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painbrawler 05-25-2003 02:16 PM

Goggles Keep Fogging Up
my goggles keept fogging ! is there a way to stop it with out going out and buying spray or buying a anti fog lens?

MuffinMan14 05-25-2003 02:19 PM

get a thermal lens...

IromKnight 05-25-2003 05:52 PM

Most masks don't fog if they're cleaned properly. What I do is take my mom's iron, set it to steam, hold it a good distance from the lence so the heat doesn't warp the plastic, and steam up the mask. Then I use a 100% cotton rag and wipe off the steam. Never fogs.

painbrawler 05-26-2003 04:19 AM


Originally posted by MuffinMan14
get a thermal lens...
Uh muffinman are blind or somthing.. i said i dont want to buy any lens ... ok iromknight i will try your idea

Aglar 05-26-2003 07:52 AM

You get what you pay for.

MuffinMan14 05-26-2003 08:08 AM

use spit....

E r y k 05-31-2003 05:01 PM

baby shampoo

levi333 05-31-2003 05:29 PM

get a better mask. if you dont want to spend a lot, get a Vforce armor, Rarely fogs, and you can pick one up for about 15-20

hobo134 06-06-2003 09:34 PM

buying new **** is a waste of money
use dish washing soap the liquid kind and no water. put very little on and buff it till i cant see it no more
will barely fog if it even does at all

E r y k 06-07-2003 07:04 AM

i thought soap corrodes the mask and makes it weaker?... is that true?

or is it only on thermal lenses?

hobo134 06-07-2003 07:06 AM

soap doesnt corrode anything, just anti-fog spray corrodes thermals.

moronic 06-08-2003 02:12 PM


Actually you guys z-leader also makes the vforce masks after BE got jt they didn't need zleader anymore so diablo took them up and got rid of the skull
You will have to buy something to solve your problem.:sleep:

PB_Corpsman 07-20-2004 06:32 PM


Originally posted by hobo134
soap doesnt corrode anything, just anti-fog spray corrodes thermals.
not entirely true. though i dont know if it'll corrode the lenses but it will certainly corrode your car's paint/clear coat.

RTC 01-24-2005 01:35 PM

Actually any chemical used on the lenses cause small almost invisible cracks in the plastic that slowly make the lens weaker. The only exception is to use the specially made anti-fog or cleaners. Dont just use any soap on your mask. Use warm water and a clean cotton rag or cloth. It works just as good as soap, you just have to scrub a little more.

slingshot66 10-09-2006 07:10 PM

The Best Anti Fog is found at Dive Shops. I get mine from the Scuba shop.
Just make sure to tell them its for a plastic lens. The stuff for gas is too strong.

I have several masks. Priced from 25 to 85 The anti fog from the scuba shops make them all work great. These masks are worn by people from 10 to 50 years of age.

They test out find.

bunkerking3 10-09-2006 07:27 PM

Just run your mask under really warm water...and make sure you dry it properly. It always worked for me, though my mask always fogged up until I took time to buy a new mask. Crappy mask=Fog/Good mask=No Fog

mugenXP 10-09-2006 07:36 PM

I wouldn't use anything that wasn't specifically made for lenses, eyes don't grow back once you lose them.

slingshot66 10-09-2006 07:44 PM

Mugenxp I dont know if your talking to me but anti fog for scuba masks are made for humans. I havent seen thing else wear scuba masks yet.

3022 10-10-2006 03:05 AM

You can use small 12V notebook fan with 9V charging cell to prevent fogging. It is quite cheap and it will help prefent fogging even in heavy conditions, reliably... but the sound is little annoying after while - the fan can you not heard even on ideal conditions from 6 feet distance, but when he is very close to your ears... it is not much good solution for long woodsball play, but if you are speedball player...

If you do not wish use thermal lences, anti-fog spray, or fan, simply choose good mask with good sealing and ventilation (or improve your curent sealing and ventilation holes) and wipe off the sweat and impurities from lenses, seals and even from your face regulalry in between of games (!). When you will do that, then you will have minimally half hour without fogging, everytime.

...for cleaning of the lenses is very good toilet-paper and the main asset of the anti-fog sprays is often that they help you clean the lenses.

Likewise is good use wind as natural fan in the game, move continually and avoid to stay in damp lowland places or crawl, especially in wet grass.

3022 10-10-2006 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by slingshot66 (Post 3751784)
Mugenxp I dont know if your talking to me but anti fog for scuba masks are made for humans. I havent seen thing else wear scuba masks yet.

The problem is not that some anti-fog can blind you, but that some mixtures can - at least theoretically - damage the polycarbonat lenses chemicaly and they will be then not able halt the paintball.

But you can attempt that with old scratched lenses - let the mixture long (days, weeks) on them and you will se it there is some change. If not, you can use it without problems on a while, during play.

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