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PartySquirrel 05-26-2003 01:05 PM

Pro-Carbine FAQ
Seeing as there isnt a pro-carbine FAQ and a few people here own them (including myself)

1) Where can I buy a pro-carbine? or pro-carbine parts?
County has alot of nice upgrades for the carbine, worth looking into.

2) I dont like my shoulder strap how do i take it off?
First take of your bottomline (easy part) then take some pliers (sp?) and bend the front one off, you can also take out the screws and work it out by twisting and turning both halves of the foregrip.

3) What kind of barrel should i get?
I recommend the lapco bigshot - but any barrel with a good rating here should do. The pro-carbine has the SAME threads as an A5 but you have to make sure that the barrel isnt "bumpy" so it can pass your foregrip.

4) What are some do-it yourself mods that i can do?
this page is excellent and should keep you happy and busy for awhile.

5) Is the pro-carbine the coolest gun ever?
Yes, they should melt down the m98's and use the metal to make A5's and pro-carbines.

6) How do i take off my barrel?
First you have to take off the screw that is in the foregrips latch then you can take it off the normal way.

7) Sometimes my linkage arm pops out for no reason whats wrong?
Make sure the sight the gun comes with is on(or a sight that is designed for a pro-carbine) and make sure its on the right place (theres a notch if you look on the sight rail)

8) My hoppers neck is too big how do i fit it on?
Take the screw off the elbow and pull the elbow abit open then shimmy in your hopper and put the screw and nut back on for a nice tight snug fit.

9) I cant put my bottom reciever back onto my top reciever.
Push the bottom back into the top then COCK the gun, then hold it on for dear life while you screw the screws back in.

10) What is "basic" maintanence for my Pro-Carbine?
Every time you play take your front and rear bolts out, clean out the upper reciever, clean and oil your ASA (where your tank screws into your gun), your front and rear bolts, and your linkage arm. put everything back and give all your o-rings a quick check for cracks or tears.

11) What should be the first few upgrades i should get?
Well first definately get rid of the stock barrel, as said before the lapco (in my opinion) would be the best barrel for the pro-carbine. then i recommend getting a vertical adaptor and a expansion chamber/reg. A reg will make you more consistant but you'll dish out some more cash in the process. After the expansion chamber you might want to look into some cosmetics, a drop forward, an agitated hopper (on most other guns i would recommend this strongly but since the pro-carbine isnt the fastest gun in the world i thought we should focus on consistancy and accuracy and not speed)

12) I'm considering a pro-carbine, what are some pro's?
The pro-carbine runs excellent on CO2. The pro-carbine is extremely easy to maintain. The pro-carbine's anatomy is relatively simple. It is one of the most durable guns on the market. It is user friendly, and can take maintanence neglection. The stock internals are excellent and you generally wont need to upgrade them. The gun is relatively cheap and has a great "bang for your buck" feel to it.

13) No gun is perfect, what are some con's?
The pro-carbine is not a fast gun, you should buy it if you are more of a "aim first, shoot later" person. The lower reciever is made of plastic (its very tough plastic, but just the fact that it is plastic bothers me) The stock barrel is less than acceptable.

Turambar 08-05-2003 03:01 PM

If anyone has anything they think should be added to this, PM me.

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