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Velocity Paintball Field

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Phone: N/A
Address: Warnock Dr and San Vicente Rd
Ramona, California 92065

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Wolflord Friday, March 14th, 2003
Period of
Field Use:
More than 5 years  
Last There: May 29th, 2006
More than 5 years
Other Fields
in the Area:
Jungle Island, Borderland (Otay Lakes), Weekend Warriors (lame), Camp Pendleton
Review: Ok, this is the best field in San Diego County.
(which is why we now drive to Lake Elsinore)

The staff is very professional, and they really make sure that everyone is safe. Their rentals are usually in good working order, and I've introduced many friends into the sport of paintball with this field's help.

This field does have it's problems though. For starters, the separation between novice (noob) and advanced is a joke. I've never seen so many guys with tricked-out Autocockers, Angels, and other electric markers in a novice game in my life. True, novice is a skill level, however, in my opinion if you want to pay the money to look like "big paintball" you better start playing "big paintball".

Also, Velocity really seems to emphasize the hyperball / speedball thing. Almost every game we play there is hyperball or speedball. This is kind of dissapointing, as they probably have some of the coolest wooded fields anywhere, most of which are never used. I do enjoy hyperball and speedball, but those fields were made for teams of like 5 on 5 or 10 on 10. Most walk-on groups I see play there it's like 20 on 20. You go rushing for a tiny bunker only to find 4 other guys behind the same one.

Those things aside, and compared to the competition, Velocity is a great place to play.

[Update 2006]
I have not played at Velocity for some time, and recently went back on Memorial day to play with some friends. They've since changed the place around quite a bit. They've added a couple air-ball fields and more of the speedball / hyperball type. They also no longer separate novice from advanced. (which wasn't much of a separation if you read my post from before) Now you have novice and concept. The novice players are more along the lines of the regular players that play more of a variety of fields. The concept players play hyperball and speedball all day long.

Honestly, it seems like Velocity is starting to listen to the public and make appropriate changes for the better. They had a large number of people for the concept group and they separated it into 3 groups, each of the three groups would take turns playing each other. This really worked out for the better as most of their concept fields were made for teams of 10 on 10. This also allowd for us to get more games in during the day. We actually got about 8 games in by lunch time!

Velocity has also added a bbq stand to get something to eat. It also looks like they've added a few more refs.

My only gripe that I really have, and this is a small one: They're prices seem to be a little expensive.... It used to be $15 to play there, and you could bring your own paint. Well you can still bring your own paint, but now it's $20 to play there and they don't offer all day air. You have to either buy an air card for another $20 or, pay $1 per 1000 psi each time you fill. If you shoot a fair amount of paint, this can get expensive. Honestly, I gotta think that as a paintball park I don't see why you can't just include all day air in your admission price? So, basically I've decided that I'm going to buy my own scuba tank and regulator for $175 and fill my tank for free inbetween games. (The scuba shop will fill the whole tank for $4 and that should last me for a couple months of playing.)

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the changes that Velocity has made. It really looks like they are doing their best to be one of the premier paintball parks.

Last edited on Monday, June 12th, 2006 at 9:57 am PST
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AzNRiCeOwNz Monday, March 10th, 2003
Period of
Field Use:
1 year  
Last There: N/A
1 year
Review: Velocity Paintball Park is my favorite paintball park. Its fairly close to where I live, I can get in a car right now and be there in 30 minutes. So its pretty convenient for me.

It's $20 admission (with your own gear) and you can bring your own paint. And $3 air fills isnt bad. Velocity also has snacks and drinks available that you can buy.

The staff there is experienced, if you have a problem with your marker, they can fix it. They have a trailer there with spare parts, so you can buy spare parts for your marker from them if something is missing or broken. They have C02 and HPA. If they ask you, "Where did you get your gun?" say you got it at the velocity proshop in either poway or bonita. They asked my little brother that and my brother said that he bought it at another proshop (which he did, borderland btw) and the guy gave him dirty looks.

The chrono station (last time I went) was kinda bleh... there was only 2 available chronos, and one of them was broken, so all the players had to wait in line. It didnt take very long for all the players to chrono. Players went in groups of like 2-10 and it didnt take very long, but still, that one chrono wasnt working, and it wasnt working last time I went there too.

Use the porta potties only in case of emergency

They have two seperate groups, advanced and noobs. In the noobs group, there's no bunkering, and there's a surrender rule of 20 feet away. Advanced, bunkering is allowed and I believe the surrender rule is reduced to 15 ft. So noobs can have fun playing by themselves with out the intimidation of experienced players, or if they're up to a challenge they can join the advanced group. Usually in the morning, there is only a noob group, and later on in the day, when more players show up, they open up an advanced group.

There is a wide variety of fields, ranging from speedball, to woods, recball, hyperball. So you dont get bored, and the fields look different too. The first time I went, the first field I went to was woods. The bunkers were made out of sticks, the ground was dark brown dirt, it was very shady, The trees blocked the sun. The second field I played was a kind of speedball field with spools. The bunkers were spools, and the ground was kind of like sand and it was out in the open in the sun. The third field is a hyperball field, its kind of shady, and the ground is light brown. There are other fields as well, so as you can see they have nice variety.

The "system" works out like any other field, you drive there, park your car, and basically use your car like your own hut. Like if your tired and want to sit out a game, you can just sleep in your car. You can change your clothes in your car and store all your gear in there when your playing. You go to the front office place, turn in paper work, and go back to your car and with your group. You fill up pods, get your air filled, chrono, talk with your friends, eat snacks, what ever. And when your group gets called up, you go. The call 3 times, 1st call, 2nd call, and 3rd call. After 3rd call they start walking to the field.

The players there are nice and are willing to help out newer players. A lot of teams play there, (e.g. Team Velocity, etc)

If you live in the San Diego area, give this field a try.

Last edited on Thursday, April 10th, 2003 at 12:22 am PST
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Write a review and share your thoughts with other paintballers.

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