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Ultimate Paintball Plus Paintball Field

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Phone: (423) 559-0678
Address: 78 Mouse Creek Road
Cleveland, Tennessee 37312

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egomanyak Sunday, May 21st, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
Just once  
Date There: March 12th, 2006
3 years
Review: i have played at many fields before and this by far is the worst. I don't even think these guys ever have heard of the word safty, the chrono was 3 feet from the staging area and had no net around it, there were poeple without a mask on the field while poeple were playing. they charge $18 per bag for stinger, mard doesen't even cost that much. they have 1 field and its not even airball. They charge you per air fill which is like $6 every 3 games. There are no refs or ones that now what they are doing. If you are looking to play at a field do not play at this one b/c it will more likely leed you in the wrong direction of paintball.
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Falcon33 Friday, February 24th, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
3 months  
Last There: February 22nd, 2006
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
BKA Paintball
Review: I was kind of confused when I was reading the privious review. I wanted to give my 2 cents worth on what I think about this field and store.
I have been involved with paintball for about 21 years now. I began with an old Splatmaster and it was great. I have visited and played almost every field in this area at one time or another.
I personally like the put together fields. Air fields just don't give me the same feeling. Ultimate Paintball Plus has a GREAT FIELD. I have played it now about 6 times and they have added bunkers and moved bunkers and have taken suggestions and put them to use on their field. I like BKA's spool and door field as well compared to their airball field.
In all my years I have yet to see ANYONE be able to controll 100% of barrel plug/sleeve. Ultimate Has always gotten on to the players that tend to walk off the field without one. As soon as they are seen, something is done. They have always had 2 refs on the field each and every time I have played. Their field is the size of a good 7 or 10 man field and they have not hosted any tournaments. 2 refs I belive are sufficient.
I have had to roll a spool out for a table a couple of times, but this was not any inconvience for me, I like being able to put my work table where I want. They do use Stinger paint as their field paint and I think it shoots just fine in my gun A5 tippman. I also have an Ion and it shoots good out of it as well. There are many fields that only buy paint from one supplier. They get discounts for that as well, and if you have a good paint, why carry others anyway? Marbalizer is a RPS paint as well and the carry it too.
The store is another great place, I have noticed that they carry what the area players use, not what they WISH they could have. They only order the high end guns for people, yes it takes a couple of days to get it, but they can get it. This area is mostly woodsball and they have all kinds of woodball guns from Tippman, BT, Delta, PCS, ICON and IONs. Body protection and masks. I have seen JT and Vforce along with Rage and I just saw they carry the new vents. Halo hoppers and colored hoppers as well. They have vests, gloves, barrels, kits and supplies as well.
As for the owner or employees/partners: I know for a fact that the owner is a certified tech for Tippman, WGP, Airgun Designs and Kingman. I have personally seen his certificates when he was running the Indoor field a few years ago. He has tricked out and timed my old Autococker and fixed my Minimag when I had the years ago. You probably need to check with him, but I dont think he has ever had a gun go bad for the work he has done on it.
I do think he takes to long to fix guns, however I think he has another job and works on them on the side. Either way he does do a good job.
The personallity of his workers is great and their attitudes are good.
I think the best way to review this stor of field is for you to personally expeirence it yourself.
I have noticed that most reviews on fields or stores by players are ones that have not played very long theirselves.
As an added note. Ultimate Paintball also has an indoor field back in the works and 3 woodball fields that he says are opening in the Spring. I know his last indoor was cool and heck. Full speaker/music and black lights were fun as crap.
Well thats my 2 cents.
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PoisonMushroom Friday, February 3rd, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
3 months  
Last There: January 1st, 2006
6 months
Other Fields
in the Area:
BKA (now cockeyed) Paintball
Horn's Creek
Review: First off, I'm going to write 2 reviews. One of the field, and one of the shop. The field is in Charleston (across from Kings) and the store in in Cleveland (next to Jenkins).

The Store:
Okay, first impressions. The store has been open for about 4 months now. They can fill both CA and CO2. They can do repairs, and order parts for you. This may seem all well and good, but there is a dark side. The owner of the store/field is an okay guy. I really don't like him, but that won't affect this review. First off, the only paint that the store carries is PMI/RPS. That's it. They have Stingers ($35), Rampage ($50), Premiums ($60), and Marballizer ($70). He charges the RETAIL prices on all the paint. The paint sits there, they don't move it around, so if you buy the "cheap" stuff, then expect almost all the balls to be dimpled. Now, onto other gear. They have a selection of guns up on a wall that you can see. The guns are as follows: Ions, 98Cs, BT-16, BT-4 Assault, and some Icon-Es. That's it. No high end stuff here. They don't have much of a selection of gear in the way of masks or packs (all he has is Profilers and Advantages). He has a few hoppers (Halo TSA and Halo B), but the prices aren't worth it. One of my friends went there and paid $70, yes $70 for, get this, a Teardrop barrel. When I heard this, I was stunned. I couldn't believe that he charged that much for a barrel that costs $30. Also, I went in the other day to ask if they had any DOW 55 (i need it for my NME) and he had no clue of what I was talking about. He offered me some PMI oil, but I refused it and explained that it would destroy the internals of my gun. He gave me a funny look and told me "I use this oil for repairing ALL the guns that come in here". Wow. This guy has no idea that he could very well destroy some very expensive guns with that oil. Take my advice: Stay away from this place. He charges way too much for paint and gear. He has no idea on the PROPER maintence of mid to high end guns. And, he refuses to order any paint that isn't PMI/RPS. The only reason that I go to this place is to get my tanks filled. That's it.

*note: I'm speaking about the owner. I can't say much about his new employee because I haven't had much experience with him.*

The field:
At first glance, the field looks okay. It has a safety net, and a small staging area. However, things aren't always as they appear. The field is made up of just about everything. Spools, tires, pallets, tarps, and a tree. It's kinda fun the first few times you play it, but you soon notice that it isn't that great. He never moves any of the objects on the field, so you are stuck playing the same field over and over again. Some of the bunkers have extremely large worn out spots of dirt behind them. There are little to no shooting lanes on the field. The middle of the field is a No Man's Land because none of the middle bunkers are tall enough for anyone over 3 feet tall. Most of the action rotates around the outside and side bunkers. Even then, there is almost no way to move up unless you get the person shooting at you down. The field also has a slight ditch on one side that puts that team at a disadvantage. The field is also relatively small. I could easily shoot from one corner of the field and hit someone on the opposite diagonal from me. There is one MAJOR thing that this field lacks. Refs. That's right. There are no refs. Barrel condoms aren't enforced, and nobody needs to have their safety on. This is extremely unsafe, and is one of the main reasons I do not like the field. Another annoyance is that the only field paint is Stingers, and they suck. If you want a halfway decent paint, then you need to bring your own. They do have refreshments if you need them, but they can be pricey. They charge for air ($6 for my 68/4500 to be filled), and there is a field fee of $5. The staging area is extremely small, and if you want your own area, then you have to roll a spool up the hill and use it as a table. I've played at this field about 4 times now, and my experiences have gotten worse as time went on. Personally, I won't play there anymore unless I absolutely have to. I suggest you people do the same.

All in all, both the field and the store suck. I only use them for filling air, and buying emergency paint. It is not worth going there unless you have to. I give Ulitimate Paintball Plus a 3/10.
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.

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