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Comments on YungLoczz's Review

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YungLoczz Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Period of
Field Use:
Just once
Date There: September 5th, 2010
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Area 51 - Smaller (closed, now is a roller derby arena)
Paintball City - Smaller, same pricing
Defcon - Smaller, same pricing
C-Q-B - Smaller, same pricing
to the Field:
Google Maps or MapQuest is just a few clicks away people. Located at 54 Wingold Ave, main intersection is Dufferin St. and Lawrence Ave. West.
Review: I am basing this review as a gun owner only, you may disagree with what I say but this is only from my own point of view

Hours of Operation ~ Sgt. Splatters has one of the most friendliest in the GTA. Even though the site and by word-of-mouth might say that they are open 24-hours a day, this is only half true. If nobody is on the field, they typically close around 2 AM. However, if there are people on the field, they tend to stay open even if more people randomly show up. The only field that also offers 24-hour service is Defcon, but only by reservation.

Pricing These are NOT BYOP rates ~ The pricing at Sgt. Splatters is on-par with most of the GTA's other paintball establishments. However, the price tends to get steeper when you want to buy half a case of paintballs and up. For example: buying 2000 paintballs at the counter of Sgt Splatters will cost you $240.00 dollars, whilst at C-Q-B, the same number of paintballs will only cost you $170.00 dollars. Defcon's prices are even cheaper, 2000 paintballs is $119.00 dollars, but there is one thing added to that. Most of the workweek at Defcon are half day rates, making 2000 paintballs only $75.00 dollars. At Paintball City, 2000 paintballs is a steal, only $50.00, but this price is only on Tuesday evenings.

Pricing for renters is a different story. For $29.95 at Sgt. Splatters, it gets you 4 hours field time, unlimited Co2, full-face mask and a semi-auto paintball marker with 100 paintballs. C-Q-B's rates vary, the first package being a Bravo One or A5 will get you 100 paintballs and 3 hours of play. The other package is with the Tiberius T8, including once again, 3 hours field time but with 200 paintballs. The catch is that you have to buy replacement 12.oz cartridges for it. Paintball City charges you by the hour, and 3 hours play time is $31.00 dollars and includes 100 paintballs. At Defcon, for $30.00 dollars gets you 3 hours play time, BUT you have to buy ALL your paintballs as there is no first free set of 100.

The pricing in terms of paintballs bought in 100's remains at a stand-still. All 4 establishments mentioned above have the same price for 100 balls; $15.00 dollars.

BYOP Rates ~ Sgt. Splatters has 2 BYOP days: Wednesday from 6PM til closing, and Sunday from 9AM to 2PM with registration by noon. The price for entry is $25.00 dollars. This is a pretty good price, considering the fact that you can buy a case of paint in their pro-shop for only $30.00 dollars at the minimum. The downside is that you have to pay for HPA refills: $2.50 per 1k of air or $10.00 for unlimited all day air. Paintball City's BYOP day is Sunday from 5PM to 10:30PM and has the same entry fee as Sgt. Splatters, but a standard case of paintballs costs a bit more than Sgt. Splatters; only $35.00 dollars. Defcon is a bit more tricky, as admission is $25.00 dollars, and with a case of paint its $64.00 dollars. You may not see how it is tricky, but on their site it doesn't specify whether or not "admission with a case of paint is $64.00" actually comes with a case of paint. At C-Q-B, the BYOP day is non-existent.

That concludes all of the topics comparing Sgt. Splatters to other GTA fields. NOW, time for actually reviewing Sgt. Splatters on its own.

Pro Shop ~ The Pro Shop for Sgt. Splatters is STOCKED. They carry most of the markers in today's paintball market. They have paint grenades at $8.00 dollars, jackets, shirts, pants; all the gear you may want to use is in their Pro Shop. They even carry Powerade in their fridge for $2.50 a bottle. Also, Justin, the cashier at the Pro Shop, FANTASTIC guy. He smiles and treats the customers with a friendly tone, unlike most of the other staff members, but we'll get to that in a few. On a different note, the only Pro-Shop that comes close to this one is the one at Paintball City, but then again it is run by Badlands Paintball, which explains a lot.

Staff ~ Where to begin...... I will begin about some of the good things about the staff. The staff are for the most part of the morning to mid-day are fairly friendly. They treat you with respect, talk in a friendly tone of voice, etc. Everyone seems to put the staff "on-blast" from personal experiences, but think about it. The staff can only take so much of stupid mistakes noobies do right? That being said, even though noobies make mistakes, you are offering you a service, one that you paid for that includes being professional. Therefore, even if they get pissed off and mad at you, they MUST keep their behavior at a professional level. People say the staff are snobby and stuck-up, but personally I have never seen them act this way. I'm not saying what other people said is wrong, I'm saying that from my personal experience, I have not seen them in any way obnoxious.

Safety ~ As soon as you hand in your waivers as a renter, the guy behind the counter will explain to you in detail, how to safely use your gun and what you should not you with your gun, the safety rules and so forth. When I go to play, I notice the guy behind the counter always immediately tells renters all of the safety rules. These rules are EXTREMELY enforced, and they do random hopper checks for illegal paintballs or frozen paintballs. Once they find a safety infraction with paintballs, they kick the person from the premises and ban them from re-entry. If there is a safety infraction with barrel condoms, masks, etc, they will give you a warning. Upon breaking the first warning they will warn you a second time. When broken again, they make you sit out for a game or until you prove that you are able to play safely.

Safety is enforced at Sgt. Splatters, with the exception of chronographing your gun as soon as you walk onto the field. They chrono your gun every 5 games I believe. If you are found to be over the fps limit, they send you to the staging area to re-set your velocity.

The Field ~ The field's floor , unlike most of the other fields in the area, is covered in sand, and not just a little sand, a LOT of sand. This both has pro's and con's to it. The pro's are that 1) You can crawl without worrying about paint all over the floor, and 2) It provides traction. The con's however, are 1) IF you decide to crawl you might get sand into your gun, and 2) the sand impedes running greatly.

Both side of the field have 2-story buildings, with ample lighting in them. Both side of the field are for the most part evenly space with buildings and object to use for cover in equal sizes. There is one safety concern about this field though. On the field's half way point, there is a roughly 2-foot drop that if you are not paying attention to where you are going, can hurt you. That being said, you must be blind or stupid in order for you to get hurt not looking where your going.

Lighting on this field is sub-par. They could put more lights onto the field as in some places it is too dark. It is not all the staff's fault however, as the lights are being constantly shot at by the noobie renters; the same goes for the viewing 2nd floor windows overlooking the field.

Reviewers say the walls look like they have NEVER been cleaned and its true, but there is only so much truth to that saying. That being said, I know for a fact that they clean the field every Wednesday, and even though its not the cleanest field out there, its paintball, no field is truly ever "clean". If you don't like it dirty, go play airsoft.

Equipment ~ The reviews stating that Sgt. Splatters uses Brass Eagles and such need to be re-edited, because they do NOT rent out those guns anymore. Their basic rental marker is the Tippmann '98, and if you choose to upgrade your gun for a 10 dollar fee, then you will receive a Tippmann A5 or BT 4. With that being said, the Tippmann '98s are in urgent need to repair, if not to get new guns. Safety switches are missing, barrels fall off, paint is badly chipped, hoppers have no springs for the lid and feed elbows are kept in place by zip-ties in order for them not to fall off the gun.

Their renters goggles fog up, but that shouldn't be any surprise for a rental package. However, they are, like the guns, in dire need for replacement. The goggles are scratched up badly, to the point where sometimes its hard to look through them.

The only good thing about their equipment is their jumpsuits/coveralls. You can rent them for $4.00 dollars and they are nice and clean.

Facilities ~ There are 4 facilities I will be discussing.

The first is the lower staging area. In my opinion, it should be bigger as a lot of people tend to come in to play on any given day. The good thing about this though is that it is close to the main counter, and that It has 4 foot-deep lockers.

The second is the 2nd floor staging area. Unlike its lower-leveled sister, it has 6 picnic tables that look brand new, but is roughly the same size of the lower staging area.

Washrooms. 2 urinals and a stall. If you would like to call that a washroom then be my guest.

And lastly, the party room. The only thing I can tell you is that its like a closet that fits 2 picnic tables and a bit of walking room. That's about it.

Food ~ Like most of the paintball fields, they have soda and snack vending machines that serve chips and candy, but the unique thing about Sgt. Splatters is that if you desire, you can have them order a pizza from Pizza Pizza or subs from Subway at a discounted rate, due to the fact that they have good relations with those 2 eateries in the area.

Players ~ On BYOP Sundays, a LOT of equipment owners come and play, but its not until around noon that the renters come in. When renters come in, they look up to the owners with a sense of respect and wanting to be being taught by them and you should be nice, because in the next game they could be the ones watching your six. Other than that, some of them team-kill and that really pisses off all the pros.

Refs ~ The ref working made different games, from full team elimination to attack and defend to Starship Troopers(2 lives to attackers and defenders can only stay on their half of the field). The ref was texting before all the people who wanted to play for the round showed up onto the field, so it wasn't at all a concern, I would of felt bad for him if he dropped his phone. Lol

Services ~ My brother, renter at Sgt. Splatters, had a malfunction with his rental Tippmann '98, in which the barrel came off on the field, and they gave him a replacement barrel free of charge. In another case on the same day, another renter had a major problem with his rental Tippmann '98, so they gave him a BT 4 as a replacement free of charge. I paid for 2k's of air, in which I spent 5 dollars and when i ran out, they filled it up all the way free of charge, and they did that with other people in needing of HPA refills.

I'm giving this field an 8 out of 10 due to the fact that they cater to problems you may be facing and that even though you must pay for air refills, it has one of the top prices in the GTA when it comes to paintball on BYOP days, and still have about the same pricing on regular days.

Everything in this review was from PERSONAL experiences and you may choose whether this review was helpful to you or you may choose to dispute it. One person's experiences might differ from yours, and saying so in a comment on this review isn't gonna help that fact. Reviews on PBNation are made from personal experiences and you complaining on other people's reviews will not make them believe you, but actually do the opposite. Think before you post.
Last edited on Friday, November 5th, 2010 at 4:36 pm PST

Review Comments
cg_84 Saturday, January 29th, 2011 | 11:28 am PST
With almost nothing negative to say, I'd put money on you either working there or you're friends with someone who works there.

'Ol Paintless Sunday, July 24th, 2011 | 7:39 pm PST
@ cq 84 - LOL! I kind of want to agree with you .. BUT... Sgt. Splatters, for all its faults, always seems to draw me back (sometimes reluctantly). It is the biggest indoor paintball field I've ever been in. You can play in relative comfort all year round and once you get to know the staff they do actually seem to care about what you say (sometimes). It definitely has some flaws, but if you want to paintball in downtown toronto, this is the place you hate to love and love to hate. It is ground zero for indoor paintball. I wish, oh how I wish, there was somewhere else that offered the same things that splatters offers but minus all the B.S. but the fact of the matter is, there is no such place. Say what you will, Splatters will always be a staple of Toronto paintball..

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