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heM 06-03-2004 12:01 PM

The Official Resume Thread
Alright, every time I come in this forum I see people starting new threads that they "wanna join a team".
So if your game to play tourney and need a team, post a profile of yourself.
If a team is interested they can PM you or vice vera teams can post openinging on this thread.


Rich4444 06-04-2004 10:10 AM

G-Force Recruiting

Hello all, our tournament and scenario team is recruiting members in the Northeast Wisconsin area (Green Bay, Abrams, Appleton, Depere, Etc).

We currently have a team of 9 players (8 tournament/scenario and 1 scenario only), and we'd like to have a total of about 15-20 players. Unfortunately we do have an age limit of 18 or older for the team (sorry to anyone under that age! :( ) You can click the above logo for more details on our team at our website.

We are an inexperienced crew for the most part (only playing maybe 1 tournament each), but we are pretty good for our experience, and love playing paintball and scenario games. You do not need to play both types of games, but we attend both.

We are not a sposored team, and have no current sponsors for the team, nor are we actively pursuing sponsorship. There is no fee or cost to be on the team, but we recommend a $100 field membership at our home field, Commando Paintball in Abrams, WI (15 mins north of Green Bay). Send me an email if you're interested in joining at Also, we have Animal jerseys with a custom logo. I do have a few spare to use, but the jersey cost is approximately $81-$100 if you plan on getting a jersey with our team for tournament play.

Team Captain G-Force

Halliday 06-09-2004 07:02 PM


Originally posted by Rich4444
Bump ~~ Sticky??

spydermania 06-20-2004 02:34 PM

Name: Alex
Age: 15
State/Area: West MI
Postition: Mid/Back
Setup: Sold it a few days ago but I'm going to get a Piranah EVO E-force with some UPS
Experience in paintball years/ tourneys: 3yrs; 0 tourneys

ihop07c689 06-26-2004 09:29 AM


green bay wi

marker set up

xsf anvantage kit
lookin for new barrel??
halo b
anything else about the gun just ask

xpPhantomX 06-28-2004 06:55 PM

Name: Brian
Age: 15
State/Area:Michigan, Detroit Area
Postition: Will Play any position.
Setup: 2003 Impulse w/vision. Evo II, Freak Barrel Kit
Experience in paintball years/ tourneys: 1 1/2 years; 1 tourneys

Contact info...............

Caleb98 06-29-2004 04:20 PM

Age- 15
Setup- in my profile
expirence/tourneys- 4 years/ 0 tourneys
nevermind...I found a team.

paintballer8807 07-08-2004 07:10 PM

looking for 1 back and 1 front for a novice team.

MN i live in Coon rapids pm me if you are interested

click here to see other people in your state

Freak=Leash 07-31-2004 02:56 PM

Name: AJ
Age: 16
State/Area: Northwest Indiana (Chicagoland Also)
Postition: Anywhere but back, I'm more of the "let's break to the 50" type of person
Setup: Tricked 2k3 Impy
Experience in paintball years/ tourneys: 4-5 Years; 3-4 tournies

Contact info...............
IM s/n: AOL = WhiteApocolypse

radishboy 08-16-2004 08:24 AM

Name: josh
Age: 17
State/area: detroit area michigan
Position: front / mid
Setup: 2k3 viking, was/eyes, 16" cp1 peice, 88/45k HPA, HALOb w/v board.
Experience in paintball years/ tourneys: 4 years, 4 tournies.

AIM: radishb0y
or just send me a PM.

psycho69 09-20-2004 07:04 PM

Dan Rayas
age 17
Play any front position but i love front 50 and will run through on command
Live north of chicago but i travel to wisconsin and down by challange or badlandz
been playing for 7 years, main tournament experience has been last 2 or 3 years played at least 6 turnys
Contact info-email
aim name - psycho is dan
Pat Lenihan
age 17
lives by dan
back(amazing at it)
has played around 5 turnys and been playing for about 4 to 5 years
contact through dan

evo20bps 10-10-2004 06:04 AM

Age: 17
State/Area: West Michigan
Postition: Any, but prefer front
Setup: PMI EVO, Boss Blade, Egg z board, 68/30 crossfire
Experience in paintball years/ tourneys: 4 years/ 2 tournys

FrOnTmAn4LiFe 10-22-2004 12:41 PM

Age:15 in December
Position:Front but I will play anything
Setup:In sig.
Expirence in paintball years/tourneys: 4 years,0 tournies

paintballer8807, what fields do you play at? I play North Side Sports Park aka Diehard in the summer and FSL in the winter.

impulse-kid138 10-28-2004 02:53 PM

13 year old looking for team
i have been playing for 1 and a half years and i play front and mid positions. i live around mansfield ohio. i own a vision impulse with low-rise,clear evo 2,blade trigger,and a chrome inline reg. i am looking for a team.

kyle carney

ctr57138 10-28-2004 06:49 PM

hey, i am in Lombard illinois, and if anyone is looking for a team around here there is a tryout for a team at Dupage Paintball park (info in field reviews on PBreview) we are team cataclysm, if ur interested jus tell me ill give you more info.

DCKHOM 10-28-2004 07:30 PM

mansfield ohio player 16 yrs of age
1 Attachment(s)
As the title says im looking for any teams that may be recruiting players. Tryouts of course are fine. Right now I shoot a Wermz Shocker 2k1 will be getting a shocketech or russian legion timmy as soon as i find a decent job. I will be playing at 68 caliber again this weekend. Looking for local ohio team. If you ask paintgirl 66 on these forums she can tell you a little bit about my play... Shes seen me play before...Also i play all around i mainly play back right or front middle, and front right. Im not scared to rush i play soccer so i got the speed to get up front but im also wise on how to snap shoot there 20 and there back right sides...
Im also very familiar with many electro and semi auto guns from brass eagle to shockers to defiants to autocockers.

Snake Eyes 3117 11-25-2004 04:39 AM

Forming new scenario team in Minnesota
Looking for members to join or help form a new scenario team in and around the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Players need to be ages 13 and up, be able to attend a number of games per year, have reliable equipment, and a desire to play. All experience levels are welcome. Dependability, commitment, and good attitude are a must. Must be willing to play in all seasons. If interested, please contact me via AIM or email.

AIM Snake Eyes 3117

Koplin23 11-27-2004 12:48 PM

Position:any i play great at anything
Types of games i play are speedball/woodsball/senario games ect. Iam located in Davenport Iowa i play at Ground Zero. I have been playing for about 2 years. I own a 2004 WGD Pro Stock autococker blue, a smoke color eggy loader soon geting a thermal mask.
I am looking for a team around my area can "be outa town but not to far" that is serouis about froming a team does not have to be sponsered.

You can email me at or pm me


Mars47 12-12-2004 01:39 PM

Name: Trevor
Age: 16
State/Area: Michigan, Cadillac Area
Postition: Never played Organized Speedball, but I want to learn.
Setup: in my sig
Experience in paintball years/ tourneys: 2 years, No Tourneys


PM me if interested

kidcopone 12-18-2004 01:49 PM

Name: George
Age: 22
State/Area: Chicago, Illinois
Postition: back/mid
Setup: 2 intimidators
Experience: 4 years rec, 2years tourney


aim: jorgecortez71

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