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Blackbeard's Cave Paintball Field

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Website: Click here to visit the field's website.
Email: N/A
Phone: (732) 286-4414
Address: 136 Route 9
Bayville, New Jersey 08721

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MadMan2000000 Monday, December 15th, 2008
Period of
Field Use:
Less than a month  
Last There: September 19th, 2008
3 months
Other Fields
in the Area:
to the Field:
Review: Thisplace stinks. There is little cover in a small area. They say no close range shooting but they dont care anyway. They dont even start the game they just sit in their little bunker.

There was once thou when the people did care. There was a ref and every thing. They also make sure you dont freeze your paint and suply the proper protection. They give free c02 refills for there guns which are fairly good.

I think it all depends on the day.
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sKiP2myLOU Monday, June 4th, 2007
Period of
Field Use:
Just once  
Date There: May 27th, 2007
1 year
Review: Safety

I've got to admit, safety was pretty bad here. The refs just chilled out in the building when me and my friend played. No one watched us and there was no briefing on safety. They didn't ask for us to sign waivers which is irresponsible of the field manager. They chrono'd the guns which was nice.


There was one field which I consider speed ball. It was either rubber piping or concrete blocks. It wasn't too big but it was a decent area. Playing with just my friend was a huge amount of space for each of us to cover which made the game exciting.

Hours of Operation

Have no idea as it is not listed on the site.


I haven't been too a lot of fields but I think this had pretty good prices. It was $7.50 a game for one person which could be purchased where you go to ride Go Karts. This included paint, a gun (98Custom - What else?), chest protector, 32 degrees jersey and free air refills.


They didn't give us any. Basically, the people said shoot till your out of paint and come back so me and my friend were left to organize the games ourselves which let us play at our own pace.






There was an old guy who left, I'm guessing he was the field manager, and two kids I'd say about the age 15. There was a girl and a guy. They were really nice and answered are questions but didn't do anything extraordinary.




There were two other kids there when we went but they left after just one game with us. The staff said it gets really crowded when school gets out.


Little building where you rented things if you needed them and handed over the game passes which you purchased by the stand by the Go Karts. Also, a small building on the side of the field with netting and a large cut out window which would be great for spectating. No bathrooms unless you walked back a few minutes to the main place, couldn't purchase tickets there.


None unless you walked back a few minutes to the main place, also no drinks were available unless you walked back a few minutes to the main place which was disappointing because I was getting dehydrated.


Okay field, little safety, nice staff, no refs, bad facilities, no food or drinks, no bathrooms, no services or proshop, good pricing, fun place if you want to do other things than paintball.
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Diomedes Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
Just once  
Date There: August 13th, 2006
4 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Top Gun - much bigger, much better
FBM (Old Bridge) - sad to say, but FBM was better
FBM (North Hanover) - better than here and FBM OB
On Target - Top notch, this doesn't even compare
Review: Well, on vacation down the shore (or ďat the beach,Ē whichever you prefer), so I figured, why not give this place a try? Itís real easy to find, right on Route 9, just off the Parkway. Points for location, itís much closer to the Pt. Pleasant/Lavalette/Seaside area than Cousins or Top Gun.

So, like always, safety is the first thing I talk about in a review. This place was . . . not good. No briefing, no instruction on masks/barrel covers, the refs chilled on the field with their masks up while people shot, and they didnít enforce the use of barrel plugs/covers off the field. To top it off, you donít even have to sign a waiver, which is just asking for trouble. They did chrono all players and enforce the limit, which was good.

The field (not fields, thereís only one) would be considered speedball I guess, but all of the bunkers are either these concrete things, walls and hollow blocks and such, or corrugated pipe, so the configuration is pretty static. Itís not huge, but it isnít tiny; fine for small games, but Iíd imagine that with ten people it might get a little crowded. It was pretty wide open, especially in the middle, but there was plenty of cover around the edges. There is a little building just off the field, on the snake side, with large windows and netting in front, which affords a great place to watch ongoing games.

The price was pretty cheap as far as paintball goes. I think it was about $20 a person, which included about 200 paintballs (FPO, not sure of the price) and CO2 fills. Iím not sure about air fills. That may not sound like a lot of paintballs, but playing small games, especially with ten round tubes, it lasted and we had a couple hundred left over, and we were playing semi. If you play pump, you wonít have to pay a dime for paint. That price covers an hour on the field for your group. It seems like they donít mix groups of walk-ons unless the players request it.

The staff and refs were nice, despite not being on top of things. When (if) you go, make sure you go straight back to the paintball field to get set up to play, donít go to the main desk to pay or anything. Itís almost like the paintball field is a separate operation that the main managers pretty much leave to its own devices. So, the big picture is that itís fun, itís cheap, but you need to be safe and regulate yourself instead of relying on the refs to keep things safe. If you have a group that you can trust, itís great. If not, go somewhere else. 3/10 for the complete lack of safety measures.
Last edited on Wednesday, December 27th, 2006 at 8:45 pm PST
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