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p8ntball-kid21 08-14-2004 04:05 PM

F/S 50g switches for Spyders, Draguns, etc
I have some high quality Japanese made 50g switches for Spyders, Draguns, not Pirahnas (found out recently), and the like for sale. They are all new. A lighter switch will allow u to easily rip on ur gun, allowing you to get the most performance out of ur board. These are lighest switches u can get w/o the gun becoming fully auto. Some ppl say u can get these switches for cheaper but those prices don't include shipping.

Stock 5-9-05: IN STOCK
Sold: 195

$6 shipped to anywhere in the US.
I accept MO, check, cash, and Paypal*.

*$7.00 thru paypal b/c of Paypal fees

Discounts for each additional switch. $11 for two, $16 for three, and so on. If thru Paypal, $13 for two, $19 for three.

Canadian Pricing
Priority Mail for 1 is $12 and for 2 is $17.
Add $1 to each for the Paypal fee. All amounts are in American dollars.

I will also install them if u like for $12 (includes switch) if u pay for shipping. I'll install the day it arrives to me.

I can solder your existing wires if you send them to me for an additional $1. I heat shrink the connections too.

My Feedback <---50+ Positive!!!!!!!!!


Originally posted by amb8
Awesome person to deal with, sent item right away, made sure everything went right, even when USPS messed up..
Thanks again, gonna try it this weekend... looking forward to it...



Originally posted by psmokey420
his switches are the **** :D great communicator too. i mean i dont know any sellers that instant message you every day to see if you got there product yet :) great seller.

Originally posted by Cloudnine1098
just ordered 3 microswitches on friday.....just got them today, a day earlier then expected...A+++, very good comunication and speedy delivery...would do buisness with him again...

Originally posted by mlbnyypaintballer
He's one of the best sellers I have ever dealt with! Quick responses to pms, fast shipping(2 DAYS!!!! and also SENT THE ITMES SAME DAY HE RECIEVED THE PAYMENT), and great item! If want to deal with an honest and great seller this is your guy!

BlackOwl 08-14-2004 04:15 PM

Great trader! I got my 50g switch from him and he installed it.

p8ntball-kid21 08-14-2004 04:47 PM

Hmm some sort of stalker... :paranoid:

j/k :peace:

p8ntball-kid21 08-15-2004 09:05 AM


p8ntball-kid21 08-15-2004 03:38 PM

up :jumping:

p8ntball-kid21 08-16-2004 09:28 AM


trikdoutxtra11 08-16-2004 09:31 AM

Will purchase right now if you tell me where to sauder, pleasae reply soon the mail is comin in bout an hour.

Lol id like to send the money before it comes so i can get it asap.

p8ntball-kid21 08-16-2004 10:14 AM

update: I will mark the tabs u need to solder. Also if ur not adept with the solder, I will solder them on for $1 if u send me the old wires.

Danman69 08-16-2004 03:29 PM

Free up! He installed a switch for me and did a great job. My spyder rips now.

p8ntball-kid21 08-16-2004 05:46 PM

Thx Dan. Your spyder rocks now. :propellr:

p8ntball-kid21 08-17-2004 05:12 PM

up :angel:

p8ntball-kid21 08-17-2004 05:38 PM

up :peep:

p8ntball-kid21 08-18-2004 04:53 PM

up :paperbag:

p8ntball-kid21 08-19-2004 06:03 PM

up :jester:

pbfreak111222 08-19-2004 08:14 PM

im interested but i gotta wait to get my fried board on my e99 fixed under warranty (muahaha) before i screw with it so ill be sending money in about a month

p8ntball-kid21 08-20-2004 05:34 PM

pbfreak111222:I don't know if I'll have any left.

p8ntball-kid21 08-21-2004 05:57 PM

up :elephant:

Cruor Vult 08-22-2004 06:41 AM

Can you get me a switch by this friday??? i dont mind paying the paypal fee. please awnser asap

p8ntball-kid21 08-22-2004 07:18 PM

Most likely if I receive the payment by Monday morning. If you need priority mail, just add $4. However, regular mail should arrive by Friday. You can send the money to using Paypal. The price including the fee is $6.18. The price with priority is $10.30.
I will ship immediately.

edit-I miscalculated the fee. It is $6.50 with regular shipping and $10.60 with priority.

p8ntball-kid21 08-23-2004 04:50 PM

up :popcorn:

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