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Andrew 02-21-2003 01:57 PM

How did you find out about

BourneKiller 02-21-2003 02:48 PM

luxykin007 told me about it.

I tell all my friends and co-players about it.

Ice 02-21-2003 02:58 PM

Search engine.
Pretty sure it was

Taste_Me 02-21-2003 03:05 PM

I got lucky and happened to type into internet explorer when I was looking for info on a 1st gun

UTLadiesMan 02-21-2003 03:14 PM

Yahoo like in May of 2001. I was at work and bored, typed in "Paintball forum" in yahoo and looked at the first three results. PBN, PBC (i think it was still dojo or something back then) and this one. I started reading and writing reviews on this one for a few weeks, then eventually joined the forums.

josh_hill 02-21-2003 03:16 PM

I just happened upon it one day when I was looking for reviews on paintball products. Go figure.

I was using msn.

QuiQafooQey 02-22-2003 12:29 AM

errr was it? i dont really remember... which means i was drunk so there really is NO hope of recovering that info, lol

AK47 02-22-2003 01:05 AM

altavista looking for gear reviews

Magnus55 02-22-2003 01:13 AM

I was just doing general searches on the word '"paintball" on either MSN or Yahoo. :)

Yakb0 02-22-2003 06:07 AM

google search for reviews of paintball guns

heyheyhey 02-22-2003 07:57 AM

hey! i noticed the new title in the WGP forum:D i DO pay attention

i fergot how i found it..... i think it was a link sumwhere:confused:

Mcot2 02-22-2003 08:12 AM

I found it off pbnation, because of course they were flaming his site, and I decided to check it out.

Silencer.1 02-22-2003 08:23 AM

Found it via Google in a search for paintball reviews.

cocker kid 2k2 02-22-2003 09:15 AM

One of my best friends when i was back in 7th grade told me about this place. I read the reviews for a long time and then realized that this place had a forums. After trying to get it to work for 4 months it finally did and so there i was and here i am. :)

green_goblin 02-22-2003 09:38 AM

Uh a few years ago when I was wanting to get into paintball I found this site on yahoo .. honestly this site is the reason I ended up paintballing .. kinda touching actually :bawling:

2-Cool-4-Life 02-22-2003 09:42 AM

found it on yahoo or google...cant remember...after my cousin introduced me to paintball...

DragunSlayer 02-22-2003 10:42 AM

i introduced my cousin into paintball and he finds out about these places and lets me know

Calebd2 02-22-2003 10:55 AM

A friend introduced me to paintball and he said that I should look at pbreview for gun reviews. After awhile (a long while) I saw that there was a forum and here I am today

Codestar20 02-22-2003 12:59 PM

Search engine on AOL. Who knew that AOL did anything good?:D

blinkpk11 02-22-2003 03:37 PM

I found it through i search engine i remeber that, but it was so long ago i dont remeber which one...

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