy. You need to take another look at the field if you don't think it is that big.

As for reffing, I was the Human base ref. I can't say what the other refs on the field were doing, but I know when I reffed the final battle, whipping is a matter of perception and 9 times out of 10, a person you think might be whiping is more likely either checking themselves or they had a bounce. I am saying this because I was specifically told to watch someone the was "caught" whiping. It ended up that not a single time I was radioed, was the person whiping. As a matter of fact, he would check himself and was constantly calling me over to check for him.

Oh, yes, the insertions need to be better managed, but it's extremely hard to find enough refs that are willing to give up a great day of paintball only to stand by and get yelled at or worse yet, stand at an insertion point where they can't even watch the game... This is NOT an excuse, just a fact...

Lastly, to the guy who said the Alien's MVT was the general's own team.... WRONG!!! Jet (the Alien General) plays for BeBop and BeBop most definitely did NOT get the MVT. I know Jet and he would NOT give his own team an award if he was generalling... Sorry dude, but get your facts straight...

Oh yeah, velocity checks on the field??? Again, I was only a base ref, but I checked velocities at the Human base when called upon. However, one ref, Ducttape, spent his entire two days running around like a madman checking people. I know this for a FACT because I sent him on goose chases no less than a dozen times....

Again, sorry to sound defensive. Your point about camping, I gotta admit, does need to be looked into because people are loud and stay up late. However, I chalk it up to college kids and you have to admit, right now this sport is dominated by the younger folk. But, most of the other assertions just don't add up. The field is big; bigger than any I've played and I've play a ton. If you had problems, you should have brought it up to the staff. The Splatbrothers owners are about the nicest people I've ever met in the paintball industry. You really need to give them another go....

shockerairmail Saturday, April 5th, 2008 | 9:03 pm PST
I remember you, you were cool, but your last comment bothers me.

I made the point to say that the staff was participating in most of the problems in the camping area. So what good would it do to go to the owners. Then I'd have a bunch of ticked of refs trying to kick me off the field. Sure the next event might run a lot smother b/c the guys got chewed out, but that woudn't bennifit me. Also, I had to leave all my stuff (truck, trailer, tent, & gear) while I played paintball. According to the owner above there was a massive police force patroling the entire area. It seemed more like the LA riots to me. OK that's going a litte to fare, but it wasn't like we saw any cops or MP's the entire time we were there.

As for finding people willing to ref. if you can't find cabable staff, then you need to cap the number of people that are able to attend the event, to ensure a more pleasureable experience.

The bottom line is SB needs to run a tighter ship and they'd have a great field and set up. From the reviews I'm seeing it doesn't look like they're doing that yet.

I"ll give SB some credit, it looks like they've toned down the whole "play the entire 92 acres" thing. Now they just say "play 15 fields, on 92 acres". Just to be clear they do not have 92 acres of accual playing field, that was my original issue. They do have a very nice park, no need to exagerate the size of the playing fields.

spudcrazy Sunday, April 6th, 2008 | 9:09 pm PST
Thanks for the compliments!!!

As for bringing the staff issues up with the owners, I guess I should have stated that they would and will ot relay your complaint to the staff, so you wouldn't have had a bunch of ticked off staff at you. Believe me, I have complained and I truly think they try to quelck the problems.

Oh, and btw, I played their 26hour game, just this weekend and they have now incorporated chrono checks for EVERYONE for EVERY insertion!!! It was only a tiny bit inconvenient, but I would have to say it has ELIMINATED hot shooting altogether and think it's a GREAT addition.

One of the Splatbrothers owners came to the Blanding game that I attended in February and this precise review was the topic of a conversation I had with him. He does read these comments and tries to act on them, so believe it or not, you have had some POSITIVE impact, because I think some of the recent changes have been based on this review and your comments( amoungst other suggestions to them personally). They do take to heart comments, both negative and positive, and I think that's rare in this day and age. They truly try to please everyone. They are trying to run a tighter shop but there's only so much they can do, but I feel they are doing a pretty darned good job.

Try to hit their next scenario and see if you think they've made some positive changes. If you feel they haven't, contact me and I will relay the info myself and keep you totally anonomous and will have no ill will about you, because I feel your honest opinion can only be GOOD for the paintball industry and is a positive attribute considering you are making suggestions for improvement.. But I really think you will be pleasantly surprised....

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