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toothpastedog 07-08-2004 06:41 PM

Gun Name
Picture s Have Arrived

*Update*There will be a few very expensive versions of this gun, but for undisclosed reasons, the gun will be prodced so that the customer will only have to pay the bare minimum, the quality of the product will not be sacrificed in any way though. i am hoping to be able to set the stock msrp at around 500$, and hopefully even lower. thank you

Okay people, hi it's me. Time to unravel (almost) all my little secrets (well, most of them at least). now i know i have told a select few of you (:P ) what i have been doing for the last couple months, but now i will tell all.

First off though, why post this in the impulse forum? well, what i am about to tell you about uses (at least the prototype does) an impulse's ram and hammer assembly, and because the only reason i was able to come up with it is because people in this forum, really only FOM and Dr J, have helped me with info about threads and such i can assure you almost no one else would have other wise known.

Okay, here it goes... For the last three months or so i have been developing my own gun. basically i have come up with two gun designs that no one has ever made before. they are very similar, but they are different. like i said, they work nothing like any other gun out there, but if you wanted to compair them to something, the sft shocker is the closest thing to them, even though it still isn't much like em'. here are some non-specific specs:


--Input pressure: 100-300psi
-Solenoid Input pressure: 50-90psi (no chopping thought with the lvl10 like piston)
-Stock LPR System
-Breach Sesor: Reflective sensor, internally mounted, with an adjustible delay
-Trigger: 25gram microswitch
-Electrical Power Sorce: 1 Common 9volt; lasts aprox. 10,000 shots
-Gas Power Type: douple regulated co2 (not including lpr) w/ an anti syphon kit installed on the asa and the tank's valve or normal HPA/Nitro
-Fire Modes: Semiauto, programable Bursts, fullyauto, and response
-Board: tournament legal locking system (two antivibration dip switches)
-Barrel type; autococker
-Ajustible dwell: yes, between 5 and 100 milliseconds
-Feed Tube Type: impulse threads
-Ball detent Type: impulse threads
-On Off Switch: embeded flip type on/off switch
-Readout/LED: a led that that blinks when the gun is fired
-Bolt/Internal/Body Material: Bolt=Titanium, Ram=Titanium, Internals=6061 aluminum, body=7075 aluminum, trigger frame (and intigrated asa)=7075 aluminum
-Stock Barrel: any barrel can be purchased with the marker upon request, though it comes stock with a oe piece out of house .693 barrel with porting
-Valve: none
-Hammer: none
-Bolt Pin: none
-Volumizer: none (required)
-Bolt style: The SOB bolt kit comes standard. The SOB bolt get about 1400 shots from a 68ci, 4500psi tank. It makes the gun function much like a closed bolt gun (meaning it is as if the valve is not held open like a normal open bolt gun).
-BPS Maximum: has been tested to go to 48bps and is going to go even higher (the tests were done with heavier than normal all aluminum internals)
-Length: 0.75 inches more than an impulse, about the same as an led angel
-Hieght: 5.5 inches from bottom of the grip frame to the top of the gun
-Width: 1.25 inches
-Three way adjustible trigger (post travel, pre travel, and micro swithc activation point) w/ 100% no slop

by mid august is am going to post many many pictures here in the impulse forum, and if you want to see it in action, you can send me 5$ for a dvd (don't ask now, i'll remind you when the time comes you can buy them).

oh yeh, the reason for posting this was to get you guys to help me out on something; although i have made a "rolls royce" or paintball guns, i haven't been able to come up with a good name yet. here is what i need from you, what would be a good name for my gun. think of this as a contest. the wining name gets a free dvd of the gun in action.

AR55 MtM 07-08-2004 06:46 PM

Since we are talking about inventing things I made a board for my revy that can spin up to 20bps. I got a friend who's an engineer ;)

AR55 MtM 07-08-2004 06:47 PM

As for a name call it, your screen name or something that way your name will live on forever :eyes:

toothpastedog 07-08-2004 06:49 PM

i don't think toothpastdog is a good name for a gun... maybe i could call it "G-Unit", but if i did, no one would get a free dvd...

paintballmonkee 07-08-2004 06:55 PM

How about, the T.P.D Spanker....

Yeah, I know, it sucks, but that was off the top of my head...

toothpastedog 07-08-2004 07:03 PM

i would rather call it the Mona Lisa than anything that is related in any to the word tooth-paste-dog... :rolleyes:

AR55 MtM 07-08-2004 07:04 PM

Whats your name in real life? I will come up with a good name before I leave for good.

paintballmonkee 07-08-2004 07:05 PM

OK, then what about the Mona Lisa Spanker....j/k

srgross 07-08-2004 07:09 PM

I wanted say thanks for the GREAT info, I give this a 10 of 10, I am a member of several owners groups, but the info given here is Tops!

toothpastedog 07-08-2004 07:13 PM

any name suggestions? my name, in real life is mike (the G ;))

paintballmonkee 07-08-2004 07:28 PM

Im just coming up with random things, so sorry if the blow...

'Envision'...but thats too close to the 'Vision Eye' thing...
'The Vice' If it had a red paintjob on it, then maybe 'Ifrit'

1 Evil Package 07-08-2004 07:41 PM

How about the ever fatal, the momentum, or the untitled.

toothpastedog 07-08-2004 07:44 PM


Originally posted by paintballmonkee
Im just coming up with random things, so sorry if the blow...

'Envision'...but thats too close to the 'Vision Eye' thing...
'The Vice' If it had a red paintjob on it, then maybe 'Ifrit'

oh sh***, "Envision" sounds really good, you might get the dvd. i will enounce the winner when i post the pics of the gun in about mid august.

Hyperballin 07-08-2004 07:45 PM


toothpastedog 07-08-2004 07:47 PM


Originally posted by Hyperballin

two things,

1-i like "envision" more
2-nice choice with the chromed feed tube :D

paintballmonkee 07-08-2004 07:48 PM


Originally posted by toothpastedog

oh sh***, "Envision" sounds really good, you might get the dvd. i will enounce the winner when i post the pics of the gun in about mid august.

Sweet. And good luck with building them. I can't wait to see the finished product. Just the specs sound awesome!

rhchilipepper4 07-08-2004 07:54 PM

This is off the top of my head but it sounds cool, The Desolator.

nos911 07-08-2004 08:03 PM

Triple M: Mike's Muppet Mower
Tha G Thang
ORGG: Official Resident Gangster Gat

All of em are corny as heck, but I figured why not. And they kind of go with the whole "gangster" thing you got goin on. :)

1 Evil Package 07-08-2004 08:06 PM

Unraveler, Impact, the Squatter(LOL) or the G-Gun (iono i have some corny names cant compete with the envision. the box, the bloody tampon, the rejection, the social outlaw, the misplaced corpse.(wait thats my bands name?)...strange (not a name) THE UNTITLED

Hyperballin 07-08-2004 08:27 PM

You dont like PENATRATOR :(

how much are these guns gonna cost?

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