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MuckRaker 08-08-2001 08:52 AM

Tournaments and Scenario Games
I'm sticking this thread to the top of the forum. Please post dates, locations and other info about upcoming tournaments and scenario games in your area. Don't worry, you can still post indivdual threads about those events in the forums, I just want the Who, What, When and Where posted here. When possible, try to include contact info and entry fees.

Thanks for your help.


ds613 08-09-2001 03:16 PM

3 man benefit tourney
ameteur novice and rookie divisions
Duncan, SC (near Greenville)
September 29, 2001
$75 entry fee:crazy:

Go to:

MuckRaker 08-11-2001 12:38 PM

Stolen directly from the Paintball Sports International Calendar:

Aug19: Viper Venom series Amateur/Rookie 3-man tournament; Tactical Edge in Winter Haven. FPO; call 561-229-1501.

Sept. 9: Viper Venom Series, see above.

Sept. 30: Viper Venom Series Grand Finale Tournament; See Above.

Sept. 29 & 30: Clues, 24-hour scenario game at Wayne's World in Ocala. FPO; call 352-401-1801 for info.

Oct. 22 - 28: World Cup in Orlando (field to be announced). 5- and 10-man Pro, Am and Novice divisions; NPPL rules; FPO; Trade show; call 770-687-3115 for info.

Oct. 27: Night of the Living Dead, scenario game at Wayne's World in Ocala. FPO; call 352-401-1801 for info.

Nov. 30 - Dec. 2: Florida Grand Finale, scenario game at Wayne's World in Ocala. Trade Show; FPO; call 352-401-1801 for info.

Nov. 11: 3-Man Am and Novice Warped Sportz Tournament Series; SWAT Paintball in Biloxi. Call 1-877-WARPED1 for info.

Aug. 18: Southeast Amateur 10-Man Championship
Nashville Paintball. NPPL rules; 15 team minimum; $750 team entry fee; call 615-444-8988.

Sept. 29 & 30: APL Tournament and Scenario Game; Skyline Sports in Strasburg; 5-man amateur and 3-man novice; FPO; $300 5-man entry fee; $150 3-man entry fee; $45 scenario game entry fee; call 800-541-9169 for info.

MuckRaker 08-12-2001 07:48 AM

Viper Venom addenda
Here's some new info ... Viper Venom is a Rookie/Amateur tournament. Here's how Bullseye Paintball Inc (the series' promoter) defines those terms.

Rookie: all team members are 19 or younger.
Amateur: All team members are 20 or older.

Bullseye wants to keep teams that compete professionally from going up against younger, less experienced teams.

Jim Durante of Bullseye said for the remaining eight or so events in the series. Participating teams earn points based on how they place in each tournament. The top 12 rookie and top 12 amateur teams will be invited to a final tournament Sept. 30 in Homestead, Fla.

Prizes include:
Gold Rings for first place
Silver Rings for second place
Invitation to participate in next year's series for third place.

for more information and tournament rules, go to Bullseye's Web site at

Bill Braskey 08-13-2001 06:40 PM

there is a 3 man woods tourny at wolverine paintball

August 26

Hendersonville, NC


MuckRaker 08-17-2001 03:28 PM

More info about upcoming Wayne's World scenario games.

MuckRaker 08-19-2001 04:21 PM

Battle of Oxford: 36 hour scenario game hosted by the University of Mississippi paintball team.
prizes, FPO, no entry fee. Call 662-915-6000 for more info.

Hghlndr 09-22-2001 02:16 PM

Do you happen to know when and where the Battle of Oxford will be?

MuckRaker 09-25-2001 02:29 PM

no location was give, try calling the number in the post.

Ded 09-29-2001 10:32 AM

BIG GAME TIME BABY!!!!! anybody live in north carolina and is going to the gotcha paintball big game on november 11th? that thang is gonna be awesome. i am going to pick one person out and follow him around all day shooting him in the booty.

PiRaNhA69 10-24-2001 03:59 PM

tourny in panama city beach. if you want to meet me ill be playing the way the tourney is on november 4th my birthday.

Dravion 12-16-2001 10:39 AM

Scenerio Game outside of Memphis, TN (Memphis Paintball)
Name: Maffia Massacre: A Family Event

Date December 29th, 2001
Time: 10AM, be there around 8:30-9:00 for prep.
details and map at

$20 dollar pre-entry fee, $10 for park members
Semi w/ mask $14
Pump w/ Mask $10
Mask Only $5.50
Smoke bomb $3.00
5 roles to choose from:
Gambino Faimly Enforcer
Gambino Family Wise Guy
Luchese Family Enforcer
Luchese Family Wise Guy

100 Rnd's of paint $7.50
500 Rnd Bag $26
2000 Rnd case $90

Ebonclaw 01-20-2002 11:16 AM

Time Wars in Madison GA. Feb 23rd, 24th. Sat-Sun in case you were wondering. (I live about an hour away). Found it in the Feb issue of APG. MXS scenario game with Diane "Mother" Mckennon. Phone # is 281-565-9381. Madison GA is about an hour or two east of Atlanta. Getting more details soon.

Hope to see some of you guys there! LMK if you're going!

EvilPopTart 01-25-2002 04:11 PM

Place: Tigger Tyme Paintball

City: Columbia, SC

Date: Late April (I'll post dates when i get them)

Cost: $35 entry fee, $70 case of paint, $20 all even air card for nitrogen, $10 dollar CO2 card will get you $15 bucks of co2, paint grenades are $5.

I think it's gonna be WWII related or its gonna be an original (made up by 5 staff memebers at 3 oclock in the morning after 3 cases of beer... pretty creative bunch)

Contact them at 1-803-748-1100

Ask for Link, it's his show.

EvilPopTart 01-26-2002 04:29 PM

I have found out the theme for the Trigger Tyme senerio:

A bunch of gangs are messing with the villigers and they call in the beat down police (FBI). Details will come with time. This isn't worth missing! PLease come out and support our field!

benkillin 01-29-2002 01:21 PM

Senerio hosted by black cat productions at hopewell, VA march 15-17. it is called "Clash at the Mason-Dixon"

kr8er 02-06-2002 06:10 PM

3 man tourney
3 man toruney being held at rock diver right at the outskirts of huntsville, alabama at rock divers

75 dollars entry fee per team
discount paint fee or byop

march 10 starting at 8 am

the site is old but i think it has directions

Polish Guy 02-13-2002 06:08 PM

Yo, EvilPopTart. When is the game and where is it? I'm in Greenville, SC, and I'll most likly come...just need to know when, where, why, and how :)

Spyderdome 02-17-2002 08:30 AM

5 man benefit for Americian Cancer Socitey in Linclonton NC April 13 $100 entry fee 5 frist place trophies to five first place teams PM me for details

EvilPopTart 02-17-2002 01:27 PM


Yo, EvilPopTart. When is the game and where is it? I'm in Greenville, SC, and I'll most likly come...just need to know when, where, why, and how
Its in Columbia Polish dude, Its April 24-26 I think. Or it may be early April. Check out the Trigger Tyme website at bring your team! ITs called War in The Shadows. The story line is on there. I hope to see ya there. My name is Michael and I'm on Team Fire Support. Look around

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