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Banned Users
Username Reason Ban date Lift date Banned by
slave addiction wrong 11-15-2005 Never Halliday
SchmittDawg2104 Xbox Live scam 11-14-2005 Never Codestar20
KamikazeKid HI Jeezer, bye Jeezer 11-14-2005 Never Ebonclaw
Jeezer Flaming, Trolling, Harassing behavior. 11-13-2005 Never Lopez17
stevieray999 We banned you once already. Get the drift. 11-13-2005 Never Lopez17
pilot05acs Dual Account 11-13-2005 Never Lopez17
ionhater19 Dual Account. 11-09-2005 Never Lopez17
impulsemaster19 Dual Accounts 11-09-2005 Never Lopez17
DyePaintballr 11-07-2005 Never Codestar20
bko_ultralite 11-07-2005 Never Andrew
kfpaintball15 Inappropriate profile/ writing crappy review on blackheart board to lower ratings. 11-06-2005 Never Ebonclaw
pilotacs05 Being a general idiot. Pissing off mods is not a good idea. 11-06-2005 Never Ebonclaw
123noobie123 Trolling, Spam 11-06-2005 Never Lopez17
SmArTpArTs_ion7 Language, Trolling. 11-04-2005 Never Lopez17
MR.JABM No Advertising 10-30-2005 Never Lopez17
zeusg1pballer User Requested to be banned to start new acct. --Handled by lopez17 10-29-2005 Never Lopez17
Halo3 Dual Account 10-27-2005 Never Lopez17
a chair Language issues, making threats. 10-27-2005 Never Lopez17
YellowSubmarine 10-27-2005 Never Codestar20
7mike7 Posting of pyramid schemes. 10-27-2005 Never Lopez17
getdb_103 10-26-2005 Never Codestar20
jared is stupid Trolling 10-26-2005 Never Lopez17
Dynasty15 Dualaccount with DeadEye15 10-26-2005 Never Lopez17
HAZMAT Man 3 accounts, 1 IP, 1 banned before... 10-25-2005 Never Codestar20
just_some_dude 3 accounts, 1 IP, one banned before.... 10-25-2005 Never Codestar20
Play2sprayy Dual Account 10-25-2005 Never Lopez17
bunkerhill Dual Acct. 10-25-2005 Never Lopez17
bigpaintball* Dual Acct. 10-25-2005 Never Lopez17
Spyderpblr Dual Account 10-25-2005 Never Lopez17
play2spray Dual Account 10-25-2005 Never Lopez17
pbforlife_123 Dual Acct. 10-25-2005 Never Lopez17
tleinenb Posting of Advertising/Spam 10-25-2005 Never Lopez17
SpdrHntr_Mk._VI 10-24-2005 Never Codestar20
SpdrHntr V We can do this all day and night...quit coming back. Go to PBN or some other forum. 10-24-2005 Never Codestar20
p8nt this Spam, trolling, ignoring a request by a mod to knock off the juvenile posts 10-23-2005 Never Lopez17
trumby <3 10-23-2005 Never Lopez17
mikeyboy82 Word is you posted porn...I don't like it 10-23-2005 Never Codestar20
xemox3 10-23-2005 Never Codestar20
NIGGGER Nice name jerk. 10-19-2005 Never Lopez17
Protopaintballa Vulgarity, flaming, trolling, and so on. 10-19-2005 Never Lopez17
S A V No free advertising. Violation of the TOS. 10-18-2005 Never Lopez17
whitedog11 Quit spamming our forums with your crappy Wisconsin one. 10-17-2005 Never Codestar20
Ima_killer_newb Dual Acct. 10-17-2005 Never Lopez17
imaginaryman Dual Acct. 10-17-2005 Never Lopez17
Mauradacaterman Dual Account/Previous Ban 10-17-2005 Never Lopez17
dogG95120 Get lost. Next time I call your ISP. 10-16-2005 Never Lopez17
grimdd When a mod tells you to watch your language....do it. 10-16-2005 Never Lopez17
thE-BLADE guy 10-16-2005 Never Ebonclaw
Wh0 iS pbGamEr? Breaking the rules far too many times 10-16-2005 Never Codestar20

Banned Users Statistics
Banned Users Statistics Total banned users: 2997, Temporarily banned users: 0, Permanently banned users: 2997.
The newest banned member is meetingxa59 on 09-30-2011.
The admin/mod that banned the most people is Lopez17 (1318 members).

e-steki Banlist - by Lea Verou at e-steki.com

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