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Killer Kat 09-26-2001 06:52 AM

The "Has anyone ever tried?" Thread
I've noticed alot of threads that all ask the same questions, "Has anyone ever tried this product?", Which is fine, Everone likes to make sure they're getting what they paid for, or are about to purchase. We are lucky here at pbreview because alot of those questions have already been answered for us up front in the reviews I encourage everyone to read these reviews on any purchase you're thinking about making, (see my examples at the bottom of the post) I really would like to see ppl who post here write their own review on purchases they've made as well! I've relied on this in place system, numerous times and based almost all of my purchases with them in mind, and I've written several reviews as well. This inter-action between us will make for better more specfic questions here in the forums, and smarter buying power for all of us at are next purchased piece of equipment! Think of it, why do they call it pbreview... "Knowledge is Power"

Examples: I was interested in getting a Freak Barrel system so I went to the reviews on barrels, select Smart Parts Freak and started reading. There were mostly 10's for a rating, I'd pass over most of those (cause these guys were pleased to the tenth) and go right to the less than 7's I figured if these guys had a problem I wanted to know what it was, Kind of a "watch out for this" warning. One guy rated it a "3" so I was quick to read what sortta problem this poor guy was having! Over all the Freak averaged in above 9.5 giving me a pretty good feeling that this would be a safe investment! So I bought it

Now the same holds true for my Impulse's. Prior to purchasing my first Electronic Marker I went to the the home page where the product catagories are all listed. I clicked on Electo Guns which took me to this screen. This was great! I could see all the Electro markers available, what the MSRP was, and what everybodies averaged rating was. Now all I had to do was figure out how much money I wanted to spend (the MSRP gave me a starting point) verses how that marker rated! The Impulse's IMHO were the best buy for my limited budget. After purchasing mine I turned around a wrote this review

In closing I'm requesting you all to Search First, Then Ask.


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