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justin 12-11-2000 03:21 PM

go to then on the left click on "Monthly Specials" They have boomsticks for as low as 50 bucks and I even found a case of 2400 rounds of Proball paintballs for 43 bucks. Some really great deals.

Paintball Monkey 12-11-2000 03:40 PM

They also have s BM2K for $425!!!

justin 12-11-2000 03:43 PM

Sweet...If I had 425 to blow, I might buy it. But I dont, so i guess I better start saving my quarters.

12-11-2000 06:22 PM

Pretty Sweet!
That is a pretty sweet deal!

justin 12-12-2000 06:35 AM

yeah those are pretty good deals... they have an AirStar Nova 700 for 175...only bad thing about that gun is that AirStar folded.

in trauma 06-28-2001 02:57 PM

bushmasters are the ugliest guns out there!!!! but that nova is a good price

paintballer56 07-07-2001 06:38 PM

in trauma you are insane, nova are the ****tiest piece of crap and bushys are cool

PiranhaPro 07-07-2001 07:43 PM

the price on bushy's is good, but your only saving 25 bucks from pbgear, and pbgear's are 5th gen

Hatebreed 07-07-2001 08:08 PM

I dont see monthly specials....

alex 07-08-2001 06:54 AM

i can't find it either i ssee hot sale items but all that somes up is a crossfire stubby

jfoust 07-08-2001 12:06 PM


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