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Tower3003 08-30-2001 01:02 PM

Washington State Event Posting Thread
This thread is for people to post all major paintball events going on in Washington. So if you have any infromation regarding tournements, scenarios, or sales going on in Washington please post them here. Thanks.

TheNinja 08-31-2001 07:00 PM

A Blitzkreig into Russia scenario, not in WA, but Oregon is pretty close. It is on Sept 22 in Ontario. $30 field fee. Field paint only. Gets a bit pricey, but whatever.

The Germans get a tank!

I will be there if I can find a ride.

pr0kch0p 09-01-2001 10:29 PM

ummm on the site it says boise, idaho . . .

Tower3003 09-02-2001 06:14 PM


-September 22, 2001

-This game is so big, it is being played in Ontario, OR on 100 acres!

-Field fee is $30 per player, which includes air.

************************************************** **

Aktion Zone Paintball Contact Information:

37 East Broadway Meridian, ID 83642

************************************************** **

Hopfully we can clarify this misconception before it's to late to make plans. If you know anything, please let me know.

Tower3003 09-02-2001 07:04 PM

It's being organized by the paintball feild in Bosie, but being held in Antario. So if your going to the Germany vs Russia game, just read about that section-IT IS BEING HELD IN OREGON.

pr0kch0p 09-02-2001 10:48 PM

where is ontario oregon? eastern? western? central?

Tower3003 09-03-2001 11:37 AM

Ontario is on the east central border or Oregon, right next to Bosie. I live in western Washington, from there it's around a four and a half hour drive. :boring:

Lemonjello 09-11-2001 02:54 PM

At Operation Paintball in Graham, WA
Spots are FILLED... BUT All but the TOURNEY field will be open to Walkons. Plus You Can watch the tourney at NO CHARGE---

At OP the rental fee is $20 and comes with gun, All day Co2, Co2 tank, Mask, barrel plug, and 200 paintballs.


All cases contain 2000 paintballs and include two field fees ($20 value).

Case of Brand X / Big Ball $60
Case of Diablo Blaze $70
Case of Diablo Inferno $75
Case of Diablo Hellfire $85

Paintballs by the Bag

100 Balls / $6 - 200 Balls / $10 - 400 Balls / $18

Field Fees: $10

All day Compressed Air & CO2: $10 (New 4500 compressor Just in!)


(prices subject to change)

We also have a small selection of items available at the pro shop including gloves, paint grenades, anti-fog spray, squeegees, barrel plugs, pods, buttpacks, t-shirts, gun oil, goggles, hats, etc.

Personal Checks Are Accepted w/I.D.

For Directions and More Info, Please Visit Operation Paintball's Website!

Paint Bulley 09-14-2001 02:30 PM

Anyone going to splat attack's 2 day game?

Lemonjello 09-18-2001 09:34 AM


Operation Paintball---

Go Here to find out more--


Or click here to go to Operation's main site

Paint Bulley 09-18-2001 03:10 PM

tell me it's gona be byop

Lemonjello 09-19-2001 10:34 PM

doubt it, but i know that it isnt going to be like KC's 80 bux a case! we will have regular prices.

Paint Bulley 09-20-2001 06:23 AM

Come on Lemon Jello....
Convince you'r boss to do field paint, you would get some more customers.

Oh and I thnk Splat attack is doing one the same weekend or around there and they have byop. So you guys will both be competing for players.

Anybody know if splat attack has a website?


TheNinja 09-20-2001 06:36 AM I love that field. :D

edit: TheSplat Attack scenario already happened by the way, and it was FPO.

Lemonjello 09-20-2001 10:01 AM

Mike and Joe come out all the time from splat, they love our fields. I dont think that we would do BYOP because we wouldnt make any money, we a giving away an autococker with air and 12v revy, and with a registration price of only 20 bux, there is no way we could afford it, plust there are gonna be TONS of prizes, hell ill even be playing to win some of them! FPO is what it is gonna be, because we would loose a hell of alot of money if we didnt.

TheNinja 09-20-2001 01:06 PM

Same prices as on the site? Or will they subtract the $20 worth of field fees from the paint prices?

Paint Bulley 09-20-2001 02:01 PM


Originally posted by TheNinja I love that field. :D

edit: TheSplat Attack scenario already happened by the way, and it was FPO.

There is gona be another one in November. and that one wasn't fpo. unless you rent a gun.

TheNinja 09-20-2001 08:58 PM

O, my mistake.

Lemonjello 09-25-2001 10:59 AM

the 20 will include field and a raffel ticket. i dont think air though.

ElectricHead 09-26-2001 03:20 PM

please dont tell me you guys sell a case of bigball for like 70 bucks...

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