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Jaster 12-09-2002 10:05 AM

Looking to buy online? Check here first!
Sick of trying to figure out where to shop? Does this place have a good reputation? Well let's get a list of place together and review them. We always put the gear to the test now lets put the shops to the test. Please post reviews about online paintball stores. Just like the reviews here.
1) Tell about the site itself - web site, ease of getting through the site, payment types allowed, ect.
2) prices of equipment : expensive, cheap, fair, ect.
3) what you bought and what you got
4) shipping. Did it get to when they said it would?
5) customer service
6) personal comments (keep them clean!)
7) would buy there again? Why?
8) score 1 (worst) - 10 (best)

I would like to get this stickied if it works the way I'm thinking it will so please help out. Also if anyone thinks anything should be added or removed from the list of questions let me know. Lastly, please keep in mind that these are just opinions and personal experiences. Please don't flame if you disagree with something. Just post your opinions.

OK here is the latest score of stores as of 25Feb04! = 6 (2 review) = 8.03 (6 review) = 10 (2 review) = 9.6 (6 review) = 9.8 (4 review) = 9 (1 review) = 9.3 (3 review) = 4.75 (4 review) 7 (1 review) = 3 (2 review) = 4 (1 review) = 8 (1 review) = 7 (1 review) = 9 (1 review) = 9.5 (2 review)

Jaster 12-09-2002 10:51 AM

- The site itself is nice enough. Pretty easy to find what you're looking for. They take most major creditcards : MC, VISA, American Express, personal checks (for mailed orders only) and wire transfers.
- The prices seem fair enough. Some stuff is high and some stuff is cheap. It depends on what's on sale at the time.
- I ordered a GEN-X reg (silver), a Rico2K (red), 32 degrees spyder spring kit, twisted volumizer (chrome)
-what I got was a black Gen-X, a black Rico, and a black volumizer. The spring kit was back ordered. Which they didn't tell me about until I called them and asked where my springs were.
- I ordered on a tuesday and I payed for 2nd day air. The following week I got my stuff.
- Customer service was nice to talk to but that's it. They just never seemed to know what was going on. I called them and asked where my stuff was and found out the spring kit was back ordered and they didn't want to ship my stuff with out it. That's why it hadn't shipped yet. (now Thursday) The following Tuesday I get my stuff and find it was the right stuff but wrong colors and still no spring kit. I called them back and sent the stuff back (which they paid for) and received the right stuff with the spring kit two days later. Also they included a barrel condom for free for the trouble and returned my money for shipping.
-I might buy there again. Most likely not though. They did try to make up for the mistakes but there were just too many to make it worth the time and effort.
- All in all I'd give them a 6.

Bront 12-09-2002 11:16 AM
1) The Site itself is pretty good, and getting better. There is no online ordering yet, but the owner is working on it. You can e-mail him and get the most recient pricing and list of equipment. Chances are, if they make it, he can get it.
2) In general, many things there are cheeper than they would be for others.
3) Everything I bought from them I gotten. The owner is very good about offering his oppinion on a product if you are unsure of it as well.
4) Shipping has been a bit slow, but it's a smaller site, so they don't keep a lot of stuff in stock. The Shipping price has been great though.
5) Great customer service. They answer e-mails promptly,
6) The owner is a great guy to deal with, and I think that this store is a very good one. If they could improve their product responce time, they'd be one of the best.
7) I've bought from there several times, and I have been very happy with the results. I'd buy from them again.
8) Score: 9
1) The website has a popup, so it's mildly anoying, but other than that it's a fairly easy website to navigate. Occasionaly, you can find something that shows up on one page and not on another, but it's pretty good. Also, make sure you check your packages before you buy, some packages don't have all their parts come up on the actual cart, so you need to note them.
2) Their package deals can be realy worth while. I've seen packages that add a 20 oz tank, mask, 3 pods and harness, oil, barrel plug, hopper /w elbow, and squeegee for only $25-40 more than the marker itself. Their prices on some individual products are average though.
3) I got a package deal from them, and they didn't ship me my squeegee. I called them and they shipped it out that day.
4) It came the day it was suposed to. Free shipping so it took a while but it came when expected.
5) Easy to call and ask questions, they are not prompt in responding to e-mails though.
6) Definately a good site for shopping. I check them for prices on anything before I buy.
7) I would shop here again if I could find what I want for the best price.
8) Score: 8

Mcot2 12-09-2002 11:29 AM

1.) easy site to find what u want, takes any payment form.

2.) Prices are excellent, many things very cheap.

3.) I have ordered probebly 4 or 5 guns from there plus various other stuff, everytrhing has come, as ordered with NO hassles.

4.) Shipping was excelent, never got anything late.

5.) Everytime I order I call, customer service is good, I returned a bass eagle marker i bought there, and they were very nice to me.

6.) Very nice people to deal with, have many items at very low cost!, check out there speicals on the mainpage.

7.) Yes I would buy from there again, and probebly will soon.

8.) rate it a 10


I wont reiterate but same as action vuillage, everything has come on time and there staff are nice people.

WYRViNX 12-09-2002 12:55 PM

All Opinions you understand...
1) Great selection of Autococker parts as well as parts for other markers, only custom markers for sale though. Easy to navigate, lots of pictures so you know what you're going to get. You have to call them on the phone, but they prefer actual contact with their customers, which is nice. They accept visa I know, but probably others.
2) Prices are excellent, very fair and usually the lowest I can find.
3) I have ordered from them multiple times (I think I've ordered over $300 dollars in parts from them), and whenever I need a specialty/rare part or I can't get it locally I order it from them.
4) They use Priority mail, which is cheap, and reliable. They ship out the same day if they can I have always gotten my order earlier than I thought I would.
5) Customer service is unparalleled. Very helpful and informative and always willing to answer a question.
6) By far my favorite shop, cool milling too!
7) Yes I will definitely shop there again, great service price and selection, what could be better!
8) Absolute 10 even though there is no Online cart!
1) Good prices, not a bad selection, but they're not a specialty shop. Site is pretty easy to navigate but it could be a little better laid out IMO.
2) Great place to buy paint (they're only a few states away from me), I'va had excellent luck. Prices are very competitive on most Items...
3) I've ordered paint from them before, and have always been satisfied, they have a very good selection.
4) Shipping is fast and reasonable, never had any problems with it, things are usually packaged correctly.
5) Customer service is good, very understanding.
6) It's odd but sometimes I save a lot (10%-15%) of cash by calling them up rather than ordering online, can't explain why... The only reason I haven't used them in a while is that they haven't had that rare part I've been looking for.
7) I'll probably buy any paint I want from them, if I buy it online.
8) Score is an 8, still highly recommended.
1) Web site is fairly straight forward, but that purple background can get overwhelming.
2) Prices are ok, but I have beaten them recently on the parts I wanted, still not bad.
3) Good place to buy paint, they have an excellent selection of PMI.
4) Well, they loose major points here... I always got my stuff on time and undamaged BUT they will not ship to any other address than the one on your card. I find this highly annoying (and Visa would not ok my alternate address w/ a phone call), now I realize this is a ploy to stop credit card fraud, but I am rarely home during the day to intercept shipments. Major inconvenience to me.
5) Customer service is ok, not amazing but definitely passable.
6) They have some unique custom parts and I generally like the store, they're just out-classed by G3pb.
7) I might do business with them again, but probably only if they're running a great special.
8) Without the shipping inconvenience they'd get a six to an eight but I'll have to rate them in the 5 range for now, In My Experience/Opinion anyhow.

Schwartz 12-09-2002 01:08 PM

This thread is a great idea. How bout a sticky, mod?

1) Site is rather easy to navagate through. Pleasant to look at, plenty of pictures and even an online forum.
2) Prices are very competitive, and have never had an out-of-stock issue when ordering.
3) Ive bought plenty of equipment for my Tippmann 98 (xchambers, barrels, revvys) as well as my entire Impluse set up (incl. the Gun, tank, revvy, etc.). They even tested my impulse and set the dwell before sending it out to me.
4) Shipping has always been on the scheduled day of delivery if not a day or 2 SOONER. Tracking numbers are sent through email after the order is processed. Everything is packaged very well so there is no chance of damage from the store to my door.
5) Customer service has been incredible. The owner (or at least a rep. of the company) actively posts not only on the forum on countypaintballs website but at as well.
6) County Paintball, along with Action village are the only 2 sites i have needed or wanted to purchase my paintball products from. Great job.
7) See #6.
8) Absolute 10. No complaints.

Jaster 12-09-2002 01:46 PM

This is perfect guys. Thanks. I've asked about making this a sticky.

legendaryloser 12-09-2002 02:06 PM (aka,

I know this site was posted about already, but never hurts for more feedback.

Ive bought a few things from this site. I bought a Tippmann A-5 package from here. The price of the individual gun was about the same as a lot of the other good sites, but the main thing that attracted me was the gun package. I was able to get a gun package and make some upgrades very easily. It's very easy to check on your package shipment directly on the site. If you have an item that is "back ordered", you find out asap. The shipping was very good. I ordered my gun Friday evening and recieved it Wednesday (Weekends have more orders than weekdays). It was also FREE SHIPPING! The packaging was outstanding. They sent a box filled with styrafoam peanuts with my tank sitting in the box, mask in the package, and my gun was in the Tippmann box. I highly reccommend this site. I give it a 10.

Jaster 12-09-2002 02:34 PM


Originally posted by legendaryloser
I know this site was posted about already, but never hurts for more feedback.
That is actually what I would like to see. The more posts the better. It's hard to get a feel for a place with just 1 review of it. Just like a marker review here. Every now and then I can go though and tally up scores for the paintball sites and make a list with all the site's average score and post it. That's the plan anyway. Thanks again for the feedback!!

Bront 12-09-2002 03:37 PM

I know I'd order from if it weren't for the fact that they're in the same state, so I get screwed on shipping and tax. And I've still been tempted...

Duffman989 12-09-2002 05:49 PM

1. The web site is very easy to navigate, everything is where it should be. Most items contain pictures, and all have descriptions, so there is no confusion on what you're ordering.

2. Good prices, you can usually find items cheaper at different stores, but the service more than makes up for the price difference.

3. Have made several orders from them, and every time I received exactly what I ordered.

4. Package always arrived on time, if not sooner. Items were well packed, plenty of peanuts. ;) Shipping price is on average with every store I've ordered from.

5. I haven't really dealt with their customer service, never really had to. I've always ordered on-line, and always received what I ordered.

6. Great place to buy from, it's pretty much hassle free.

7. I'd definitely buy from there again. I usually make it a point to buy from there, unless they don't have what I need.

8. 10/10

Mcot2 12-10-2002 06:04 PM


Originally posted by Bront
I know I'd order from if it weren't for the fact that they're in the same state, so I get screwed on shipping and tax. And I've still been tempted...
Just have them ship it to an out of state neighbor then have then forward the package to you.

Jaster 12-12-2002 05:42 AM

sticky? Please

pbjunkie06 12-12-2002 05:54 PM

i just ordered a 2k2 vert cocker and a cradle from them there costomer sevrice was great they got back to me on the questions i asked them right away it took them 2 days to ship it to me which was great all the right parts came to me in all the right colers.

i liked it all ecept that i ordered last week and now the yhave dropped the price another 25 dolelrs on my gun, im hoping to possibly get that back though.

i love that store im gonna order more from there

i give it a 10

Jaster 12-13-2002 11:54 AM

Ok so here's the average scores for the online shops so far: 6 9 8 10 10 10 8 5 10 10

Thanks for the shop reviews so far!! Keep them coming and I'll update this list!! :D

ImpLin 12-17-2002 10:27 AM

This thread needs a sticky

Rugrat 12-17-2002 11:34 AM -I ordered my initial set up from them (STS G3, 12 oz, JT Flex mask, VL 200 hopper, and a bottle of oil) and at the time they had the best overall price for everything, beating out the other on line stores I looked at (xtremepaintball, badboystoys, thepaintballarmoury, 888paintball, and countypaintball). My order was complete and in good shape and had a tracking number.
Down side- They exploited my "Noobness" by not listing that an elbow comes standard with a powerfeed Piranha so I ordered an additional one.
Overall- 8 -Ordered my regulator from them. Good price, good service. I got status updates on my order, couldn't have asked for more.
Downside- None
Overall-9 -Ordered a 32* Terminator barrel that was crushed durning shipping and a bottle of Goldcup oil. I called their customer service and they had UPS come pick it up and return it to them. Dave at turned a serious problem in to no worries on my part.
Downside-I never got an order or shipping status and billing charged me for a second bottle of oil that I didn't order and they didn't ship but that was taken care of also.
Overall-8 - I ordered a harness and a egg II from them. I got both in good shape and an email notification of shipping.
Downside-The first harness I ordered was discontinued and they had it listed as "out of stock" so I was put on back order for a month. Exactly 1 month to the day I sent their customer service an email to find out what was the hold up, and I was told about the discontinued item. I then authorized them to change my order and they had my stuff in shipping 2 days later.

Predator 12-17-2002 11:54 AM

1) Easy to navigate through the site itself. Payment types are just like the others, very easy to order from.
2) Prices seem to depend on equipment, but buying paint is usually pretty good. I bought a case of Big Ball (2000 rounds) for 36 bucks.
3) I've purchased paint, hopper covers, JT Mask - I've always gotten what I ordered.
4) Shipping is really good - Always got it on time with no damage done. They pack their items really well.
5) Never had to deal with customer service.
6) I like this site - depending on what I need, I shop from them, or
7) I would buy from them - again, site is easy and looks professional. I'm always leary of ghetto looking sites that were put together in Frontpage! The more professional the site, the more trustworthy it feels.
8) 9.0 out of 10

Jaster 12-18-2002 05:44 AM


Originally posted by IMPossible1548
2. sucks
3. horrible
4. go to pbnation
5. etc
6. etc
7. etc
8 etc

You don't like my thread?! :bawling: You hurt my feelings!! You don't need to post. Some people find it helpfull some don't. I would like to get this stickied so please don't turn this into a flame war. Lets keep it mature. Everyone else, thanks for the site reviews keep them coming!! Thanks.

Jaster 01-08-2003 11:05 AM
Great site! Very organized and very easy to order from. You can pay by creditcard, check, money order and order by phone.
The prices are real good on pretty much everything. This place is a plus if you are looking for Timmy parts!! One of the only places I've found that has just about every part you'll need for a timmy.
I ordered a solenoid and a Bob Long Delrin bolt and got just that.
Shipping is real good. They don't rape you on charges either! $13 for 2nd day air and $25 for next day air. Can't beat that. They tell you when it going to be shipped and when to expect it. They use UPS and can do Sat. delivery if needed.
The customer service is great. They are very easy going and very nice to talk to.
I've ordered a bunch of stuff online through the years and this is by far the shop I've delt with. I called them about a week ago to order a solenoid. They asked what it was doing so I told him and he actually gave me a few things to check to see if I could fix it before I spent the money to buy a new one! I've never had a place do THAT before. It tells me they do actually care about the customer.
I will definitely shop there again.
I have to give them a 9. I would give these guys a 10 but I don't believe that anything is perfect. These guys are close though.

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