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Website: Click here to visit the field's website.
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Phone: 925.565-3118
Address: 1230 Greenville Road Livermore, California 94550
Livermore, California 94550

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mike31c Monday, November 21st, 2011
Period of
Field Use:
3 months  
Last There: November 13th, 2011
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Sunol Paintball
Santa Clara Paintball
to the Field:
Use Google Maps
Review: One of the newest REC field in Northern California, I am impressed with the customer service you get here. The owner, Cliff, goes out of his way to help newer and experienced players alike. He greets ALL of his players coming onto his field and makes sure the players have everything they need/want before his safety briefing.

NO airball fields. This field is for rec players and not the wanna-be pro players and their attitude. Walk-on’s chrono before every game.

Ref’s were on top of the plays and were ready to stop the game when someone was about to get overpowered. When I went, there was two private groups playing as was a decent sized ‘walk-on’ group players and had NO issues of players being obnoxious and the games turned around quickly.

When I went, he ‘only’ had half of his fields built up. Hay fields, spools and one called “The Mounds”. I really HATE The Mounds. :p

Can't wait for his castle to be built up.

Field Paint was $50 a case (I am going to suggest you spend the extra $10.00 to get the premium paint) plus $20 field fees, $10.00 all day air. You can bring your own!

Lunch (2x hot dogs, bag of chips) was $2.00, cold drinks for $1.00

Their air-fill station is 3k.

They DO take Visa/Mastercard

Quick turn-around for games.
Ref’s paying attention!

Small gravel lot for parking. If it’s too large number of players show up (can you really have too many players playing?) you are going to have to park outside the gate.
It’s a gravel lot. It might get dusty at times.
We had to wait for a Ref to fill out airtanks (even with all the players there, I really did NOT have an issue to wait most of the time)

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UrbanAchiever Friday, November 4th, 2011
Period of
Field Use:
Less than a month  
Last There: October 30th, 2011
2 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Paintball Jungle
to the Field:
Only thing i can say is that if you are going to be driving East toward the field GET SOME GLASSES. the sun in the morning is Brutal. Some sun glasses are a very good idea
Review: FIELD 8/10
The field is small. On a normal day there are probably 20-30 players not including some private party that plays separately. Most of the fields are speedball style with symmetrical fields. There are the typical spool field but they also have 3 hay bail fields all with different layouts. there is also a dirt mound field which has so much cover that there are no concrete lanes so its very different from everything else. They are building more fields and their old fields get changed quit frequently from what i hear. The only complaint that i could have is that alot of the hay bale fields are very short. there are no bunkers behind which i can stand and most i have to be on my knees to be able to play.

SAFETY 10/10
There is always a safety speech. everyone is always reminded to have barrel plugs on and masks on and such. with so few people i don’t see many people breaking the rules.

Usually games begin around 9:15-9:30. They squeeze in alot of games and there isn’t much time spent chillin. Around 30 min lunch break around 12:00

$30 Admission and paint is $50 a case. More pricy then other fields however They dont require you to buy paint at their field. You can bring any paint you want as long as it isnt red or pink and isnt made before a certain year i think not sure. Lunch however is amazing. 2 hotdogs for $2 and chips included. sodas also available.

Family run so everyone super friendly. Owner will walk up talk to you. no stuck up staff and will help you with anything. will bend over backwards with a smile. Only rule is that staff has to fill your tank you cant do it by yourself however never a wait over 45 seconds. Best service out of any paintball field i have ever been in

During games refs will run in to check you. there is no favored players that the refs turn a blind eye too. Always 2 refs per game that will run into mid to check and if you call for a ref he will come. very simple very good.

Defiantly a little bit of a different gaming experience because unlike most fields there are alot less rentals if any at all in a given day. Id say that the average skill level is mildly higher then average field. Have yet to find any Buttheads. most people very friendly. Some VERY good people play here however not a single one stuck up. Only complaint is that there is little margin for error usually. Unlike games where there are rentals this is a little more intense and more aggressive.

FOOD 10/10
Dope. Cheap and good.

OVERALL i would give this field a 9/10. The field is great. you would have to try to have a bad time here. Even toilets are cleaner here then in a good hotel. I think it is one of the best fields in the area. They actually are building more fields. I would recommend this field to anyone over any other field.
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O5pr3y Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
Period of
Field Use:
Just once  
Date There: February 21st, 2011
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Don't live in the area, but it's comparable to Davis in terms of field design. Just a bit smaller.
to the Field:
Use your GPS or mapquest it.
Review: Went out here for President's day with a few friends. As soon as we stepped out of the car, the owner was walking up to shake our hands and welcome us. The customer service here was by far the BEST I have ever experienced in paintball. My GF was using CO2, they let her borrow and HPA and all day air for free.

The refs are amazing and very motivated. It really rubbed off on the players; There were no egos ( no marker pun intended) aroudn the field.

FIELDS: Unique, but great. the spool was waterlogged so I couldn't try that one, but the one I tried were really fun. The grass is amazing for slides as well.
Dirt Mounds: Field made out of dirt mounds. It's like playing all dorito bunkers that
have no obvious lanes.

Hay bales: This one was alot of fun. medium sized field that had a corrugated pipe
snake bunker and really fun layout for large teams. They also had us
the field sideways, which called for all new tactics.

Speedball Hay Bales: Built just like an airball or xball field. Snake side, big Center
50 bunker and lots of lanes.

HOURS: Standard old 9am-4pm. They really try to push in as many games as possible.

SAFETY: Very strict. Chrono check after each game. Most fields today get lazy with that.

PRICES: Standard $30 (admin and Air), for self equipped. $60 to rent with mask, paint is $50, and $60 for house and quality paint respectively.

STAFF & SHOP : Refs are seriously motivated. You spend more time trying not to shoot refs than shooting players because theyre always doing their job. They don't preset teams, they assign teams as the games play to keep constant rotation, so it's not a one sided day for one team.

PLAYERS: everyone out there was just generally friendly and cool. I seemed to keep getting in the same gunfights with the same players and we always walked off the field chatting and laughing.

FACILITIES & AMENITIES : They have one very clean port-a-potty, with a very amusing sign. (you'll see when you get there). lunch is VERY cheap. $2 gets you 2 hot dogs, and some chips. Soda and gatorade were $1 each, water bottles were .50 cents, and red bull was $2. Can't beat those food prices.

CLOSING WORDS: The only issue I can see with this field, is the air fill station. They don't have the dummy proof, fill your own air station. Instead you must ask/wait for a ref to fill your air for you, but it isn't a pain.

I live pretty far from this field or I'd be there constantly. Can't wait for the last 3 fields!
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.

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