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Blue Baller 04-24-2004 08:04 PM

Preventing FSDO & Shootdown
As more and more people have been getting the matrix, there have been more and more problems with fsdo and shootdown. I know for a while I had these two problems, but there are solutions. Here are the basic ways to cure it.

1. Lube your matrix right! You must properly lube your bolt assembly or you are going to have problems. Too little lube and the bolt will stick, and too much lube will cause much of the same problem. When you lube your assembly, put a thin coat on all the o-rings (more so on the stem o-rings), and a very thin coat on the front of the bolt itself.

2. Types of lube. For a while, I was using cinnamon crease and having problems with it. It seemed pretty sticky so I tried differednt lubes and found that matrix muck works great for me. Some other great lubes you can use are dow 33, motion potion, or even home-made matrix muck (dow 33/55 and paintball gun oil). Don't give up on your matrix! Try different types of lubes.

3. Quality of o-rings. The shape your o-rings are in can really affect your performance. If they are too old/swelled, they can cause drag on your bolt, which can cause stickiness. Also, if they are not exactly the right size/make, they can cause problems. Buy the types of o-ring kits reccomended specifically for your bolt kit, and you shouldn't have any problems.

4. Batteries. As simple as this. If your gun battery is low, FSDO can occur. Keep track of your battery life.

5. LPR settings. You must correctly set your lpr to not have FSDO/shootdown. Here's how: turn your lpr all the way in. Now, set your inline reg to your desired velocity. Begin to back your lpr out until you see a drop in velocity, and give it another half turn.
If your LPR is too low, you will experience mad fsdo. Give it small cranks if you still experience minor fsdo even after setting it as described.

6. ABS (anti-bolt stick). This is a mod that gen-e and dye perform on matrix boards. It basically increases the dwell for the first shot after a certain amount of time (usually 8 seconds). This should be your last resort fix as it will take the most time. Not all matrices need ABS; some do.

Hopefully this helped to anyone that had fsdo and shootdown problems. If I can think of anything else that will contribute to this thread, I'll post it. Otherwise, anyone else can feel free to add to it because I feel it would be a valuable sticky;)

CarlosLN 04-25-2004 02:41 PM

Blueballer you pretty much got it a hundred percent there are only a few things that i want to mention about the DM4 as opposed to the LED or LCD Matrixes.
1) in the DM4 manual on page 8 i think it talks about where to start your LPR if your using your Hyper 2 you want to turn both your reg and LPR down to zero if your using the Hyper 2 and then turn the LPR up by five turns (this number can vary though depending on the reg your using it took seven turns for my CP). After you get your LPR set properly you should only have to adjust your your reg to increase velocity and you only really need to mess with it again if you lube your LPR or change your reg.
2) Blueballer is right 100% on lube make sure you lube your bolt at least every other practice if you own a DM4 and lube your LPR itself at least every three to four weeks (it comes from the factory pretty well greased) Make sure to cycle your marker a few times after you lube it until it sounds even (you'll know) Just a note: the slick lube that comes with the DM4 seems to dry rather quickly just make sure to lube regularly to keep your bolt running smooth.
3) If your using the stock DM4 chip the ABS is set at like 15 you can disable the ABS and sometimes this prevents FSDO. If your using an XSF or WAS chip you can adjust the ABS. I'm not so sure about the WAS chip but the XSF come with a stock setting of 8 for ABS i had some problems with this you might have to turn it up if your using this chip to 10 or 12. After this my marker shot great i haven't had any FSDO at all.

Following what Blueballer said and the above info should get your DM4 shooting consistent over the chrono giving you pretty solid accuracy.

Blue Baller 04-25-2004 05:01 PM

Thanks Carlos. I was unsure about DM4 lpr settings when I did my first post so I decided not to mention them. Gracias for picking up my slack.

Homer 04-25-2004 06:35 PM

O.K. mostly for Carlos, but I wanted to make it "public". Got to try out a "new" lube today. Called Slick Honey. It's been recommended by very reputable players, who are Matrix owners.

It is the BEST lube in performance I have seen. For lubes I've tried DYE Slick Lube, Cinnamon Grease, Matrix Muck, Dow 33, and others. The Slick Honey is the Best I have tried so far.

The lube "stays" where it's placed. Doesn't thin out. And stays viscous.

It's cheap and it works. What more can you ask for????

cocker kid 2k2 04-26-2004 01:51 AM


Originally posted by Homer
It's cheap and it works. What more can you ask for????
A place to buy it ;)

Blue Baller 04-26-2004 10:53 AM

It would also be cool if people gave responses to different types of lube and maybe this would get stickied.

Homer 04-26-2004 11:04 AM

OOps my bad. I got mine at The 16 oz is gonna last all of our markers about 5 lifetimes. So the 16 oz might be overkill. Or you can buy some small containers and make some of your money back:) Or just buy the smaller container.

DagNasty 04-27-2004 06:13 AM

I personally use Dye slick lube.. not only because we get it free :D but because I've never had a problem with it wearing thin, and seems to protect my orings nicely.

Then again I'm the kind of person who lubes before each day out and stores his bolt assembly outside the marker when not playing :jumping:

Blue Baller 04-27-2004 10:50 AM

Cinnamon grease: Very sticky stuff. If you play in cooler climates, you need to add some oil. After adding a lot of paintball gun oil, this stuff works great. I only need to lube my matrix once every 3 to 4 cases.

Matrix muck: The best there is (IMO). You don't need to do anything to it to get it working great.

3 in 1 oil: Avoid if possible. I was using it for a while and it ate through one of my bolt stem's o-rings.

Dow 33: If you add some oil, this stuff works great! I have heard some stickiness problems if you don't add any oil to it.

CarlosLN 04-27-2004 06:13 PM

Well unless your obsessive compulsive about your paintball gear like DagNasty (some of us are pretty bad) Slick Lube does get used up rather quickly. If you don't plan on lubing every time i suggest using Homer's Slick Honey (which is awesome and really cheap) or going with some of the lubes that Blue Baller has suggested both Cinnamon Grease and Matrix Muck are awesome lubes. No matter what grease you use you should grease regularly even if your not obsessive about it to ensure that your marker shoots consistantly and accurately a trait that sets the all trix versions DM4 or otherwise apart for everything else.

DagNasty 04-28-2004 08:22 AM


Originally posted by CarlosLN
Well unless your obsessive compulsive about your paintball gear like DagNasty (some of us are pretty bad)
Me... obsessive compulsive?

never :bouncy: more like meticulous :D

CarlosLN 05-10-2004 06:46 AM

Ice Cold DM4
After using slick honey for a while i can tell you that there is no other lube that can possibly compare to this stuff (That and it's extremely cheap). My friend and i tested it on his DM4 by lubing it up and sticking it in his freezer for about a half an hour (i wasn't crazy enough to try it myself). If we were using the Dye slick lube it would probably not even cycle. With the slick honey his DM4 still shot great i was extremely impressed after seeing this stuff in action. If you want to have your DM4 continue to shoot great even in cold weather this stuff is for you. You can use this lube on both your LPR and Bolt and those are the parts that really need the stuff. My friends going to use it on his reg but i would recommend against that continue to use Dow 33 (shocker lube) instead. Mabye after i've seen him test it for a while i might reconsider using this lube for my CP reg. Try other paintball lubes though and see if they are an improvement but trauma's tech recommended this stuff and i can certainly see why you cannot FSDO at all with this stuff if your gun is set right.

wakeupandbord 11-20-2004 08:23 AM

Just saving someone else some time on finding the Slick Honey cuz it took me some time...

SLICK HONEY (Its NOT a personal Lubricant)

mariners02 02-06-2005 01:12 AM

most local bike shops will have slick honey also people are selling it all over ebay and pbnation. make sure you get buzzys slick honey everything else is a knock off.

Paul81290 02-06-2005 06:18 PM

other good lubes mookies urban gun goo AMAZING same maker as slick honey just not as thick highly recommend it its like double as good no joke also slick20 from is really good stuff

Ive also heard poly lube is good if u can find that

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