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antonio_zeus 04-13-2004 05:21 PM

Spyder vs. BKO
Alright guys, i was thinking, either spend my cash on a new bko or take the spyder rodeo add the sprint trigger and clamp feed.

To remind you guys my gun will be used in the GT Tournaments and i have to decide which gun i should get. If you are going to post please give me info behind your opinion.

Thanks a lot guys.:D

CARBON 04-13-2004 05:48 PM

I would go for a new BKO, there so awesome. Good performance, great body:wink2: , and unbeatable price.

antonio_zeus 04-13-2004 05:52 PM

ok ok gotcha, do you think that a rodeo with clamp feed, new bolt, and sprint trigger would compete in tournaments or not.

i dunno if this helps but im a front.

Dyno247 04-13-2004 05:53 PM

Get the Bko. There is so much stuff you could do to it. It would be way better than the spyder. If you were to get the Spyder you are limited to things. Things like the ROF. The sprint trigger can only get 13 bps. For the BKO i think it is like 17 bps. So yeah go for the BKO.

Simpsons11 04-13-2004 05:56 PM

Remember if you get a BKO you will need to get HPA. I read an artical about the Sypder rodeo where it shot like a +-30

antonio_zeus 04-13-2004 06:21 PM

first wut is hpa, and do u kno if the rodeo was on co2. That would make more sense

antonio_zeus 04-13-2004 07:03 PM

my tank is 45 / 3000 how many shots from each

CoolT 04-13-2004 07:30 PM

For one thing a clamp neck and new bolt are basically pointless upgrades. If you want to upgrade your Rodeo to tournament grade you need to add some better things than that.

HPA is high pressure air (AKA nitro). A BKO will need HPA or a good reg for CO2 (ie: Stabilizer) and an anti-siphoned tank.

A 45/3000 tank will get ~450 shots. On a BKO it should get a lot more though since they are very efficient guns.

Hoplon 04-13-2004 10:15 PM

Personally i think the spyder would perform well enough but play with whatever you like.

Danman69 04-14-2004 04:13 AM

Get the BKO and if your tank isnt giving you enough shots you can buy a 35 dollar valve that can probably give you 150 more shots off your tank. So with the valve you could probably get 700 shots off your tank easily.

antonio_zeus 04-14-2004 11:04 AM

ok ok, thanks guys.

but CoolT wut would i need to do to my spyder to make it tourney gun. I know a Sprint Trigger would do the job.

I think i'll go with the bko. Do any of you know about the GT tournaments, because it's my first year that i'll be entering them and if a spyder will be more than enough then i'll get it.

I know that in these tournaments there all electro, cocker and e-cockers that people use.

Anyways i need some more info on the spyder and bko!

CoolT 04-14-2004 12:31 PM

A Sprint frame is a good upgrade. Other good upgrades are an aftermarket barrel, reg, electronic hopper, HPA. Once you got all those then it will shoot as good as it's going to get. You can can add a new valve and bolt and mess with the springs if you want to add efficiency. BKO is probably a better choice if you're looking to move up. It's really up to you which gun you get. If you get the BKO though I would try to upgrade the barrel right away because it isn't very good.

antonio_zeus 04-14-2004 01:14 PM

ok ok cool,

what would you say about the evil omen. I can get one with the blue and white paint job for 600$ cad.

would that be better than the bko?????:(

Danman69 04-14-2004 01:37 PM

people i know who have omens have problems with them. For the price of an omen you could get a bko with a new barrel, valve, and HPR. Go with the BKO

pball69 04-14-2004 05:23 PM

hey DANMAN69...
what valve will give u 150+ shots more out of your tank:eek: and where can i get one???:confused:

(antonio_zeus)BTW i have rodeo and im looking to get the BKO if that helps u at all i will sell u my rodeo with everything in the sig cept the freak kit,revvy,and nitro tank....its pretty much full decked out as this spyder can get...check it out annd PM me ASAP if your interested...;)

chaos lichen 04-14-2004 05:55 PM

BKO's are much better markers.

antonio_zeus 04-14-2004 06:45 PM

thanks guys but im gonna get an impulse. i'll save up the extra cash and get myself an imp.

TrIcK3D0uT E-99 04-16-2004 10:32 AM

for the price of the BKO, i think u can do more to a spyder than a bolt and clamp on and e frame, buy the cheapest electric frame u can find from kingman(thinks its called the sprint), aka lightnbolt, or modify yer stock 1, get a stab and anti siphron, forget about the clamp on and get a barrel.

twilights 07-18-2005 01:09 PM

you should get a 2005 freestyle those are sweet!

Team Chokepoint 07-18-2005 01:17 PM

How did you find this thread and why did you post in it?

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