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MuckRaker 08-28-2001 07:25 PM

Field Reviews
As originally posted by KillerKat in Northeast, copy the form below and give us all the pertinent and juicy info about the field you play at. Also, only use this if YOU YOURSELF! have been there and played. Let's not have any second hand information in here.

Business Name:


Telephone Number:


Registration Fee:

Rental Equiptment Fee:

Fill Stations:

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:

Styles of Play Available:


schatjager 09-04-2001 10:41 AM

Business Name:

Lutz FL

Telephone Number:


Registration Fee:
$15.00 (or $10.00 w/coupon on their website)
$100 1 year membership
$200 lifetime

Rental Equiptment Fee:
$30 for low tech semi / mask / 9oz tank w/all day air / hopper.
$40 for upgrade gun / mask / 20oz. tank w/all day air / hopper.

Fill Stations:
CO2 only $5 for 20 oz fill (don't know about other sizes.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:
$65 2000 case or bring your own with no surcharge.

Styles of Play Available:
speed ball. 3 fields but the can combine them to create lots of options.

Great rec player field and fun people to play with. open 9:30-4 sat and sun. have shooting range. and discounts for groups.

PiRaNhA69 09-09-2001 04:43 PM

Business Name: Krebs Paintball

Location: Tallahassee,FL

Telephone Number: (850)552-0win


Registration Fee: you have to fii out this sheets only once and they will save it.

Rental Equiptment Fee: $20.00 =marker,hopper,tank,all day air,discount on paint
for a group (10 or more peeps) $15.00 a person= marker,hopper,tank,all day air,discount on paint

Fill Stations: everything ( hpa they have booster pumps which fills the tank up fully)

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: $17.00 for rps premium (500 balls)
marbalizer = $22.00 for 500
slam balls $25.00 and more

Styles of Play Available: anything you want

Comments/Conculsions:this place is the bomb.i suggest it over the other field that is in tallahassee.

Paintball_Playa 10-23-2001 05:58 AM

Business Name: Paintball Charleston

Location: Charleston, SC

Telephone Number: (843)552-1115 Store (843)761-5575 Field Weekends


Registration Fee: $10 if you have your stuff

Rental Equiptment Fee:$15 to play all day plus get the rental stuff

Fill Stations: CO2 and HPA

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:They have a ton of different field paints, pretty much all you could want.

Styles of Play Available: Woods, speedball, plus one interesting woods field called the maze, which has a lot of brush and small trees, good for low-running people.

Comments/Conculsions: I love Paintball Charleston. It's the best field here. It's a fun place to be, the people there are nice, and they have all the paint you will need in every brand you can think of. Great place to spend a saturday. Plus, they are currently moving their field to a nice 70+ acre field, which is pretty big for down here in lower SC!

PaintballCartel 11-06-2001 07:29 AM

Business Name:
SportsmanOutdoorWorld (SOW)

Sumter, South Carolina

Telephone Number:

None Yet

Registration Fee:
None that I know of.

Rental Equiptment Fee:
I don't rent, so I don't know. 10-15 dollars?

Fill Stations:
CO2 only NO2 soon to come. C02 usually filled free.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:
$65 a case for PowerBall Field paint ONLY!

Styles of Play Available:
Speed Ball,Scenerio,Flag, Tower Games, Anything you want.

This field is pretty awesome. Lots of land for endless possibilities. These guys are very dedicated too. They do a good job of providing food and drinks as well. I recommend this field to any and everyone looking to play PB.

Letchworth40 11-06-2001 04:52 PM

Gotcha Paintball

Raleigh, NC

Rocky Mount, NC

IM me for info
AOL: Letchworth40

em1freak 11-15-2001 02:33 PM

field name:extreme paintball
place:joleton tenn
cost:$10 all day addmission,5half day,20low end gun and setup,30upgraded gun and set up,$50 for case or $15 bag 500
feilds:2 woods ,and 3 speedball
my comments:when i get done with my 4th speedball field on my farm they will all kick all butts

-RuShPB227- 11-21-2001 06:22 AM

Business Name:
COLORS paintball

North Augusta, SC

Telephone Number:


Registration Fee:
No fee if using feild paint. If you bring your own paint, it is $15 to get in.

Rental Equiptment Fee:
i think like $7 for mask, air, marker, and tank.

Fill Stations:
Co2 and n2.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:
Anything from JT maxim, Diablo, Proball, Powerball and many others. $5/100 paintballs, $20/500, $40/1000pballs, $80/ case

Styles of Play Available:
10 man speedball, 3 man Hyperball, woods (comming)

Comments/Conculsions: Its a nice feild, very cheap. Its going to be really nice once the new feilds are up.

Sudden Impact 11-25-2001 09:42 PM

Business Name: Sudden Impact Paintball

Location: Hartwell, GA

Telephone Number: (706) 376-7216


Registration Fee: No Field Fee

Rental Equiptment Fee: $12.00/rebel, mask and co2 all day...

Fill Stations: Co2, 3kpsi Air Fills

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Point Blank,Team Colors/3.00 - 3.50 per hundred

Styles of Play Available: Speedball, Capture the Fort and Natural Terrain Woodsball

Comments/Conculsions: New fields are in the making. Open Saturday and Sundays, 10am - dark for walk ons and anyday by appointment for groups...

Peter A. 11-27-2001 10:36 AM

Re: Field Reviews
Business Name: Adrenaline Rush

Location: Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte Florida

Telephone Number: 255- rush

Website: none yet

Registration Fee: 10 for field fee

Rental Equiptment Fee: i think 10, neer rented

Fill Stations: nitro and co2

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: pmi, big ball,rps 18 dollars

Styles of Play Available: sup air,half woods and half speed ball

Comments/Conculsions: a very good field.their hyperball tubes were stolen but the sup air field is very cool

wwhooper 12-11-2001 05:38 PM

Business Name: Backwoods Paintball

Location: Kingston (a little bit eats of Harriman, 30 miles west of Knoxville) TN

Telephone Number: 865-882-8181

Website: no

Registration Fee: $3 each time

Rental Equiptment Fee: $17 Fields Paint Available/ Fee:

Fill Stations: HPA and CO2

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Yes/ $70 a case for Kick n'

Styles of Play Available: Brand spanking new Ultimate Air, lego field, a couple of spool fields, a speedball with few bunkers far apart, a speedball with tons of standup bunkers really close together, and a few various speedball fields.

Comments/Conculsions: Great field. The staff are especially fun and helpful. They might very well have the best gun tech in Tennessee; if he has the parts he will not just fix it on the spot, but make it better. The Pro Shop is pretty nice too. They carry a variety of guns and can make or order ANYTHING you want. They also have a tourney every season (spring winter summer fall) and the prizes vary from loads of cash to cockers.

BodyBagSlam 01-12-2002 07:16 AM

Status of Krebs field?
What is the current status of Krebs field in Tallahassee? Last I heard up there is that they were in negotiations with the new lease on it. Has that been all worked out?


BePiRaNhA2 01-19-2002 09:40 PM

they didnt like the new lease terms so they are leasing some land by a skatepark was what i heard

haste 01-23-2002 07:01 PM

Business Name: Orlando Paintball

Location: Orlando, FL

Telephone Number: (407) 294-0694


Registration Fee: $11

Rental Equiptment Fee: $25 (includes registration)

Fill Stations: 4.5k nitro, Co2

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Big Ball, PMI Premium, and Marbs

Styles of Play Available: Speedball, Hyperball

Comments/Conculsions: Tuesday nights is BYOP, $21 registration on that night, though. Refs on Sundays - Fridays are great, I wouldn't reccomend playing on Saturdays, though. Great fields, two indoor, three outdoor, one of which is a great Hyperball field.

Sciblades 01-31-2002 12:42 PM

Business Name: orlando paintball

Location: orlando fl orange blossim trail to rose ave and you can't miss it

Telephone Number: not sure


Registration Fee:

Rental Equiptment Fee: 25 for a m98 cobalt or what ever they are called and 30 dollars for a m98 custom

Fill Stations: c02 nitrogen and hight preser sytems

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: big ball 84 dollars for 2000 primuim 94 dollars for 2000 and marbalizers 110 2000

Styles of Play Available: speedball hyperball and they play games with like capture and defend and so on

Comments/Conculsions:this feild is great go on the weekday the refs are so much better weekday crew is shuan glen garry!

Scope_1 02-16-2002 04:41 PM

Strike force
Business Name: Strike force

Location: Krome avenue,Florida

Telephone Number:


Registration Fee: free and they save it in comp for whenever other time u come....

Rental Equiptment Fee: 15 dollors for gun with co2 and hopper

Fill Stations: yes co2 and nitro 2 for each

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: box 45 dollors....

Styles of Play Available: all styles...

Comments/Conculsions:good place

MyJTRox 02-22-2002 01:04 PM

What's the best weekday to go to Orlando Paintball, I'm guessing Tues. cuz its BYOP, but I was just wondering?

Rob9440 03-03-2002 04:03 PM

This place is Godly
Business Name: Wayne's World of Paintball

Location: Ocala, Florida

Telephone Number: 352-401-1801 or e-mail


Registration Fee: $5

Rental Equiptment Fee: $15

Fill Stations: 2 Co2, and 5 Compressed Air

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: As much paint as you want, and its $70 a case.

Styles of Play Available: Wayne and Jackie Dollack, known world-wide for their 24 Hour Role-Playing Scenario Games are proud to announce Central Florida's finest paintball facility, Wayne's World of Paintball. Located in Ocala, the field has been designed with multiple game formats and objectives in mind.

Wayne's World of Paintball boasts two Speed Ball Courses, two Fire Bases, a South American coastal village with 26 colorful huts and a hacienda, a bridge over water with sentry tower and adjacent buildings, towers, bunkers, an airstrip with a helicopter, hangars, radar towers and buildings, Speed trails, roads, many smaller villages and outposts, and large mature trees. The field is high and dry, and, for the convenience of our patrons, Wayne's World of Paintball has over 4 acres of parking/camping area, running water and a shaded picnic area.

Comments/Conculsions: This place is the best place around. Wayne Dollack is nationally known for his scenario games. And everytime I go there, there is atleast 10 guys that travel from Orlando to play even though they have three fields 15 minutes from thier houses.

motherpaintball 04-03-2002 09:30 AM

Business Name: Skyline Paintball

Location: Strasburg, VA - Close to I66 & I81

Telephone Number: 540-465-9537


Registration Fee: $10 Field Fee - FREE with purchase of a case of paint.

Rental Equipment Fee: $10 - $35 (Lots of different Rental Packages

Fill Stations: CO2 and Nitro to 4500

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Paint from $50 up, RP, Team Colors, Powerball, Big Ball, Diablo, etc.

Styles of Play Available: Everything from new players with rentals to tourney players (obviously the tourney players are kept separate from the walk ons)

Comments/Conclusions: Over 10 years in business, we care about our players, we have the greatest fields, a great pro shop and work hard to keep our players happy. There are always fields being added, changed or modified to keep everything fresh.

MyJTRox 04-03-2002 12:36 PM

Business Name: Orlando Paintball

Location: North Orlando

Telephone Number: (407)-294-0694


Registration Fee: $10 on a normal night...$20 on Tuesday nights (8-midnight) in which they have bring your own paint.

Rental Equiptment Fee: Around $20

Fill Stations: I think they fill all kinds.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Not sure, I used my own.

Styles of Play Available: Hyperball, Speedball, and an L shaped warehouse w/ 2 big rooms. In the warehouse they play many different mini-scenario type games, and outside on the Hyperball and Speedball fields they do the flag games and a game w/ "god bars": 2x4's.

Comments/Conculsions: It was great... I had a lot of fun, and the teams were divided evenly. The newbie/rental group had their own games going while the guys w/ their own stuff played. At one point we had around 12-14 people playing. Nobody complained and everybody was trustworthy to whether they got shot. The refs didn't even have to come onto the field. Those guys run that field great, and if I wasn't from Wisconsin, I'd play there more often.

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