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Jaster 04-15-2003 08:15 AM

COPS- whatcha gonna do....
Story time!! I was fine tuning my Timmy yesterday in my front yard and I'm shooting into my garage. Well one of my lovely neighbors must not have liked it too much. I was out there a good amount of the afternoon. Well the boys in blue show up about 2:00pm. They weren't to happy when they got there. Ya' see, they were expecting a gang with automatics shooting up the streets. Well me and the officer start chatting and I tell him what I'm doing, why and with what. Gave a quick lesson on paintball to him so he understood what I talking about and gave a quick demo. (emptied my hopper in about 30 seconds) My god did his eyes bug and he had the crap-eating grin on his face. So I fill the hopper back up and make some adjustments and hand it to the cop and tell him to give it a try. Well he's take a few shots (hit's my motorcycle a few times :rolleyes: and made a comment about the trigger. It's REALLY short) and continues to light up the inside of my garage. Well, my neighbor comes running over and starts yelling at the cop! (she's not all there and likes vodka as much as I like paintball) She starts yelling about how she called to get them to stop me from shooting everything in the area, NOT to help. Bla bla bla and so one. Well the cops is getting pissy at this point and starts in on her about yelling at HIM. I guess you're not supposed to do that. So he's pretty much ignoring her now and continues shooting the rest of the hopper. She's yelling the whole time gives up and leaves. Next thing we know a call comes over his radio while we're talking more about paintball. Dispatch sounds a bit confused and we hear sirens coming. "Are you in a shooting?" asked dispatch (in a nut shell). We both turn around to see "nutcase" (my little nickname for my crazy neighbor) coming out of her house again yelling more. She called the cops on the cop. She told them that the cop was in a "shoot out" with the "gang with automatics"!! The cop was bull****! He tells her to shut up and straightens things with dispatch and all of a sudden the sirens just stop. But of coarse they come on over anyway to see what the hell is going on. 3 more cruisers with 3 slightly annoyed cops (at least not at annoyed at me for a change). So now all 4 of them are yelling at "nutcase" about make false reports and such and REALLY letting her have it. She's going off about the "gang" shooting up the streets (me in my garage). So the boys explain life to this freak for the last time. Well she stomps off all pissy and goes back inside her house. Well the first cop is explaining to the rest what I'm doing and asks me to demo and show where I've been shooting and bla bla bla. So I do another demo (same as the first one) and all of them are bright-eyed and want to try it out. So the 3 new ones are passing my marker around trying it out and I'm explaining the game to the first one a little more. They were like kids in a candy store. One starts asking about range and such. Well I have a very small yard so he lets me shoot a few down the street a few times. That was fun. Well nutcase sees this (while she's peeking out her window blinds) and comes running out screaming" See I told you he was shooting up the street!! Now he's doing it in front of you!! Do something about it!!" The first cop starts explaining life again.... and gets SLAPPED!! Right across the face. I couldn't believe it. The cop just smiled while he rubbed his cheek. Then tossed her to the ground and cuffed her sorry vodka drinking arse. Well she sat in the car a few while the boys played with my Timmy and we chatted some more. It was a nice afternoon. For me anyway. :D

Mrt0mjones 04-15-2003 08:28 AM

dude, i wish that was me in that garage, those cops rock dude, try to get them to play with you, i betcha they'll rock!

themann2003 04-15-2003 09:29 AM

Now a story. Hehe, I'm gonna remember that one.

Jaster 04-15-2003 09:30 AM

Well I was nervous at first. Once I told him what I was doing and all that and he saw himself that I was not running up and down the street with an Uzi he relaxed a bit. They did look around a bit to see if I was shooting at houses and cars and such. I have a nice little "shotbox" set up in my garage to shoot into. I'm sure that me using my head helped out. They do want to try it out. I'll be hooking them up for the day when we play. I'm putting these guys on a speedball field against part of my team. That's going to be a blast. I can't wait.

Cocker_017 04-15-2003 09:39 AM

If it would fit I would sig that! Actually, I may make a link and put it into my sig! Great story! When I lived in california I knew a lot of police officers (they don't like to be called cops -- especially PIGS) that played pb.

edit: That's one GIANT leap for paintball and one small step for alcoholics. :D

Cocker_017 04-15-2003 09:47 AM

Consider it sigged! 3rd line down in sig...

pballer2k2 04-15-2003 09:52 AM

HOLY CRAP THATS AWESOME! hahahahaha that dumb moron, i would have payed to see her slap that cop, then get tossed in jail! great story!

xm65 04-15-2003 10:04 AM

hey guys..
Remember that some citys do have laws about paintball being fired anywhere other than paintball desiganted areas.

For example the city of Los Angeles has that. WHile cops are pretty cool if when you shoot at home here. If some jerk like your lush next door could actually force the cops to fine you. Or take way your marker.

Cocker_017 04-15-2003 10:14 AM

I used to live in CA for 15 years so I know exactly how they are about anything that shoots -- they'll probably get upset at you for having a spit wad shooter. :rolleyes:

I know that in Riverside County you cannot shoot ANYWHERE in the county limits unless it's at a registered range.

Jaster 04-15-2003 12:22 PM

We do have a city ordnance about firing in city limits but it doesn't apply to paintball. I own the land so it's also private property. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. They didn't seem to have a problem with it. Works for me. Like I said before though, had I been actually shooting up the neighborhood like "nutcase" claimed, I'm sure things would have been different. If we're smart about how we do things odds are we'll be left alone. It's not the cops we need to worry about it's the dipsh...s!
I wish I had my video camera for all this. The three other cops were just stunned when she slapped the first one. The looks on their faces were priceless. She was actually surprised when she got cuffed!! :eek:

xm65 04-15-2003 12:29 PM

Rampart would have maced her stupid behind. Then cuffed her. By the way thats assulting a peace officer! Big No NO!

I own my place as well. Just the way the law is written I can not fire a paintball maker here. You may ony do so in a desiganted area like a paintball park. Even dry firing in my home is against the law. Dont think anyone would actually enforce it. Cops out here are pretty good.

Fusion213 04-15-2003 01:05 PM

That was a great story, I wish the cops were like that around here. I was shooting at a tree in my backyard which is right in the middle of the yard, then my neighbor behind me starts to tell us to stop shooting because splatter was getting over there. I knew he was lying because I looked at the fence and there was no splatter, we were aiming low on the tree. We told him we're going to stop, and I guess he didn't hear us or something but he threatened to kill us.

I did have a plan to hook up a tow strap to his car and drag it out into the middle of an intersection late at night, but I would most likely get caught.

I really hate that neighbor, he's a free loading loser. He's probably in his 40s and he moved back in with his parents, his parents were nice to us.

xm65 04-15-2003 01:18 PM

His threatening to kill you is against the law in the state of California. You could even get a temp restrianing order on him for it. I would'nt do it unless he actually did something to act upon his statement. Do tell your folks about it.

Call your local Police dept. and see what the local laws are about you firing your marker on your property. You may be able to shoot it in a garage or a fenced back yard. Do call and find out what your local laws are. Or you may find that the cops will come over and take your marker away someday.
Always wear your mask and shoot in a direction that others will not be endangered.

MuffinMan14 04-15-2003 01:19 PM

That is one heck of a story.

Jaster 04-15-2003 01:59 PM


Originally posted by Fusion213
... my neighbor behind me starts to tell us to stop shooting because splatter was getting over there...
That's why I set up a shotbox in my garage. I did that to my other neighbor. I was shooting at a pallet with a few layers of thick cardboard behind it. It did stop the balls but the spray went everywhere. He came home from work and found me washing of the side of his use to be white shed. He was a bit confused at first and a little annoyed but when he realized what had happened and what I was doing he was pretty cool about it. He was just glad that I cleaned it up. Last thing I wanted to do was piss off a neighbor the first week I lived there. We joke about it all the time now. He's always asking me what color I plan on painting his shed this week. I don't think I'll be joking with "nutcase" anytime soon.

Cocker_017 04-15-2003 03:06 PM

Ummm... ANY type of violent threat is illegal ANYWHERE in the country, not just California.

I shoot once in a while in my back yard when I do work on my gun and that's about it. I like to keep my shooting at the field, it'smore fun that way. :D

bassmaster_2049 04-17-2003 10:25 AM

i have a cop story to tell,

A couple of freinds and i decided to set up a weak speedball course in his small feild. His house lies just outside the city boundries, like the line runs down the middle of the road in front of his house. Ne ways, we played for about an hour or two and as we were cleaning our guns and gear on his front porch a trooper pulls up. He gets out of his car and walks towards us. i said hello officer, is there a problem. He is like oh your dumb neighbors callled in a report that u guys were shooting automatic weapons. He sees our gear and apologizes for coming out and tells us were ok, then leaves.

Scared the shiznit out of me, but i was pretty funny that the neighbors thought that pball guns were automatic rifles, guess they need a hearing check.

Not as good as jaster's story but still pretty funny!

AK47 04-17-2003 11:22 AM

this has brighten my day:elaugh:

Playaz 04-17-2003 02:20 PM

if you really hate your neighbor that much just put a pingpong ball/sand in his gas tank... thatll teach him :)

i was playin pball in this city property forest type place behind my house, it has tons of no tresspassing signs on the fence around it but we just ignore it and jump it. we were playin out there for about an hour and someone called the cops on us. 2 cops showed up and had their pball guns with them, a cocker and an angel. they played with us cause they were goin off duty, it pissed the hell outa the person that called the cops on us lol

Zujin 04-17-2003 06:55 PM

My bro is a cop and i honestly think he woulda maced her, thrwe her down, cuffed her, put her in the drunk tank, and then filed assualt charges....he REALLY doesnt like ppl who hit or spit on 'em.

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