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Sabotage Paintball Field

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Website: Click here to visit the field's website.
Email: Click here to email the field.
Phone: 07974971284
Address: Dodley Hill Farm, Station Road, Swanbourne, Bucks
Swanbourne, United Kingdom
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Krack Killer Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
Period of
Field Use:
3 years  
Last There: November 18th, 2007
1 year
Other Fields
in the Area:
Delta Force in Hemel Hampstead -- doesn't even compare
Review: I have played this site many times and I consider it my home site. I have many good friends and some handy contacts.

Sab is extremely concious on the safty side of things. The owner makes sure he lays down the law before you start playing (esp to rec ballers) but keeps up a exciting and fun vibe though out the briefing. They also have a strict view on mask lifting and you may be expelled from the site if your continue to mask lift.

The Fields:
At Sab there are to main areas. A large long grass field with plenty of natural, being mainly small patches of wood acroos the field, and man made cover, this is often used to themed days such as D-Day or vietnam war games.
The other field is a large wood with a deep banked stream running though the centre of the site creating great cover and a natural defence and attacking depending on who can run fastest :-P. In this section of the field there is a large trench, which when playing certain games gives some of the best fire fights know to paintball.

Hours of Operation:
This depends on your package. There is option to play half or full days, but both with great games. The half day package consists of about 5 games, which are often are fast but with a good mix of respawn and "one shot and your out" time. Giving all players the best possbile expericance. A full day package often consists of 8 games in the winter and often more in the summer.

The bit everyone wants to know.
Rec ballers:
600 package deal - £28 (12-17) £32 (18+) Half and Full day
1100 package deal - £44 (12 - 17) £48 (18+) Half and Full day

Walk on:
Game Fee - £25
Game Fee + box of 2000 paintballs £50
There are reductions if your belong to there club
Free Air and C02 fills all day!

The rules are pretty simple. Just don't start on the marshalls and your get on fine.
There is a respawn time as mentioned before.
Surrender rule is greatly encouraged.
Markers have to run under 300fps.
... and all the rest which is normal for any paintball site.

There is free C02 and Air filling, but bring your own tanks to top up with.
They have a good club full of new to expericanced paintballers who are always willing to chat and help out a fellow paintballer.

As of recent a shop has been added to site, although it is not on the site the owner runs the site and shop so you can order though him. All the prices are very resonable and they have a wide variarty of stuff which to get your hands on. There is also a fair few guys who are registered techs to look at most brands of gun, esp Dye and Proto gear.

The staff are friend and informal but maintain a good buisness sense. They were willing to help with any questions we had and help make plans for the next game, as they know the place so well.

Better known as Marshalls at sab, they are friendly but fair =] They were great when we play and always willing to get into the rough stuff to make sure the game is run fair. All the marshalls play paintball, a few playing in good teams as well as the site team. They hate cheaters so don't wipe, it jsut winds everyone up.

There are a wide level of playing at sab. Some being new to the sport some being vertans yet there is no elitism, which I was pleased to find when I started playing there. They are always open to chat and will very often help if your have gear problems. There is also a good age mix of players, from the ages of 14 to 60+ which gives a good feel the place.

They have a toilet and food and drink is able to be bought for a good price. There is also free water, tea, coffee ect. Sadly lunches are not served anymore but there is facilities to make a soup or pot noodle. There is also a range so any testing shooting can be done before jumping into a game.

As mentioned above.

Overall its a great site for walk ons and rec balls, with a great game play and fantastic attitude towards the sport.

Cheers for reading
Last edited on Thursday, November 22nd, 2007 at 9:22 am PST
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Tris Monday, September 4th, 2006
Period of
Field Use:
3 months  
Last There: August 27th, 2006
3 months
Other Fields
in the Area:
I have not Played at other fields, but that could be because the prices at other fields locally are higher.
to the Field:
O.K, this field isn't the easiest field to find, but if you follow these directions it will be easier.

From Milton Keynes:
Head for the A421 towards Buckingham
Look for a sign to Mursley, and follow it (Whaddon Road)
At the "T" Junction in Mursley turn right onto Station Road
Follow the road along and take the first left (still on Station Road)
Continue down the road past the sharp bend and there should be a big farm shed on your right called "Dodley Hill Farm"
You are at Sabotage!
Review: Well I have played at this site a few times now, once for a punter day and for walk-ons and I have enjoyed them very much and I am looking forward to going again. Anyway back to the review....

The site is very safety concience and everyone playing must have their markers chrono'ed to under 300 BPS and masks must be worn at all times out side the safe zone. They also check masks and markers for any faults after each day (punter kit).

The fields are in good condition, the ground after it was raining the day before was quite dry concidering, and it wasnt all bog like so the drainage is good. The field size is average, it would be a bit better if they were bigger, but they have adapted the games for the field, so you dont tend to realise. There is also a river running through the woods which increases gameplay, and they also have a large long grass field with young tree patches which gives a diffrent type of play.

Hours of operation:
Well they run diffrent packages, a half day that can be played in the morning (9am - 12pm) or afternoon (12pm - 4pm) and a whole day (9am - 4pm). As for walk-ons it is a whole day played and you get around 7 or 8 games, at the recent D-Day walk-on they did 9.

They have a range of price packages on their site for punter days to suit you and they can be found on their site, as I say they were the cheapest I found in my local area and that is why I chose them. As for walk-ons it is 25 for game fee (BYOP) or 50 for game fee and 2000 paintballs.

Sabotages rules are highly inforced, I dont know them all off the top of my head, but here are a few:
- All markers to be chrono'ed under 300 FPS
- No whiping
- Obay the marshalls decisions
There are more, but ask for a refresher of the rules when you go ther to play ^^

They have a few services such as Air and CO2 filling on and off game day, for a reasonable price and they also have a club for dedicated paintballers who play at their site which offer such things as game fee discounts, but you can read up on this on their site.

They don't have a shop on site for markers, masks, packs ect. but they are in the process of starting up an on-line shop, there is a small selection at the moment, and you can check it out yourself :)

The staff are polite and helpful, for example a guy had some marker problems at the walk-on and they fixed it up for him. Also on the punter day they awnsered any questions we had, they talked and shared a laugh with us also, which was nice.

The refs on the site are players their self, they do paint checks and make sure everyone is playing fair. They have a chat with you also back in the safe zone, which makes the site more welcoming.

The players at the walk-on are dedicated players who love the sport, so there is always someone there to have a chat with. They have a sense of humour and will chat to you about their games, so they are quite freindly too and from what I have seen they respect the rules and are honest on hits.

They have a few facilities, such as toilets and you can by drinks and snacks when your in the safe zone too, and they are reasonably priced. They also supply lunch depending on your package. There are tables where you can put your equipment on, so your stuff isnt on the floor getting dirty.

Covered that in the above ^^

Overall my review may be biased as I havent played at diffrent site, but it has got me going back for the welcoming fell they give and the price mainly. It is a nice site and there are alot of regular players on the site who you will get to know quite quickly.

Thanks for reading my review, hope it was helpful,
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.

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