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BourneKiller 09-21-2003 03:34 PM

Company Representation
We're implementing a new idea of encouraging Company Representatives to participate here at

In this sticky (and others like in various forums, eventually, all) we are going to list the names of the company reps we have for this forum.

Important - Please only PM them if you have a question relating to their product line-up, they are very busy people, and most questions can be answered by our own forum members, without having to bog down our Company Reps. They are donating their time to bring us product updates, and information straight from the source.

Please PM a forum moderator or Super Moderator if you'd like us to email a company that's not listed here. We would like all the help we can get, so please PM us w/ email addresses of prospective companies

eaglelox 04-26-2005 02:45 PM

Hi everyone, im new to this forum and also the owner of Insane Pain Sports. right now i have aftermarket spyder and dragun parts and I am working on a Pirhana Nightstriker and Tippmann Nightstriker. have a look and let me know if i can help you with anything. i do custom parts if you want something special made. i have been machining for 20 years so you can expect quality. thanks.:D

Bigbadfish 06-17-2005 07:26 AM

Hi Eaglelox. First I want to thank you for putting in the time to make a a custon Pirahna part...There are few who do, and I personally think of them (you) as being worthy of my respect simply for having the boldness to step away from the mainstream Spyder cliche.....That said, I have to say that there are mixed feelings out there about whether lightening the striker is a beneficial thing....I personally think it is and am interested in your product. I feel the price is rather prohibitive though. I don't know how your sales have been so far, but if they are low, I would guess the price would be the culprit.

On a seperate note....How is that striker for wear? similar strikers have been canceled because of them having wear problems.

Finally, how does the volumizing make recocking better?

Edit....You could add your product to the product review section of this site....Many people don't look at the forums and won't know you have this product.

eaglelox 06-17-2005 01:45 PM

hi badfish and thank you. yes my prices are high. i dont use CNC's to do my machining so everything takes longer. i also work a 48 hour week at a different job as well as raise a family of 5. when i first started IPS i was bombarded with orders. there is no way i can keep up with them. as it is now im about 3-4 weeks out with custom work and orders. with lower prices i would never have a life. maybe some day i will team up with someone and make IPS grow, but for now it is more of a hobby than a job.

If you notice on the above pic there is more steel showing than on the Nightstrikers. This is due to the extra sear wear of the Piranha. i also use different material on my stikers than the other LP strikers. some are made from titanium and others are alum/zink. these metals are soft. I have had zero wear on the strikers that are out there right now.

Many people dont believe that a lighter striker will make their gun shoot better, these are also the same people who have never been able to successfully get one working or have never tried one. people talk but until you feel the difference most wont believe it. There's nothing wrong with the stock striker, but a lighter striker tuned in with the proper spring tensions is a lovely thing. I quit trying to convince people and just put them up there for sale. Everyone out there who has one has liked them.

the volumizer is cupped like a parachute, as opposed to a flat surface and is able to catch more air. also the fit on a stock striker is not good. by making my strikers larger i can cut down on the amount of air to escape by the striker. making it not only recock better but also more air efficient.

Bigbadfish 06-18-2005 05:40 AM

Thanks for your quick response. If your sales are way up then I guess there would be no reason to lower the price (law of supply and demand). So what material is the front of the striker? Nylatron?

The good news is that you dont have to convince me that less weight is better....There is a limit to this, but I'm sure you haven't hit that yet. Before finding your product, I was planning on taking a drill press to my stock hammer to cut weight....still might until I can get around to purchaing yours :D

slemos 09-30-2005 11:28 AM

Just stopped in to say hi to all you PPLer's, and if you in or around Gilroy,Ca. and need any part's or tech advice check us out.

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