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Spartan 2 09-08-2003 04:22 PM

The Official Evil Omen FAQ
I figured these are those most asked questions right now. There are lots of little things but they are not asked as often. When a question becomes asked more, I will add it.

The EviL Omen FAQ

Q: How do I adjust my new evil omen?

A: It should come ready to fire; you most likely will have to adjust the re-cock and velocity before you play. It should come from the factory already adjusted, but mine was not, and if the re-cock is set to high, your going to loose a bumper.

When you get your omen, here what I suggest you do:

Do not adjust the regulator, tighten it down were it is, and leave it. Read all of the instructions and locate the re-cock adjustment, look on the parts sheet and look for the re-cock screw that will give you the general location. IT IS NOT THE COCKING ROD...thatís what I first thought. It should be in the middle of the body, outside of were the valve is.
Gas your gun up, and turn the re-cock screw clockwise to tighten it up. Cock the gun and fire; it should NOT re-cock on its own. Keep backing the re-cock screw out till it can re-cock on its own and keep up with rapid fire. Go a little higher then you want after that, but no more then a quarter of a turn. This is called sweet spotting the re-cock pressure. You will have to do it every time you adjust the regulator. But if you want to be fast, just lower the re-cock every time you raise the regís pressure, and visa versa.
The regulators pressure output should be fine, but most-likly it will have to be adjusted. Adjust the re-cock all the way down again and turn the regís pressure up for more velocity and down for vise versa. Do single shots with the re-cock off to adjust the velocity, Every time you adjust the reg, shoot the gun 2 times to get the regs new set pressure. When you chronograph it with no re-cock, you want it to be 10 fps faster, because when you engage the re-cock it will bring the velocity down 10 fps.
I suggest using HPA when adjusting the got all frosty when making the gun "keep up" while adjusting the re-cock. At least use a remote or ant-siphon if you have one.

Q: How do I adjust the regulators pressure?

A: There is a ring located on the middle of the Regulator. This ring is held by a friction screw, to adjust the reg loosen the screw. Instead of bothering with the closewise method that always got people confused as to how to look and the gun and turn it which way.
While you are looking at your gun from the side that the recock screw is located, turn the ring left to decrease pressure, and turn the Ring Right to raise the pressureTighten the screw when itís adjusted properly. Simply remember lefty-Lower, righty-Raise

Q: How does the CAM feed work?

Think of it more as a two-stage seesaw with reeds.
The two reeds, which are spring loaded, sit to the right of the ball waiting to push it into the breech, but the bolt is closed holding a ball in the barrel.
When you pull the trigger, the inside striker goes forward, shoots the ball and starts the re-cock.
When the inner/outer striker comes back, it brings the bolt with it.
On the right side of the bolt are cutaways.
The first groove or cutaway on in the back has the reeds in the full right position.
As the bolt comes back, the cutaway in the bolt is less and the reeds start to move the waiting ball towards the breech.
As the bolt uncovers the feed, the cutaway in the bolt disappears and the reeds move fully to the left and push the ball into the breech.
The reed on the outside is a little wider and does not go fully into the side of the body and acts as a ball stop to keep another ball from falling into the ready position.
As the bolt goes forward, it pushes the ball into the barrel and the reeds go back to the far right and allow another ball to fall into place waiting for it's turn to chamberÖ

Q:Why is my gun not re-cocking, even with the recock adjust al the way out?

This can be cause by a couple of miss adjustments.
First check your Strikers bumper, if it is broke, teres the problem, this is cause by having the recock to high. If it's is not broken it is probally cause by over pressurizing the gun. When there is to much pressure behind the valve, the Omens striker is not able to open he cup seal enough to shoot or re-cock the gun. The regulators output must be with in a curtan range to work properly. Turn your regulator all the way down, and adjust your recock all the way in. Start from stratch and slowing bring your regulators pressure up till you velocity is 10 fps faster then you want it. Then start the re-cock sweet-spotting prosses.


(If you think of some more, please add them)

radishboy 09-09-2003 10:30 AM

the evil omen

price range: $300-$375 for an older model
$450-$550 for a newer model
$600-650 for a splash
-----places to buy:


last update: 5-9-04

feed system: cam operated force feed
-----as the back block moves backwards, a lever pushes the ball into the breech, while another lever prevents the other balls from going behind the main cam feed arm.

semi-automatic, true closed bolt cycle, pneumatic re-cock, electro-mechanical firing control (sear tripper), independent hammer and re-cock piston, external re-cock regulation.

length: 19.7 inches
height: 8 inches
weight: 2lbs, 7 oz.
power source: co2, regulated n2 and regulated HPA
operating pressure: 200-500 psi (recommended)
marker pressure:do not exceed 500 p.s.i.
input reg pressure do not exceed 1000 p.s.i


two way adjustable double trigger
-----shortest 100% effective pull: about 1 - 0.5mm
about 1200 shots from a 68/3000 HPA tank
-----cocker threads
-----12" stock barrel length
power source input
bottom line on/off assembly
feed neck threads
same as impulse, bushmaster, 2k3 fish

(more) frequently asked little questions

Q: am i supposed to have a ball detent?
A: no. double feeding isn't that big of a problem due to the fact that its closed bolt, BUT the ball rolling out of the barrel is. avoid using really small paint, and you wont have a problem

Q: are there currently any aftermarket parts for the omen?
yes, see the list below. it will be updated as more products are released

boards and chips
morlock board: requires modifications.
PDP chip (up to 25 bps with adjustable debounce)
currently none
rj skateworkswas supposedly coming out with a new delrin bolt for the omen, but i don't know how thats coming along.
you can get a new back block and hammer assembly from evil, but all newer models come stock.
feed necks
ND lowrise
evil smokestack
twister lowrise
any feed neck that fits impulses or bushmasters

any barrels that fit the autococker.
the omen has standard bottomline fittings
evil ASA with gauge

Q: my velocity is low:
A: increase the reg pressure, but not over 600 psi, which could aslo decreas FPS
Q:marker does not recock every shot
A: gas supply is low
Q:marker does not recock during skips:
A: hammer o ring needs lube, or recock pressure is too low.
Q:marker skips often
A: cam push arm is rubbing on marker frame, or your outshooting your hopper.
Q:paintballs break in the barrel
A: barrel is too large for your paint.
Q:velocity is very erratic
A:barrel is too large for paint, poppet o-rings may need to be lubed.
Q:bolt or cam arm breaks paint
A: marker recock too hard, reduce recock pressure. bumper may be damaged, hammer coushion may be worn out or damaged.
Q:bolt james between cam arm and anti doubler arm
A:force fed loader is pushing too hard, debris between push arm and anti doubler arm, anti doubler arm is jamed or rubbing on marker frame, push arm or anti doubler arm is damaged.
Q:marker does not fire with eatch trigger pull:
battery is low, marker is not assembled correctly, hammer plate is lose, rear frame screw is missing.
Q: barrel leak
A: pressure too low to seal valve, debris stuck in valve is holding it open
Q: my gun leaks when i gas it up.
cock the gun before you connect the air source.

tell me if i missed anything

Mcot2 09-10-2003 04:17 PM

Ill post a few.

Q: What is evil's tech support number?

There number is 1800 579 1633 Mon-Thursday 9-5 central time.

What is the Warentee on the omen?

The warentee is one year, out of warennete support may cost an additional $20 plus parts.

What should I use to oil/greese my omen?

Regular paintball oil on the hammer assembly, or a light coating of lithum greese, dow 55, or dow 33(Shocker lube) Do not oil the bolt.

How often should I greese my omen?

Greese/oil the omen after every 2 cases, also check the bumper and springs for wear and replace as nessisary.

Are there any furture upgrades for the omen?

Yes, evil plans to release a lo rise, a blade trigger, new grips, a new bumper design, and a new asa with a guadge port, some of which will debut at world cup 2003, and some will come later (by december).

Spartan 2 09-21-2003 08:46 AM

What are some of the New Products that Evil is planning to release at world cup and latter on?


-Driver barrel : Features, 1 piece construction Step bore for 2 piece function. 30degree porting, MSRP of $99

-Low Rise: can be used on Omens and other Bushy/IMP threaded bodies.

-Scion: Rail mounted HPA system... destroys all competition when it comes to regulation, push button on/off, MSRP of $450

-Tapped Omen ASA for a guage.

-Evil Lube.

Evil Guns to be released:

-Avatar (The best of the best)

(last updated 9/20/03)

radishboy 10-30-2003 01:40 PM

oh crap. major typo there. good eye.

ZackWoody123 11-10-2003 01:44 PM

when does all of the new evil guns come out?

jaack 11-16-2003 09:40 PM

where is the new board available? what mods does it require?

Spartan 2 11-17-2003 12:48 PM

Guys please, this is a FAQ not a place to ask your own questions. Thats what the fourm is for. Ask them there.

And to the Guy under me, Why did you post here? I do not car if you could not find it. Post a new thread asking the question then. But I know their has been a thread on that topic, so a search in this fourm.

Dziuban 11-19-2003 06:31 PM

Adjusting Trigger?
Hey there, i was just wondering how do u adjust the trigger pull on the OMEN... sorry if it is posted but i could not find it and i just got the OMEN today for my birthday... help me if u can

penguins_r_kewl 02-27-2004 12:53 PM

Do Omens have any kick?

radishboy 02-27-2004 07:41 PM

a tad, depending on how well your recock pressure is adjusted.

PB-Predater 05-10-2004 08:17 PM

You guys may have allready posted it but I didnt see it so could you tell me how many BPS it does?

radishboy 05-11-2004 04:40 AM

15 bps stock. i honestly dont think i put that on there...

freehand 05-28-2004 08:54 AM

Omen Model
Hey i noticed you said that there are several different types of omens, i knew there was the ones with the funky colors and a black one, how do i know if i have a new model or a classic omen? i ordered one off ebay the other day...

radishboy 05-28-2004 10:50 AM

old ones have a smaller trigger gaurd and silver trigger, newer ones have a larger gaurd and silver trigger, and the newest ones have a larger gaurd, a black magnesium trigger, and a charge port cover. theres more but that's the easiest way to tell.

freehand 05-28-2004 11:29 AM

i'm guessing i have one of the two older ones, is it worth keeping?
what is the difference besides looks?

Redneck724 07-14-2004 07:57 AM

What is the bumper on the omen?
What is the bumper? what does it do? where is it on the gun? how much does one cost to replace? does it break easy?

knuckhead09 08-08-2004 11:53 AM

Its the bumper behind the hammer. It will break if you have the recock set too high.

UnderEstimated 08-10-2004 08:24 AM

Where can i get an older model of an Omen?
So, where would i get an older model of an Evil Omen? And if i do get one, what is different about the older ones than the newer ones? Are there more defects on the older models?

Redneck724 08-10-2004 02:00 PM


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